Keyth Tasanagi

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Western FeverEdit

DeliriousAres: (( The Desert air blazed down from the sky as they continued there walk further out from Kasaihana city. Keyth walked behind her, a gun to her back the whole time. In a way, he was holding her hostage. ".... So your a Nurse... how long can the human body survive without water before they die huh?" There car that Keyth had stole earlier, engine had blowed itself out. Soon the car went into a firey blaze, but that had been two hours back. So for two hours now, the pair had been on foot. Walking the endless desert. The snowy cold air that surrounded itself Kasaiahana city along with the snow had also been a lie. Because out of the city... it was as hot as ever. Sweat poured down from his poors, his open shirt exposing his body to the heat. He was parched, his lips dry and his head low. "...I shoulda.. cut my fucking hair.." He said feeling the heat beat down into the back of his head. (( The heat felt like it could make there bodies implode it almost felt like. "... Wh-whats that..?" Keyth said stopping, pointing out in the distance at what looked like some small town of sorts. People riding around on mutated looking horses. Keyth put his gun away, putting it in his back pocket allowing Kana to walk on her own free will. " Dont do anything questionable alright... remeber our deal. Help me, and when we get back i'll pay you a ton.." Keyth said walking ahead of her this time, his right hand gripping onto her wrist as he dragged her along. The name of the town.. ' Cansis'peak ' Was the name. Keyth made out the words walking into town. The people stared at Keyths and Kana's attire... taking them as outsiders right away. Keyth kept his head down. "...As if Getting through that Zombie infeasted Old new york wasnt enough.." He said under his breathe as he passed by the residents of the town. It looked like something out of those older western movies... how primitive, yet people were using computers... even a hover car, like the models in the city. Keyths head low, he continued to walk forward with the female untll they reached a saloon where he opened the doors. Slowly heads turned to eye the male and the female that came inside. Keyth held his head up high looking left to right slowly as he made his way inside to the bar. "Two cups of water..." He said despreatly to the bartender. Giving her a 20 dollar bill. More than enough. "...We dont accept your kinda money.." The Bartender said to him with a venomous tone in his voice. Keyth gulped... feeling the empty, dryness of his throat. " What do you mean... that's 20 dollars man.." The Bartender spit on Keyths dollar bill. Eyeing the female and then eyeing Keyth. "... We dont accept no currency from some outsider, Kasaihanaian privledged fucker..." The bar-tender said pushing keyth back slightly. Two Large looking males with black gallon hats stood at the entrance to the door way exit, showing there guns on there hips. "...Please.." Keyth said slowly turning his head back up at the male. " We've been out there for hours in that heat...We just...Want...Some...water..." He said through clenched teeth. The Bartender looked at the other men in the saloon before he bursted out water. " You hear that boys!? He wants some water! Alright, lets give em some water. You want some water? Alright boy we'll give ya some water..." The Bartender ducked under the coutner top getting his rifel. Only to be met with the tip of Keyths blade aiming at the man's face, blood coated all over the blade. With blood all over Keyths clothing. And every man that was about to pull there weapon out on him in the saloon... dead as well. "..H-How did yo-GAWK!" Keyth had slammed the mans head down onto the bar. "... Now give us... some fucking water..." Keyth said continuing to hold the man's head down. " Y-YES SIR! RIGHT AWAY SIR!" He said shaking, quickly pouring the pair a cup of water. In the meantime. One of the men who survived Keyths rage slice em up moment slowly rose up, bleeding to death more than likely from one of Keyths strikes. With his gun up high... aiming to shoot Keyth right in the back of the head.

Akali: + Kana wiped the sweat from her forehead and gazed into the distance. "Three days at the most, though I doubt that we'll be here for more than that." Her feet ached from being in heels for so long and she was getting a bad case of a sunburn. She felt the gun push against her back as they moved forward. She was lost in thought when she heard him. She faced the direction he was looking at and saw a black figure, and as they neared, she saw it was a town. She glanced at him when he pulled the gun away and started to go forward, grabbing her by the waist, dragging her along. 'I could seriously use a shower right now...' She thought to herself. "Yeah, yeah. I got it... Nothin weird, but this place looks... eesh..." She didn't find out the name of this town, but she knew exactly that the locals found them something interesting or plain weirdos. They seemed into the old fashioned thing, but the technology that they had suprised her. As she walked up to speed with Keyth, she glanced down at the floor once they entered the saloon, keeping them there as they reached the bar. She stood by quietly, listening to their conversation between Keyth and the bartender, holding her arms together and blinked when she felt a liquid splatter against her cheek. Lifting up her hand and brushing her cheek and pulling it back to look at it... Blood... She turned her head and her eyes widened at the sight. All of them dead. Who the fuck is this guy? She glanced over to Keyth and averted her eyes quickly. So gruesome... She turned back to look at the frightened bartender and mouthed "I'm sorry" to him and picked up the glass of water, taking a sip when a reflection casted off of the glass. One survived and... Her train of thought vanished as she clenched the glass in her hand, twisting her body around out of Keyth's gripped and raced towards the last man standing. She held the glass in her hand and watched as the gun followed her movement. She crouched down and slid in the blood covered floors, the red liquid splattering on her body. As she neared the man, she thrusted her body up, grabbing his wrist and using the hand with glass, slamming it against his head, watching the glass shatter as it made contact with his skull. She felt the man's grip loosen on the gun and she switftly whisked it out of his hand and grabbed him by the collar, shoving the gun underneath his chin and pulling the trigger until all of the bullets ran out, blood covering almost all of her upper body and face. She felt the body slump in her hold before tossing it into one of the posts and dropping the gun onto the floor. She sighed and threw her head back, laughing a bit before wiping some of the blood off of her face before turning to look at Keyth, smiling a bit. "Your welcome.." +

