Cherryexplosive: -A pale figure walked alone along the side walks of District 1, keeping to the right, furthest from the road. The figure was that of a girl, petit in frame and dressed in an all white simple dress which complimented her snow colored hair. Her arms were kept close to her sides and she made small strides that would make her seem as though she had been raised in imperial china or that her feet were bound. As she made her way down the side walk her eyes, glassy and white, made their way around the buildings with speed, her lids fluttering with the sudden movements. She came upon a small and occupied bench that held person of the female persuasion whom in this weather had chosen to sit outside and play a musical instrument as though she was without nerve endings and did not recognize the cold. Not being one to become side tracked, Catherine would stop then turn to the street and looking both ways she would begin to cross and make her way once more down the long side walks of District 1 which she was not to all to familiar with in the first place.-
Guest_Vincent902: The boy made it to his home with his all his new belongings and sent them to the master bedroom the boy went back to the study tired but still worked on the computer. Seeing some books he decided to read some manga. After five minutes he was bored and began to write up reports that he thought were nessicary. "God after a while this gets tiring". The boy said now placing his head back down to rest to more music that which started to play again ( ).

Impresssed: Dylan continued playing as she noticed a male in a car, tinted windows stop by her. She was somewhat nervous that it was someone going to tell her to leave or stop, she stopped playing and looked up from her guitar. She was just about to explain herself as he walked out of the car and placed 1,000 dollars onto her lap. She gasped staring down at her lap in astonishment. “I.. I can’t..—“ She stuttered a bit as she picked up the money, looking up at him she smiled really big. “T-Thank you so much!” She kept her eyes staring down on the money and rolled it up placing it in her pocket. She kept a big stupid smile on her face as she placed her hands on the guitar again. She didn’t think the day would come, a person actually appreciating music maybe? Or did he just feel bad? She hummed to herself as she continue to play. Just as she looked up from playing her song she noticed a pale while girl walk by, looking somewhat lost. Dylan stood up from her bench and spun her guitar behind her back once again. She walked up to the girl and smiled softly she spoke. “Hello, are you lost? You seem like.. you are confused dear?” She asked walking beside her cheerfully and full of happiness. The snow always brought up her mood and especially since she just played her guitar. “You new around here?” She asked politely.

HollowJak: -Jason hummed to himself as he drove along the streets of district 1 on his motorcycle having just left his warehouse on his back was his usual guitar case with a railgun, a battery with two shots and two titanium slugs. on the back of his black motorcycle was strapped a small duffel bag which had three hundred thousand dollars in cash in it- im going to go get some cup of soups, vienna sausages, and bread. oh cant forget the roast -he hit a button on the side of his helmet activating the zoom feature but frowning as it wouldnt activate- damnable thing needs to be charged again -he shrugs and keeps going down the street wondering where he would dcide to go and get his groceries frankly he could have just had them delivered to the warehouse- ah well take a joy ride get some groceries later -he smiles and turns taking a right and heading down the road gunning the engine- wooooo!

Guest_Vincent902: The boy sighed out of boredom. He wanted to see that female again to here more of her gutair being played. Not knowing she would be there or not. The boy put his ankle boot cut heels and felt that the bun in his hair was comming loos. Tightinging it back up bangs hid his left eye. He called forth a guard and only one for this. He got back into the mercades with some more money and wanted to see if he could be friends with her. Seeing as much as friends are a great thing in life which he had very little of. Only 10 minutes away from the last place he saw her he started to wonder how to make a friend. As he was never given that trait before. All he remembers was being trained in assassinations and running a bussiness. He sighed thinking how hard it would be but still wanted to try. They were now five minutes form the last place she was. "Are we almost there, Walter?". The boy asked his driver. "Almost Mr. Tsukuyomi". The boy sighed waiting to hear the music she played.

Cherryexplosive: -Catherine would keep her head forward as she walked with the musical girl now an ubundance of smiles and cheer following her and coming up beside her. Her eyes would move to the left and scan her up as she was now curious. Within the Hour of being here in this place she hadn't seem anyone this cheerful and so she opened her mouth but only for a slight second to end up closing it again. Arms, rising, bending at the elbows and bringing her hands to her chest as they walked, Catherine Finally spoke.- "This is District one?" -Her speed slowed down and she came to a stop, the head of this doll like being now turning from left to right and scaning the area all the way from the dust in the road to the sky above. Catherine began to look down at her feet and around her own body, noticing her clothes and now noticing the other girl's, only bringing her to the conclusion that this place could only get more curious-

