Over TimeEdit

( ) ::Flashback:: Densuke would be standing at the head of the Arasumaru room with his hands behind her back. He’d just finished….in depth detailing what happened with Keyth in the Shinto realm..Densuke would clear his throat. It was a little raspy…even after a year of being gone away to Africa, for more prior training, including hunting arts and the ways of manhunting and capture…honing his senses, in the finest ways possible. And even then. It didn’t fill the hole that Keyth was gone for now..” And so..i come to you…a year after returning. To tell you that I will be leaving the Arasumaru..I’m sorry . It’s with a heavy heart, but I realized this isn’t the life I was meant to lead. I’m meant to protect…not to harm. But to uplift.” The members of Arasumaru looked around at one another, whispering amongst themselves. Claymore would step to the stage with his arms folded. And pat Densuke on the shoulder. “In some way, I always figured your heart wasn’t in it. No matter any odds you never killed a soul…I was always watching you. Placing bodies out of harms way, and never once with that aim did I see a head shot. Do you what you do dog. I’ve no hard feelings towards you….I just hope okay over there..” Claymore’s head would drop. Densuke could feel a tugging at his ankles. It was amy. Hugging his feet with such passion. Cartoon like tears in her eyes. “Don’t go…” Densuke would squat down and look her in the eye. “Amy. Stay here with the crew…and keep blowing shit up. Don’t. Go. Anywhere.” Amy would nod and lay down in that spot…literally not moving. “Oooookay…hey Big C uh..make sure she moves.” Claymore would tilt his glasses down and look at Densuke. “You know damn well nigga she ant going anywhere.” Densuke would nod. “Keyth will return..Until then. I must go. Back to what I was originally meant to do.”::Flashback end:: ::Flashback two:: Densuke would be in the lab working with Ochigi on the second version of is Red Dawn suit. Densuke would be holding a pair of joysticks similar to an arcade game, fusing the A.G.F technological bonding to the Ragnite metal. “Almost done gramps.” Ochigi would nod and begin pressing calculations. “So…did you ever check your bank accounts? With Tetsu  dead..your inheritance should’ve kicked in by now don’t cha think?” Densuke would furrow his brow. “Inheritance?” Densuke would stop what he was doing and access the web on his watch, going to his online bank. He’d login and look at his savings account. “……………….That’s….alot of zeroes. ALOOOOOOOOOOOT of zeroes.” Ochigi smiled. “Mhm. Welcome back to your upperclass life style Mr.Ryoji.”::Flashback end::Densuke would be leaning back in a wooden chair, with his feet propped up on the desk.  Rocking it back and forth in sheer boredom. He’d be waiting for the phone to ring with an emergency job, of some sort. He’d posted flyers, web adds, all over the districts. All that was now left was to wait. For one. Fucking. Phone call. “…fucking waiting game.”

xXAyperosXx: *The past few years*Ayperos was able to rebuild Akiyama Industries. Though this place seemed to only be a paper factory, underground was much different. This is where the true money came from, Underground was a huge weapons manufaturing industry, where not only Ayperos but other brilliant minds build and test weapons and sell them to the highest bidder. In this year Ayperos also trained in his spare time either by himself or with his little brother Lenris. Teaching Lenris his Sword arm fighting style. Also in his free time Ayperos works on his light and dark hadou, or rather being able to switch between the two and with in months he is able to effectivly do so. Though his personalities change considering both are two different sides of him. Ayperos can only use one or the other though, He can't figure out how to enter the balance mind state. But he still has time. The rest of the year he hand made so much money with weapons that he was able to buy a house in D2 close to Lenris and his parents. And the rest of the year was almot the same every week. Work, train, and more training , doing this has increased his strength so massivly that he can now pick up double his own body weight. This was pretty much his entire year and honestly after what he went through was just fine with him. But once the second year came and Ayperos started to get really bored untill he was contacted by Densuke in the middle of it and offered a Heros for Hire job, though it took him a while to accept it, but he finaly gave in. *Present time* Ayperos walks up to the old building and opens the door walking in and looking around. "Hey anyone here?" he was in his assassins suit, though it was a bit modified. haveing metal going down the arms and a fire proof black cape on his back. He starts to walk through looking around, his swords on his back and guns on his sides.

