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Preparing for War! Edit

-After the meeting that Damian and Duke had gone to at Densuke’s house, the two Super Soldiers had prepared for war. They began to prep for the worst of situations if the time ever came to pass. Damian had begun to prepare his equipment for battle as if he were a marine preparing for deployment. (YEAHHHHHHH!!!! XD) Damian strategized for situations that his father had trained him for back in Antarctica. Contrary to popular belief Damian is smarter than his father and his mother due to him collecting the best traits of both of their brain power. He soaked everything his father taught him like a sponge and because of that, he applies those lessons into the operation he is in now with finding the murderers of Tetsu Ryoji. Damian at the moment is around a table in the hotel he and duke are staying at for the time being. On the table is maps and blueprints to major areas around the city. Damian had gathered all this intel to get better situated with the areas that he could potentially be waging war in. In the doorway, Duke is doing sets of pull ups on his home Iron Man pull up bar that anyone can buy off of those tv commercials. As he lifts his 200+ pound body up and down on the bar he asks Damian-“Why are you working so hard to prepare for something that might not even come to pass? You didn’t even know the guy they killed.”-Duke is shirtless at the moment and his large black arm tattoo seems to have gotten slightly bigger up Duke’s body since he had come back from Antarctica. Damian keeps his eyes on the maps and a laptop that is on the edge of the table that he types his comments and important facts on and says in reply to Duke-“It’s not a matter of importance if I knew Tetsu Ryoji or not…It’s that a FRIEND of mine asked for my help and I won’t let him try and take on a secret organization by himself…You came along because you are the last family I have…I’ll fight to keep my brother around…”-Duke hangs on the bar now as his black welding goggles glisten off the light of the city. The room goes silent for the moment while Duke hops off the bar. He then says to Damian while running his right hand through his hair,-“You know I wouldn’t go anywhere…Not after what we went through…You’re just as much family to me as any blood relative…We ride together…we die together…Bad Blood for life hahaha.”-The two then laugh at the reference to Donnie Yun’s old ride or die military gang Unit Bad Blood. Duke walks out of the room and heads down to the warehouse that is only a block away from the hotel they are at. While he walks down the sidewalk of the city he joyfully smokes a nice cigarette and keeping his eyes open for any possible enemies in the area. After what these two have seen it is only proper for their paranoia to kick in. When Duke makes it to the warehouse he quickly enters a four digit code on the lock, thinking to himself-“6969”-and the door opens up for him. When he enters the warehouse he turns the light on and the place is filled with all kinds of vehicles ranging from sports cars to motorcycles. This is where Donnie stored his vehicle collection while he had gone off to Wakanda to make his own civilization. Duke and Damian have it handpicked to whatever car they could possibly want to use. Duke walks past all of the cars in the main room as he already has a specific car in mind to work on today. He walks into the backroom and sitting on the platform is a Mendoza HM-3 Off-road Vehicle. ( Duke walks into the room with a bright smile on his face and says to himself-“Well hello beautiful…Are we ready to get finished today?”-Duke had been working on this vehicle ever since he was told to by Damian in preparation of this upcoming war that Densuke seemed to see coming their way. In his honest opinion, Duke has his doubts towards what Densuke said about this being a tough war. Duke and Densuke have yet to see eye to eye at all really as they just don’t seem to get along. The contributing factor to it all in Duke’s eyes is that Densuke is too much of a goodie too shoes. He’s never dipped his hands in the blood to get them dirty and Duke’s hands are constantly covered in blood whether it be necessary or not. But for now because Damian sees it is a need, he is preparing for this battle as best he can. He just has to finish some last minute touches on the Mendoza and she is good to go for usage. A couple of hours go by and the two Super Soldiers wear themselves down with the work they are putting into the preparation for something that might not even come. Duke slides from under the vehicle with black stains all over his chest and gives a big sigh of relief. He stands up on his feet and says to himself-“Well Duke, you did a fantastic job on this Mendoza…What are you going to do now?”-He then jumps in the air and in a childlike voice he yells out-“I’m going to Disneyland!”-When he lands back down on the floor he laughs a bit to himself and then his laughter quickly comes to a stop as he begins to sniff the air. Something didn’t come off to him the right way and he begins to turn around to face the front of the warehouse and sees that the door is still shut behind him. Then, just as he begins to turn back around to face the Mendoza…BOOOOMMM!!!! The door he entered from explodes and takes an entire chunk of the warehouse wall with it. A fifteen foot sized hole is created from the large blast and Duke is forced to bend down under cover to avoid the metal coming down from the sky. He yells to himself-“The fuck was that!?”-And before he knew it entire squads of what looks to be soldiers or mercenaries come in with assault rifles and begin to unload at the workshop where Duke is covered.
 Back at the hotel room Damian is shaken up as he hears the nearby explosion and looks out of the window to see that the warehouse has been hit. He yells to himself-“DUKE!?”-And begins to make a run for the door. But before he can reach the door another explosion the same size as the one that hit the warehouse goes off at the hotel room door. The shockwave causes Damian’s body to lift into the air and hit the wall behind him across the entire room. Mercenaries begin to pile in through the doorway and the windows shatter as other mercenaries quickly enter through that means as well. The two Super Soldiers are now in a world of trouble!-

