Ayperos Akiyama Jason Caldwell 


xXAyperosXx: Ayperos was haveing one of his many boring days though he was in the underground weapons lab of Akiyama industries.. He is trying to make a new weapon being able to shot a form of lazer, but after each try the beam seems to melt down the barrel of the weapon. Ayperos sighs a bit and rubs his temples, but then he felt a tap on his should. "Mister Akiyama? I think you sould see this. I was able to find the name of the man that blew of a few city blocks not far from here. It seems his name is Jason, but we don't know his last name. He has also been openly selling weapons to some people, though we don't know who." Ayperos looks at her and then the peice of paper that she handed him. "So he lives in a werehouse in D2. And the place its at. Hmm.. I'll go take a look.' He takes the paper and gets into the elevater and out the door to his car, not waisting time He takes off heading to D2. It doesn't take him long seeing not many people have the kind of car he does. As he goes down the steet he slows down looking for the werehouse and not long befor he spots it and pulls up to the front of the building. He gets out and looks around before he puts on his usual weapons and locks his door. He then goes around to the front of his car and sort of leans on the hood crossing his arms. The noise of his car most likly would have got the attintion of anyone inside, if any. So he waits for anyone to come out, seeing he had plenty of time and was indeed a patient man.

HollowJak: -Jason yawned and sat up straight in his chair as he heard the sound of an engine idling outside giving it a minute he stood and sighed setting down his unfinished cup of soup onto the desk and changing from his free time clothes of sarm ups into his usual suit humming slightly either someone was trying to get his attention or some punk kid had gotten stuck in the snow either way he would have to go out and take care of it sliding his revolver into his under am holster just above the sheathed combat knife he had thinking for a moment he made his way to the corner of the room grabbing his guitar case which held the railgun its battery with two shots worth of charge and two titanium slugs. he wasnt sure he would really need it but it would be nice as a safety measure incase there was a heavy hitter outside. standing straight he slung the guitar case to his back and walked from his back office and through the warehouse he wondered vaguely if he should grab something a bit harder hitting than his colt single action army .45 but decided against it nothing he could grab would be small enough and pack enough punch to be of any use if the person was just right there though he made a mental note to himself to get some crates of shotguns to sell realising that he didnt really have any in the warehouse except for the couple down below at the shooting range and those were still a work in progress for him to get working reaching the door he used his key to unlock the padlock and open the door stepping out to see the man leaning on the car now that was odd normally the only people coming in this weather were gang members looking to arm up quickly as they were being chased by others- well tis is a nice change of pace someone coming to the warehouse who looks like they have bathed within the last week. -he holds his hand out to the man and smiles the other hand gripping the strap on the guitar case gingerly- nice to meet you im Jason and since your here i assume your looking to get yourself some firepower 

xXAyperosXx: Ayperos looks at the man as he walks out he seemed pretty normal to him, but like everyone else in this city most likly had more to him than meets the eye. He chuckles a bit as Jason made a comment about being the first one that has bathed in the past week. He nods at him and takes his hand into a shake. "The name Ayperos. And i have indeed heard of your specialty with firepower. Though i had a bit of a different offer for you." He lets go of his hand and stands straight up. "You seem like a person that can trancport weapons easaly. And in my line of work, people such as yourself are hard to find." he smiles a bit. "There will also be something in it for you, if you will accept my offer. And maybe go one about some of the stuff you have that i may not have." Ayperos looks at him to see what he has to say. looking at his figure and the weapons that he has on him in plane sight he was not one to fuck with, though he wasn't one to pick a fight. 

HollowJak: \-Jason would give a slight nod as he gave the man a look over he seemed rather relaxed which put Jason a bit ill at ease but he pushed the feeling down and made a nod- transport and sale is what i can do best if thats what you need -thinking for a moment he slowly raised his hand to scratch his chin- and as for some things that you may not have well if you can give a better explanation of what you need and give a sweet enough deal i may well just have a few things that youd be interested in but there are a few stipulations as to their sale but if you are willing to look past those then we may be able to come to some form of deal turning he started walking back inside- come along now no pint standing in the cold if we dont have to -if he would follow he would see the crates lined along the warehosue frlower and on the shelves small space heaters set at equal intervals along the isles all going strongl so as to stop the cold from affexting the weapons he had here- 

xXAyperosXx: Ayperos nods and walks with him into the building and looks around. "Not a bad setup." He keeps looking around and stops waitin for him to close the door and whatnot before he speaks more and as he would do so Ayperos would continue. "Well, As I was saying i think we could make  pretty sweet deal as you call it.." ayperos looks at him. "I can offer you a job, we can come to a deal with payment, but I think a partnership between us willl benifit us both. But untill we come to an agreement i'm sorry to say i cant tell you much more about what I do. But i think the miney you will be make could be more than enough to catch your eye." 