Spar For Old Time SakeEdit

Densuke would continue to lay there in his chair, until he heard the door open. It was Ayperos his partner in crime for the most part. Densuke wouldn’t look at him, but recognize he was there. He’d continue staring at the ceiling. “Welcome to Heroes for Hire, the friendly neighborhood crime fighting service….FUCK WE NEED BUSINESS!” Densuke would fall backwards in the chiar finally speaking. “Yo Ayperoes, what’s cracka lacking? How goes the business?” Densuke would place his arms behind his head and laying there listening. “You heard any trouble? Or maybe gotten any calls? I put the store phone number and our cells on those pamphlets…uggggh.” Densuke would hold this conversation until standing himself up and stretching his arms. “None the less, you game for a training session? No weapons, etc, etc, just me versus you. Besides we never got to finish that match.” Densuke would fix his gloves up a little bit and head to the circular sparing ring. “Maybe some time will pass and we’ll get something on the radar. Til then lets kill some time. Since you’re good and all now, I don’t have to worry about my life. Just my skeletal structure.” Densuke would smirk and extend his left arm, in a fist placing it infront of his waste line, while bending his right arm and placing his fist infront of his jaw line. He’d kick his shoes off opposite of Ayperos’ direction and spread his feet evenly apart.

xXAyperosXx: Ayperos try's not to laugh as he goes down. "It's actually going very well to be honest, selling products like theres no tomorow" He listens to him more and scratches his head a bit. "sadly no, no calls nothing.. He listens to him some more and nods as he asked him about some cobat training and chuckles as he dsoesnt have to worry about anything but his bone structure. He follows him ro the sparing ring and take off his boots and sets them to the side along with his guns, katanas, knives and a few explosives. He then takes off his cape and pills down his face mask and gets into fighting possition. spreading his leg apart a bit and stands just as he did in the shinto realm, his arms on both sides of him as if his arms are swords. He looks at him with a smirk. "Come on, show me what you got." His armored arm bands start to retract up his arms into small shoulder gaurds as he waits for Densuke to attack him. Both of them have gotten much more powerfull since the last time they faught, and Ayperos was about to show him that.

Densuke would study Ayperos, which in itself was difficult. His stance…seemed odd. Densuke couldn’t off tell if it was a guard or…a taunt. Densuke would exhale softly, through his nostrils and then slowly make his way over to aypero’s position. Stepping with his right foot and dragging his left foot, until he was in arms reach of Aypero’s, Densuke’s reach anyway. Densuke would bob and weave his upper half lightly side to side, before, before quickly lashing his closest hand i.e his left hand, outward towards aypero’s face. His fist not balling up until the moment that would be impact (if one was made). If these hits connected, they’d cause mild swelling to the jaw, and bruising, followed by a swift lingering pain. Densuke would repeat these jabs twice, before, in one smooth motion, switch hands, and throw a right hook towards aypero’s jawline with a moderate speed, only to further combo it , with a  spinning roundhouse kick, which would involve him spinning to his left and throwing his left leg out for the kick, aiming towards aypero’s neck and an extremely powerful and swift pace.. If the hit towards the jaw was to connect, it would rock his opponents head to his to rock itself to the left, and make landing the roundhouse kick easier. However if the kick landed, regardless of the right hooks connection, his neck would be hit head on, as Densuke would be attempting to knock him off of his feet and onto the ground if it was possible. If this combo is unsuccessful, Densuke would simply prepare accordingly for the following consequences, only trusting his knowledge and instincts, though it has been a while since he and Ayperos last engaged in combat..