Ambushing the Ambushers! Edit

( Put on Repeat)

Trunks sword v 2 by rider4z-d5ealne

Damian quickly stands to his feet as one mercenary approaches him with an assault rifle in hand. Damian quickly unloads a boxing combo as he throws a strong left cross and a powerful right straight punch. The impacts of the punches easily break through the protective Kevlar that is supposed to be strong enough to protect against bullet fire. The mercenary becomes dazed from the punches and Damian uses that time to lift the barrel of the assault rifle up to hit the mercenary in the face, causing him to fall on his back. While in the air, Damian keeps his hold on the rifle and quickly gets into the combat firing position with his eye directly over the rifle scope.( He quickly puts two in the chest of the mercenary who is on the floor and the 5.56mm Full Metal Jacket round pierces through the flak jacket that the mercenary is wearing to impact his heart. Damian then aims the weapon up at the doorway where the Mercenaries were piling in and quickly opened up on the doorway as if it were the hot gates. Rounds begin to fly through the sky aiming for anything that runs into its line of fire. Damian begins to get fired upon by the mercenaries and he quickly dives to the right to get behind the wall that leads into the kitchen for cover. As his body flies through the air he continues to fire controlled shots at the mercenaries that he can see. As he hits the floor he comes to a roll and he lands perfectly with his back against the wall with the assault rifle in hand. With his bullets firing down range a mercenary who is running into the room gets hit with a round in the neck and practically flips in the air from impact. Damian quickly peaks his head out of cover and almost instantly rounds begin to make impact at the wall almost taking his head clean off. Damian then goes back into cover and says to himself-“eight of them…seems fair enough.”-Damian then switches the firing mode to the M204 Grenade launcher that is attached to the rifle and begins to control his breathing. He then comes out of cover in the combat kneeling position and without a seconds hesitation he fires the M204 and sends a live 25mm air bursting round at the doorway where the mercenaries are taking cover. The 25mm round explodes off the wall near the doorway impacting right in the center of where the mercenaries are bunkered down. Five bodies quickly fly into the air from being in the kill radius of the grenade and one body is sent flying through the window and down to the floor below. Knowing that the casualty radius is 15 meters around the impact zone, Damian quickly comes out of cover in the combat ready position and slowly makes his way to where the mercenaries are. As he walks through the room the smoke that had been created from the two explosions are now beginning to fog the room a bit. Damian is still able to see well with his high senses and he quickly reacts as one mercenary gets to his feet with a pistol aimed at him. Damian quickly fires one shot in the T-box and the round pierces into the mercenary causing blood to splatter on the wall directly behind him. Damian turns to the right and sees a mercenary with his arm blown off from the explosion and he quickly puts two in his chest to put him out of his misery. He thinks to himself-“One more…where are you…”-That is when he hears the click of a pistol being cocked directly behind his head. The mercenary says-“Game over punk…”-Damian quickly lets go of the rifle and begins to spin around. The mercenary fires a round and with Damian’s superior speed at his side, the round zips right past his head as Damian continues to spin. Damian then lifts his body into the air and hits the mercenary with a spinning roundhouse kick to the front of his face causing his Kevlar to flatten inward and the glass that covers the eyeholes breaks, piercing into his eyes. The mercenary grabs his eyes in pain while moving backwards. Damian quickly rolls forward and while he is on the floor he grabs hold of the dropped pistol and when he gets back to his feet he begins empting the clip into the chest area of the mercenary. Once Damian runs dry smoke runs off the edge of the barrel and the mercenary slowly falls to the ground lifeless. Damian drops the pistol and looks around at the bloodshed and thinks to himself-“Who sent these guys after us?...”-Then he realizes that Duke is in the same situation as he and begins to make his way down to the warehouse in a hurry.-

