A Case of Whiplash...Edit

-Meanwhile, Duke was back at the oil rig dealing with his own set of problems. With the whip being wrapped around his neck, Duke lays on his chest not being able to move.-“Gahhh!!!!”-He roars out as the electricity surges through his body. ( ) Duke cringes his teeth together and begins to strike back! He places his hands in a push up like stance and begins to slowly raise his body up off the floor. It takes all of Duke’s super strength to lift him too one knee. As he does that, the robot thrusts his other whip at Duke at blinding speeds. Duke quickly raises his left hand and the whip lashes around his arm with a loud WHIP! Sound. Duke  raises his head to look at the robot and a smile began to be seen on his face. Duke then using his strength and grip on the whips, he pulls on the whips and sends the robot flying through the air directly towards him. As the robot flies through the air, Duke smashes a hard close line on the robot causing him to crash into the ground hard. Duke turns to face the robot as it begins to get back up to its feet. Duke reaches behind his back and grabs his pair of Ulaks and says to the robot-“Let’s cut up some tin foil…”-The robot begins snapping his whips at Duke and the super soldier is forced to use his enhanced reflexes to roll out of the way of each snap. As each whip makes impact into the dirt, electricity flashes across the floor around them. Duke quickly makes his way closer to his opponent as the whips continue to swing around him. When Duke gets close enough he slashes his Ulaks into the gut of the enemy. The Vibranium rubs up against the Vibranium blade and because they both hold the same metal, the blade is able to pierce past the armor due to its sharpness. Duke slashes his arms side to side and his Ulaks quickly cut into the gut portion of the robot armor. The robot quickly reacts and punches Duke in the face with a strong left hook punch. Duke’s body is sent rolling five feet to the side of the robot. Duke gathering himself while his body rolled and he flips up to the top of a boulder where he balances his body. He looks at the robot and laughs as the metal sparks crazy from the damage being inflicted. The robot grows upset and swings his whip at Duke once more. Duke leaps into the air and the whip crashes into the boulder that Duke was standing on. While in the air, Duke lifts his hands above his head; thus bringing the ulak blades above his head as well. Then as his body comes down from the skies, he thrusts the two sharp edges down into the cranium area of the robots body. The robots body crashes into the floor from the pressure, leaving Duke’s body on top of the metal tin can. Duke rests his knee on the upper back portion of the body and says to the robot-“Let’s see if you have anything of use in this brain of yours!”-Duke then wrenches each blade in opposite directions causing the helmet to rip into two pieces beheading the robot. As that happens, the electricity that fed the Raiton Whips slowly dissipates and the whips become normal again. The lights that power the suit slowly fade away and Duke stands up on his feet. Duke places his Ulaks back into his holders and begins to walk away from the battlefield. Off in the distance, Dark Nova’s body becomes visible one hundred feet in the sky.(  Dark Nova points his finger at Duke as he walks away and Dark Nova says to himself-“Well done Beast…but you won’t be needed for the rest of this play…”-A small red ball forms at the edge of his finger and a bright red death beam fires out of his finger headed straight for Duke. Almost instantly, the red beam pierces through the back of Duke and out of his chest. Duke’s mouth quickly shot out blood and his chest bled out heavily. (Death-beam-o.gif) Duke slowly fell to one knee and he put his right arm to his chest to try and stop the blood. Within a matter of seconds Duke slowly falls to his chest as his body seemed to be rapidly losing life. Dark Nova slowly descends down to where Duke is struggling to cling to life and he says to him-“Why do you struggle? You fight…a battle that cannot be won…Your brother will fall…just as you have just done now…No one will save you…No one will come for you…You will die here alone…in this patch of dirt called Old New York…most likely eaten by the creatures that wonder here…creatures no different than the kind like you…Enjoy hell Mr.Grey…”-Dark Nova then lifts his palm at Duke’s body and begins charging another energy based attack. As the time came, Dark Nova has fully charged an energy blast and is prepared to fire the attack. Just as Dark Nova fires the attack…Damian comes flying out of nowhere with a strong flying head kick to save the day! Damian’s body beaten and battered he still comes in with a strong kick that sends Dark Nova flying back into the rubbled mountainside and causing the energy blast to fly miles away from them; exploding in the heart of an abandoned skyscraper far from them. The impact causes the entire building to come down but that causes no concern for Damian.-