HollowJak: -He continued upon his way his eyes darting around as he saw a woman walking along the sidewalk slowing down from what he could see she was only wearing a plain white dress in the middle of all the snow turning he pulled up next to her and drove very slowly next to her- hey there are you okay? its uh kinda cold just to be wearing that -he looks around- this uh isnt the safest place in the world to be walking -he looks to the odd woman playing music and frowned- even if your friend is here with you if you turn around and head towards district 2 i mean you shoule be fine -he took off his helmet not feeling like he needed it at this slow speed.- so uh do you need some sort of help? do you have family around here? -he looked aroud again holding the bike steady with one hand as he reached into his suit jacket gripping his revolver he really didnt like the idea of just leaving the women to wander around- arent you feeling cold? -he realised he was talking fast and alot but he was nervous he was worried that this was some form of trap but he couldnt risk it not being and just leaving the girl out in the cold-

Impresssed: Dylan hurried along next to her keeping up a casual smile. She noticed the girl looked very different than her. She looked almost perfect. Dylan stopped as she did and tilted her head a bit. “Why yes, it is. Isn’t it pretty this time of year?” She asked looking around at the bright lights and decorations covering the streets. She eyed the girl and placed a hand on her own hip. She couldn’t help but notice how she had not one flaw on her. “I must say, you are so very beautiful miss.” Dylan was a very blunt person yet she always knew how to stay casual about it, it almost came naturally to her, especially with her confidence. She smiled flashing her pearly white smile at the small pale doll. “What is your name? If you don’t mind me asking.” She looked over to her with her pale green eyes, pushing aside her bangs a bit. “I’m Dylan by the way.” She said as she glanced over at her clothes. She was very different indeed, but those were always the most best people, she was almost dying of curiosity. What is this girl?

Guest_Vincent902: Five minutes pass and the driver spots the girl. Stopping the car knowing the boy would want that. The boy spotted the girl and got out of the car. A black ancle cut boot touched the ground along with heel. Attached to it were black slacks. What looked to be a female getting out of the care. The boy closed the door walking over to the female that played the gutair, seeing her, walking to her his heels made a click sound on the asphalt of the street. He saw another female and smiled. He got up closer and waved* "Um.... Hi again. I was the person that gave you the money" *The boy said with a light smile as he felt shy talking with other people other then co-workers or other ceos. He looked at both females and then said hello to the other girl.

Cherryexplosive: -She would stop scanning for a moment and turn to the girl. Reaching her hand out, she suddenly stopped herself and brought it back the leaning the upper half of her body into a small bow in appreciation at her kind words. As she rose back up she spoke- " It is "Pretty" this time of year. You are "Pretty" this time of year." -She then turned for a moment and then turned back to the girl- "My name is Catherine" -She said in a monotoned voice and then continued to walk but before she could continue her survey of the area a man on vehicle she'd not yet seen before, slowed down next to them and began asking her questions in a rushed pace. She looked him up and down and tried to gather all he had been asking  but within mere minutes a boy arrived on the scene and began speaking to the girl she now considered her walking companion. Catherine was in a strange new place and found herself in the midst of what she assumed to be a mugging.-

Impresssed: Dylan glanced over as she saw the boy from before. Her eyes widened as she smiled even bigger. “Oh hello again! I didn’t get to formally thank you! So um, thank you so much I appreciate your kindness.” She nodded smiling to him, as she saw the girl walking away she smiled to him. “Would you care to join us in our walk and talk?” She carried on her smile as she started to walk up to Catherine. “Well it’s very nice to meet you, do you have any nicknames? Like Cat? Oooh! I like that, its cute. Cat!” She giggled happily and carried on looking to the boy. “So what’s your name?” She asked looking up at him. She paused as she saw a man speaking very fast. “Woah woah.. slow your roll..” She mumbled a bit shocked from his random presence.

Guest_Vincent902: "Well my names, Kakubo. I was going to head to a resturant. Um I wanted to know if you like to come. You can bring your friend too" *The boy said as he stood there looking at them both wondering if they would accept the offer as to hope for a friendship.

HollowJak: -He frowns as he sees the boy pull ip in the black van god what the hell was even going on right now giving a shrug he shuts off the engine on his motorcycle and looking at the boy- oi who are you? are you trying to do something uncouth to these poor girls -his hand would still be in his jacket gripping his revolver frankly he didnt trust many that would just drive up like that with no explanation he looked bak at the woman in the dress- hey do you know this guy? -he jerked his head in the guys direction- and do you need something to help you warm up? i can give you my suit jackeet its not like i much need it and im heading home soon anyways so if you want it you could have it -as he looked at her he eyed the van out of the corner of his eye no idea what could be in there but he knew he could take care of whatever it was if he needed to. he was preapred to draw quickly and fire anyways and at this range he wouldnt miss-

Cherryexplosive: -She would look back and forth between the three and take a few steps back with the man on the bike staring her down, the boy asking if they'd like dinner and her the musical girl floored by something, Catherine, assumed he did for her earlier. Her head went down and a slight ringing could be heard. Soon after her head rose and a faint smile crossed her lips.- " It is a very fine jacket but fear not. I will be fine without it. It is fairly cold and you should be concerned for yourself, driving without it." -She would bow to him lightly, her snow colored hair falling forward with her and raising as she rose back up. She then turned her attention to the boy that was conversing with her walking companion for it was his turn to be scanned. -