xXAyperosXx: He watches Densuke as he try's to scan him, trying to figure out what stance he was doing, this made Ayperos simply smile a bit as he slowly came at him and hot within arms length, this was good for Ayperos seeing that He had a much better arms length than Densuke and as quickly as Densuke made the first punch at his face Ayperos puts his arm up. And doing so was to block his punch and strong enough to bash his arm away. Ayperos was very quick seeming the only person he's trained with was his brother Lenris and he was fast as well. Ayperos then goes down low and sends a devistating punch to Densukes stomach, the power behind this punch if connected would be almost like an uppercut, and this would lift densuke off the ground and cause massive breath lose, But Ayperos doesn't stop there. If the punch to the stomach connected he would quickly step back enough and as Densuke was trying to catch his breath he then spins a bit and sends a massive kick at his chest, this would send Densuke flying back and most likly start sliding across the floor going back to where he stood. If these connected Ayperos would stand there, his arms crossed infront of his chest and look at Densuke. "Surly you can do better than that. Don't tell me that you've lost your game. I could barely get a hit on you when I was an Assassin." He would then get into real stance. With one leg slightly infront of him and the other behind him a bit. His left arm down infront of him his fist infront of his waist and the other arm infront of his chest, his fist pointed the same way, he was now in his usual fighting stance, scanning Densuke to see what he does next.

Densuke wasn’t at all surprised his punch was blocked. Seems as though  Ayperos has had even more experience than Densuke originally expected. Densuke had more than enough reflex speed to preform a low block, seen in standard karate, by taking his right arm and pointing it down, swinging it horizontally and knocking the punch away that was aimed to towards his stomach region. However what Densuke didn’t think to prepare for was the back step. Densuke himself would go to step in, but was surprised at the speed and accuracy of Ayperos’ kick, which landed square into Densuke’s chest, sending him flying backwards, and in a crouch position Densuke would slam his hand to the ground to keep from going any further. He’d hear Ayperos’ taunt and glare at him, only to close his eyes and smile for a second, keeping his sense up of course, but this smile kind of made him look like a goofball. “You’re right about that..tch. Time to show you what I’ve been up to these past two years.” Densuke would watch him as he took a real stance this time, which was impressive. Densuke however would take the stance of an Olympic runner in a starting pose. Densuke would then move from his usual spot, dashing straight towards Ayperos in a beeline fashion, straight forward. Only waiting til he was merely a 2feet away from him to leap into the air, and throw a side dropkick towards his chest right off the bat. This maneuver will follow one of two ways. If the dropkick hits and is taken it would have enough force to completely knock ayperos’ off of his feet, and send a pain through his torso muscles, as if they’d just been hit with a baseball bat, made of wood. That’s not all. Even if the kick was blocked or taken, Densuke would rebound of off the force of the kick he through and flip backwards, lading in a crouch. Not even taking half a second to quickly rebound from his descent and get back into close quarter range with  aypero’s. He’d step in, leading with his right foot, proceeding to throw a left elbow, then spinning around in the opposite direction to through a back right elbow, only to further tie this combo in with another forward spin, with his left arm, coming with a downward elbow. All these elbows aimed towards the top of ayperos’ skull, and each side of his jaw. If the third and final elbow hit, which was the one coming down, it would send a thrashing pain through the top of his head, spreading down to his neck, and causing a massive discomfort and dizziness. If the kick was DODGED however, Densuke would use his enhanced dexterity to so break his fall in mid an and turn slightly to land on his hands, only to right after begin to spin his legs around in a capoeira like fashion, aiming this spinning leg attack at Ayperos’ legs. If this kick hit, it would knock him slam off of his feet, in a trip like attempt. If this trip was sucsessful Densuke would only add to it by bring his feet back around and attempting to slam his foot, vertically downward towards ayperos’ abdomen. This kick would knock every bit of wind from ayperos’ body, leaving him breathless while Densuke would flip backwards and stand back to his feet smirking. If the trip kick missed, desnuke would simply land in a squat ready for what could come next.

