DeliriousAres: (( " So we have an understanding..." Colt said to Keyth ontop of the building in District 1. Keyth sat on the edge of the building. Lighting a cigeratte as the smoke fumed from his nose. He turned back, looking at the man with slanted eyes. (( Keyth turned fully to eye the man, an aggitated look on his face. " So what your telling me is... is that you want me to infiltrate the Seturyumaru clan... and take out there boss. And if i dont. You'll have me arrested for every crime i've done." Steven Colt tilted his head up. A serious expression dead set on his face. " Seems like it." Keyth nodded his head standing to his full height as he pulled the black backpack on his back. The M-16 sat on his back, with the large Barretta on his left side, in a hostile of course to keep it secure. Keyths wild hair blew in the wind as looked at Colt. " What if i kill you first." Colt kept the same experssion on his face before he answered back. " Then you'd be sentanced to death." Keyth laughed nodding his head and flicking the cigeratte over the edge of the building. His leather jacket and black gloves blocking him from the coldness of the District 1's air. "...I dont ever get a fuckin break do I." Keyth said walking to the edge of the builiding. " Why cant you get some other asshole to do this? Dont you KPD have the elite Detective services around? Why would you need help from a hitman like me." Colt crossed his arms, then let them drop into his pockets as he began to smoke a cigeratte hiself. " Your name is enough. The Tasanagi family is heavily embedded with the Mafia and Yakuza Syndicates. Why not use you? It's a liablity benefit as well. If your caught, then you die. No blood on my hands." Keyth squatted down checking his gun. And then turned back around to look at colt. "... How long are you gonna make me do these jobs. And what have these guys done to deserve this king shit? I mean... this is a hit you know." Colt nodded. "...That's the thing. They havent done anything. You'll be placing evidence of another clan on the leaders dead body. When the rest of the clan finds out there leader was assassianted by the hands of there rival clan. It'll result in a gang war. Where they kill each other. The KPD will then have all right to intervine...And Erdicate both sides." Keyth shook his head. " Whatever. But one time you hear me? One time...Then im not doing this shit anymore. I have a family..." Colt smirked. " Your young, be young. Have fun." Keyth shook his head stepping on the edge of the building, watching the hover cars fly by. " Yeah whatever asshole." Kicking off the edge after gathering all of his things. He soared down to the ground, his right hand latching onto a pole on the way down so his body would twist before he cut a full flip landed on the concerete of an alleyway. Making his walk through town as if nothing happened. His hands in his pockets, he placed his headphones in his head. A cigeratte in his mouth... casually making his way down the busy streets of District 1.

Repulsive: Eleanoire made her way down the stretch of road, a rather lost and confused expression on her face. Having recently been chucked out of her home by her parents for her bad habbits, this new independance was obviously hitting her hard, but she approached it with an open mind, even if the place she found did not look anything like she expected. With a lit cigerette in her mouth she looked about her person in attempt to find a road name, all of the available signs having been vandalised to the point of unreadable. Already struggling with her luggage and now lost, today was not her day. Ontop of it all, she felt something small knock the side of her head, followed by the smell of burning. Raising her hand to see what it was she pulled the cigerette bud from her hair and tossed it aside, murmuring whilst looking up the building from where it came from whilst patting at her hair, it probably having come from one of the balconys. Seeing several people about she placed her bags down by her feet and called over to one of the by standers on the street, (Keyo) , somewhat timid in her approach. "Excuse me!" She raised her voice. "I wonder if you could help me, I seem to of found myself lost. Could you possibly tell me where I am?" She looked over his appearance, noting he probably wasn't from here himself either. She hoped that he would tell her she was in the complete wrong place so she could hop back into a taxi and escape what already looked like a hell hole, but she doubted such would happen. She reached into the pocket of her hoodie and pulled out a pack of 20 menthol cigerettes, pushing one up so it stuck out, offering it out, maybe her politeness would get her further than violence around here. "Cigerette?" The one already lit in her mouth smelling a bit ' funky ' to say the least.