Impresssed: She shrugged with a small smile. “Sounds like it would be fun but I’m afraid I have to go home, they’re going to be worried looking for me. If you guys would like I could share my phone number so we can stay in contact!” She smiled as she reached behind her to pull out her phone. “If not then I hope we meet again, you guys seem so much fun and so kind.” She smiled glancing at the man worrying about her. “Now, I don’t think he is any danger, don’t you worry I would know I’ve been here for a while now, I’ll know when somethings up. I may be a girl but I’m tough.” She sighed softly holding out her phone. “Now put in your numbers! I need to hurry home.” She smiled pleasantly as she held out her phone.

Guest_Vincent902: The boy took her phone gently and added his contact info and smiled* "Alright, I'll call you sometime". The boy said with a happy expression on his face. He looked at the male that seemed nice but was pushy. But he was only being protective which was a great trait in some men that you do not see much of. He opened the side door to the back of his mercades benz. Closed the door and soon the car drove in the direction of town as he needed time from the home and maybe a companion. Looking at walter he smiled, "Take me to your favorite resturant. Ill buy". The driver was amazed and nodded as they started to head in the direction of town seeing that he made a new friend made him happy.

Cherryexplosive: -She would look to her companion and then place her hands together in front of her, clasping them shut together. She watched the two conversed and left the conversation alone as she did not own a personal phone for txting and the like. Her attention turned and continued to watch the man on the bike as she kept her posture.-

Impresssed: "Goodbye everyone!" She waved off placing her phone in her back pocket. "And don't worry Cat we will keep in touch! I know this place like the back of my hand!" She kept walking and turned a corner to walk back home .
HollowJak: -He frowned as he looked as the boy drove off and looked back at the two women standing still in the sidewalk after a moment he puulled his suit jacket off taking out the grenades and spare ammo from the pockets and setting it the thing into the duffle bag on the back of his motrcycle before getting off his bike and holding his suit jacket out to the woman in the dress his revolver visible in its underarm holster- here take this i dont want you to go and freeze to death on me
Cherryexplosive: -Catherine watched as everyone dispersed and she was left with the man before her, placing all of his amo within a dufflebag. She would look up at the man as he stepped off his motorcycle and held his jacket out to her. She placed her hands onto the jacket and clutched it as she eyed his occupied holster beneath his arm. Catherine then put his jacket on and felt a bit of warmth come over her body.- "Thank you so very much. You are a kind man" -She said as let a slight smile come across her face again.-

Guest_Vincent902: The boy went to a resturant that was esquisite. He did not care about names the boy did but with this one most people there looked at him as he was occompanied by a guard. Most thought it was a date for both of them as they thought man an woman. The boy held the males hand to make it look like that the waiter said nothing as he knew who was that boy and had a table and seat readied in seconds the male ordered them both pork miso and a round of sake knowing his boss both liked pork miso and sake. There bowels arived and so did the warm sake, The boy drank and ate the food which tasted good the male 20 in age drank one or 2 glasses and ate his food. Minutes later the boy was giggling and drunk and the male was smiling. He never had seen this side of his boss which made him feel a bit happy himself. "Boss" Interupted by the boy "No, no Kakubo" *The boy said in a drunk tone as he drank from the bottle of sake itself. "Kakubo" the male looked at him "Maybe we should go back to the house for you to rest this off" *The boy got up and nodded and put the amout of money on the table. The boy was picked up bridal style by his driver/body guard and taken to the car only to lay him in the back seat. He soon got into the driver seat and they drove off to the direction of the Tsukuyomi home.

HollowJak: -he smiled at her and pointed to his motorcycle- now im not leaving you out here so i'll take you to a hotel and take care of the bill for you so hop on the bike -he walks over to the bike and sits down on it starting the engine and kicking up the stand looking over at her and smiling- well come on now i'll take you where you want to go and get you set up we cant have you out here all alone this place is dangerous for a lone woman oh yes -he pulls his revolver out of the holster and holds onto the barrel holding it handle out towards her- take this its loaded all you have to do is pull back the hammer and pull the trigger i wouldnt have you coming with me without some sort of security if you start to feel uncomfortable just do as i said and pull back the hammer and pull the trigger with it pointing at me though wait till i stop driving or we may just crash. do you understand what im saying?