xXAyperosXx: Ayperos watched as Densuke was able to block his punch to the stumach but is hit direct force by his kick. He looked at Densukes goofy ass face but didn't even seem to smirk. He was ready as Densuke seened to get down as if he was going to run at him and jump up, But due to Ayperos quickness he was able to simply spin around to his left to avoid it, but little did he exect as he spun Densuke was able to somehow catch himself and sweep at his feet. He felt as his legs are taken out from under him and falls flat on his back. Ayperos then looks as Densuke when to drop his food down hard on his chest and with only a second to spare Ayperos rolled into the gap between Densukes legs avoiting the stomp and then sends a quick, strong jab to Densukes nuts, as soon as he does Ayperos comes up with his legs ((if Densukes bends down to grab the area)) and grabs Densuke by the neck with his legs and pushes off with his hands to send Densuke forward right down and slam his head onto the floor, this would cause horrible pain and possibly a knock out. Ayperos would then get up and back to fighting stance. But if the jab to the nuts doesnt phase him, Ayperos would use his hands to slide infront of Densuke and jump up to his feet . And as soon as he does Ayperos comes Densuke full force and full speed. He runs at Densuke with his left arm back as if he was going to punch him full force, but then in a split second he then spins to the right with his right arm extended and aimed at Densukes face. If this conected it would hit him right in the jaw line, sending horrid pain through and possible crack the jaw bone.If this was dodge Ayperos would use the momentum of the spin and lift his leg up sending a massive kick to Densukes side, this would be very painfull and maybe crack a rib or two. If this was bocked as well Ayperos would stomp his leg down that he kicked with and come with another kick aimed in the same spot to the other side, with the same force at that. But, If the forarm to the face was blocked Ayperos would bind his arm in, seeing that the most likely block would have been to his forarm. so he would let his arm sort of relax and bend past the block as it connected and as he fist slid by he would pull it back ever so slightly and send his fist hurlling at Densukes face with a hard jab straight at the nose, this would most likly break the nose and cause watering of the eyes. If this connected Ayperos would then send a quick upercut with his other arm to the bottom of the chin, the force being enough to bruse and send Densuke on his ass and have massive pain to his jaw and the back of his neck. Ayeros would then step back a bit if and of these combos connected and be right back in fighting stance, ready for a Densukes next me


LightFang: - Mykale would be walking down the streets of Kasaihana City taking in all the bright lights and blatent screams of young lovers, and rape victoms...He would walk pst and alley way and see a man sitting in a box. The man would look up at him and ask, "Spare change?" Mykale would simply laugh and say back, "Ya know i have no money either yet i do pretty good without resorting to begging. Pathetic old man, stop taking hand outs." He kept walking on and the man threw a half full beer can at the back of Mykale's head. Without even turning back he tilts his head just enough to let the can pass by with out hitting him. He raised his hand waving it in a passive shrug off manner as he called back, "Give it up ole timer, you are no match for me." Mykale would continue to walk on down the road as he approached a crude shack of a place. There was a poorly drawn sign, in Mykale's opinion, out front that said "Heros for Hire". Mykale thought this new place was kind of interesting and then a sinicall though came to mind. Mykale barged through the door yelling, "Help, Help some one please." However he stopped at the front counter when he saw no receptionest or anyone around. The place looked almost abandoned to him, yet the light was on. Mykale started rapping his hand against the counter top calling out, "Hello?! Is someone here?" After a few minutes of no responce he decided to alter his voice by manipulating the muscles in his through to sound like a young woman and called out, "Some one please, that man stole my purse. I sure wish a handsome superhero boy would come save the day." He gave the voice a slight sothern belle accent as he cooed trying to lure the "heros" out from the back.-