HollowJak: -Jason stood in his warehouse looking around at the boxes as he raised his hand and rubbed his chin he wore his usual black suit though he had purchased a new one it was an exact look alike of his previous one on his back was the guitar case which he carried with him everywhere and if one would look close enough they would see the bulges of his revolvers barely visible under his suit jacket in the underarm holsters one beneath each arm though on the left underarm holster a combat knife was strapped just below the revolver though these things were barely visible through the suit jacket both pockets of which had a slight bulge to them the lieft one holding two emp grenades while the right held an incindeary and a fragmentation grenade as he always believed in being prepared for anything. Walking over to a crate jason grabbed a crowbar and popped it open pulling out and m16 and pulling back the lever just to be sure no rust or other form of damage had befallen the weapon though there was the floor model set on a small box next to the crate Jason prefered to ceck the ones in the crate as he personally cleaned and checked the floor models every other day with a nod he set the gun back in the foam lined crate and closed back the lid he was waiting to see the help he was told would be sent to watch the warehouse when he was in his apartment in district two though he trusted ayperos he would still wished to look at the men to make sure they would be suited for the task. with a sigh he pulls a ciggarete from the pack in his breat pocket and puts it to his lips holding it there as he grabs a bic lighter from the same pocket and lights the ciggarete taking a long slow drag before walking off into his office though relatively bare now it still had his desk and a few chairs in it as well as a blazing fireplace as he had started a fire to warm his office. reaching to one of the drawer he piulled it open and took out a handful of id chips basic ones that would mark as friendlys and a wicked looking injection gun he smirked it was rather painful but it would get the job done since he had left the newer model at his apartment. closing the drawer he open the top one and takes out three speed loaders each with 6 .45 bullets on it though two of them had the armor piercing variant sliping them into the innder pocket of his suit jacket he opened the laptop on the desk and after a few short clacks on the keyboard set the security system into standby sure he could turn it on or off with his phone but hed rather not risk someone seeing him doing that and besides the laptop and his phone only worked on the two auto chainguns watching over the main doors the one below being constantly on. standing up straigh he smoothed the wrinkles from his suit and went back to waiting wishing he had brought his sword along but knowing it would be too hard for him to hide on his person giving a sigh he walks out of his office and looks to the left where his motorcycle was parked he walkd over and unzipped the small backpack on the back it still contained the four pounds of C4 and some detonators he had stocked it with this morning as well as a couple of flashbangs from his personal stock though he couldnt really think of a situation in which they would be useful to him he still felt it best to keep them around just incase-
Guest_Vincent902: With wanting new weaponry and Intel he paid for by one of his many reliable sources. Kakubo heard rumors of a gun dealer in district 1 and this could be a great chance to either make this a one-time thing or see if he can do more business with who is selling. Leaving district 2 now back within district one Kakubo thought it would be best to travel with only one person instead of a bunch of armed guards as he would think it would turn into a blood bath or worse he would scare the dealer away. When In district two he had things changed to him. His hair was dyed a light purple color close to silver. It was pinned up with black chopsticks with 3 rubies imbedded, small but red enough to see. He wore a slender white kimono that exposed his right leg well enough to see. Apon the back of each of his kimonos as they are all handmade was the signature Tsukuyomi crest which was a blood lotus ( Wearing black ankle high black boots with 5 inch black heels. He looked like a hooker but he never cared as he liked to dress how he fashioned himself. He looked to his bodyguard/driver Walter. They drove in a Mercedes Benz colored white, windows black tented and bulletproof as were the tires. The frame of the car was not a flimsy plastic it was a metal alloy which a 50cal bullet would only make a dent into. His cars he had specially made. Only 3 cars he had which costed him a 1.5mil each when he had them designed which he had built 2 years before he was 17 ( With not much to go on he did not know how to do this as this would be his first dealing with a weapons dealer. He thought different scenarios but he could not think them all threw. At one point he thought it was a bad idea and he should turn back but his mother once head of the Tsukuyomi’s and Ceo of the BLAO he thought turning away would tarnish the name and would make him weak. He looked to his guard and gulped. “How far until we are in the vicinity of the dealer, Walter.” Walter in response looking threw a mirror hanging above the dashboard which he looked to see the boy who was known as Kakubo Tsukuyomi “Not much farther sir, approximately 30 minutes. Just sit tight Kakubo” The boy’s personal bodyguard told him as he himself had scenarios which made him worry for his boss. He gripped the steering wheel tightly as in a dying grip but only to try and keep calm. He himself did not know if he could protect his boss with his limited skills. He kept driving looking straight and keeping himself calm. The boy looked out the right side window as he was sitting on the right side and saw buildings fly by as they drove down street after street onward to their destination which within the chitchat they had their destination was now and only 15 minutes away.

