( ) Densuke would push his punching bag away, panting up a storm. He was tired. After being hunted, and threated repeatedly he had a lot on his mind…so many things just flooding in. He’d look out the window and see those same Christmas lights. “heh…Christmas in kasihana, isn’t even a real Christmas is it…” Densuke would shake his head and walk outta the gym his his gym shorts, and take a turn to the kitchen. He was always thinking but he couldn’t let the more important things slip his mind. Felicity for instance. Densuke thought to himself. “how longs it been since we’ve actually done something…I’ve been god knows where, and she’s been god knows where…maybe I I should.” He’d then stop thinking to himself and yell out. “Felicityyyyyyyyyy? You around? It’s kinda important..gotta have one of those couple talks danny’s been going on about.” Densuke would begin pouring himself a glass of Dr.pepper as he waited.

Impresssed: Felicity would be laying on the floor of the living room reading some book she found laying around. She flipped through the pages as she was actually getting into the book, she sighed softly as the book was indeed a christmas book. How they all got each other gifts and put up christmas trees and all laughed and acted happy being a family. She slammed the book shut, she couldn’t read any longer, she knew an assassin could never live such a happy life. She sat up and looked out the window, the snow fell so peacefully. She saw the christmas lights flickering so charmingly and decorations were everywhere. It looks like we tried to make it look all happy but we all know it’s not. She still hasn’t told Densuke about being attacked out of nowhere during shopping. She didn’t want him to worry although she was curious as to why her chi hasn’t been working or why some liquid monster attacked her. Felicity stood up as she heard her name being called by Densuke. She walked around to where he was and stood by him. “Oh boy, do we haaaave to?” She asked looking at him.

Where Too?Edit

Densuke would turn around and take a sip of his drink looking at her and making a silent sigh noise as he pulled the drink form his lips. “Yes Felicity we do. Well…it’s mostly cause I feel bad” Densuke would place the cup down and fling his towel over his shoulder, careful not to hit her. “Look uhm..lately we’ve been kinda distant ya know? I mean yeah I’ve been busy with my superhero stuff and whatnot but I mean well..i kinda miss you. Actually to be frank I DO miss you.” Densuke would rub the back of his neck. “So I was wanting to know if maybe you wanted to go out tonight? Do something? I don’t even think we’ve had an official “date” in what two years? Hahaha…ha…I sound like an idiot don’t I.” Densuke would hang his head down running a hand through it. “Two years, and I still can’t even be upfront when I really need to talk to you…kinda sucks doesn’t it?”

Impresssed: She watched him take his sips and nipped her lower lips, she knew he was right. She placed a hand on her hip nodding her head. “Hm, I understand..” She chuckled softly and smile placing a hand on his cheek. “Aw Densuke, I miss you too.” She placed a small kiss on his cheek and pulled away with a big smile. “Of course, I’d love to go out! Let me go get dressed.” She giggled hurrying away to her room to get dressed, she opened her door and closed it behind her. She swung open her closet and placed a finger under her chin to think. “Now.. let me see..” She poked her head from her door. “Where are we going so I know how to dress?” She asked as her head poked out of the door.

Densuke would smile as she kissed his cheek. It was a nice reassurance that things were probably going to be okay for the two of them. He’d chuckle as she ran off at his offer to go out. “Guess that means I’d better get dressed myself eh? Hm..” Walking to his room he’d look on his bed. It was junky and full of clothes he could choose form. Funny since he slept on this pile of clothes whenever he felt need to. He’d pick out a grey blazer and matching pants, but not before freshening himself up. He did just get done working out, and would prefer to smell the opposite of B.O. He’d hear felicity cry out about where they were going. “ah…I figured we’d just go to some random bar or something. Maybe go dancing…though I must warn you, I learned all my moves from danny. So. Be prepared to be embarrassed.” Densuke would laugh silently as he’d put on his clothes, and step out, actually looking quite snazzy as he’d put it. He’d head to the bathroom and begin to brush his teeth a bit. “May as well before I catch booze breath..though I won’t be drinking to much. Someone has to stay somewhat decent am I right?” Densuke would emerge and head to the door, grabing his hoverbike keys and waiting for her. “have you ever been clubbing felicity? Not that I much have myself, but I mean well I am still getting to know you a bit. Besides killing stuff, do you like…go out. Unarmed.” Densuke would raise an eyebrow putting empisis on the “unarmed’ aspect.