I'm on my- oh...Edit

Densuke would smirk as the first half of his attack went through, the rip at least. The part he’d never expect…was the hit to the balls. A searing pain would roar through in the one place he didn’t have protection properly, sending a sharp pain to his bottom stomach as well. “BUH! MOTHER…GAH!” Densuke would bend over to grab the area in comfort, only to be met with legs around his neck. While the pain was searing in his stomach, his reaction time wasn’t to watered to the point where he couldn’t react. Playing the momentum card when he would be slammed on his head, he would bend his body inwards more, instead redirecting  most of the impact of the slam to his upper back, instead of his actual head, and with the suit on, this impact would feel significantly less than it’s full potential. Densuke would then roll and stand himself back up in his own fighting stance, to confront ayperos’ oncoming assault. He’d dash at Densuke, and came in with what appeared to be a punch. Densuke caught the feint that lead into and extended forearm attack. Densuke would throw up his own left arm to block the right forearm bash style attack, but on some sly maneuver, let the arm rush past Densuke’s face, only to turn it into  straight jab. This would’ve worked if Densuke hadn’t already had his block in place, as he would simply pivot his upper body and use his already bended arm to deflect the jab and protect his face further. Ayperos’ assault however wasn’t done, but neither was Densuke’s. Ayperos went for a deadly style uppercut towards Densuke’s jaw. Densuke however simultaneously went for a step in right hook, towards Ayperos’ jaw line. He’d synced his attack perfectly with his opponents, so at the exact moment the uppercut hit Densuke in his chin,(took the hit) Densuke’s hardened right hook would full force attempt to hit him dead in his jaw(at the same time Ayperos’ attack connected mind you)a, casing a his head to rock backwards, causing a sharp pain to mostly make it’s way to the upper jaw and even a slight loss of hearing in his ear.. This counter would be preformed at the same time of Ayperos’ attack, in a sudden instance, a key to Densuke’s near-perfect combat tactics. Densuke would find himself falling backwards, only to ball his body in a tumble roll once he’d hit the floor and stand himself back up in his HHS stance. He’d rub his jaw a bit, licking some blood from his lip as it was throbbing in pain, and he had a twinge in his neck from the impact. Densuke would smirk and nod, showing he was raring for another round, when suddenly he’d heard a woman’s voice from the main hall of the shack. “DON’T’ WORRY MAM! I’M ON MY WAY!” Densuke would reach his right hand outward, and begin using his watch’s magnetic link with the shield to call it to him, and in less than a second it would fling across the room and into his hand as Densuke would run towards the noise, flipping through the door to the main waiting room, landing in a cool squatting pose with his shield in hand. He’d stand up with a triumphant glare…until he saw a familiar face out of no where. One he hadn’t seen in quite a while..but one he’d never forget. “. . .” Densuke would face palm himself and exhale softly. “Ahh…So. I’m guessing troll season started early then eh?” Densuke would walk over to his desk and sit down, leaning back in the chair, and propping his feet up on the desk, placing his shield beside him. “False alarm Aypros…Faaaalse alarm. So any way “guy” since I know no name of you, how can a Hero For Hire help you today?” Densuke would fold his arms on his stomach and look at the tall dark haired man who’d given him trouble during his early heroing days. His jaw pain was starting to wine down, but there was still a pain in his stomach from the fist to the balls. “I’mm shoot that son of bitch..”Densuke would grumble to himself “Honor my ass.”

It's KuroryuEdit

Ayperos attacks worked untill the upercut to the chin. Ayperos watched as things started to slow down as soon as his hit connect he was met with a punch to the jaw, the timeing was perfected and both connected, the force of the punch was harsh but due to his skill in ti chi Ayperos flowed with the hit, though it still hurt like a bitch he was able to lessen the pain by moveing his head with it and staggered to the side, he shook his head a bit and spit some blood off to the side. He got back in fighting stance and then heard the sound of a womans cries. He then put up his mask and put all of his stuff back on. His metal arm bands then retracted back out from his shoulders as he ran out and was met with the same strange man from a few years ago that interupted his fight with Keyth. He stood there looking at Densuke than at the man. His eyes then shot back at Densuke as he said his real name and face palmed himself and then head him dis his honor. "One...Don't call me by my real name you idiot... It's Kuroryu.... Two....I never said my hand to hand was honorable.." He stands right there with his arms crossed looking at the familiar face."

Heroes For Hire, Hiring?Edit

-Mykale would have a shit face grin on his smug face as "The Red Dawn" rounded the corner and asked if it was troll season. "Oh this is almost too perfect. Well if it isn't the Misfit Superhero." At that time Ayperos rounded the corner and hawked at 'Red Dawn' for calling him by name. "Oh look the failed assassin is here to!" Mykale said as he bust into laughter. When the one in the red tightfitting suit asked his how they could help him he looked around the place and responded, "Heroes for Hire eh? So what you save the day for a nominal fee or something?" He walked over to a near by wall and leaned against it. "Sounds more like mercinary work to me. Just 'glorified'." Mykale nodded. "Well anyway, since you seem interested Mr. Red Dawn, can i call you that or do you still prefer Kitty Boy?" Mykale gave another grin before continueing, "Ah yes, my name. I am Mykale Kozan, care to introduce yourself to me?" Mykale also made note of Ayperos' superhero name, "Black Dragon eh? Suits you i guess, big, dark, and reckless." He then turned back the The boy with the shield to see if he responed yet then following. "Well does this heroes for hire, happen to hire? If so you got an application or whatever?"-