xXAyperosXx: Ayperos was at home, he had got take out for Lenris though He wasn't doing so good still. Ayperos knew his pain, the kid just needed time. So Ayperos put the food on the table and looked around the corner. Lenris was just sitting there looking at the sword that their dad had got him the day he died. Ayperos didn't know what to do, but the best thing for him right now know Lenris. He needs time alone. "Hey Len, I'm heading out. I'll be back later. " He starts to go out the door. But then he heard Lenris. "Wait up. I'm gonna come with you." He pauses a moment. "I need to get out of the house. Just let me get my shoes on." Lenris goes running through the house getting his shoes and puts on a jacket. He was wearing a red and black outfit that was a mixture of cloth and leather. the jacked having a hoody with fur on it, and his boots with studds on the front strap. Ayperos was wearing the usual red and black suit with boots, seeing he had a few pairs of it. Like usual he had his weapons on him, being the usual katana's and custom silver 1911s. And Lenris straps the huge katana to his back and they both go out the door. Ayperos looks over at Lenris. 'I thought you didn't like weapons." Lenris looks down as they walk. "people change, you of all people should know that." Ayperos stops and looks at Lenris and he does as well. "Look Len, I didn't know who i was. I was being taken over by darkness, and it almost changed me for good. Don't do the same thing I did. Your strong, you of all people can pull through this. You think your alone but your not. I feel the same pain you do. And we will have our revenge in due time. Just don't let it change you." Lenris nods and they continue to walk down the snowy streets, for no real reason but just be out of the house, though besides Jason, Ayperos hadn't seen any other friendly faces for two weeks. He hadn't even heard from Densuke.. But Ayperos was sure he was fine. After a while they found themselves in D1. The one place both of them almost never are. But they just needed a walk, maybe they could find something to do around here.
Gusman101: -Gus was walking back to his apartment, a box in the crook of his arm, smiling to himself as he walked. Gus knew he was in a bad part of District 1 but he had lived there long enough to know where to go and where not to go. When he finally reached his store he opened up, and upon seeing a beggar curled up next to the building, Gus went inside and came back with a small bag of chips, a sandwhich, and also a bottle of water.- Here ya go Frank, you need to start looking for a job, come on man. "Yea I know Gus I know, I just haven't had time to ya know." You said that last time Frank, I can't keep feeding you, you need to get a job. Go down to the local mechanic, tell them Gus sent you, and they should be able to help you out. "Ok, thanks Gus." Cya later Frank. -Gus walked inside, sighing as he did. Frank was a good guy he just had a small drinking problem. Hopefully a job at the mechanic shop will help him with that. Gus sat down at the counter and opened up the box, grinning as he started gently laying the contents out onto the counter.- Hot damn! -Most of the parts were just metal bits, but a lot were also some pieces of electrical equipment as well. Gus quickly went to work and began looking through his notes, seeing what kind of upgrades he could accomplish with his new materials.- Oh god I feel like a kid in a candy store, except I'm a grown ass man.....with a metal arm, who's trying to upgrade it to kick people's asses.....ugh nevermind.
Littlemermaidary: -We will meet you in district 1 there’s  something I need to pick up there no worry’s should only take about 30min tops Girl, See ya in a few-  Ariel read the text that her friend had sent her as she stood on a street corner waiting for her best friend “what does she mean by we? And what could she possibly need here?” She thought to herself. She had only passed through District one she had never really stopped in it and for good reason. It was not a lovely site there were people on the streets and graffiti on walls of the street it was just a gloomy place in general. –Sigh- She just stood there in her big black coat and her long gloves as the wind blew through her black curls, she looked down the street and saw a bus coming “oh thank God” she whispered under her breath. She saw a few people get off before making eye contact with her friend Stephanie but it wasn’t before long that she noticed she wasn’t alone there was another girl that was a bit taller than Stephanie and three guys that didn’t seem like the kind of people you really wanted to associate with. Stephanie and the group of people she was with” got off and stood in front of her “Hey Ariel looks like I’m right on time, this is Nessa, and her boyfriend Luke” she pointed that the other girl, that was with her and a tall blond boy with an oversized black hoody on and some sunglasses, “This is Rayan and my boyfriend Kenny” the Rayan guy would have a cigarette in his mouth and his hands would be in his front pockets, he was wearing a black hoody with the hood up and you could slightly see his black hair. Ariel mover her eyes to Kenny, Stephanie’s unmentioned boyfriend, he was taller than the other too and he clearly had never heard of a belt before in his life. “Kay, so we just got make one stop and then we will take you girls out to eat or something” Kenny said as he started to walk down the street. “Uh, um okay?” Ariel would respond to that as they started walking in complete silence. They got to a dark alley way and then Kenny would see some guys and make a head motion towards them. “Stephanie what are you guys getting here?” She would ask “Oh they just wanted to get some weed, you know we can let loose a little”. Ariel eyes would widen and she would just look at Stephanie as they started to walk towards the group of guys that were in the Alley way.