Riddick 3 concept art
-( ) As the rounds continue to pierce into the wall around him, Duke quickly crawls over to a drawer in the room and grabs a N.O.M.A.D. High Powered Pistol that had been designed by Yun Corp. in Donnie Yun’s hay day with a couple of extra mags to go with it. He quickly sticks the magazines in his pockets and pulls back the barrel of the weapon to make sure he has the rounds in the chamber. ( Duke then moves out to the left to appear out of cover and while aiming down his sights he fires one round out at the doorway. The round flies through the cars as it breaks the windows of the cars that it goes through and the panes of glass begin to fall to the floor as the round moves down range. Jst as it looked to not hit anything, as if it were perfectly timed, the head of a mercenary begins to rise up from behind cover and he is immediately hit with the high powered 7.57mm high powered round and it completely turns the mercenaries head into a canoe. The mercenary’s body sits still for a few seconds before slowly hitting the floor with a loud thud. Duke’s eyes under the goggles begin to turn bright red as his lust for battle began to itch at him. The bite scar that resides on the larger portion of his neck and shoulder begins to burn a bright red color as well as his tattoo expands a bit higher up his shoulder and wrapping around the bite scar evenly. Damian stands up out of the cover and like a mad man he begins to walk out into the open area of the battle zone. The rounds begin to come raining down around him and like a flash he moves his body around the area dodging the rounds coming at him. He moves with such speed that the mercenaries can’t see if he is even there anymore. They begin to shoot at afterimages rather than Duke himself. Duke continues to look like he is walking after the mercenaries run dry on their magazines and need reload. As he walks by them he doesn’t even stare at the target that is beside him. He just lifts his arm up and fires the round at where he sees the target in his peripheral vision. And to the mercenaries surprise, the rounds continue to hit in the T-box as if Duke had become a master in shooting. One mercenary can’t believe what he is seeing and yells out-“What the fuck is he!?”- Duke smiles as he moves in closer and closer to the mercenaries who are still covered behind the cars. Four mercenaries still remained and they are all in fear at the sight in front of them. Duke quickly jumps up and lands on one of Donnie’s cars where two mercenaries have made cover from him. He says to them in a deep and demonic voice-“Peek-a-boo…I see you…”-The mercenaries quickly look up and fire their rifles at him and once again like a flash he disappears from their sights. Suddenly he appears behind them and the other two mercenaries who are close by yell out-“He’s behind you!”-The two mercenaries turn around to see the six foot four beast towering over them. Duke grabs them by the necks and lifts them high into the air. One of the mercenaries who is still behind cover yells out-“Fuck this!”-and begins to unload his magazine at where Duke is standing. Duke quickly reacts by spinning around and tossing one of the mercenaries at the shooter like a baseball. The body is hurled and slams into the shooter with a loud THUD! sound as they both go crashing onto the floor. Duke then grabs the head of the mercenary in his hand and bites into his throat with his large fangs. The mercenary begins to scream in agony as the blood begins to poor out of his jugular. After a few seconds, Duke tosses the body down to the floor as he had gotten his fill of blood for the moment. Duke thrusts his body up with his head facing the roof and roars out loudly like a beast. ( The two mercenaries begin to shake in their boots as the roar is so loud that all the glass in the area shatters. Even the streetlights outside pop like balloons from the mass volume that Duke has. Duke then turns to face the two remaining mercenaries with a deep and demonic growl. Duke’s body then turns into a flash as he charges towards the two mercenaries. They begin to unload uncontrolled rounds down at Duke but he moves with amazing speed and evades the rounds as they come close to him. Almost instantly he appears before them and he thrusts his fists at them with violent force. As he does that, his bone claws quickly shoot out from within his body and pierce deep into the chests of the two mercenaries. Their fire quickly stops as the highly dense bones pierce into their chests and through their backs. Both of their heads shake a bit for a few seconds as the sounds of blood spilling out of their mouths can be heard from Duke and that brings a sick demonic smile to his face. Their heads then fall down to their chests as their lives left their bodies. Duke then retracts his claws from their bodies and they both hit the ground hard. Duke laughs a bit and says to himself-“Such weaklings don’t deserve to live…”-Before he could celebrate further, Damian comes running into the warehouse. Damian looks shocked to see the carnage in the warehouse but he knows Duke has no other fighting style but nasty and bloody. Damian looks at Duke with his face covered in Mercenary blood and says-“Well it looks like you handled yourself pretty well…anyone left alive to get info off of?”-Duke shakes his head slowly and laughs a bit while he does it. Damian rubs the back of his neck and says-“Oh well…it can’t be helped now…Let’s head back to the hotel room to see if we can’t salvage any of the maps and grab the gear. The KPD should be on scene any minute and we don’t want to be here when they do…”-Duke nods and the two begin to make their way back to the hotel where they need to make hast out of.-