Densuke would continue leaning his chair, with the same stern look on his face, listening to the assassians words, and clever quips. Densuke would begin twirling his shield between his finger, and it’s spot on the floor. He’d qupied at Aypero’s being a “failed assassian’. Densuke would  answer his questions accordingly as asked. “It is indeed a hero service. Glorified mercenaries  is more so the term for it, but that’s just to settle my violent urges. Gotta appeal to myself too. “ Densuke would nod, without looking at Mykale, his name now revealed. “So…Mykale is it? Whatever, look check it. After our last incident I hold no grudges. That is to say my pal over here, may not be as nice, with your ahem..”banter”. Densuke would stand up and dig in the desk handing Mykale an application. “Fill it out and I’ll think about it…I’m gonna call you Jester. It’s either that or I’ll call you “Dick”. “ Densuke would imitate mykale’s smile, before the office phone rang. Densuke’s eyes sprung to it as he’d slam his fist on the desk and it flip upwards as he’d catch it. “Heroes for Hire,  on the job when you need us most, how can I help you?” A frantic voice on the phone would begin shouting into it. “P-PLEASE MY SHOP! THESE DAMNED THUGS ARE HAVING A WAR INFRONT OF MY SHOP!” Densuke would raise an eyebrow. “No cops available yet?” “I TRIED! THEY SAID THEY’D SEND SOMEONE AN HOUR AGO! THE FIGHTING HAS GOTTEN WORSE! H-HELP!” Densuke would reply. “Don’t worry sir! We’re on the way!” Densuke would slam the phone down and rush out of the door. He’d pull out his hoverbike remote, and click a button. His newly repaired bike coming to him in less than a second, from the garage way. He’d hop it and rev it once,  before yelling. “if you get there before me, don’t’ wait up!” Densuke would take off twaords the center of District 2, tracing the call on his Watch.

xXAyperosXx: Ayperos eyes woul start to change to a red color befor shaking the mans insult off and listen to Densuke as he explain the applictaion details and then look as the phone started to ring. He then listens and smiles as the call was traced on his watch as well, seeing that Ayperos took the liberty of bugging the phone lines to this place. He'd look at his watch before running out behind Densuke. Ayperos smiled as he stated if Ayperos gets their first to not wait up on him. He watched as Densuke hoped on his bike.. As Densuke took off so did Ayperos, Runninng at speeds of 60 MPH and grabs onto the back of Densukes bike, letting him lift off over a building before then lettinging go, the speed of the bike and his own natual speed added, he was now running at speeds of 150 mph, He keeps going, running and jumping from rooftop to rooftop heading to the area of the fighting. He takes on last jump on the top of the building and slides across the top all the way to the edge looking down. Looks as though two rival gangs got into it. The building being right in the middle of it. He smirks as his eyes start to turn red and Lighting starts to srike the air around his body. He then holds his arms out and falls in almost a swan dive and falls to the ground, but right before he was about to his he raises his right arm back the metal gauntlet starts to pop and a metal peice stick out of were the elbow part was and it hits the ground with all his might and as soon as he does the metal peice shoots back into place, the punch sending out a shock wave that would knock anyone that was around them on their back or ass. As the dust settles Ayperos would be there, his fist implanted in the pavment as he was in an amost kneeling possition. He slowly gets up and looks around, his red eyes almost seeming to glow. "I am Kuroryu... And if none of you want to get hurt, I suggest you stop your fighting, and go home." His cape blowing in the wind as he snands in the small crater.