DeliriousAres: Keyth blinked, eying the female with a confused look on his face. He pulled the hoody on his head, hiding the lions mane like hair over his head to conceal himself. "...Yeah were on North watson street..This is the red..light district.." He said pointing behind him at the array of Prostitutes lined up on the corner. A cop car rolled by, honking his horn at one of the girls and she leaned over the passanger seat window. They exchanged words and it was easily seeable that the officer had turned off his dispatcher and his cars camera. The female entered the Cop Vechile, closing the door behind her. Keyth watched the transaction and crossed his arms, finally taking one of the cigerattes from the pack she offered. " Thanks." He said lightning it with the gold Zippo. He eyed her attire, cocking his left eyebrow. " It's a bit cold for what your sporting... where you headed?" He said putting his hands into his pockets. " It's not safe for anyone to be walking around D-1 at these kinds of hours." If the female looked at the young 21 year old. It was clearly evident that he had seen some fights. An 'X' shaped scar sat across his left cheek. And a scar over his right eyebrow as well. A Bandaid sat on the bridge of his noes and his bright golden eyes always seemed to be overly focused. As if he was always on alert for something. " C'mon, i got time. I'll take you where your headed." He said putting his hands behind his head. That's when he saw a male sticking up a female in an alleyway litteraly right across the street from them. "...Hold that thought." He said walking over to the other side of the street. " C'MON BITCH! GIMMIE THE FUCKING MONEY! I DONT GOT ALL DAY! ITS CHRISTMAS TIME YOU KNOW. I NEED TO GIVE MY BITCHES SOME NEW SHOES!" A punch was wailed into the back of the muggers head. But when he turned, nothing was there. Simply the shadows... When he turned again to the right this time. He'd see a pair of bright golden eyes in the shadows. He sqwented for a moment... his eyes dead set focused when suddenly, his right arm had been pulled forward. Making him drop his weapon. Keyth stepped out of the shadow holding the man by his wrist with his arm twisted. Then commencing with a full over the shoulder judo throw into the wall. Making the male lose conciousness with one powerful slam to the wall. The lady who had been mugged had already ran off at this point. Keyth squatted down. Taking the Magzines out of the muggers pistol and putting it in his back pocket. Taking 50 dollars out of the mans pocket and tossing the wallot back onto his knocked out face. QUickly making his way back over to the girl he had just previously met. " Sorry about that... so yeah. You want me to help you get to where you need to goooo... orrrr?" He said rubbing the back of his neck.
Repulsive: Her shoulders shlumped back down with a sigh hearing that she was exactly where she was supposed to be, her facial expression following hearing it's reputation. "Sounds like home then.." Let her eyes follow to where he was pointing, looking over the barely dressed women. "The authorities don't do anything about it then i'm guessing?" Closing the box and placing it back into her jumper. "Here it seems, do you know where the appartment building is?" Dragging her satchul back onto her shoulder with a heave, it obviously being heavy. "There hours? It's not even late, is it that unsafe here?" Looking about herself and taking in more of her surroundings, only to be more dissapointed. "I take it you're not from around here then?" Cut off mid sentance by his rush off onto the other side of the street, watching the scene unfold. She found it hard to take in at first, but accepted it for what it was. She was obviously going to need to buy herself something to defend herself with, and by the looks of things, a blade wasn't going to do much. Making a mental note to invest in a gun. Feeling rather novice in this neighbourhood, she had heard of the supernatural , but never witnessed it in person. She no longer knew how to take the man, she probably shouldn't of asked for his help, or anyones help for that matter. When he came back her composure was obviously more contained and self protective. "It's fine.. I think. Could you just point out to me where the appartment building is? I'm sure i'll be able to find my way from there." Taking a firm hold on her suitcase this time, somewhat unsure if he was going to snatch it from her, looking about to see what direction he was going to point. Her eyes firmly planted on the gun which he had quickly obtained. "Thank you, by the way." Nervously replying.

HollowJak: -Jason sighed as he rubbed the back of his neck and lifed his right arm to look at his watch in all honesty he had probably arrived at the warehouse far too early but he had been wanting to get it done so he could do some business and some training but well he had to remember that these folks may just work on a different schedule. taking a long drag of his ciggarete he walked over to the main doors which were open wide so that anyone could walk in though he was not doing regular business till the holidays were over with he was still willing to take some clients if the money was right with a sigh he let the dead ciggarete drop from his mouth and took out another putting it to his lips and lighting it- fuck all its cold out here son of a bitch -he held the ciggarete in his lips as he rubbed his hands together wondering where the workers were and wishing hed all the people to his cell phone note to self ask for numbers when your going to be working with peple it'll help you immensely. he took a long drag and took the ciggarete from his mouth knocking the ashes down into the snow from the tip of the ciggarete and looking around trying to see if he saw anyone though he saw what looked like a spec of a car coming down the street he could see nothing else so he simply shrugged-