HollowJak: -Jason raised a brow but nodded after waiting for the man to finish talking the guy knew what he was doing- well now you certainly are a frugal business man -he walks off twards the back of the warehouse where his office and motorcycle were thinking as he went. stopping in front of his ffice he tunred and smiled- well then lets head into my office and let me hear your offer and if i find it satisfactory then wwe will continue to talk about other ways we can work together -he walks into his office and sits down poining at a chair in front of the deskas he puts his elbows on the desk and leans back a little- so let us hear your proposition 

xXAyperosXx: Ayperos walks with him into his office and looks around once more. And then takes a seat. ((if another chair)) And waits for him to sit down as well. 'So payment wise. Just working for me you will be getting 1k. " He uses for a moment. 'But before you say anything this is just for comeing to work. The real money Come from what you are able to sell, this can range from how much prifit my industry can get from that said sell... Also." He looks around. "I can provide you with a better place to live, payed for. " He looks at the unfinished bowl of soup. 'And something else to put in you stomach besides soup.' He rests his chin on his hand as he props his elbow on the arm of the chair. ((again if there was a chair)) ayperos waits for Jason to say anything if he agrees or has any more questions and whatnot. 

HollowJak: -Jason sits back thinking for a moment 1k wasnt much hell he had over a hundred mil in the secret cache but he thought better of it that money was a stagnant amount it would deplete so having a steady source of income would be nice not to mention an apartment it wasnt that he didnt like his cot but it wasnt exactly a place to bring women back to oh hey wanna come to my place? sure. oh yeah i forgot to say that my place is the back of a weapons filled warehouse with only a small cot. nodding finally he grins at ayperos- you good sir have yourself a deal i can only assume that you want me to sell one of two things for you either drugs which i am completely opposed to or more likely weapons as that is what i have experience selling -he took the pack of ciggaretes from his breast pocket as well as a lighter and put one in his lipsbefore holding the pack out to him- wanna smoke? -whether he would take one or not jason would then proceed to light his ciggarete- also dont dis on coup of soups their pretty good and come in beef, chicken, shrimp though i must admit i could do with having a bit more solid foods in my day than instant ramen, vienna sausages and bread 

xXAyperosXx: Ayperos nods as jason agrees to work for him. And smirks a bit as he offers him a smoke. And puts his hand up and shakes his head. "I quit.. But we could work out a deal. Show me what you got if ya don't mind.. And once you come in for work. My assistan will escort you to me. Just come to Akiyama Industries in D2. i'll give you the address once we finish up here. " ayperos stands up and waits for Jason to show him around. 

HollowJak: -Jason smiles and stand waling to the door and going out- well here we have your basic firearms -he pins from where hes standing to the crates lining the center of the warehouse a single gun on each one as a display model to show which guns are in which crate- now we also have a few bigger things -he points to a series of shevles lining the left walls- including anti air launchers and javelin missile launchers as well as claymore and anti tank mines lined neatly a few crates of grenades sitting on the lowest shelf- and over there we have some miscellaneous things -he points to the shelves on the opposite side of the warehouse which held empty magazines, scopes of varying kinds, gas masks etc. (read the damn page if ya want em all XD) as well as a few crates at a large number of crates piled on the bottom shelf- thats my recently arrived shipment of thirty crates of MRES gotta keep those in stock for another business partner oh and the boxex on the end contain C4 i only have around eight hundred pounds of the stuff but hey its a start now i would request something you seem like a fair enough businessman and so long as i can have your word upon making sure what i'll show you is available publicly and of course a sweet price then i will show you to some things that i believe you will truly like -he walked towards the door leading to the basement and stood there- if you want to then walk over here and i will show you though i warn you it will be an exubriant price for you to see these. but if you wish to not well then simply say so and we can end our business here -he looks at how the man is armed and grins- but i could think of one thing in particular in my stock that you may like if you enjoy the use of blades -he stood and waited to hear the mans answer- 