Impresssed: Felicity giggled softly at his remark and slipped back into her room. “Dancing..” She smiled rummaging through her closet, she pulled out a tight black dress and pressed it against her body looking at herself in the mirror. She smiled slipping off her clothes and pulled on the dress. It shaped her body nicely and showed off her curves, but she still looked classy. She pulled out heels and pulled them on her feet. She put on light make up and put on some lip gloss, spraying some perfume. She smiled at herself in the mirror and grabbed a bag before leaving the room. She click clacked her way to Densuke of course doing her usual heel toe and hip swaying action as she walked and sighed looking up at him. “Still short, even in heels.” She paused in front of him and reached a hand out patting down his blazer. “Oh, you look nice.” She then placed a hand on her hip and blinked staring at him. “Um.. I went once.. but not to dance or drink. I went there for work.. and um.. am I not supposed to?” She slowly reached under her dressed and unclipped her thigh garter full of kunai on them and placed them on the shelf next to her, a sweat drop appeared on her as she did so and looked at him somewhat embarrassed. “You could never be too sure!” She said shrugging.

Dat Body DoeEdit

( )Densuke found himself in a daze as she swayed her way over there in that dress…”Da…googa…baha..” denuske would wipe his mouth as he’d actually cought himself drooling over the girl. In that outfit who wouldn’t in alllll honesty. Densuke would listen to what she was saying and shake his head, snapping back to reality. He’d stop her form placing the knives on the shelf. “I think ive been a little harsh on you about those things heh heh…I say you carry em this time. Just in case something does actually happen. By the way felicity you look……I mean good god have mercy, you look amazing.” Densuke would bite his lip once before turning and opening the door for her with a smile. “our hover chariot awaits deary.” As they’d walk (if she followed) Densuke would take slow stepped down the stairs to keep time of the conversation . “I didn’t know your taste was so…well I mean this is the first time I’d really seen you dressed so fresh! It’s a good look on you babe. Though I gotta ask, how long have you well…been capping people so to speak. Did you take holidays off at least?” Densuke wanted to laugh a bit, but it came out as a cough of sorts. It was his dark sense of humor which often landed him into trouble sometimes but he really couldn’t help himself at times.

Impresssed: She smiled at his compliment and winked at him. “Well, I do have to look good to keep you interested.” She looked a bit shocked as he stopped her from putting back her garter and nodded with astonishment, placing them back around her thigh and clipping it on, she covered her dress over it and looked up at him. “Thank you love.” She walked through the door following him walking down the stairs. “Haha, well it’s been sitting in my closet for god knows how long, and I was in the mafia, the ladies gotta look stunning. Not long though, I did take off for the holidays yes.. are we.. hum.. doing something?” She asked somewhat glancing away hoping for a yes. She noticed him cough and hit at his chest. “Hey! I know how to have fun sometimes, it’s not always work.” She huffed.