Guest_Vincent902: The car came up into the warehouse district. Seeing a warehouse opened he assumed that this was the place. Seeing a male standing out there the boy looked at Walter. “It will just be me Walter, you stay” His driver understood. The boy got out of the car holding a suitcase colored black containing 2.5million dollars. He walked over to the male seeing as it was the guy he has meet twice the boy stopped and blinked. “So…. Um we meet again I guess.” The boy said awkwardly as he stood out in the open looking at the male. His blue eyes turned purple from the suns reflectance. “So I am guessing you’re the person I would make transaction with…. Right?” Kakubo said as he stood there blinking as he felt slightly scared as he saw the warehouse and the male once again but he put it behind him as he remembered his spirit as a Tsukuyomi and head of the family and Ceo of the BLAO he could not allow his fear to show but it would be hard for him. “Um, please to make your acquaintance. I am Kakubo Tsukuyomi.” The boy said as he always made a formal introductory. Not thinking if the male would care or even know the name.
xXAyperosXx: Ayperos keeps walking till they get to a rather huge clearing and he stops and Lenris looks at him. "Why are we stopping?" Ayperos doesn't say anything and backs up to where he stood a bit behind him. "Lets have a training session. Take our minds off of other things." Lenris nods and goes to get into his hand to hand fighting stance. Ayperos shakes his head, "Nah. Draw your swrord. If you going to carry it around you need to know how to use it." Lenris nods and Draws the large watoshi katana, holding it infront of him with both hand and his feet spread appart a bit. Ayperos smiles and draw both blades on his back and starts to spin around a bit. and the spead his legs appart, his left sword infront of him and the right behind him. "Well , come on." Lenris looks at him. "Are you sure? Are you able to fight still with that eyepatch?" Aypperos looks at him with a blank face. 'Just come at me." Lenris shugs and runs at him full peakhuman speed and slashes straight down. Ayperos quicklu uses both swords to block it with a loud clang. Ayperos then uses the swords and pushes him back with a good amount of force, making Lenris slide back. ayperos smiles a bit. "Come on bro, You can do better than that." He chuckles a bit and waves his hand at Lenris. Lenris then comes at him once more in full speed and this time slashs from left to right. Ayperos backs up, moveing the swords in the right possition and one could just hear. "Clang, clang clang,clang!" In really fast paces. Ayperos then started to send his own combo of attacks at Lenris the same speed Lenris had been comeing at him. Lenris nervously blocks Ayperos but didn't expect a lower strike and Ayperos slice him on the stomach, but only just a slight cut. "Hey!" Ayperos spins around and stops the blade touching Lenris Neck."Never get used to the same attack over and over. It leave you enemy an opening to change the attack, and that could be the end of you. Secondly, never stop deffending yourself untill your enemy is dead." Ayperos leave a little cut on Lenris neck and backs up flipping the sword around. "Again, and this time act as though your life is on the line." Lenris rubs the sid of his neck and then nods and gets ready to attack once more. Ayperos gets ready for his brother attack and smirks. Lenris comes at him and strikes the same way he did before. Ayperos blocks the attacks once more, but then Lenris goes way low and goes to slice Ayperos legs. Ayperos simply steps back and then steps on the sword with his right boot and then bops Lenris on the head with the blunt end of the straight katana. Lenris let go of his katana and held his head and Ayperos then kicked him right in the chest, making him fly back and slide on the ground on his back. Lenris gets up and hold his chest. "Come on, that was no fair!" Ayperos didn't say a work and then threw his left katana in the sidwalk, the sword sticking a good 6 inches in and he then kicked up Lenris' katana and caught it by the hilt. "That was a good attack, but never leave your head open." He through the katana back at Lenris and he catches it. Ayperos then grabs his katana and pulls it out of the ground and gets back in fighting possition. "Again!" Lenris was starting to get pissed and ran at him again attacking him left to right. Ayperos blocks accordingly but then Lenris hits the blade and then spins around behind Ayperos and is able to slice him right across the back It only cuts his suit though seeing he was wearing his adamantium armor under it. Ayperos moves forword. a bit and turns around. 'Not bad kid. Again." Lenris nods and goes at him more. His sword staight up above his head. Ayperos whats for Lenris to get close and right before Lenris slashes down Ayperos kneels down a frips his right katana on the blunt end and shoot forword, sending the blunt end of the sword right into Lenris stomach. The force lifts Lenris off the ground and knocks the breath out of him with a heavy heave. Lenris sword falling to the ground with a cling behind Ayperos. Lenris falls to the ground coughing and trying to catch his breath as he holds his stomach. "Never.. have the sword above your head. It leaves your entire body open to attack." Ayperos flips his swords around and then sheaths them on his back and picks up Lenris sword and holds out his other hand to help him up. Lenris grabs his hand and gets up and Ayperos hands him his sword and Lenris sheaths it. "Lesson over, you actually did pretty good for a nooby." Lenris looks at Ayperos. "Alright pirate." He laughs a bit as Ayperos just looks at him. "Want me to hit you again?" Lenris stops laughing and shakes his head. ayperos nods and they then continue to walk through D1.
Gusman101: -Gus was busy with his sketchbook, drawing possible upgrades for not only his arm, but also for himself.- Hmmm maybe a suit or something.....I could make a glove for my other hand...-Gus pushed these ideas out of his mind and decided to focus on his automail, placing it on the counter and pulling out his second tool box, grabbing his goggles and started removing the paneling, examining the inner workings of his arm. After doing this for several years Gus knew is something was out of place, and he also knew what hurt like hell when touched. Gus carefully removed any dirt or residue he could find, and started removing the old wires and taking new ones out of the box he had recieved earlier that day. The task was tedious yes, but Gus enjoyed it. The ability to use something he had helped sustain was intoxicating to him. Gus smiled and started to put the wiring back together, making sure that anything new was put in the right place, then sealed it all in, carefully screwing the nuts and bolts back into their original place. Gus then proceeded to start cleaning the exterior, gently washing and drying areas that were prone to wear. As he cleaned his fingers found a cut, nothing serious but he knew excactly were it was from. Gus's head lowered as he put his head in his hands, remembering the first time he had killed someone. Quickly and with great effort he pushed the thoughts out of his mind. Once he had finished his tuneup he decided to people watch. Propping open the doors to the shop, Gus smiled as he saw people he knew, not that they were close to him, just people such as his neighbors and other denizens of District 1-