DeliriousAres: Keyth watched as she killed the guy in the stylish manner. it happening in slow motion to him. " W-What... th-..fu.." Him and the bartneder both had the O.O look on there faces as they stared in awe. Keyths head infliated, looking like a chibi version of himself as he shouted at the top of his lungs. " WHAT KINDA FUCKIN NURSE ARE YOU HUH!?!? IM BEING LIED TO ABOUT SOMETHING, SOMETHING DOESNT FUCKING ADD UPPPPPPP!!!!!!!" As Keyth shouted. A Horde of men rushed into the saloon. One of them sporting Martial Arts Gi with a cow boy hat on his head. " LOOKS LIKE WE HAVE SOME INTRUDERS IN HERE!!!!!" He tossed his hat off his head as it soared into the air. (( How he looked.)) Keyth blinked as he watched all 20 of the men storm into the room with all of his western shoot em up pals. " WE ARE THE COWBOY DRAGONS OF THE DESERT!" They all said getting into a stance. The citizens in the town clapped at there apperance. Keyth's left eye continued to twitch as he watched them act like complete douchebags. "...Wh-What..?" He said to himself. " And who the hell do you assholes think you are... You cant beat us. Just cause you run around in Martial arts gear doesnt mean you know how to f-GAWWWWWWWWK!" (( The Man in the Martial Arts Gi appeared infront of Keyth. Sending a Kick so hard that he knocked him out of the Saloon with one powerful dragon kung fu styled kick. Keyths body cringed around the kick, as his eyes buldged out and his body was sent flying out and into the middle of the street. He coughed blood. Feeling his vision go hazy ".. I forgot..." Keyth said slowly raising to his feet. " The snow.. it's not out here... which means... that they can use Chi.." He said looking up at the Martial artist stepping out of the hole he had just kicked keyth out of. Keyth stood back up, removing his dress shirt now just wearing a white shirt as he flicked his nose getting into a stance. "...You think your hot shit huh?" Keyth said getting into some off brand street fighting stance. Meanwhile, all of the men that followed the martial artist, had blades and such in there hands. All 19 of them smirking. " Our boss, is gonna handle your little boyfriend out there... we might as well have our way with you in here. What do you say boys? We gotta feed our family you know. We havent had any Kasaihanaians in awhile..." The male in the front said rubbing his scruffy black beard. His teeth jagged and nawed out, soon all 19 of the men charged at the female. Cannibals... This whole town, a lot of cannibals. The Man in the Martial Arts Gi began to channel a green aura around his body as he stood before Keyth with a smirk on his face, showing his jagged teeth. " All we wanted was...some fucking water.." Keyth said closing his eyes, chi starting to burn from his body in a crimson red. " Ooooo.. that feels good. I havent been able to go all out since i came back to this world... with that strange snow thats been cutting off my chi. But since were outside of the city and all.." The man in the Marital Arts Gi's body flashed over to Keyth's. Sending out a punch towards his head, only for Keyth to dodge the strike with ease, twisting his body in a 360 motion so that the punch flew right over his head, only to land to the right of the man in the Martial arts Gi, landing a solid right uppercuted punch into his stomach with so much force that all of the windows in the town exploded due to the pressure. " GET THE FUCK... OUTTA MY FAAAAAAACE!" Keyth said pulling his arm back, like he was getting to throw a baseball with the man still sitting on his fist, then pushing forward with that same hand. launching the man forward into 4 homes in the town untill he smashd into a boulder outside of someones homes, his chest combusting on impact. "...." Keyth stared at his hands in awe. "... I guess since my chi has been held back for so long... it's coming out with so much intensity.." He said staring at his hands. The Other Cannibals in the town began to run out of there homes in sheer anger, moving like savage animals as they began to charge towards Keyth. " Ahh shit!" He said running back to the Saloon to check on Kana.