I'mma By You A DrinkEdit

Densuke would smile as she hit his chest as they continued walking. By now they’d made it outside to his hover bike and Densuke would talk with a light tone. “of course we’re doing something. Tonights going to be your night babe. It’s the least I can do for being a sorry boyfriend so far heh heh.” Densuke would hop on the bike, and if she’d hop on to, Densuke would rev his bike once. “hold on tight. I doubt either of us will need a helmet.” Densuke would then take off, driving up into the sky and above all the hover car traffic. Zooming over the cars, at 123 mph crusing for a club he’d heard about. It had the least amount of fights, and good quality drinks. Sounds like densuke’s kind of place. He’d make it to the club doors, and if she’d let him, help felicity off the bike. “I know you said you know how to have fun. Now you get to show me. Lets grab a drink and hit the floor! ( ) the moment they steped in the music would start bumping as multiple people would be around, dancing, drinking, playing a game of pool and there was even a random little arcade section. Odd of all things but nice to see. Densuke would take felicity’s hand and guid them to the bar area, and once there Densuke would lean over the counter and speak over the music. “Eh let me get a strawberry daquery. Yeah I know it’s a fruity drink, so fucking sue me.” Densuke would look back at felicity, and nod.” Pick your poision babe?” Densuke would grin and close his eyes. “It’s on me.”

Impresssed: She followed behind him holding her dress down to cover herself up, she spread her leg over the bike and sat behind him, she wrapped her arms around him and rested her head on his shoulder. She glanced around, it was beautiful. The snow fell so perfectly and she was in a very good mood. She followed him into the club looking around like a lost puppy, she clutched her bag tightly taking his arm. As he reached for her hand she took his hand and clenched it tightly. She sat by him and looked up at the bartender then back at Densuke. “Coconut rum mixed with iced tea please.” She smiled happily leaning over to look at him with a bright pearly white smile. “Thank you love, this place looks so cool!” She looked around as if she was in museum.

Densuke would smile and nod. Felicity had one of the most beautiful smiles he’d ever seen. He’d often find himself getting lost to it every now and again. “No problem. It’s time to undwind a bit. All we do is hit shit, lets have some mu’fucking fun for once!” the bartender would hand the two of them their drinks. Densuke would hold his glass up and talk. “A toast? To……hm. What should we toast to before we down these babe? It’s your night so you call the shots here.” Densuke would dust off his blazer, and give her a bright green eyed gaze into her gold ones.

Impresssed: Felicity held up her glass and looked at him carrying her smile. She leaned in and pressed her lips softly against his pulling away. “I do believe we never shared a kiss. That was thanks for everything Densuke.. and cheers for everything you’ve done for me.” She pulled away clicking her glass to his and took a small sip, glancing down at her drink she almost gasped. “This is so good!” She started to sip it quicker and it ended in her chugged the whole thing. She placed the glass down and pointed to the empty glass and pouted looking at Densuke. “I finished it too quickly..” She looked up at him, with innocent honey golden eyes. “More please?”

To Many Drinks.Edit

Densuke would close his eyes as she pressed her lips against his, and in his head an image of butterflies flying away in a yellow meadow of garden flowers would play in his head. The music stopped for a moment and as she pulled away and gave him a toast he’d let out the cheesiest pearly white grin he’d ever let out. “Cheers for everything. And it was my pleasure.” He’d smile clinking his glass against hers. Felicity downed her drink with a gut of steel. Densuke would continue to sip his drink through a straw, as she asked for more, the bartender would nod and pour her up another glass.( ) “Get one to go, I’m gonna hit the floor real quick. This is my JAM!” Densuke would take the bottle of vodka from the bartender and take a huge gulp, leaving him a 200 tanz tip, and grabbing felicity by her hand, guiding her to the dance floor, and if she followed Densuke would snatch a pair of glow sticks, and glow stick necklaces for the both of them. He’d start dancing to the rhythm whilst holding her hand, swinging her in a modern ballroom fashion, with a rave to it of course. Densuke wanted her to enjoy the night and after a few minutes of dancing, Densuke would grin wide, and on the center of the floor pull her in by her hands, and lean in for a kiss. Pressing his against hers, the lights flashing around them at a high pace, but to Densuke it was just a moment frozen in time. He was happy he was fixing up his life. Fixing things up with his father, and now taking care of his felt just right.