A Challange made! Edit


"...I'll scortch it all."

-( When they arrive at the hotel, Damian is stunned to see that all the bodies had been removed from the room. He stops Duke from entering the room with his right arm and says-“Something isn’t right…someone was here while I was gone…”-Damian begins to scour the area and sees a small black square device sitting on the table. A green button quickly flashes and a hologram image pops up in front of them. The appearance of this thing looks like someone in a well-made Nano Suit. Damian is shocked to even see anything close to comparison with the Nano Suit and it angers him greatly to see someone other than Kaito or his father in a suit like that. The two Super Soldiers stare the image as it stands there staring at them blankly. Finally, the image begins to move around the room and a sarcastic and rather nerdy voice begins to speak to them-“Well well well, I didn’t expect you to finish off those henchmen of mine so easily but then again…The Yun Family always seems to find a way to just FUCK my day up don’t they?...Now I know what you’re thinkin…Who’s this two-bit whack job in an expensive black and gold suit…well my name is Mr. Don’tGiveAFuckYouWon’tLiveLongEnoughToRememberItAnyways HAHAHAHA…Oh how I have been saving that one…But all seriousness now…you wanna find out why you got sent this little care package?...Then I suggest you come down to Old New York…where my life ended by the hands of your FILTHY DISQUISTING ASS of a father…Or don’t…I can see why you two would PUSSY OUT after everything that happened to you.”-The more this man continued to talk, the more Damian’s rage built up. A bright blue static surged around Damian’s body as his anger began to take over. The strange image then continued on by sayin-“Oh? Did I hit a nerve? Well why don’t you come try and beat me senseless!? HAHAHA…I bet you little girls won’t even show…Well gotta go, it was fun chatting…”-And just like that, the image retracts back into the small black square and the square begins to overheat and melt almost instantly. Duke begins jumping up and down like a ratchet and yells out-“Oh hell nah! We are going to fuck that motherfucka up! Let’s go Damian!”-Damian’s eyes had glazed over to a pitch black now as he grew with rage towards whatever this man had said about his family. Damian looks at Duke and says-“Prepare the gear…tonight…we go hunting…”-Duke smiles evily as he nods at Damian’s order. The two then go prepare for war to come!-