And so it begins...Edit

Trunks future by sersiso-d3k1120
Damian drops down to his knees and flips his brother over to face him. Damian looks down at Duke and yells out-“NO NO! Not you! I am not losing you, Duke! Not here…not now!”-Damian tries his best to cover the wound and Duke chuckles a bit weakly. Duke then says to his brother-“Calm down Damian…It’s just a flesh wound haha…”-Duke then laughs but begins to cough up blood as the injuries have past serious levels. Damian and Duke both lay there on the floor in silence for a few seconds. Damian didn’t know how to handle the situation seeing that all his family had been recently killed off by an ancient creature they had been training three years to kill. Duke looks up at Damian and says-“Don’t…Don’t you cry over this…”-Damian smirks a bit as his eyes were getting a little moist from everything. He then says to Duke-“I do what I want…”-Damian holds Duke tight in his arms as the blood drops down onto him. It’s at that moment that Dark Nova finds himself freeded and conscious now after taking a heavy blow from Damian. He immediately charges back with fire red eyes and returns to where the two Super Soldiers are. His body burns with a hot red fire as he yells out-“I AM GETTING SICK OF YOU LITTLE PUNKS! TIME TO TAKE OUT THE GARBAGE!”-Duke’s breathing slows down and Damian can feel the fading of his brother taking place. But Duke musters his strength and asks Damian-“Go shut…that god damn bucket of bolts to shut the hell up for me will ya?”-Damian slowly places his brother back down onto the floor and stands up. With the blood of his brother on his hands he clenches tight fists and says to Duke-“With pleasure…”- Damian then walks towards the direction of where Dark Nova is floating in the air. With a blank and serious face, he looks up at Dark Nova. ( The two come to an intense stare down as Dark Nova slowly lowers his body down to the ground directly in front of Damian. Black smoke and fire lifts up into the sky all around them from the destruction and chaos that had been brought about by this epic war. Dark Nova looks at Damian and says-“I am surprised to see you made it this far…Oh well, if you want something done right you do it yourself hahaha. But I have to say, you don’t look like you’re gunna put up much of a fight in your condition…”-Damian winces a bit with his right eye as his arms are still healing from taking on those missiles from earlier, along with his other set injuries. A smirk forces on his face afterwards and he says-“I still have plenty more to give!”-Damian then clenches his fists tightly and gives a strong burst of energy as his body explodes in a bright golden aura.-“YAHHHHH!!!!!”-he roars out as he released his energy. In an instant, Damian transformed. In a much faster pace than he usually takes it, Damian had transformed into a Hyper Soldier. His body quickly becomes surrounded by a golden flame like aura and his hair turns bright golden along with his newly sharpened emerald green eyes. Dark Nova laughs a bit under his breath and says-“Well now I hope to get a good fight from the famous Hyper Soldier…”-Damian quickly yells back in reply as he charges at Dark Nova-“Then I won’t disappoint you!”-