Impresssed: She chugged her next drink in one shot wiping her lips, she pointed to her cup again as the bartender smiled pouring one last drink. “This one’s on me.” he said with a smile. Feeling a bit tipsy she took the small bottle of jack daniels instead and winked to the bartender. The bartender shrugged not seeming to care, as Densuke took her hand she danced along with him with a big smile on her face, she took another sip of the drink and placed the glow necklace around his neck holding the glow stick in her other hand, placing the necklace around her neck. She was pulled in close looking up at him closing her eyes as he kissed her she kissed him back softly pulling away to look back up at him. Her eyes sparkled with happiness as they were together, finally alone. Somewhat, even though there were people around. She felt like she was alone with just him and she loved that.

“’s moments like this I live for..specially when dannys’ not around to screw things up.” Densuke would smile as he leaned his forehead against hers, breathing softly.  A young man with black hair and a mustache would walk up beside them with a tray of drinks, the same ones they’d ordered ealier. “more drinks you guys?” Desnuke would look over and take one, nodding in thanks. “thanks danny. Anywho like I was say-WHAT IN THE BLUE HELL.” Danny would smirk and throw up a piece sign. “shhh…have to keep my cover up as long as I can. It’s apart of my training. “ danny would wink and hand Felicity another drink similar to what she had. “Extra shot of rum for ya me lass. Have fun you two, I’ll be here if you need me.” Danny would fade back into the crowd a bit leaving the two of them. Densuke would shrug and take a chug of his drink, tossing the glass to the side, and hearing a “CLINK’ as it hit the ground. He’d beat on his chest a bit and utter a hiccup. “Ah I’m starting to feel it you holding up babe?” Densuke was at best lightheaded, but far from shitfaced.

Impresssed: Felicity looked up at Densuke and smiled as they leaned their foreheads against each other ever so light,y She giggled as she saw Danny with a mustache. “Goodness, never grow facial hair! You look ridiculous.” She laughed once more petting his fake stache. As he was talking to Danny Felicity was chugging the drink she had in her hand a long with swiping other peoples drinks. She glanced over at Densuke and tilted her head. “Heh?” She stumbled a bit with a small giggle attempting to stand up still. “Oh I’m holding up jus-just fine!” Her cheeks were flushed with a tint of red obviously showing how drunk she was. “H-Hey.. I want moreee drinks! I only had like..” She started to count her fingers. “Wow I don’t have enough fingers..” She pulled Densuke’s hand to count and counted until 14. “Wow I only have one four drinks!” She paused a bit. “ I mean fourteen. Heh, silly me.” She started to wander off stealing some man’s drink and stumbled over to Densuke. “Such nice people, letting me have their..” She hiccuped. “Drinks!”

Densuke would rear his head back and laugh a bit. Felicity was so off the wall it was hilarious..but it was nice. Her cheeks flushed red, and it was obvious she was drunk. Hell she stumbled on Densuke multiple times and even used his hand as a counter. Densuke was feeling it to, but not to the same degree. Somebody had to be sober for the both of them. Densuke would giggle as he held her up by her arms softly. “hehehehehe hey hey chill out, w-we’re gonna get thrown outta here HAHAHA!” Densuke would laugh and talk to her. “it’s not nice to steal…ah fuck it, AYE YO DC, bring another round over here for the young misses!” Densuke decied what the hell. Let the girl drink some. She’d been doing nothing but fighting and killing, she could honestly use a break from it all. A night to unwind. A night to give in to her and her desires. Danny would return with more drinks and Densuke would drink his third dauqery, whicn unknown to him danny had spiked the shit out of. After downing it Densuke began to have blurred vision, dobules of sorts. He’d shake his head and yet out a Scooby doo sounding, “RUH-OH” as he fell backwards on his back. He’d lay there and laugh at himself. “ah man…I think I’m at my limit. I don’t even think I can drive my fucking bike! BAHAHAHA! Densuke would watch the room spiral around him as he’d sit himself up, but seem to be failing at the actuall “getting up” part. “gotta…*burp* make it for mine and her sake…blaaah” he’d blush, a bit more overboard than intended. Keeping an eye on felicity just incase she got herself into something.