Akali: + Kana looked as if she were beat from getting yelled at. Right as she was about to reply, her attention turned to the doofuses posing. Dragons... She watched as Keyth flew out of the saloon, the commander in chief following right behind him, leaving her with the rest of the dragon idiots. She stood in the middle of the saloon, surrounded by these... these animals. As one rushed forward and lunged, she ducked and gave a quick jab, sending him up into air as she snagged a gun from nearby, sooting the one above her, right in the head before turning towards the rest of them, pulling the trigger and firing with no mercy. She had a crazed look in her eye, dropping the gun and lashing her arm out, grabbing the next one and kept firing. She kept this side of her locked away for too long. The rush was coming back; the lust for bloodshed. There was only about a third of them left. She wavered slightly as she got up her feet. Her expression had calmed but the look in her eye gave off a different impression. She launched herself up into the air and came crashing down on one, knocking it down to the ground, trapping its head in between her thighs and giving a swift twist of her hip, breaking its neck. She saw Keyth come in out of the corner of her eye when she shoved her hand through a trio of mens' chest, pulling her hand that was slick with blood. The bartender stood frightened almost to death. "That's only 18..." Kana picked up a blade by her foot and threw it straight at a post, watching it slid right through the thick hardwood. She walked towards the post where the blade stuck out, grabbing the hilt and pulling it out. She slid her finger along the edge of the blade and wiped the blood off. She knew that Keyth would wonder what she was aiming at when the last one fell to the side from behind the post. She turned back to Keyth and walked towards him, brushing the hair out of her face. + "I am a nurse, but.. I'm am Assassin. Not for any clan. I'm a private contractor. I've got to make money somehow and being a nurse isn't enough... And can we go now?"+

DeliriousAres: Keyth ran in, only to see that Kana had actaully held her own perfectly. He listened to her words, his left eye twitching. " A Nurse Assassian.. i've offically seen everything.." A large group of villagers exploded through the doors. " FUCK!" He said gripping Kana by her wrist again and rushing out of the hole he had just made in the wall with his little fight with the leader of the idoits. Keyth leaped into the hover car that he had seen parked out in the middle of the town. " I-I dont know how to HI-Jack a car!" He said looking left to right ONLY... to find the car keys still in the igniton. He sighed and shook his head, laughing and scratching the back of his head awkwairdly at the same time. The villagers were gaining now. Running as quickly as they could. Keyth hit the gas on the primitve hover car making him and Kana both take off into the air. Within 5 minutes they were airbourne staring out at the town. "...Im gonna have that place nuked when i get back.." Keyth said as he shook his head. He let the top down to the hover car, turning back in the back seat. A case of clean water, and blankets sat in the back seat. And a Map. Keyth pulled out the map, opening it up, cocking a right eyebrow. Kasaihana city took up majority if not all of the east coast... and this map was from new Californa. On the west coast of new america. " The people who owned this car were citizens of New Californa. Meaning... that... those cannibals got to em.. prob fuckin ate em those sick bastards... I could tell by there teeth, and the stench on there breaths. Im guessing these people meant to tour Kasaihana..." Keyth said rolling the map back up and tossing it into the back seat. He looked forward as they continued to fly thorough the sky. " Fucking Zetsui didnt even tell me where to fuckin meet him!" Hours would have passed and they reached a rest area. Tons of other travlers in normal, and hover cars were at the rest area as night drifted in. Fire places scatterd the large camping grounds and food and such were avalibale to eat. Keyth and Kana would be in the hover car, the top down. And the deseret air making it lot colder than what it had been earlier. " Tch.." Keyth reachd back. Pulling out his wallot and giving her a 100 dollar bill. " See that Vendor..." He said pointing at it. "... Go get food... and dont try to run away..." He said tapping his noise. " I've got your scent i could smell you from a million miles away now." He said smirking, but if she ran he'd be in more trouble himself... he was still heavily injuryed from the shoot out. "...And... see if they got stiches... and dysinfection spray.." he said closing his eyes, holding the bleeding wounds on his chest and sides. His stiches had re opened up, bleeding heavily through his once white shirt. Now buldged in red and black smuges.