Prep time is over...Edit

-( ) After the challenge had been arranged, Duke and Damian go to quick work to grab their necessary gear and weapons to fight the newly discovered enemy. The two Super Soldiers get into their own combat fighting attire, changing out of their regular street fighting clothes. They both grab their GOLIATH combat trousers that fit onto their bodies firmly. They are a dark grey in color and the 1680 Denier Ballistic Nylon Fabric accounts for the fabric used to make the trousers. This goes the same for the dark grey blouse top that goes along with the GOLIATH gear. The Nylon Fabric is a bullet resistant fabric that was designed by the scientists at Yun Corp. It had never been put into production due to the fact that Donnie Yun felt that it would be used for the wrong reasons. Areas on the body like knees, forearms, and shoulders are all covered by individual Ballistic Plates that are made up of layers upon layers of Kevlar. After their set clothes are on, the two Super Soldiers dress themselves with high end GOLIATH Flak Jackets. The jackets match the other gear with the grey color and in the flak jackets are more Ballistic Plates that are mad to protect against 4 to 5 shots from a high powered rifle before breaking under the pressure. On the outsides of the flak jacket each Super Soldier has three magazine holders that fit two magazines in an individual holder on their non-firing side. Closer towards their backs are lined grenades to use in battle. Each has a set of flash bang grenades and fragmentation grenades. On their thighs are N.O.M.A.D. pistols in holsters with one clip already in the weapon. The two are also wearing GOLIATH Combat Boots to help assist them in any terrain of battle. Once they are done getting the major points out of the way, they both put on their Kevlar helmets that are built to withstand the same amount of round fire that the Ballistic Plates can handle. Once their helmets are secured and ready to go, they both lift up their masks that cover their faces up to their eyes. Duke still wears his welding goggles to assist his vision in the daylight, his Kevlar does not affect the goggles at all. Damian grabs his Blade Sheath and places it across his back, adjusting it to fit tightly around his flak jacket. The grenades do not block the blade as Damian placed his line perfectly to where they would be enough room to hold all the gear on his body. Duke on the other hand had placed specially designed holders of his Ulak Blades on his upper back, upside down so he can reach them easily. With all the supportive gear on them, Damian reaches down into a crate next to him and grabs their primary weapons.
Ghost recon future soldier mr b assault rifle by scarlighter-d4taihs-1-
A prototype High Powered GOLIATH Assault Rifle known as the KMG. This Assault rifle carries a 40 round magazine that carries 5.56 Uranium Metal Round. It also carries a Skeleton Key Shotgun on the under barrel that is attached within the main weapon system. It fires in the three main firing modes of semi, three round burst, and full automatic. The attachments on the weapon are a High-Tech New Age Holographic Optic and an adjustable bipod. With everything in hand and good to go, it is now time to go hunting! Damian looks over at Duke and says-“Bring the Mendoza around!”-

Breaking the walls down! Edit

-( ) After driving across Kasaihana City and code breaking the door that locks Old New York away from the rest of the world, Damian and Duke have made their way into the destroyed City. Duke drives forward in the Mendoza, hitting the jumps that are made from the ruins of cities. He drifts across the open dirt road for every turn and continues to make his way towards the destination they need to find. As they continue driving down Old New York the two see the destruction that happened here. Little do they know that most of the destruction from this place now is because of the fight Donnie Yun had here against Dr.Wright some years ago.
The Mendoza smoothly runs across building rubble and the dirt as the destination comes into view now. The place looked to be an abandoned oil rig that went out of business long before the war ever got to it. When the super soldiers slow down and begin to cruise to the area, the only sound they can hear is the wind rushing by them. The dirt constricts the vision around them, forcing Damian to focus on every detail. Duke with his goggles on has perfect sensory, the dirt causing no problems for him. They both step out of the vehicle after parking the Mendoza and with their rifles in hand; they began to walk closer to the main building of what looks to be a lifeless area. Damian uses his comm system to speak to Duke and says-“Keep your eyes peeled, Duke…They can be anywear.”-Duke slowly nods his head and continues to stare out in front of him for enemy. He then sniffs the air and signals for Damian to stop with his non firing hand. He looks at Damian and says-“I smell bounty hunters…”-And upon saying that a large rifle round echoes through the skies. Almost instantly as they hear a weapon go off in the distance, Duke is hit in the upper right shoulder portion of his body. The impact causes a small white dust to spray off his flak jacket as his body pushes back a little. But Duke firmly plants his right foot into the dirt and stays balanced even after taking a powerful rifle round to the chest. The Ballistic Plates proving their worth as they had taken the blunt of the force. The two super soldiers look at each other while cocking their weapons to put that round in the chamber and they both yell out-“Let’s get some!”- And as they yell that out, rounds begin to rain down on them from all over the oil rig. Where the rounds are coming from are still unknown and it is clear that the two super soldiers walked right into an ambush.-