Impresssed: Felicity giggled continuously watching him, she walked up to him and patted his face. “W-Wow, you’re drunk! I never saw you drunk! or.. smile this much. It’s so c-cute!” She giggled as her words were slurred. She patted his cheek and smirked a bit as she did so. Her eyes widened a bit as she stared at him. “Oh.. um. I need to pee!” She hurried off stumbling her way to the bathroom. She slid through crowds of people and finally got into the bathroom, she tugged down her dress a bit and slid into the stall, she peed. “Relief!” She finished up and walked out of the bathroom, washing her hands. She stumbled her way back to the club and looked around completely lost. “Oh… ah..” She felt someone tug on her dress from behind. She turned around to see a tall built man. “Hey baby what are you do—“ Just before she let him finish his sentence she ignored him completely and continued making her way to Densuke. “H-Hey..” The man pouted as she walked off. “Densukeee!” She called in the middle of the dance floor.


( ) the song changed and Densuke found some odd form of content laying there on the floor in a drunken stupor. However he knew he needed to sober up somewhat so he could at least get them home. Densuke would stand up in the middle of the crowd and walk between people, trying to see who did and didn’t have a twin. He’d tought he’d seen felicity but he couldn’t tell. He’d be bumping into multiple people obnoxiously to boot. “Ugh get off me you drunk creep!”  a woman would yell as she pushed Densuke into a strange big and muscular man of sorts. (Zangief-alpha3-fixed.jpg ) “Watch where you tread puny man!” Densuke would raise an eyebrow and tilt his head. “….unicorn? HAHAHAHA you’re a unicorn! Lemme rub your horn and make a WISH!” Densuke would reach for  the man’s Mohawk only to be backhanded into the back of another muscular man ( ) “Get your drunk ass outta here!” Densuke would be met with a fist to the face sending him stumbling backwards through the crowd. Loosing his balance he’d fall down and land on one knee, looking in the opposite direction only to catch a glimpse of a man who’d grabed felicity in the wrong sort of way by her dress. Densuke didn’t appreciate this…in a fit of drunken looserdom, he’d pick himself up and approach the man who’d done it “HEY DIPSHIT! YOU DON’T GO GRABING OTHER MEN’S WOMEN LIKE THAT!” The man would give Densuke a look of mallace. “Look man step off, I had no idea she was dating a drunken clown. Chill the hell out or you’ll get us thrown out of this club!” Densuke would flip the man off while speaking. “Chill? CHILL? YOU EAT A DICK!” Densuke reared his hand back and hit the man in the gut, arching his body completely, and causing him to fold  over densuke’s fist. “WHO’S THE CLOW NOW BITCH!” Densuke would throw the man across the dance floor and into the other two muscular men. The three muscle heads now stood and all gave Densuke some meancing looks. After finally tuning his hearing in to hearing felicity calling him Densuke would speak. “Baaaaaaaby. I’m over –hiccup- here!....Danny! Drink!” Danny would appear from now where with a bottle of peppermint schonpz and uncork it for Densuke. Densuke would take the bottle and eye the three men, staring them down while chugging the bottle, some of the liquid spilling over and leaking out of his mouth. Densuke would then take the bottle and bash it against his head breaking it and let out a loud sigh. “MY GUT IS FULL OF BOOZE AND MY SPIRIT FULL OF FIEYAAAAAAAAA!!!!! Densuke would stumble in place trying to put together a fighting stance…which looked more like the running man being preformed in place. The three men would begin to step at a mildly fast pace towards Densuke.

Impresssed: Felicity heard an argument behind her, she twirled in circles her head spinning a bit. She heard Densuke call her name, she hurried to him and hugged him tightly. “ I thought I lost you forever!” She looked up at him teary eyed. Glancing around she came just in time as the men would step up to him. “HEY HEY, He’s mine! Get your own man.. you very.. muscular ladies..” She looked at them tilting her head slightly. “Goodness, you guys are some scary looking women..” She whispered to Densuke. “You attract the weirdest girls..” She giggled resting a tired head on his shoulder. She yawned nuzzling her head into his neck calmly clinging to him, her drunk self almost toppling over as she held onto him tightly.