Littlemermaidary: Ariel would shake her head at Steph and whisper “Why would you tell me to come with you to this” she stood behind the group of Stephanie’s friends while the transaction was being made and Steph would whisper back “Kenny didn’t want to make an extra stop plus I told him that you were my best friend he wanted to meet you” Ariel would simple roll her eyes and to the side and try not to make eye contact with the drug dealers when she overheard an exchange of words “So this is going to clear up my debt  with you right?” She heard Kenny say “Yea you will be good, as long as you got the right girl”. “The right girl” Ariel thought to herself and right as she was about to walk away Ryan grabbed her arms and turned her to face the drug dealers. Ariel was looking at the ground “Let me see her eyes” Ryan would pull her hair and have her look up revealing her golden eyes. “Kenny what’s going on, let her go?” said Steph. “Don’t worry about we will be gone soon” he would reply. “Looks like we found little miss Tasanagi “The man would look over at them “You better keep that girls mouth shut if you want to keep her alive, and if you want to get out of here alive, now just hand me the girl” Ryan was about to pass Ariel over to the drug dealers but Ariel had different plans she through her head back smashing his nose into the back of her head causing him to loosen his grip on her, she would grab his wrist and flip him over before taking of at full sprint while holding on to Steph’s Arm. She heard gunshots but she didn’t bother to look back. “Catch her!!” She knew they were following and in a place she didn’t know all she could hope was to get her and Steph out alive.

DeliriousAres: Keyth watched her tense up. " Hey..." He said lowering the tone of his voice. "... It's uh.. back that way." He said pointing towards the apartment complex up the street. " You'd be right up there..." He said to her. He could see how he had frightened her. Her expression on her face, and her posture told it all. Keyth sighed putting the pistol on safety, handing her the 50 dollars and giving her the clips for the gun. " Here." He said to her after wiping it clean of any smuges. " Dont use this unless you have to. It's not a toy. You'll need something like this around here." When he handed her the gun. He heard a barrage of gun fire. Only to see " Ariel...? " What he saw was her, and some other female running for there lives out of some odd area. What was running behind her... had made his skin crawl. His teeth clenched ".... Sorry. I gotta go again. Take care ok? be safe!" If the female looked at the gun, and within the wod of money he had slipped his cell phone number into the wod of cash. " Dont be a stranger now!" He said taking off his back pack and taking off in a full sprint. If Ariel had looked forward she'd see her brother running full speed at her and her friend only to leap over there heads once he had made it within 2 feet of them both. Hovering over his sisters body he'd land right infront of her attackers. " WHO THE FUCK IS THAT!?" They said stopping in there tracks firing at him without thought. The bullets would hit his body only to fling off due to the Hierro technique. Something that didnt require as much as chi so it could handle small gun fire even with the snows restriction. Keyth slowly stood between his sister and the goons. His head tilted up high he opened his eyes and the goons both gasped. " N-No fucking way! Out of all places!" Keyth continued to walk to the two. "...When you threaten my loved ones.." (( He said his hair hanging over his face as he gritted his teeth. His fist in tight clenched. " Then your dead to me." The goons would all start to run only to run right into keyth. " WHAT!? HE WAS RIGHT BEHIND US?! H-HOW DID H-GAWWKK!" His hands latched around to the goons necks raising them both into the air. The Last remaining two rushed out of the area firing shots at Keyth. Only for him to twist his body to the right so that the gun fire would litter the man he had in his right hand. Tossing his dead body to the ground he dashed froward with the other one. using him as a full human shield. " SHOOT EM! SHOOT THE MOTHER FU-!" As the last 3 shot at Keyth, the would have oblitherated there comrade that Keyth had been using as a meat shield. Keyth threw him to the side as well once he came into 2 feet with the rest of the men. He lunged his right hand into one guys neck snapping it with a hard CRACK! Only to twist his body in a 360 motion and send a back hand into one of the goons face caving his nose into his skull. He turned to the last one... who had been crawling on the ground for his life. It'd be Ariels friends boyfriend who led her to this mess anyways. " Ariel..." Keyth said putting his right foot on the males neck. He picked up the glock one of his buddies heads cocking it back. And then aiming the gun at her friends boyfriends head. If  Ariel would have came over to Keyth when he called her over. He would have looked at her out of the corner of his eye. " Say the word, and i'll do it. Let the last one go... or do you want me to scatter his brains over the concrete." Kenny would begin to cry under the pressure of Keyths boot as he waited for Ariel to answer him.