Akali: + Kana scoffed and yelped as Keyth suddenly grabbed her and yanked her towards an exit, hopping into the seat next to him and turning back, seeing the angry mob behind them. Once he floored the gas, she held onto the seats as they took off, closing her eyes tightly until he eased down. She leaned her head against the window, breathing hard as she looked at her blood stained hands. She didn't have any cuts or bruises, and then she looked over to Keyth and sucked in her breath. He looked like shit... His words never registered. She stared out of the window and sighed before unbuttoning her top and pulling it off, grabbing the blanket from the back and covering herself in it. In less than a few minutes, she fell asleep. Her dreams never improved from the nightmares. It was the same one every fucking time. The flames. The blood. The Katana. The Cresent Moon. When she woke up, they'd stop at a rest stop. Her eyes caught the sight of flames and she stiffled a scream. She turned to look at him, taking the hundred and nodding softly, keeping the blanket wrapped around her body as she walked up to the vendor and ordered. She tapped her finger on the counter and avoided the stares an whispers. 'Look at her hair.. is that blood? Ewww' One said, followed by a fit of giggles. She looked to the right,, seeing a group of girls, all dressed in pink. Fucking spoiled bitches... And hand came over hers and she was startled looking at the cashier, bewildered as he held his hand out. Oh. Cash. Right. She handed him the hundred bill and gathered the food and took the change back. Before leaving, she asked for a first aid kit and the cashier gave it to her without question. As she made her way back to the hover, she loaded herself in the car and placed a bowl of fully cooked ramen in between them along with a plate filled with all kinds of meat and rice. "Eat up.. You look like you need it." She sat with a bag in her lap, reaching in and taking out a chocolate chip cookie and bringing it up to her lips, nibbling at it and sitting silently. +

DeliriousAres: (( took the food eating like a savage as bits and pieces had been flying everywhere disregarding the female sitting right next to him. He had offered her some, but if she chose not to eat any he'd shrug and simply continue to eat it. Keyth tossed the empty ration container to the ground and ripped the rist of his shirt off. He began to pick out the splinters in his arm and chest one by one from when he went flying out of the saloon. His bullet wounds on certain places had reopened. He gripped the first aid-kit, opening it, he looked at it... and then looked back at her with a confused look on his face. "...Well... I dont know how to use this stuff.." He said almost like 'well what do you want me to do?' look on his face. In the distance though, an elderly man had be watching there progess from afar. Zetsui stood next to the bald elderly man with his head tilted up high. (( "...He's not ready yet Old man.." Zetsui said turning his back on the scene behind him. " What makes you think he's the one who could do it?" The Elderly man smirked as his clothing blew in the night wind. " Because unlike you Zetsui... the darkness didnt consume him. He's willing to ask for help... and he knowns when he's beat.." Zetsui began to laugh tilting his head. " You've gone soft old man. So, are we still on for our deal..." The Elderly man turned his head, eyeing Zetsui. " If I win... then i get to fight you, and then kill my old master, taking your blade from your cold dead hands... and consuming your soul." The elderly man kept the smile on his face. " A Deal... is a deal." He said nodding his head. Zetsui bursted out laughing. " You were better off picking That Yanazuka boy, or the Ryoji's kid. I woulda loved to crush that filithly little daddies boy... just like we crushed his father. Yet you picked the filithy fucking Tasanagi cockroach. The disgraced family... I dont even sense Okami within that filithy piece of shit. It's like your almost asking for me to kill you old man..." Zetsui turned his back on the man. His long coat flowing in the wind as he began to walk further out into the deseret. The elderly man continued to smile though, his emotion staying the same regardless of the killers words. Zetsui stopped in his tracks. Turning to look back at the elderly man. " Lord Kaguya..." Zetsui said. " Remember when you found me... After Tetsu Defeated me..." **** FLASH BACK**** (( During Ark 3. A young Tetsu Ryoji had Defeated Zetsui in the sewers. Leaving the young Zetsui in a crushed defeated state as his body washed out of the Kasaihana sewers and out of the city. In the middle of the night. Lord Kaguya had discovered his body. "... H-Hey Old men.." Zetsui said through clenched teeth, pulling at Kaguyas attire. " I need.. som-..Some water...NOW!" Lord Kagyua simply stared at Zetsui before bursting out in laughter. Months went by, and he had nursed the young man back to health far out from the city in the mid-west of New America which climates had changed. Turning it into a vast jungle of sorts. Kaguya began to train the young man. Forcing him to get up every mourning for his vigirous training sessions. About 5 years after the training Zetsui was now in his mid to late twenties himself. Standing at the door way of Kaguyas dojo, Zetsui gripped tightly to the blade on his hip. " Old man... You knew i'd have to come and kill you some day right.." Lord Kaguya remained silent and smiled. "... mhm. I knew. Onihoruda are typically hungry all the time. Especially when they find out they can eat souls.But, will you eat mines Zetsui?" The long black haired male went silent as he continued to focus his eyes on his master. " No.. not yet." He said sheathing his blade. " I'll wait to kill you old man. And on your terms. When i return... and when we fight and i kill you. My prize will be your blade." Lord Kaguya smiled and nodded his head. " Then that's exactly... what it will be..." *** FLASHBACK END****(( Kaguya kept his eyes on Keyth and Kana from afar, still smiling before he turned to Zetsui again. " I hope your ready Zetsui... Im going to turn that young man. Into the strongest fighter you've ever seen..." Zetsui bursted out laughing. " yeah... im hoping you will old man.." The Long haired male with his black coat would began to flow in the wind as he walked through the deseret. "...I'll give him 30 days then.." Zetsui said. " 30 before i kill his family... hahahaha.." Kaguya smiled and nodded. " 30 days... will be more than enough..."