Memories...Jobs FirstEdit

Densuke would look back as mike hooked onto bike and rode the backdraft. Whatever gets them there faster is what Densuke was concerned about. Aypro’s had picked up the speed. Not wanting to fall behind, Densuke would crank up his bike and push the tempo to about 130 mph. Not his max as he wanted to trail behind Ayperos’ not out right. Densuke would see as his partner had made his statement, by diving downwards and sending out a shockwave, as some of the gang members were blown backwards, a numerous amount of feet. Densuke would hop off of his own bike, and land beside Ayperos’ position, standing up right and poping his neck. “We’re so gonna get street cred for this!” Densuke would clear his throat looking around…the two gangs fighting were men in red mask, shirtless with scars all over their bodies, and…arasumaru memebers.  Younger generation at that. Densuke would shake his head. “You all know..your’re to young to be doing this. Why don’t you earn money the right way?..” Densuke would look to the young arasumaru member..his name was Carl. How could Densuke forget him. They’d rolled together for a while..carl would respond, drawing his bowe knife. “I-It’s the Arasumaru way! We never back down! And we don’t run! These masked freaks were tailing our turf! If..if Keyth was here he’d take these guys out, and we gotta hold it down til he returns.!” Densuke would bite his lip and lower his head for a second…he’d remain silent, before placing his shield in his hand. “..I’m proud. Of what you guys have become..” He’d utter to himself. ( ) Densuke would without warning, lash his shield out at carl’s face, making a loud “BING’ As it ricocheted off of his forehead, and began to make a zig zag, hitting five guys in a line of sorts, and sending them crashing to the pavement. The shield would then return to densuke’s hand, as Densuke would rush forward,  into the rest of the Arasumaru horde. Only 15 of them no doubt. Aypero’s would probably man handle the men in red mask with schimitar swords, but Densuke..wanted to be the one who took out his old kin. Densuke would leap into the air,with a flying kick, only to have it..doged?! Luckily with athletic grace, Densuke spun himself around in mid air, and turned it into a desceding airel roundhouse kick, spinning the young man he’d kicked, around 3 times, before he collapsed to the ground. Densuke would then rush forward at one man, and kick him in the gut, only to convert it into a bicycle kick, knocking the guy vertically into the air. Densuke would convert it into a back flip, and bring his foot down on the skull of another causually dressed gang member, taking him down as well. The spar with ayperos’s was a needed warm up. Densuke would be attacked with a base ball bat, only for him to raise his shield, block it, and shield bash not one, but two young men at once. The metallic clang of his shield made a very sickening sound as it collided with the young mens chest. Densuke was impressed as their conditioning was fairly improved..Densuke was met with 4 more guys all wearing..electic brass knuckles. “Claymore’s design, no dobut..” Densuke would place the shield on his back, straping it there, deciding to honor his old breahtren. The foiur casual dressed men took a CQC stance…Densuke would do the same as well. The man on the left rushed him, but he’d grab him by the head and shoulder, spinning him around, and triping his opponent, cuasing him to hit the ground face first. The second man would come at Densuke with a jumping spin kick, only for Densuke to spin and duck the kick, grabing the air borne gang member by his shirt collar and bringing him down to earth, in a well timed judo flip, his body now also face down on the ground. One of the members would grab Densuke and place him in a “chicken wing” like hold, securing his neck also. The remaining member would step in and throw his electric charged brass knuckled towards densuke’s face. If time could slow down, it would have for Densuke as with what can only be described as perfect timing, Densuke would use his free hand, and shove it between his head, and the gang members head, which in this lock wasn’t that far apart. Densuke would drive his holders head into the knuckle, electrocuting his submissionist, and breaking himself free. Since his suit was insulated, the static would simply resonate on densuke’s body for a moment before dispersing. Densuke would then take a few steps back, looking at the last member. The member was sweating mad drops of sweat. “those moves…it’ve seen them..who are you!!!” Densuke would remain silent and raise his CQC guard. The gang member would rush him with a right cross and a left cross, both dodged by densuke’s head movement. Densuke would dodge one more punch before grabing the arm, and pulling backwards, in a slid movement. With that done, Densuke would then tuck his opponents arm, under his own right one,and use his free hand to grab and secure the neck, only to lift his opponents body up in the air, and bring him down on the pavement, upper back first. The air knocked out of the member he’d eye Densuke down for a moment more before fading into consciousness..Densuke would stand up and look at Ayperos’, to see how he’d fair, but no question he was done by now..alot was on densuke’s mind at this moment, the look on his face showed it all.