The battle of Science! Edit

-( ) The two beasts quickly charge into each other and begin to fight wildly with power. Fists begin to fly as they exchange blows one after another. Damian comes in with a strong right hook and Dark Nova’s body practically springs backwards. But using that as momentum, he swings forward with a right fist of his own and cracks Damian on the side of the face; causing blood to spit out a bit. The two continue to throw combinations of mastering Martial Arts. Both being keen users of Speed Fighting, their bodies are almost invisible to the normal eye. After exchanging a number of blows, Damian yells out-“ENOUGH OF THIS!”-and lifts both hands in the air in a double Axe grip. ( Damian then swings his arms down and it hits Dark Nova on the back of his head, bending him over from the impact. The attack having so much strength that a small shockwave is sent rippling through the area. Once bent over, Damian lifts his right leg up, kicking Dark Nova in the chest and sending him into the air. Dark Nova Stops himself in mid-air about one hundred feet above the ground and he yells out-“You annoying little shit!”-Damian smirks and focuses his energy inside of his body and that causes a bright golden aura to form around his body. It looks like a flame wrapping around his body as it signifies the charging of one of his newer attacks. Damian places his hands together ( in front of his chest and begins to final stages of his attack. While in the air, Dark Nova sees what is going on and goes into attack mode! ( As Damian is left to charge an attack, Dark Nova gives him no time to do so as his body practically disappears from the skies in a flash. The black and gold armored body then instantly re-appears next to Damian’s body with a powerful side-head kick. The golden flame bursts into the air as the charging becomes disrupted! Damian’s body goes flying into a thick iron pipe. Damian’s body then slowly slides off the pole and hits the floor. Damian slowly stands back up with his right arm leaning against the pole. His arms are still pretty bad and now a line of blood comes down from his forehead. He says to himself-“That one…hurt a bit…”-Then like a flash of light, Dark Nova appears before Damian again with a flurry of punches. Damian is helpless to the attack as he takes punch after punch from Dark Nova. He is hit in the gut and face over and over as each punch creates an Earth Shattering boom sound that can be heard for miles. Dark Nova then backflip kicks Damian under the jaw and it sends a helpless Damian into the skies. Using Wild Sense, Dark Nova appears in front of Damian and quickly elbows him in the jaw causing blood to spray out of his mouth. He then leg sweeps him in the air so his body could become parallel to the floor below them. Using that to his advantage Dark Nova grabs Damian by the foot and begins to swing him around like a toy. As the speeds reach a blur Dark Nova then throws Damian into the floor with amazing speed and power. Damian’s body quickly crashes into the ground like a missile raining down from the sky and the impact creates a large dirt cloud to form over them. Damian rolls onto all fours as he spits out more blood from the impact. His body looking beaten and battered to all hell and it looks like he can’t take much more of this now. As Damian tries to stand back on his feet, Dark Nova appears from the voids and kicks Damian in the gut causing him to fall over again. Damian screams out in pain as the sound of his ribs cracking and breaking can be heard all around them. Dark Nova points his finger down at Damian and releases a powerful bright red energy wave. The energy wave makes impact almost instantly as it creates a huge and powerful explosion. The smoke takes a few minutes to clear and once the scene could be seen again, Dark Nova’s body quickly becomes visible. In his left hand he has what looks to be a lifeless Damian who is just dangling. (180px-Piccolo_and_Vegeta.jpg) Dark Nova tightens his grip a bit on Damian’s head as he says-“I think it is time to send the little boy home to his father…”-Dark Nova slowly continues to tighten his grip as the pressure causes Damian to wake up from his unconsciousness. Damian reaches up to his head as he screams out in pain. While screaming out for dear life, Duke had slowly rolled himself over to his chest and began to crawl towards his brother and Dark Nova. Duke even with his injuries tries to make it to his brother…But deep down he knows he can’t make it in time. Duke looks up at his brother who is yelling in pain and it causes him to turn his head down for the moment. He says to himself-“I’m sorry brother…”- Dark Nova laughs evilly as the Super Soldiers are both near the end of their lives, fighting just to survive. Just when all hope looks to be lost, an unexpected force comes to save the day! Shira comes barreling down from the skies and dropkicks Dark Nova in the chest. On impact, Dark Nova goes soaring through the air and crashes down in the ruins of a nearby building that hadn’t been broken down yet. Shira quickly drops through the air and flips to her feet effortlessly. Damian on the other hand fell to the ground with a hard THUD! as he lands on some gravel. Damian’s eyes slowly open up and he sees Shira standing over him with those bright green eyes. Damian almost can’t believe it and he asks with an extremely weak voice-“What….What are you…doing here?”-Shira quickly replies with-“Fulfilling a promise…”-and just like that, she jumps off to try and fight Dark Nova on her own!-