Akali: + She glanced at him and shook her head, tossing the bag of cookies in the back and grabbed a napkin, wiping his face. She crawled over and pulled at the latch that let the seat lean back until he was lying flat on his back. She sat on his lap, taking the alcohol bottle out with the cotton, drenching her hands in the liquid and then rubbing her hands on his wounds. "Be still now.." A light blush appeared in her cheeks as she wiped the alcohol off and then applied disinfectant on his bullet wounds. She stood up again and flipped him over onto his back, repeating the process and then wrapping his torso up in bandages before getting off of his lap, gathering all of what was in the first aid and then taking it back to the cashier. As she walked back to the hover, she noticed the same group of girls, talking and flirting with some guys. She rolled her eyes and got back in the car feeling nasty. She sat with her knees pulled up to her chest, shivering slightly even with the blanket around her. She glancd at Keyth and then elsewhere. 'Pretty cute.. even looking beat up.' She sighed and leaned back.. "But you're taken.." That part came out a bit too loud. She cleared her throat and hoped that she wasn't blushing to death. Pushing that thought to the side, she thought back to when they first met. Way different than what she expected... And then she thought about what happened in that cannibalistic town. Some..something clicked and caused her to go beserk... Could it be just the smell or sight of violence? No. Couldn't be. She would've done something like that 2 years ago. Or could it be... just the thought of him getting injured or threatened.. She was going crazy. 'Guess I am insane..' +

DeliriousAres: He winced occasionally when the achohal had been placed on his body during the process. But most of it he didnt even make a face. After it was said and done Keyth felt around on the bandages. " See i knew bringing you along would be a good i-..." He saw her shiver lightly, no lets face it... she was trembling. Keyth turned his head and closed his eyes. "... Shit.." he said looking away for a moment. Slowly he turned back over to face her, gripping the nob to the heat on the air-conditioning in the car, letting the heat slowly graze over the car as he closed the top. "...Um.." He rubbed the back of his neck. He wasnt shy about the fact of females, or the thought of them. He was never one of those guys that blushed up acting all tense... he was always open to the thought of them. But then again keyth was open minded in general. He crawled over to her. "...C'mere.." He said almost faustratedly with himself. " Hopefully we'll hit a city tomorrow... so we can get some better clothing.." He said getting under her. Luckily she was small enough to lay ontop of him. He leaned the seat back, so that he'd be able to look at the stars. Putting the car in sleep mode it hovered lightly back and forth in a rhytmic kind of way as to soothed the driver to sleep. " Im 20, I like super heroes... my favorite super hero is thunder man. Im a big fan of the Super fighter Video game series. I like smaller women, but i like ones with alot of meat on them to. I like to drive and practice my martial arts even though im a shitty fighter when it comes down to the principals. Im more of just a slugger. I have a girl friend, and two kids. My Little girls name is Kin, and my sons name is Keyomi. my girlfriends name is Kyoko... I have pet Tiger at home named Raiden, and a giant pet lion named Shamuu.." He closed his eyes. " My Father Keyome Tasanagi.." He said opening his eyes again, his bright golden errie eyes staring up at the open roof of the car. " Leader of the Kagemaru clan, and the father to... way to many kids. Haha." Keyth said laughing. " My Favorite color is green. And i like cheese burges. I love to fight... a challange excites me... i didnt graduate high school... so i work for a Yakuza clan at the moment that goes by the Osoremaru clan, im a hitman... But im just doing it for the money to raise my kids right now." Keyth said nodding his head. "... Im the Heir to the Kagemaru clan though... and they say one day i'll have to take it as my own..." He didnt know he was spilling every detail about himself to the girl. But... he wanted to trust her, so... " Alright, now its your turn. Tell me about you... Kana.." He said smiling, and tilting his head to the right a bit.