Cheap Ass SwordsEdit

xXAyperosXx: Ayperos would smile underhis mask as he then turned aound faceing them men with Red masks and swords they looked as though they were in the wrong time or something. He cracked his neck. "So, how wants to try to get a piece of this first?" They all seemed to look at each other and all started to rrush in yelling. Ayperos would sigh and get into a kind of berserker stance and let the fist one slash at him, Ayperos would simply wave his arm sending the sword off to the side and send his metal fistt right in his face and send him rolling to the side. ayperos kept doing this left and right for another two members of the gang. the punches knocking them out cold, seeing that his speed was almost inhuman. The line stoped and Ayperos would stand there. "Guess the fist kissing booth is closed?" He chuckled and then took off at the rest of them and jumps up kicking one in the chest with both feet and they all circled him as he was on the ground and Ayperos simply started to twist around, is legs extended, kicking the swords comeing at him off to the side and kept twisting befor using his hands to jump up and land on his feet and get into fighting stance. Two of the member ran up on each side of him and go to slash straight down and Ayperos extends both arms withought looking and grabs them both by the writs and steps back befor slamming them into each other with enough force to knock them out. Ayperos looks at the last four as they stand there dumbfounded. They then run at him and Ayperos kicks in his peak heman strength He waits for the first to come at him before ducking down and comeing up histting him right in the gut with his fist, lifting him up off the ground with a painfull groan comeing from him and then spins around dropping him and sends out his arm at the next ones head, bashing him hard with a clank, the man basicly cartwheeling to the side. He came forword more before another on slashed at him and Ayperos hits the blade snapping it in half, the man looks at the sword then at Ayperos and He looks at hit as well. "Hope you didn't pay much for it... Cheaply made blade..." He then sweeps his feet out from under him and then punched the man down to the ground with enough force that you could hear bones crack. He then looked at the last dude, a bit smaller than the others and he was shaking. "Y...Your A Monster..." Ayperos Slowly walked up to him and got right in his face his blood red eyes looking into his and he grabs the sword crushing the blade. "Boo!!" Is all he said and the man faints and falls flat on his back. Ayperos then looks around seeing that all of the gang members were taken care of and brushes himself off, looking at Densuke almost the same time he looked at him, He had taken out the just a bit faster than Densuke did. He could see the look in his face. Those were in fact the same gang that he was in, And could tell that beating them brought him no pleasure and walked back to were he had put a crater in the ground looking around. "Seems we are done here.

Diamonds Are Forever..Edit

Densuke would stand there for a moment reflecting on his old days as an advent gang member…as wrong as it may have been morally…it was fun. Densuke would look over to Ayperos’. “Yes we are done here..” Densuke would take in a deep breath and exhale, walking over into the store. The Asian store clerk would burst out with excitement. “HOLY HELL! YOU GUYS WERE ALL LIKE BOOM! POW! BAM! BREAKING THE SWORDS AND THE SHEILD WOOOOW! I’m glad I hired you guys!” Densuke would nod and smile placing his hands on his hips in a cocky fashion. “Yes indeedy. Any team from heroes for hire is bound to get the job done. All at a healthy fee of course.” The store clerk would bow twice. “Ah yes a fee!...well they took all my money. BUT! I have this!” The clerk would go dig inside of his safe, for something..he’d appear moments later with a giant ass diamond. ( ) The emergald glew..with an errie purple glow. Densuke would take it and hold it out to Ayperos. “Does..this look legit to you dude?” After a moment Densuke would take the palm sized emerald and stuff it in his storage pocket on his utility belt. “Ah…this is…well thanks? I guess?” Densuke would nod and nod to Ayperos’. “common man…lets just go chill at the crib. And see if we can get sommore business…eh.” Densuke would hop on his bike and begin riding his way back to the hideout…hopefully getting sommore calls for the day.

Now We WaitEdit

xXAyperosXx: He would walk with Densuke into the store and watch as the man was all excited. He would stay silent, his eyes fadeing back to an ice blue, his arms cross over his chest. Ayperos watches as the clerk then bring out a rather large gem. He looks at it as Densuke holds it out to him. Ayperos examines it closely and nods as he asked if it was real. He walks out right before densuke, still silent and watches Densuke take off and then stomped his heals down, this making his rocket boots activate and he shot off into the sky, heading back to the hideout, the police showing up just as they both get out of sight. Ayperos gets to the hideout and goes down to the ground, his boots turning off as he does so and he walks in and takes a seat in a random chair sitting back, his auto mail armbands reverting up to his shouders. "I think I'm going to make some modifications to my outfil. Put alittle more.. I don't know, I'll think of something." He taps his foot awaiting another call just as Densuke was.

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