War Breaks Out!Edit



After giving a strong war cry, the two super soldiers charge into the warzone with their rifles in the ready position. Duke focuses his high sensory in his eyes and is able to see some more of the same kind of mercenaries from the ambushes before. Duke quickly raises his KMG and begins to fire rounds off in between pipes with the aim to hit the mercenary in the gut. The rounds penetrate through the armor easily due to the uranium caliber round and the mercenary quickly falls to his back with a violent THUD! sound. Duke continues his assault as rounds fill the entire oil rig like an entire battalion is fighting here. Damian on the other side of the map began to climb up some stairs that lead to the main pipeline and as Damian aims his rifle down the line he sees an entire line of bunkered in mercenaries who were unsuspecting of his arrival. Damian unloads his weapon into the line of mercenaries one after another mercilessly. The screams of these mercenaries almost overshadow the sounds of gunfire all around them. Damian slowly walks down the pathway as he reloads his weapon as if he were making a casual walk through the park. As he walks across the path, his reflexes quickly take over his body as a Sniper Rifle round quickly zooms towards him. Damian swiftly moves his head back and the rifle round pierces into the pipe next to him. Immediately after, rounds begin to hit all around him causing him to start running towards the edge of the walkway. Damian quickly reaches the end of the walkway and dives over the railway and begins to soar through the air. As he flies through the sky Damian keeps his weapon aiming down range and he fires a shot at what seems to be the middle of nowhere. The round flies through the sky and as it reaches the 700 meter mark it impacts into the scope of a hidden Scout Sniper. The round pierces through the scope, into the mercenaries eyeball and then finally gushing out of the back of his head. Blood splatters all around him as Damian descends down to the floor. As his body hits the floor he comes to a kneeling roll and unloads his magazine into a fireteam of mercenaries in front of him who were aiming for him as he jumped through the air. The uranium rounds quickly and easily break through their armors causing blood to splatter all across the floor near Damian. Duke continued his assault on the other side of the oil rig and seeing how they both made very quick work of the enemy, Duke and Damian had made a complete circle around the oil rig and meet up back to back at the opposite end of where they started. Damian looks down at his weapon to see he has 15 rounds in the magazine and one extra mag left. He looks up and asks Duke-“How many rounds you got left?”-Duke laughs a bit and says-“Counting the one in the chamber…I’d say about one…”-Damian-“Very well, let’s hope that is the last of those little pawns. I don’t want to run dry before we even get to the fun parts.”- As it looks to be a clean house, the two get back into the Alert Position with their rifles and look around to see the oil rig becoming littered with nothing but dead mercenaries all around them. Then the sounds of what seems to be three sonic booms catch their attentions in the sky. When they look up the two super soldiers see what looks to be three missiles coming down straight for them.


Moving like a blur, Damian quickly tackles Duke behind some cover yelling out-“GET DOWN!”-right as the three missile like objects make impact into the Earth. The impacts create a huge explosion around the oil rig and the pipes and metal quickly fly into the sky and create a hell on Earth. The blast engulfs the two super soldiers and it quickly buries them under the rubble and pipe from the oil rig. Their bodies are crushed under the heavy metal pipes and rubble from the rest of the metal of the oil rig as the three missile objects impact the ground.-