Akali: + She blushed a deep shade of red as he moved himself underneath her. She opened her mouth to protest and then shut it, lowering her eyes and then placing her head against his chest. "My name.. my real name is Rin Awashima. Before I became a Yoru, I had a different life; a life in first class. One night, the house was on fire. My parents were murdered right in front of me. So I ran and hid in the forest around out home. Some guy saved me and he became my Guardian from then on. Shimizu Yoru. My technical not adoptive Father, but he died too. I'm single, sadly eheh. I like guys a bit taller than me and they have that hard but fluffy thing going on. I'm a master at Aikido and Swordsmanship. I love cookies, very very much. Um... My favorite color is red... I.. i don't have anything else to say..." She closed her eyes and sighed. She was a total dork. At least he had an interesting life. +

Sneak Attack, Stay on your shit!Edit

DeliriousAres: A few days had passed and they were still out on the go. Keyth and Kana had made it to the mid-western part of New America by this point. Now in the middle of big forrested area. It reminded Keyth of home... Infact.. This area had been the area(( That was born and raised in. "... I think... i know where we are." He said as they continued to fly in the hover car. " There's a town not to far out from here... Im on my last day. So i have to find this guy today..." Keyth said gripping tightly to the wheel as they soared down through the jungles depths. Keeping his hands tightly to the wheel as he hit the gas. Before long they would arrive at an old village of sorts. The villagers all gasped in awe at the sight of the large hover car that flew above there heads. Keyth lowered it in the middle of town and opened the hatch. He stood up slowly, his horns proturding from his head as usual.As he eyed the village. All of the staring eyes would have been on him and Kana both. "...Well, atleast there not trying to kill us.."(( He said laughing as he rubbed the back of his neck. The villagers all kept there eyes on the pair. Keyth stepped from the hover car landing on his feet, reaching his hand out towards Kana to help her down from the car as he stood infront of the group. " Im looking for a man..." Keyth said tilting his head up. " By the name of Zetsui..." The villagers all began to whispear and talk towards amongst each other. " The 8 armed demon..." Said a younger boy in the village. He was holding a PSP in his hand... so clearly they had electricty even out here. Keyth squatted down to the young boy. "... The 8 Armed demon?" He said tilting his head to the right. The young boys mother pulled him away forcing Keyth to stand back up to his feet. When an Elderly woman stepped out of her hut. " Yes..." She said turning to Keyth. Looking at his Dark Yakuza tattoo's that were clearly visable through his black tank top. " The 8 Blade weilding demon.. Zetsui. He is the student to our Lord Kaguya." Keyth nodded his head. " Alright then! Then where is this Lord Kaguya!? Maybe he knows where i can find Zetsui!" Keyth said clenching his fist. The elderly lady looked at Keyth and then back at Kana. Her eyes going wide as the small elderly lady walked up to her. Placing her cold hands on Kana's cheeks. "... Such a beautiful young lady... why would you run around with Yakuza Scum.." Keyth's heart sunk.. looking down at his own tattoo in shame he went silent for a moment. "... Lord Kaguya, is up that mountain." She said pulling from Kana's face and pointing out towards the highest mountain further out. " He is there... dont bother taking your car there... the emp waves he set up there, wont allow such technology, you'll fall from the sky, and die." The elderly lady finally turned to the both of them. " You'll have to go on foot." Keyth tilted his head up. Looking at his watch on his wrist. "..35 hours.." he said looking up at the mountain. " It's a 10 hour trip on foot... so you must make haste then, if your limited on time." The elderly lady said. Finally entering the hut.

Akali: + Kana smiled. She liked the way he laughed and she took his hand, stepping out of the hover and landing right besides him. She smiled towards the villagers and some smiled back... others returned a scowl or disgust while the rest still looked scared. She turned and looked at Keyth, and then wondered who he was talking about... Zetsui? She noticed a little boy in the crowd with a gaming system in his hands. And then he said something about an 8 armed demon? She watched as the little boy was led away by his mother and then an Elder coming out soon after. She gazed at the old woman and smiled. She looks like Granny Awa... The thought of her grandmother brought a smile to her face. She didn't pay much attention to Keyth's outburst when the woman took her face into her hands. The cold feeling sent shivers down her spine and her next words shocked her. 'Yakuza scum...?' She glanced at Keyth and lowered her eyes, pulling away as the old woman released the hold from her cheeks. She watched as she waved her hand towards the mountains. 'The view's so pretty...' She turned back to Keyth, linking her arm around his but still keeping enough distance to keep them both from feeling awkward. As they started off from the village, she held her gaze ahead of her and spoke softly, but it was still loud enough for him to hear. "Don't listen to anyone Keyth... You're not scum. If you were, you would've let me die a long time ago when we were in that town. I know you're not a bad guy." She turned her head slightly, stopping in her tracks and leaned up, letting ehr lips brush against his cheek. "C'mon. Let's go save your family, hm?"