Rockin' Around The ClockEdit

Densuke would be beating his chest before Felicity came over to him and the men stopped in their tracks. Densuke would giggle profusely at the things she was saying, and burst into laughter She fell into him and Densuke would cradle her body in his arms, like a child. She sounded like she was getting tired, and that honestly sobered him up a bit more. Coming to his senses somewhat, he’d eye the three men. They were pretty huge. And without chi they might post a threat…Densuke knew he’d have to take them by surprise..he came up with an idea, and would lean down a bit whispering to Felicity. “Get some rest okay? And hold your breath to keep form puking. Kay?”  The song switched and Densuke would take hold of felicity by her waist ( ) Densuke would take her hand, and in a ballroom dancing pose, he’d spin the both of them towards the guy in the middle and release felicity keeping hold of her hand, and cuasing her other hand to back hand the middle man in the face, spinning him around to the floor. He’d spin her back towards his direction, and begin to grasp her arms, causing him and her to do the twist, descending to the ground, and dodging the punches of two of the meat heads, only to come back up, and with felicity’s waist in his hands, spin her around in the air, cuasing her feet to hit both of the men in their necks. He’d bring her back to the ground and then lift her in his arms. In a ballroom swinger like fashion he’ swing her legs outward, hitting the mohaked man in the nuts, using that momentum, Densuke would swing her backaround his other side, keeping her secure by her waist and her legs, and use her legs yet again to trip up the second bulky man, causing him to cut a complete front flip before hitting his back on the ground. Densuke would then  toss felicity’s body up into the air, in a horizontal spiral, and while she was airborne,  turn his own body 360 degrees before delivering a swift roundhouse power kick with his right foot, cracking the man’s ribs who’d touched felicity and sending him flying into the jukebox, cutting the song short. Densuke would then catch felicity and stand her back up. “you okay?...oh god I feel sick…” Densuke would lean his head against hers and hiccup. Danny would approach the two. “ALRIGHT, ALRIGHT, BREAK IT UP! YOU TWO’S GOTTA GET THE FUCK OUTTA HERE! Trustmeyouguyswillthankmeforthislater” Danny would push the two of them out of the club into the snow. It was freezing out here, but Densuke was so buzzed he couldn’t really feel it. The sudden cold did sober him up enough to realize felicity was without a jacket...”Sorry felicity…I didn’t mean to act so brash.” Densuke would take off his blazer and wrap it around her bare shoulders to try and keep her warm. “I think uh...I think we should walk home. How’s that sound.” Densuke would stand behind her, holding her in his arms, and leaning her body against his own.  “I gotchu…I’ll always be there. Felicity….we should like…get married or something…-hiccup-. I’m durnk as shit..” Densuke would cuddle her softly, not wanting to let her go for even a second.

Never Let Me Go..Edit

Impresssed: Felicity nodded slowly holding her breath, she followed his dance moves hitting the men, using no force at all, she felt them drop like flies. She laughed hysterically each time she hit them, she then paused to look at Danny noticing him kicking them out. “Jeez.. alright Luigi!” She sighed walking out with Densuke tipping over as she walked. “Hey, I had so much fun! Plus that whole kick butt thing with the dance moves! Oh man!” She clapped her hands jumping up and down in the cold snow. She smiled as he placed his blazer on top of her, she snuggled up close to him and looked up at him with a small hiccup. “Y-Yeah! Let’s go home…— Marriage?” She swallowed hard then started to laugh. “You’re funny Densuke. Such a funny boy!” She poked at his nose and pecked his lips softly. “Never let me go Densuke.” She pleaded softly whispering to him. “Never.”

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