Trouble Brews!Edit

636px-Iron Monger
-A few seconds after the impact had created the large explosion. Duke and Damian both stand up from the rubble with their battle armor ripped up at the seams. They both take off their Kevlar and blouses, easily ripping them off after the explosion had rendered the blouses useless. Their bodies are cut up from the loose metal slashing into them. Their skin also could be seen to heal as they stand there while their bodies bled a bit. Damian looks at Duke and asks-“The hell was that? They called a missile strike on us?”-( Seconds after Damian asked that question, the ground began to move where the three missiles had impacted. The Super Soldiers attentions were brought to the center where three impact holes were created. Within that minute, three large Battle Mech machines burst out of the Earth where the three impacts where made. Both Super Soldiers look shocked to see the three mechanical bodies in front of them. On the left side of the three is a larges almost ten foot tall iron giant of a body that is all silver on the outside. The suit lights up with a light blue color in the center and in the eye portion of the suit. Duke looks over at Damian as their bodies already look battered from the explosions and says-“You can handle biggie over there…”- Damian laughs a bit while brushing his left hand through his hair saying-“Okay, but you can take him hahaha.”-Duke then turns and sees the man on the far right. On the far right side a eight foot six
Whiplash Mark 2
inch body comes walking out in a suit of his own. Duke smiles thinking it is an easier target than the bigger suited being. But his smile soon disappears as two Raiton Whips come out of the wrist portion of the suit. Duke facepalms and says to himself-“Way to go Deucalion, way to always get stuck with the enemy with GOD DAMN ELECTRICI-FUCKING-TY AS A WEAPON!!!”-And finally, they both stare into the center and the main and most high end looking armor comes walking out. Out of the fire left by the impacts, this black and gold nano suit that had been in the projected hologram earlier makes his way to the stare down. He leans his left boot against a large piece of concrete that had been tossed around because of the blast and says-“Well well well…I didn’t think you’d show…Looks like we will see some fun after all…”-As he said that, the red lights on his suit began to glow brighter as if his emotions were connected into the suit. He points his finger forward at the two super soldiers and a small red ball begins to form on the tip of the finger. Duke looks confused and Damian quickly tackles him because he knows what is coming.-“MOVE!!!!”-Not seconds after the ball had been made, Dark Nova fires a bright red beam from his finger at the Super Soldiers. The impact of this thin beam causes another
huge explosion in the area. The explosion hits the ground near the super soldiers and the explosion hits Damian on the back as he sacrificed his wellbeing to save Duke from any real harm. Damian slowly begins to stand up as smoke rises off his back and says to Duke-“You gotta be careful…never know when-UUUUGHHH!!!!”-And before he can even finish his sentence, Damian is hit in the side of the face with a large silver metal fist and sent flying hundreds of feet back. The large robot that had appeared earlier quickly leaps into the air after Damian who is still rolling across the dirt and concrete. Duke quickly gets on his feet yelling out-“Damian!”-But as he tries to leap into the air to join the fight, a Raiton whip finds itself around Duke’s neck and it slams him back into the ground. The smaller robot warrior activates the electricity and thousands of volts of electricity begin to surge into Duke’s body. The two super soldiers are in a world of trouble now!-