DeliriousAres: (( nodded his head, taking heed to her words of encouragement. " Right.." He said looking up at the mountain with a serious expression on his face. The wind was blowing rapidly, up the path way to the mountain leaves continued to flutter to the ground around the both of them, creating small leave tornados that blew by there feet. Keyths eyes scanned the air, and something was off. The scent, the way the animals skittered across the woods. Something.. didnt seem right. After two hours of walking, Keyth would have turned it into a work out excercise. And... the fact he didnt want to leave Kana behind. He put the girl on his back, using his chi to enhance his speed as he ran at 70mph through the woods. Meaning they'd make it to the top of the mountain alot faster than the elderly lady had said they would. Within 2 hours Keyth had made it to the foot of the mountain. A Large trail was easily seen ahead of them, but... something still didnt sit right with Keyth. The wind continued to blow... but this time a hot air. He caught a scent that wisked through his nostrials causing his head to jerk to the right like a beast. Keyth took a step back. And turned his head to the scent, only to hear something skitter off quickly through the forrest. His eyes darting left to right trying to find the culprit. Keyth looked above his head, watching as the leaves down from above his head, and thats when it hit him. " ZETSUI!" (( Keyth pushed back off the ground, and the same spot he had just leaped from was then litterd with blade slashes out of nowhere. That standing area was soon tarnaished as 1000's of slashes ripped that area away in the wind vortex like a tornado. Keyth landed with Kana on his back on a tree limb. Only to do a cart-wheeling flip to the right leaping onto another limb, a 100 more slahes out the middle of nowhere hit that same tree knocking it down. " Shit.." Keyth said under his breathe... his legs trembling. " WHERE ARE YOU HUH!?" He leaped high into the air using his chi so that they were above the tree's. " Above you..." He heard the dark toned voice as Zetsui hovered above Keyth Body with all 8 of his blades on his person. He began to spin at a rapid succession towards Kana and Keyth. " Shit!" He twisted his body and he'd pull Kana's body infront of him so he'd boot her into the tree's forcing her body to wrap around a tree limb in a painful manner. Only for Zetsui to meet up with Keyths back in mid-air slashing away at him in rapid succession. " AGGGGGGH!!" Keyth said as the slashes continued, it seemed endless. Keyths body hit the ground bleeding at an increasing rate. Zetsui appeared Keyths body on a tree limb, now only using one blade. " Get up.." Zetsui said pointing down at him. "... Aghhhhhh!!!!" Keyth said summoning Yamisuki in his right hand, his fist clenching tightly to his weapon as he slowly made his way back onto his feet... a bloody mess. " Hahah.. look at you, your pathetic.." Zetsui's body teleported infront of Keyth, all of a sudden using 6 blades at once. He began the harsh tornado techinque again. Forcing Keyth to clash with the blades that he could only to get slashed with the ones he couldnt counter. SHING! 3 blades had been impaled into Keyths stomach forcing him to cough blood as he fell back. Landing into a tree. Blood leaking from his lips. " ...Ughn.." Keyth slowly but surely pulled himself back up to his feet. "...Your so weak... And pathetic. Look at you, you dont deserve to be an Onihoruda. You weak shit..." Keyth's hands gripped around his blade as he continued to shake in utter fear, his mouth dripping the red substance over and over. Along with various other places on his body... almost to weak to stand.

Akali: + She stayed quiet part of the way, her eyes scanning around the area. She could feel Keyth tense up, but she didn't say anything. maybe it'd freak him out... As she was lifted onto his back, she held on a bit loosely but her grip was strong. The journey was shorter since Keyth had done something to make him run faster. She still hasn't gotten the concept. As they reached the foot of the mountain she felt a brush of cold and hot air brush up against her neck. Her gripped tightened around him. "K-keyth.. Something's not right around here. We're being.. watched." She yelped as Keyth leapt back. She opened her eyes widely, seeing the mess upon the forest floor. She clung onto his back tightly as he moved through the trees and then up into the air. Kana was on the verge of tears when Keyth pulled her off his back and kicked her into the trees, her body making a forceful impact on one of the trunks, causing it to crack and break in half. She lay on the ground groaning in pain when she looked up and saw the blood rain down. "KEYTH!" She screamed and tried to get up, but her leg was underneath the tree. It wasn't pressed down by it, but something was holding onto her leg. She turned back to watch Zetsui attack Keyth again and again. She dug her fingers into ground and groaned, pulling her leg out from under the tree with all of her might. It wasn't broken but it was bleeding. Not to bad. The sound of a body falling against the tree caught her attention and she saw the blades impaled into Keyo's gut. She felt the bile rise up to her mouth but she swallowed it back down. 'He wasn't going to die... I'm not going to let him die when I was here to help him.' Kana got up to her feet and dropped the backpack she carried, unzipping it and pulling out a pair of kamas from inside. She leaped into the air and came sailing down swinging the kama in her right hand down right above Zetsui's head when 2 of his blades clashed with hers. She twisted her kama and trapped the two blades in her hold and placed her feet on the trunk of the tree, her body bent slightly as she balanced herself using the hold of his blades with her kama. She struggled to keep her pressure on par with Zetsui's, holding the other Kama in her free hand. She growled softly and the surface on the tree beneath her feet cracked. "H-Hurry up, Keyth and pull away..." She struggled as Zetsui pushed back, all the while having no change in expression. "Who's this You're little girlfriend? Sad to see that she's the one protecting you." Zetsui chuckled and Kana groaned, the grip on the Kama lessening by the second. +