HollowJak: -Jason looked at the young boy and gave a sigh great another one of them kids looking to buy a gun- look kid i'll sell ya but if you go and shoot up Tetsu high school thats all on you not me i dont want to see your fucking parents on the tv blaming someone other than you im gonna be pissed now you said your name was Kakubo right? what do you need? probably looking to get something a bit out of your class well come on now hurry it up i aint got all day -he turned and walked into the warehouse he hadnt meant to be testy with the guy but hed already been waiting for two hours and he was hungry and far from in the best of moods he jst wanted to sell the kid a gun and get his day over with myabe head over to the toyota burger shack/car dealership to get himself some food they did have some pretty great burgers. stopping in the center of the warehouse which was filled with crates neatly set into rows near every pile of crates was a gun set into a wood stand it was the floor model he put for each gun in stalk walking to a little side area where he kept the fifty caliber sniper rifles he waved a hand at them- these right here are off limits to ya kid dont care about the excuse but these are only for people i know have the ability to use them effectively -he stood there silently tapping his foot as he waited to hear what the kid wanted to buy-

Guest_Vincent902: “I am no ordinary kid. I am head of the Tsukuyomi Family” The boy walked in his heels clicking against the ground as he felt slightly upset himself. “I have no parents; both deceased and I run an organization.” The boy saw guns lots of gun. Seeing a fifty caliber sniper rifle he grinned but then heard what the male said which made him feel dull. “I’ll need one those. “ The boy said as he looked at the 50 Cal sniper rifles. “I was wondering of what kind of unique weapons you sell…. This is my first time dealing with a weapons dealer. So I would like to know what you carry in stock.” The boy said as he looked to the male waiting for responses to his answers and hoped to not be treated as a kid.

xXAyperosXx: Ayperos and Lenris walk through D1 and Ayperos sees that he was getting close to Jasons werehouse And a car in the fron. "Seems Jason has a customer. " He then slapps himself in the head and calls up the people he had to work in his werehouse. "You have 10 minutes to get to the werehouse. I told you what time to the there this morning." He hangs up the phone and continues to walk. "Come on Len, Lets see what Jason is up to. No questions, just lets go." Lenris nods and they both walk to stand  there at the werehouse and look at the care. They both shrugged and then stood there. Ayperos got out his phone and texted to Jason. "Sorry that the workers arnt here yet. I told them when to be here. Speaking of, Me and my brother are outside. Don't worry about him, he knows what i do." He sends the text and puts away his phone, now waiting to see if Jason either comes out or if He texts Ayperos back.

Gusman101: -Gus kept watching the people and squinted at what seemed to be a man deflecting bullets. Gus's jaw dropped, then quickly came back to his senses and was quite astonished when the let the last thug go.- Just another day in District 1 I guess. -Gus decided it should be time to close up shop. He closed the doors and locked, then proceeded to empty out the register. Gus gathered up his tools and also the money, then proceeded to use the hidden stairwell up back to his apartment. Once inside he put the money into his safe, and laid out his materials onto his work table, still unable to decide what to add to his arm next. Gus sighed- Oh well, I'm sure something will come to me sooner or later, I just gotta wait for some inspiration.

Repulsive: Eleanoire looked took ahold of the gun along with the money and pushed them into her pockets, somewhat glad that he had to run. "Thank you?" She called after him, although the money and such wasn't actually his, it was the victim of his punches. But it was him that handed it to her. She turned around and drug her suitcase and satchul up the road, relighting her cigerette and making her way into the appartment complex, finding her place and setting her belongings on the couch. "When they said bed provided I assumed they ment the frame aswell.. " Glancing over to the matress on the floor with a murmur. She pulled out the gun and examined it more carefully, along with the wad of cash. She counted out the money, £50 bucks was alot, could buy herself some sheets, food and some more smokes. Stumbling across his number, at first she tossed it aside, but then picked it back up and pulled up the contact list on her phone, titling him as 'violant man'. Followed by sending the number a simple text with "Thank you for the cash. - Eleanoire."

HollowJak: -Jason would sigh- here is what i have currently in stock and franlky head of whatever doesnt matter to me -he takes a piece of paper from a nearby crate and holds it out  to the boy- this is what i curently have in stock now if you have the money in cash then we'll talk i dont take credit cards and i dont take checks ( <------- whats on the paper well the stock that is) so if youve got business with me if he could conclude it promptly that would be nice because im going to be heading out soon to get some food and take a dashower -he would yawn and if the boy would take the paper he would take another ciggarete from his pack letting the dead one fall to the warehouse floor as he put it to his lips and lit it he usually didnt smoke nearly as much as he was now but he was trying to keep himself from getting too annoyed in general taking a long drag he looked up- so tell me what you want, give me the money, and pack it up and leave though i will require that you transport your own goods as my help has yet to arrive and the old truck needs to get its back axel fixed -hearing his phone ring he would take it out of his pocket and look through it seeing the text from ayperos he would type out a quick mesage "currently oing some business with some kid go ahead and come on in the security system is in standby so you'll be fine besides i need to put your id chip into your arm so you can walk in freely-