A Fathers Request Edit

-*FLASHBACK* Shira is at home washing some dishes after her lunch. This is a few months before Damian and Duke had returned back to Kasaihana City. Shira pushes back the platinum blonde hair that is in her face as she cleans the dishes off. Then out of nowhere like magic, Donnie Yun appears behind her in silence. His large giant body and golden metal arms overshadow her body like she is a midget. His white hair sways to the side and his white eyes glow. Shira slowly turns around having felt the chaotic energy that comes with being around Donnie. When she turns around out of pure reflex she swings her right fist at the face of Donnie Yun. But Donnie qcuickly moves his head to the side and the fist speeds right past him. Shira yells out-“Who the hell are you and what are you doing in my house!?”-As she yells that out, she continues to swing her fists at Donnie. Donnie continues to move his body to avoid the punches until he moves his own hands to catch both of Shira’s fists in his bright golden hands. He then says to her-“Well my Son sure does know how to pick the feisty ones.”- Shira raises a brow at what is said and asks-“What are you talking about?”-Donnie smirks a bit and says-“I…am Donnie Yun. I believe you know my son…Damian.”- Shira looks shocked as she was led to believe that Donnie Yun had dyed years ago. But it also hit her that Damian even told her that his father was still alive. Donnie releases his hold on Shira and Shira calms down now that she knows who she is talking too. Donnie then says to her-“I came here because I need to ask something of you…”-Shira nods and asks-“And what might that be?”-( Donnie takes a deep breath in and says to her-“There will come a time…soon…when my son will return to this city. And in that time…I won’t be around anymore…And during that time I ask only one thing of you…”-Shira nods again as she is paying attention and waits to see what Donnie is going to say. Donnie continues speaking-“When he comes back, there will always be people trying to kill him. There will always be some villain or hotshot who wants to take out a Yun or need him for some experiment. And I won’t be there to helpmy son like I have now…But I see…I see how he feels about you..He loves you…And I understood that feeling once before…But to cut a long story short…I want you to help take care of him…”-Shira who was feeling kind of neglected for being left for years alone asks Donnie-“And what makes you think I still care about Damian?”-Donnie smirks a bit and says-“Because weather you believe it or not…I know you.”-Shira went quiet for a few seconds and crossed her arms. She then said to Donnie-“I will…”-Donnie smiles a bit and thanks her for her help. But before anything else can be said, the front door can be heard opening and Shira turns to face the door. Kaori walks in and sees Shira in the kitchen. Shira turns back to see Donnie and to her surprise he had disappeared. Kaori walks into the kitchen and sees that Shira looked all emotional as if something had happened. Kaori quickly asks-“What’s wrong with you?”-Shira looks past Kaori and sees in the shadows two bright white eyes staring at them. And it was at that moment she understood what he meant about knowing who she is. The white eyes then slowly faded away as Donnie left the area.-*End Flashback*