DeliriousAres: (( Keyth lay on the ground blood leaking from his lips as he watched them go at it in the clash. He shook his head and charged. " AAAAGHHHH" The Moment Keyth swung with Yamisuki at his back, Zetsui Had Vanished, Keyths blade stopping right at Kana's face. " Shit!" He said barely stopping himself. Only to hear Zetsui laughing in the back ground. Keyth's ears twitched and dove forward, attempting to push Kana back with a tackle, forcing them both to dodge the massive array of CHi slashes that began to rain down from the sky. Each slash of chi errupting with an explosion everytime they made contact with something. Keyth would have pulled Kana up before he slummped onto a tree. "...That bastard.." He had been panting heavily listening out for Zetsui throughout the ordeal. "...He's been toying with us this while fucking ti-time.." He said breathing slowly. "... HAHAHAAHAHAHAAH!" At that very moment... every tree in a 6 mile radisu would be sliced in half. Keyth and Kana's bodies would be forced back by 10 feet as the tree trunks all went airborune. Then VWOOOOOSH! All of the tree's in the area would explode into millions, trillions of sharp splineters. Kana more than likely couldnt see it... But Keyth saw it all. Zetsui's chi enhancement was so powerful he had been able to move at such an intense speed, and slash so fast that he could oblitherate things with ease. The Splinters were soon being guided into the air all of them coming into one source. Zetsui. He stood in the middle of now the opend filed, spinning all 8 of his blades at such a velocity that it created a vortex, a tornado of sorts of the thick splinter shards around his body. He spun his body twice, no three times before he guided the tornado towards Kana and Keyth both. Keyth gasped in otter shock as he watched it travel, the speed was intense... ripping up everything in it's path. Keyth threw himself over Kana's body, in attempts to shield her from the attack. In a since of almost accepting of his fate, untill.. A large gust of flame engulfed the tornado completely. Incase it in flame so that it was burned into nothing before it exploded. Keyth shot his head to the right. Seeing Lord Kaguya hovering over the two as they lay in the grass. Zetsui smirked. " Thought you said you werent gonna get involved old man.." Kaguya sheathed his blade and stood to his full height. " And i thought you extended his days to 30.." Zetsui began to laugh. " I was just having fun..." He said turning his back on the two laughing to himself before his body dispersed into a black wisp. "...." Keyth shook in fear, blood leaking from his lips. 'Why... why is he so strong..' Keyth said closing his eyes. His fingers digging deep into the grass before he surcombed to his wounds, passing out. Lord Kagyua squated down, picking Keyth up on his right shoulder. 10 Soliders ran down the hell, all of them wearing white armoured battle suits ran down to assist Kana. Bowing down, it was up to her which ones back she'd ride on. "...Come young lady." Lord Kaguya said to her in retro-spect that she had gotten on one of the soliders backs, slowly making his way up the mountain now.

Akali: + Kana sucked in her breath as the tip of the blade was less tahn a centimeter away from her nose. She fell back and grunted, feeling Keyth's blood starting to soak her clothes too. She felt the vibrations of the explosions underneath her and she scooted in closer to him, putting pressure on his wounds when they both flew back and she rolled on the ground, crying out as she crashed through a tree and finally came to a stop. She looked up and saw nothing but pieces of wood flying around like a tornado, but they were all encircling one place... She watched Zetsui spina round, barely seeing anything in the mess when Keyth suddenly covered her. She attempted to push him off to the side when she felt the burning feeling and the smell of flames in the air. She looked up, seeing someone else standing there. Her body ached and her right leg was in unbearable pain. She couldn't hear much, her ears ringing as she felt Keyth's body go limp on her, and then she felt him being lifted off. She looked up at the old man, a bit dazed from the earlier attack. ' "Fun" my ass.. ' She stood up and saw the soldiers rushing towards her, climbing onto the tallest one's backside as they bowed down. Her eyes were heavy, but she stayed awake until they reached the mountain top. "Please be okay, Keyth.."

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