Guest_Vincent902: Kakubo takes the paper and begins to read the stock of what was in the warehouse and blinks “A bladed bullwhip, two desert eagles and one L96A1.” He read threw the paper to see if anything else he wanted. “I was hoping to get armor-piercing rounds for the sniper rifle alone…. Um how much?” He said looking to the male as he did not know if he was asking the right question or know if he could just by one or if he had to buy the create of them.  He wished he asked his assistant to do this for him as he did not himself want to feel stupid. “Other than that I think that would be all I would want. And or need”. He said looking to the male. “How much would that be anyway?”  He asked curiously as he only had a limit of 2.5 million dollars to spend and if he had to wire more money he would feel stupid more a less.
xXAyperosXx: Ayperos stands there for a moment and then took out his phone again and saw that Jason told him to come on in. Ayperos puts away his phone and starts to walk in. "Don't touch anything Lenris.." Lenris just Looks at him. "i'm not a kid you dick." Ayperos just blows it off and finds Jason and walks leaning to the side and crosses his arms. Lenris leans on the door away from everyone, he was still pretty pissed that Ayperos beat the hell out of him, but he knows by now how all his family trains, so he knows he will get payback one day.

Ariel's heart was beating 100 miles an hour her grip on Steph was strong and there was no way she would let her go. As she ran she saw a shadow of a man jump over her Ariel kept running but looked over her shoulder and to her surprise it was Keyth, she had never been so happy to see him. She saw and all she could do was smile and look as he beat the living crap out the guys. She glanced over at Steph "Ariel I'm so sorry I didn't, know I..." Steph would start balling her eyes out. Ariel would just look at her and say nothing, she didn't know what to say, what was there to say, there was nothing okay about what happened. She heard Keyth call her over, she slowly walked up and looked at him and listened to his questions kill him or don't the answer to that wast hard but she didn't want Keyth to do she wanted to do it herself. She took the gum from Keyth and smiled at him. "Oh my gawd" was all Ariel could here from behind her as Stephs balling got louder. Ariel gave a malicious smile and pulled the trigger and all you heard was a loud BOOM! Followed by more crys but this time they came from Kenny. Ariel had shot him in the leg and handed the gun back to Keyth. "Your lucky I don't believe in an eye for an eye ass wipe" Ariel looked at Keyth "do what you want from here bro I want nothing else to do with him"
DeliriousAres: Keyth watched as Ariel froze. Her best friend turning her head from the sight. Keyth looked down at Kenny his gun hovering over his face. ".... Get up." He said Jerking him up by his shirt and throwing him into the wall then pistol whipping him across the face knocking him out. "...." He put the gun in his back pocket and called a cab. Putting Ariel and her friend in the car before telling his sister not to come to this area alone again. When the cab drove off. He pulled out his cellphone. Seeing a text message from the girl he had just met. Smirking he'd text her back. " No Problem. Since your new around town. We should hang out again soon. I dont live to far. Sorry if i freaked you out... living here will do that to you. Promise im not as bad as i may seem. Later." Keyth put the gun in his back pocket. Making his way further down the street with his hands in his pockets.
HollowJak: -Jason would sigh as he walked over to the relevant crates pulling out two desert eagles and an 196A1 setting them on a crate after a moment he set two boxes of 7.6 armor piercing ammo onto the crate next to the guns mildly annoyed- that'll be 13k in cash if you want them but youd have to carry them yourself -looking up to see ayperos and a strange man who looked vaguely like him leaning against the other side of the door raising his hand he calls out to them- sorry about the wait guys i'll be with you in a little bit to set in your id chips  installed for now head over to my office hell you could even put them in yourselves their on the desk just put them into any part of your body with that wicked looking device next to them and it will mark you as a basic friendly until i can make you a custom chip though ayperos get the chip with the black mark rather than the gold that'll allow you access to the other cache of weapons -he left it at that as he looked back towards the boy knowing that ayperos would know what he meant by the other stash-
Guest_Vincent902: The boy opens the suit case pulling out the exact amount of money putting the eagels and ammo in the suitcase with the money. He carried the sniper rifle in his hands and looked at the male passing him a cell number "I am hoping we can make more transactions. And if you know anyone that sells costom and or unique weapons please call." The boy said no more and walked to the door. He saw two people and gave a nice smile pulling out his suitcase and sniper. "Hello and goodbye" Kakubo said as he got into his Mercades and told his guard to drive home. He was happy to now have new weapons  since his own were old. He had now the weapons he had that would soon be costumized to his fit. He looked to Walter and blinked as the sniper rifle laid next to him sideways. "That was easier then I thought Walter. I just hope he calls, I would like to get to know more people and maybe get to spend more money on something better." The boy said and his guard nodded as the drove back to the Tsukuyomi home.
xXAyperosXx: Ayperos looks at the chip and the device, he then walks up and puts the one with the black mark on it in and sticks it into his neck and inject the chip in. He then puts the second in and walks up to Lenris and grabs his arm injecting it as well. Lenris groans and looks at Ayperos. "What the fuck? Why did you do that?" Ayperos bops him in the head. "Because you will be with me most the time and you need that." Lenris groans and rubs his arm and at this time The other people that are here to help Jason walks in. Ayperos and Lenris get out of the way. "There you go. And be sure to cut me some of the money you got from that." Ayperos chuckles and they both leave, heading back home.

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