Angering The Beast!Edit

1222808106141 f-1-
-Back at the battlezone Shira and Dark Nova had already begun fighting. Dark Nova had begun to toy with her now as he grew angry with the constant interruptions to his plan. Shira swings her fists at Dark Nova but his speed is too much for her to hit. She yells out at the top of her lungs-“WHY CAN’T I HIT YOU!?”-Damian who was close to death from the finishing attack he received from Dark Nova is now trying to crawl his way up to his feet. He keeps his eyes on the battle as he tries to muster up everything he has to get back into the war. Dark Nova sees this happening and he says to himself-“I have to put this bitch away quickly…”- Then as Shira came charging at him, Dark Nova quickly raises his palm at her and fires a bright red energy ball. The energy blast flies through the air and makes contact with her chest and sends her flying back to the ground. Smoke comes off her chest as she lays on the floor after taking the blast head on. Damian gets up to his feet now with his eyes wide open saying to himself-“no!”-While that happens, Dark Nova jumps into the air and begins to fire multiple energy blasts out of his palms. Hundreds of small energy balls explode on the ground around Shira and Damian cannot believe what he is seeing. A tear begins to fall down his eye as he watches the explosions explode around her to where he no longer sees her body on the ground. Once the barrage ended the entire area that Shira was laying in had been turned into a large crater as if a meteor just made impact. Then something just snapped inside of Damian’s head. He yells out-“YOU…YOU KILLED MY SHIRRAAAAAAAAAAAAA!!!!!!!!”- And as he roared at the top of his lungs, a burst of golden energy erupts around him. ( The ground around him violently cracks and breaks apart as if a 9.8 Earthquake had just erupted there below his feet. The Earth practically trembles at the power that Damian has begun to unleash. His body quickly erupts with a golden tornado like effect that spans all the way into the skies. The clouds above them begin to spin around Damian creating the eye of the storm directly above him. Shockwaves began to pulse out of his body, causing even more damage to the area around them. Each wave hits Dark Nova and pushes him back while floating in the sky. Dark Nova asks himself-“What kind of power is this!?”-
Gohan Super Saiyajin 2 by PrOTuL
After screaming, Damian gets down into his fighting stance as he now transformed into his second Hyper Transformation. His hair had grown longer and more jagged. His muscle tone increased dramatically as he is even more of a giant monster now. With the Golden aura surrounding his body, Damian kicks off the ground and flies straight for Dark Nova. Behind him, his aura leaves a golden flame trail as he soars through the sky like a lightning bolt. When he gets to Dark Nova he cracks him on the cheek with a powerful right handed punch! The impact causes the armor to actually dent a bit and that drives Dark Nova insane for the moment. Damian doesn’t stop as he throws another punch at the gut of Dark Nova. The impact bends Dark Nova over as it causes a few sparks to fly out of his robotic body. Damian then lifts both hands over his head and Double Axe punches Dark Nova into the ground at a blurring speed. After the powerful combo is hit, Dark Nova’s body impacts with the ground and creates a huge dust formation all around them. Damian’s body flows back down to the ground and his golden flame aura brightens the whole area as he slowly begins to walk towards Dark Nova. The robot quickly flies out of the rubble he had been hit into and now his eyes burned red with fury as he is ready to blow the place sky high.-“It’s time to end this STUPID FUCKING GAME WITH YOU!”-And as he said that, he places his arms at his side as he began to charge an attack. While that happened, Duke who had been taken out before the fight with Dark Nova could begin from a death beam attack, slowly comes walking up next to Damian while holding his injured shoulder where the impact had been made. Damian says to Duke without looking directly at him-“You ready to finish this?...”-And Duke simply nods as the end of the battle looked to come near.-