xXAyperosXx: Ayperos looks around noding to all of his eqipment in stock and honestly all things considering was very nice to be in a werehouse. he looks at him as the get to a stop and he asks him about the best of his stock and haveing to pay. But, yperos had the money, but wanted to know how much. "Well, I have the money, but how much are you speaking of." The only reall reason he wanted to see was due to him mentioning blade and this was indeed ayperos intrests. "Blade eh? He unsheath the straight katana on his back and handed it out to Jason. If he too it Jason would feel how light it was and may or my not be surprised abot it. As he would hod it though Ayperos would start to tell about it. "Adamantium blade, 2 inch thick and folded at that.' He looks at him a smirks. "But that isn't all, press the button on the botom of the hilt and keep your hands away from the blade as well as keep it away from the walls or what not." If Jason took the blade and pressed the button electicity would start to come out of the blade, sound like a tazer but a bit louder. "The shock on that blade is enough to short circut a car. And i dont me regular. I mean a jet car, which is designed not to short circut from such things. But I like overkill so yeah." he would unsheath the other on, though he wasnt going deminstraight he talked about it. "This one is the same metal and basicly all the same besides it being curved. But instead of electicity, if you press the putton under the hand gaurd it shoot out these to daggers." points at them. "Both going about 800fps." He sheaths it and waits for jason to hand him the other one and sheaths it as well. "If its better than these. I think we can make a deal." 

HollowJak: -Jason would smirk as he took the blade and press the button seeing the electricity he would give it a few short swings and no listening to his explanation on the other blade- well now as for how much id say a fair deal would be 2 mil normally id charge more but i like the cut of your jibb and as for if its better well that would be up to you to decide i will say that ti is atleast as good as these two and thats my though on the matter -he would listen to the buzzing of the blade for another second finding it relaxing before shutting it off and holding the blade back to him if he took it Jason would smile and point towards the basement door- so what do you say care for a peek? -Jason pulled the door open though it stuck a little and flip a switch to turn o the lights- i can sincerely say i dont believe you will be dissapointed with what you find and if you are i guarantee 1.5 mil back to you though i will kep 500k for the trip sound fair enough to you? 

xXAyperosXx: Ayperos takes the sword and sheaths it like he had been doing it for many years. He looks at the door. "Sound like a deal to me. You will have you money once you come into work, unless you are able to take a check. i don't cary around any money.' he looks at he door then at Jason. "you have my word. Beside, you know were i work now anyway so I can't really hide from you.' 

HollowJak: -He grinned and lead him down into the basement firing range which extened back a hundred yards stell support beams set up in places to keep the ceiling from caving in- well im sure your completely trsutworthy and if you tried to screw me somehow id kill you or die trying -he kept his smile as he moved a grate and climbed down a ladder forty feet down till he reached the bottom looking up one would see a large stone corridor ten feet high and five men wide standing shoulder to shoulder. if he would follow him down jason would look over to him and say- this goes on for about forty yards stick close to me or the auto chain gun will open fire on you my id chip should mark you as a friend if you are withing five feet this is too prevent friendly fire in a hectic combat situation 

xXAyperosXx: Ayperos chucks and follows him down looking around but starts within the required distance from him, he really cant wait to see what was down here, obviously it had to be his rather private stock or he would have so manny security set ups to prevent theft, that or he really just doesn't like anyone being down here, that he can understand. Seeing the things he does to prevent the same thing. So he just walks with him and looks around. 

HollowJak: -Jason leads ayperos to the main door the chain gun remaining silent as they pass under it reaching the door he sighed heavily- my least favorite part -he put his eye up to a retinal scanner as he stuck his finger in a small whole wincing as a small needle punches into his finger drawing a drop of blood and testing it against his profile in the computer the retina scanner quickly doing its job as well pulling his head back and blinking he put his thumb to the finger print scanner which flashed green as it confirmed it was in fact his thumbprint now reaching down he moves so ayperos cant see as he very slowly pushes buttons a a keypad which read his fingerprint and pulse as he typed i nthe code after a moment the loud sound of bars moving is heard and the titanium door opens a crack at which point jason pushed it open and walk inside inside the room one could see a number of boxes marked do not touch as well as a row of exosuit standing in the back in the right back corner was a pile of duffel bag cash spilling out of one as it lay open- sorry about the mess -at the back of the room was an odd generatot like machine which appeared to be dead and many small lights from detonators rigged to blocks of c4 lining the room- heres what i wanted to show you specificcally -he walks to the back by the exosuits and pops open a long case extracting a sword shaped like his and obviously made of adimantium. he pulled a sheet of titanium a foot thick from the side of the room- this is my favorite part -he drew the sword pressing a button in the hilt the blade glowing white hot as he slashed the foot thick titanium falling into two pieces- enough bang for your buck? -he hit the button again and the blade slowly cooled down- 

xXAyperosXx: Ayperpos looks around and stops with jason and looks at the sword with awe. His exression only increased with the display of the blade. "Where did you get that? It had to have been made before the war." he keeps looking at it. It would indeed be a very nice blade to add to his own, but the price is what he was worried about. Even though he could try to make it himself, he would need to know how it works, and this would cause disassimblement of this one, that or schimatics for it. he waits to see if jason even knows what he actually has in his hads, seeing that ayperos hasnt seen any adamantium blade besides his own. This trully has caught his eye..  It looked simple to recreate, but with something like that. Being adamantium and being able to turn in such a hot temp, this is a weapon that shouldn't be released to the public. He looks at the blade then at Jason to see if he knew what he had in his possestion 