Cherryexplosive: -She would open her eyes, slightly, wider and follow him closer to the bike. As the gentleman handed her the gun as well, Catherine, held it gently in her hands.- " You need not pay for a hotel for me, Sir. If you wish to bring me to one however, I, would be most happy with this. I Have completed my survey of the area." -She smiled and bowed, lightly to him still holding the gun downward at the ground. Soon she was standing next to the back of the bike itself and she said in a hushed voice.-" You are a man of honor. "

Guest_Vincent902: Reaching the Tsukuyomi home The driver parked the car and carried in the boy bridal style once again. He brought the boy to his master bedroom and laid him onto his bed. The boy was sleeping and not once in the entier day did the nanites activate which in the boys head made him even more happy. The boy with hazy eyes woke up slightly. He grabbed the males hand and held it "D-Dont go". The boy said as he laid there and the male nodded "I will not leave your side, Kakubo". The boy fell asleep soon after that but the male did not leave he saw a chair by the bed and sat there soon closing his own eyes as he was tired.

HollowJak: -he raised a brow at her- a man of honor? i do nbot believe myself to be more honorable than any other man -he gives a shrug- get on the back of the bike and i'll take you to a hotel and i insist upon paying for it for you -he takes the helmet from the handle bars and holds it to her- here put this on it will stop you from getting hit in the head with any bugs so just put it on alright -he stands and puts it over her head before sitting back down on the bike the motor still on looking around he saw that there was still no one really nearbyfrowning he turned and gave her a soft smile-

Cherryexplosive: -She stood still and looked up at him and saw the interior for the mouth guard of the helmet come over her eyes and then down. It fit comfortably for something she'd never worn befor and as he sat down onto his bike, she, followed suit. Though instead of placing her leg over the side of it she sat side saddle, both of her legs facing the direction she had come from. She placed her petit, pale arms around his waist to keep her balance and gripped his shirt with her hands,gingerly. Looking around through the visor of the helmet she became a bit excited at this brand new experiance. Again, this place known as District one continued to amaze her with its wonder and curious people.-

Guest_Vincent902: The boy tossed and turned in his sleep, 20 minutes flew and the boy woke up. Hangover never comming from the amount he drank, gifted by it. Getting out of bed he saw Walter sitting in a chair asleep. He smiled and kissed his cheek for the nice time. He looked around the room and then went out. He was in the hallway, soon he went to the front door. It was quiet no guards no sound just silence, He sat out on the front porch of his manor and gazed apon the stary sky in the time of decemeber. It soon started to snow, the boy fasinated he just watched as it slowly came down wondering if it was snowing over the rest of district one and two.

HollowJak: -He smiled and slowly pulled away from the curve before gunning the engine the motorcycle flying down the street his eyes moving back and forth as he searches his mind for a hotel after a moment he thought of one and drove to a hotel a couple blocks down from his warehouse it was the only one he knew in the area it was actually a rather nice hotel with clean sheets and a good free morning breakfast as well as a tv pulling up next to the front office stopping the bike he smiled his medium lenght black hair mess from the wind getting off the motorcycle- give me a moment you stay here okay -he takes off the bag on the end of the bike and reaches in pulling out a bundle of money counting out a hundred thousand dollars he put ninety thousand of the dollars into her hand before walking into the office and talking to the man coming out a minute later with a room key- room 15 b will be what your room number is now no fighting with me on this you keep that money for food and transport and -he takes a second phone from his other pocket and puts it in her hand along with the money afte rputting his number into the contacts- call me if you need me alright?

Cherryexplosive: -She held tightly as they made their way to their destination. After arriving, the kind man had placed money in her hands and her mouth opened slightly in awe. With him informing her that she should stay put, she waited a while as he went inside of the establishment only to return to her with a room key and another new gift((a phone)). - "I do not know how to thank you or show you my appreciation. You have been more than generous..I shall keep this phone close to me." -She said as she bowed deeply infront of him. Catherine placed everything on the back of his motorcycle and reached up, grabbing the helmet off of her own head then handing it to him gingerly. With that she would take her gifts in hand and smile to him, her eyes now scanning him but this time to lock in the information she had gathered.-

HollowJak: -He gave her a soft smile and took the helmt placing it on the bikes seat- alright now lets get you to your room you dont look like you have much but the rooms are heated and you can keep the suit jacket for if you absolutely need to go out. now dont talk to anyone you dont know and above all else dont go out alone at night and as with the suit jacket if you really must go out call me see that warehouse? -he points down the street the warehouse being a few blocks away- thats where i live so just call and come by if you need to know anything -he proceeded to lead her to her room and made sure that she was situated before wlaking back o his bike and hopping onto it turning the key and gunning it out of the parking lot back to his warehouse-

Guest_Vincent902: The boy got nipped by the cold air. He got back up and looked around in the dark stary sky once again. He hummed a tune, going in he went back to his room and then went to bed only this time he pulled walter in bed with him to cuddle with as it felt better. The male woke and then cuddled with the boy as he felt happy for the moment thinking the boy might have been still drunk thinking he would forget everything the next morning.

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