The Power of Brothers!!!Edit

-( PUT ON REPEAT!) Damian quickly gets down into his Dragon’s Stance that consists of him bending his knees and placing his hands in front of his gut almost in a praying hands stance. As he does that, his golden aura begins to morph into another object. The Golden Aura quickly expands further out of Damian’s body and grow twenty feet above his body in the form of a half bodied skeleton. Once the skeleton had grown fully above him, muscles began to shoot out of the bones to help make the body complete and the golden aura wraps what is meant to look like skin around the muscle skeleton to complete the body of the Aura. Within a matter of seconds a huge half bodied warrior formed above and on Damian’s Aura.
Madara s exodia susanoo by henriqueuzumaki-d6bdsoc
 This technique that Damian had just completed is known at The Dragon Lord. Similar to his techniques like Dragons Barrage and Dragons Destruction, this attack is created from the Hybrid Energy that Damian has. Meanwhile, Duke Stands beside of his brother in the same stance and Duke’s body quickly becomes wrapped in the golden aura. Duke’s tattoo and bite mark begins to grow and wrap around his body, covering him almost completely on the left side. As the cursed bite that Duke had received in the fight against the Ancienct Creature in Antarctica grows, his power does as well. Duke’s skin almost becomes reptilian as his eyes under the goggles beome bright red with a diamond point in the center. The Golden aura that surrounds the two of them began to mix with a purple color that showed the mixing of energies between Duke and Damian. The Cursed Purple energy and the Hybrid Energy of Damian’s begin to mix together and the Dragon Lord grows even bigger with the mixing of power. The Dragon Lord began to even grow a black flame around its body to mimic the same tattoo growth that Duke has on his body. ( Dark Nova is in the sky still as he can’t believe that something of this magnitude could have been created in such a short time. Duke and Damian both raise their hands into the air as it gives The Dragon Lord the order to do the same as well. And with the giant golden hands and the chains it wears above its head, a small golden orb forms in the center of the hands. Dark Nova yells out-“NO! NOT TODAY, PUNKS!”-Dark Nova finishes charging his attack and he places both palms together just like Donnie Yun would and yells out-“ANTI!!!......EXTREMIS FIREEEEEE!!!!!!!!!!”-And instantly as ordered, a bright red energy beam flies out of his palms and straight for the Super Soldier Brothers. The blast itself is as wide as a four lane freeway and barreling straight for the Super Soldiers. Duke and Damian both focus now as the energy ball in their Dragon Lords hand suddenly expands into a much bigger golden orb. Almost the size of a football field all around, Duke and Damian both thrust their arms forward and The Dragon Lord does the same. The large energy ball in The Dragon Lords hands flies out into the skies straight for the Anti- Extremis Fire beam. The two attacks meet in the middle and the collision of the two attacks create a super shockwave that pushes everything within miles of them back, completely clearing out the area. Hurricane winds begin to fly everywhere as the energy between these fighters grows beyond anything the Earth felt like it can handle. ( Duke and Damian both now have their right hands out in front of them as The Dragon Lord pushes the energy ball that they created, trying to overpower Dark Nova and his Anti-Extremis Fire. Dark Nova struggles to hold onto his blast as well but he isn’t showing signs of giving up the god fight! Finally, Duke and Damian both place their left hands at their sides and it puts the Dragon Lords hand at his side. Once that happens The Dragon Lord forms a small golden orb in his hand. Damian then yells out-“It’s time to send you back to HELLLLL!!!!!!!”-The Two Super Soldiers then thrusts their left hands forward and the small golden orb flies through the skies like a missile. The Orb flies around the two main blasts and begins to head straight for Dark Nova. Dark Nova sees the golden orb coming straight for him and without second guessing himself he swats the golden orb away with his right hand. But because he turned his focus away from the main battle, the giant golden attack that The Dragon Lord originally threw now is barrel rolling straight for him! Dark Nova places his hands on the orb, trying to stop its progression. But back down at the base of the Dragon Lord, Damian and Duke keep putting more strength into their attack. Dark Nova begins to lose grip as the blast continues to go higher and higher into the skies.-“NOOOOOOOO!!!!! NOT AGAIIINNNNN—AHHHHHH!!!!!!!”-Once the blast reached the outskirts of Earth’s atmosphere, it explodes with Dark Nova directly in the center of the blast. From the ground, the explosion looks like a Supernova that a star would create when it finally explodes. The shockwave carries for hundreds of miles, pushing away all the clouds in the skies all through the Earth. The shockwaves reach Damian and Duke and they struggle to even stand up, even with the Dragon lord protecting them. A few minutes pass as The Dragon Lord scans the area but it seems that Dark Nova is nowhere to be found now.-

Finally Finished...Edit

-( Once the fight had finished, both super soldiers retract their energies from The Dragon Lord and the giant figure slowly evaporates into the air around them. Damian looks at Duke and notices the black flame marks receding back into Duke’s arm tattoo and neck scar. And in Duke’s eyesight he sees Damian’s hair quickly poof back to its normal black color. Damian smiles at Duke and says-“good job brother…”-Damian then fell on his back like a ton of bricks from exhaustion. Duke laughs a bit before leaning back and forth like a drunk and falls flat on his face.-“ughhhh…”-he says as his body too craps out on him. The two lay on the floor in exhaustion as their bodies are beaten and battered to pure shit. Then the sounds of footsteps alerts them once again. Damian quickly stands to his feet in a ready stance with his eyes squinting from injury. But to his surprise it wasn’t Dark Nova…but Shira walking towards them. Her clothes had been ripped and torn from taking on the attack that Dark Nova threw at her. When Damian sees that it is Shira, he drops to one knee with his left hand keeping him balanced on the floor and gives a sigh of relief.-“Don’t creep up on us like that haha.”- Shira smiles a bit when she gets to Damian. She kneels down and places her forehead on his, even though he was still bleeding and she says to him-“I missed you…”-Damian smiles a bit even though it hurts him physically and he says to her-“I missed you too.”-Damian then leans in and he places a soft kiss on her lips for the first time in years. Duke looks up at the two of them as they are now making out and he says to himself-“Oh great…don’t help the guy with a huge whole in his chest…”-Duke then flops his head on the floor as the three of them begin to laugh. It seems the tag-team of Duke and Damian were able to once again save the day, with a little help from the wonderful Shira Hanako. Till next time, lets see what other trouble the Super Soldiers can get themselves into.-

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