HollowJak: -Jason resheaths the blade and chuckles as he looks at Ayperos's expression- a man of taste i see getting ahold of one of these things is damn rare i stole it from the republic of new mexico during my time there in the military no idea how they got ahold of it maybe scavenged it up now i could toss any price out there to you and it would be fair but i was thinking around eighty million for this a hundred mil if you want the schematic i know i know your thinking wow what a price who does this guy thing he is? well good sir im the guy you can actually buy this from hell because of our new forged deal this baby and the schematics for 80 mil hell i'll even show you something very special just as a bonus for buying this beautiful blade here -he grinned and held the blade at his side watching the mans face to see his reaction Jason was willing to negotiate but he wanted to see if the man could handle his bargaining as well as colt could- xXAyperosXx: Ayperos looks at him, it really wasn't a bad deal, but the schematics is really all he needs and he would be able to recreate the weapon. So he thinks for a monent. "Well, i have a better option. I will give you 20 mill just for the schematics. And not only that but I can cut you a deal with my own stock as well. like you I have many many different things and from seing what you got. Not but, i can help you build more and or if you have anything that doesn't seem to work or malfuntions." He looks at at Jason to see what  he has to say. Though this really was a good deal, seeing that Jason wouldn't have to pay for the repair of any equipment and would have first dibs on some of his own equipment. 

HollowJak: -Jason would give a nod of satisfaction and reach down into the crate that the sword was held in pulling out a small pile of papers holding the papers out to him- you got a deal my friend though i still wanna show you something that i personally want you to reproduce for me -setting the papers on a crate where ayperos coule easily reach them he opens a small box and holds it up two of what looked like emp grenades sitting within it- these are a beauty they send out a sort of signal which shuts down the chi controlling center of the brain for a full four minutes now i only have the tw and the scematics are in the bottom of this small box folded up id like some sort of compensation for the schematics or grenades because i must retain my image as a businessman so just make me an offer and we'll work from theresound like a fair enough deal?-Jason would give a nod of satisfaction and reach down into the crate that the sword was held in pulling out a small pile of papers holding the papers out to him- you got a deal my friend though i still wanna show you something that i personally want you to reproduce for me -setting the papers on a crate where ayperos coule easily reach them he opens a small box and holds it up two of what looked like emp grenades sitting within it- these are a beauty they send out a sort of signal which shuts down the chi controlling center of the brain for a full four minutes now i only have the tw and the scematics are in the bottom of this small box folded up id like some sort of compensation for the schematics or grenades because i must retain my image as a businessman so just make me an offer and we'll work from theresound like a fair enough deal? 

xXAyperosXx: Ayperos takes the schimatics for the sword and walked with him and looked at the little bombs. "A chi emp. Not bad at all." He thinks for a moment and then offers him a deal. "Well, I will offer you 5mil for it." He pauses a moment. "But before you decline. I will also offer you train so that you can use that sword of yours. Because i sujest that that you don't sel that to the public, and use it. and two. I personally will teach you the art of the sword. this can come in handy as well." He looks at Jason and waits for him to reply. This indeed was a very good offer seeing that not many people would offer such thing. That and he will be mass producing this product. 

HollowJak: -Jason would smile and pull the schematics from the small box and set it down on the same crate where the other schematics were- you my friend have you a deal ive been trying to get into more close quarters combat its never been what i was good at -he smirks and slaps ayperos on the back- all i have to add is that youre big ass better help me to move my stuff oh and teach me how to tie this thing onto my belt in a suit where it doesnt look too terrible -he laughs and walks out of the room if ayperos would follow he would close and lock the door befoer leading him back to the office and saying- well lets talks about hours id like to move in before i start xXAyperosXx: Ayperos takes the second schimatics and walks with him up and out and sit back down and listends to him about hours. "The hours you work are your call. thats the beauty of it. You can have night shift, day shift, or morning shift. Or all of the above." He sits there and continues to go on about what Jason will be doing  and what not, though its not to much, he can work as much and as long as he wants. "Oh, And you cant tell anyone about this.. From one Gunrunner to another, its best if you don't." he then continues. 

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