Goliath VS The Iron Giant!Edit

-Damian rolls hundreds of yards out of the oil rig and onto the desert like hills of Old New York. He quickly rolls back to his feet as blood drops out of his mouth. He thinks to himself-“Fuck…that shit hurt…”- Seconds after Damian returns to his feet, the giant robot comes landing onto the ground with a large BOOM! Sound. The dirt lifts into the air as it feels like a mini meteor just landed on the ground. The robot begins to speak in a deep mechanical tone-“So little man can take punch, yes? Let us find out how much blood I can bring out from your body…”-Damian slowly lifts his right hand up to his face and replies with a sarcastic-“well you can go ahead and try my friend…”- ( Damian then slides his right foot behind him and places his arms out to his sides to get into his personal fighting stance. The giant robot quickly charges for the super soldier with his arms swinging down at Damian. Damian looks up at the arms coming down with a smirk and the metal clashes into the ground, creating a large dust cloud. Damians body would then instantly appear beside the robots, nine feet in the air, and Damian’s fist clashes into the hard metal helmet causing the robot to step back a bit with a loud-“AUUGH!”- Damian’s body then floats down to the ground and the robot yells out-“HOW!?”-Damian then smirks and says-“It’s called being a badass…”-Damian thinks to himself-“That was a close one…I can’t take this guy lightly…”-Damian then charges at the robot with amazing speeds like an animal crazed for blood. When he gets close enough to the robot, Damian quickly throws a ferocious combo of punches and high kicks. Each attempt hits with a strong impact on the robots body and Damian grows with confidence as the robot struggles to even fight back. After throwing these combos, Damian leaps into the air with a spinning roundhouse kick and whacks the robot on the helmet once again. But instead of the robot being greatly affected by the attacks, the robot lifts his left hand up where a mechanical lift began to become visible. Off the edge of the wrist are two small missile’s and the robot quickly fires them at Damian as his body is descending back to the ground. Damian’s body slowly spins to face the missiles as they come at him and as he does, his eyes open widely as it catches him by surprise. Damian can only lift his arms to cover his face as the two missiles explode onto his body. Damian’s body is sent flying back into the rubble as he is pushed through the dark cloud of fire and smoke that is created from the explosion. Damian slowly tries to get back up to his feet with his ears ringing and his arms covered in blood. He stands up, his body covered in gravel and blood. He cringes in pain as he looks down at his arms that are covered in a crimson liquid. His tough durability and abilities to harden his body had become something to rival as he grew these past few years. Damian’s skin slowly begins to move as the healing factor begins to take hold. But before that can even happen, Damian is hit hard in the gut by a hard moving train of a robot fist. The giant robot had seemed to turn up out of nowhere once again. Damian’s body bends forward with spit and blood shooting out of his mouth. Damian is then lifted into the air and thrown like a baseball through pillars that are holding up the remains of another building. His body clashes into the foundation of the building and it tumbles down on top of him like a ton of bricks. The robot slowly then walks over the gravel and reaches into the destruction with his large metal fist. The robot then lifts his hand back up and Damian’s battered body comes out of the ground like a picked carrot. His pants ripped up now as his chest is cut up and bloody from the injuries sustained so far. His body dangles down like a ragdoll as the robot says to him-“Not so strong now tough guy HAHAHAHA”-Damian’s head looks down as blood drips from his mouth, listening to the robot speak. As the blood slowly trickles down from his mouth, a small smirk begins to form on his mouth. ( Damian quickly reaches his arm around to his back and grabs his sword with his right hand and slashes it downward onto the robots arm, completely cutting the metal arm off into two pieces. Damian lands on the ground with his left leg out and his arm extended with his blade raised up to the sky. The robot quickly lifts up his arm as oil leaks and wire sparks everywhere. The Adamantium that the blade is made of is one of the only substance metals that can break through the Vibranium armor that these enemies are made up of. The robot seems to grow upset after having his arm chopped off and he begins to violently swing his good arm around, trying to flail a hit at Damian. As the arm swings by him, Damian flips into the air and using perfect timing and accuracy, Damian stabs the blade into the arm of the robot from the top of his arm to the ground. He does this so the arm is locked in place from the blade being pierced into the floor. Damian’s body then spins on the ball end of the sword as he gathers up speed and finally…WHAM!...Damian thrusts his legs into the chest of the robot and it causes the good arm to be completely ripped out of the shoulder causing oil and wire to spray everywhere. The robot roars out in pain as Damian lifts himself up off the ground, grabbing his blade as he then walks closer to the robot with fire in his eyes. Damian’s body still covered in dirt and his own blood, he grips the blade tightly in his right hand. The Robot doesn’t know what to do now that he has lost the use of his arms and quickly tries to back away from the fight. Damian quickly jumps into a sprint and when he gets directly behind the robot, he leaps into the air and thrusts his blade deep into the shoulder of the robot. The blade pierces deep through the shoulder and into the chest area like a hot knife through butter. Damian tosses his blade in the air and just as usual, the blade soars down through the air and into the sheath that Damian carries. Damian doesn’t even bother to look back as he slowly walks away from the robot. After taking the stabbing, the robot slowly takes a few steps forward as oil soaked through the metal and the blue lights flickered from malfunction. A few seconds pass and then….BOOOOMMMMMM!!!!!...the robot explodes from malfunction that caused the core to overheat inside of the robot. The explosion lifts hundreds of feet into the skies above the destroyed oil rig. Damian stands tall as his battered body walks through the smoke as he tries to make it back to where he had last seen Duke.-

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