DeliriousAres: Colt's voice echoed in keyths head. Speaking to him via ear-piece. " Remember our Deal Tasanagi... dont screw this up. Or you'll be in the big house faster than you can say Drive-by..." Keyth gritted his teeth turning Colts voice off as he put his hands into his pockets. Making his way to the front line up of a group other new recruicts for the clan that Colt had sent him out on. " So your the other new guy? Your fuckin late get in line." Keyth pulled his hands into his pockets listening to the Satsuyomi clan Lieutenant chew him out. " Listen up. Im sending all of you assholes in there to get kill this guy." The Lieutenant showed a picture of a fat mob lord, a hologramhed photography image that sprouted from his celluar device. More than likely from some secruicty hack. " He's in Club Lahana... right behind me. I need you to get in there, and kill him. All five of you will be given 15 minutes. Whoever succeeds in offing the fat fuck will get promoted to one of our ranks. Be swift and dont get fucking caught you assholes. If you die you die, dont rat us out. Here. Take these." The Lieutenant gave them all white pills forcing them to swallow it. " If any of you rat us out, these pills have a sucide effect, killing you motherfuckers instantly. You got that?" The Lieutenant slicked his gel'd hair back as he gave the rest of the guys a smirk. " Get a fuckin move on!" Keyth tilted his head up, sliding his hands into his leather jacket pockets as he eyed the man demanding for the death request. Walking away from the group, Keyth pressed the ear piece on his ear. " You want me to do this? He's asking me to kill a guy..." He said to colt. Colt returned with a smark remark. " You heard the man, get a fucking move on." Keyth sighed turning it off. He watched the rest of the other recruicts go through the front door. His eyes zoned in to the back door of the club. Slipping his hands into his pockets as he made his way in undetected.

HollowJak: Michaels feet hits the cold pavement slowly though the cold did not bother him much he still wore the pair of slacks he had been since he broke out of the lab beneath the building in district two though he had added to his attire a black shirt with a white hoodie pulled over as well as a pair of white sneakers he had spent the money he robbed off the two men wisely first buying some clothes, then food, then renting a room in a small dingy motel in district one though he still had no memories he was far from stupid his mind always abuzz with what he could do to improve his situation as of yet he had begun to disrupt robberys and muggings usually taking money from the wallets of the would be thief after he was done beating them thoroughly but never kiling them he somehow knew too much death would attract attention to him and he didnt want that some small fear in his chest telling hium he would be killed or worse because of it. turning down a street he sees an odd man with slicked back hair shouting at a line of others who then proceeded to make their way into the club all but one who appeared to be heading in through another way smiling softly michael proceeded to himself go through the front door of the club flipping his hody up to cover his head as he did looking around he saw nothing in particular worth noting right off the back so he payed the cover charge for getting in an odd thing of two thousand what thye called monoply dollars after a moment of explanation Michael would sigh and exchange some of his cash for the toy money before heading inside looking around to see where the men went-
HollowJak: *-Michaels feet hit

HollowJak: Ayperos sighs. He was currently on the top of the Akiyama building, sitting on the edge. He wasn't one to show other his emotions, so thats why he sat so high above the people of the city. He looks down and can see all the people leading their normal lives. Free of almost everything, but Ayperos was much further than free. He had so much on his mind. HFH, his job, whats left of his family. But one thing was trying to get out more than any of these.. Bloodlust, the urge to kill, the urge to spill blood. It whats clawing at him like a monster biteing at its cage. Ayperos puts his face in his hands and keeps it there for a momennt. He looks up and sees himself, floating there in the are. But the one he was looking at was different. his eyes bright red and an evil smile on his face, his mouth filled with rows of sharp jagged teeth. It speaks irs voice dark and seemed to echo. "You can't hold me in forever Ayperos. I ill break out. And blood will fill the streets." Ayperos shakes his head. "No.. I will fight you till my dieing breath. " The dark one laughs. "And that will be the day I take over. And i will Destroy everything you hold dear." Ayperos shakes his head and it starts to laugh."" it continues to laugh and Ayperos Draws his gun rather quickly and points it in the direction it was, But it was gone. Ayperos sighs and starts to knock the gun against his head. If he doesn't find a way to coexist with his darkness soon, it will take over and when it does.. Blood will spill.. He sat there for a moment longer and then got up, putting his gun away and goes back inside and starts locking everything up and then goes into the elevater and heads out of the building and gets in his car, not starting it up, but just sits there, thinking to himself for a moment, and then starts it up and head out on the road.

Guest_Vincent902: Within Club Lahana, Kakubo wondered how he got dragged into this shit hole and why he felt like he would pass out. He then remembered that he asked an off shift guard that worked for him if he knew any fun places. Kakubo felt dizzy from a drink he had at the bar. He placed his hand to his face as he felt the room spinning a bit until he shook his head a few times. The music was load and everyone looked like shit but his off duty guard was having a fuckin blast. “He’s so fired.” The boy stumbled to the back door of the club to see a male figure enter. He looked like the guy that took one of his cars. But it was too hazy for him to tell. Kakubo bumped into the male and then went out the he back door of Club Lahana. He heard the door close behind him and with that he pressed his shoulder to the side of the building as he felt limp “Fuck…. I got to…. Call, Walter” The boy got his phone out of his pocket and dialed his personal bodyguard. No answer came; either he was busy, training or taking his normal day to day shower. “Fuck… Got to… Get home” Kakubo said as he took a few steps out of the back alley of Club Lahana only to fall to his hands and knees on the sidewalk. He coughed up siliva and vomit. He felt so ill and dizzy. He got up and turned his head to see a male stand there. He blinked for a moment and got up the strength to call up his bodyguard again to get an answer. “W-Walter, Come pick me up…. Club Lahana…” The last words of the boy… he fell on his back leaning against the front of the building now sitting on the sidewalk waiting for his bodyguard to come. Walter back at Tsukuyomi home in district one. Got into the car he drives Kakubo around in and peels out of the driveway out onto the road going to pick up Kakubo. He judged by the tone in his voice that Mr. Tsukuyomi was in trouble or in danger. It was a 30 minute drive on the GPS and a lot could happen within said time.

DeliriousAres: Keyth pulled his hands into his pockets. Removing his jacket and picking up a fork and a knife. His hands rested deeply around the blade in his hands he put it in his back pocket. He eyed his target. His eyes dead set on the large man eating at the table around a multitude of people in the club. When he was walking to the restroom, a smaller young man would bump into him. Keyth recognized him immedatly, remembering how he through him into a cub butt naked when he was trying to run out of the hospital. He eyed the male with an angry expression before he watched him pass by, leaving out of the backway of the club that he had just entered in with. Keyth popped a pill, one of those Chi pills Aiden had made with the help of Ochigi and Claymore but it was all Aiden. Keyth walked into the restroom. Feeling the effects immeadtly. When he walked into the rest room two of the other new guys went inside of the restroom as well. They looked at each other, nodding there heads. Keyth had been washing his hands staring at the mirror as the music played in the background. (( His eyes looked at the mirror and then back out at the other Yakuza recruicts taking a piss. "...Fucking... Drake.." He said shaking his head. When he pulled from the sink. One of the recruits came around with a brick he had stashed in his jacket pocket. He swung it at Keyths head, forcing him to lean out of the way with a side step. Making the brick smash against the sink. Keyth wrapped his right leg over the males extended striking arm he used to try to hit him with the brick with. With his arms pinned down to the sink. Keyth Twisted his body and slammed his right elbow back into the bridge of the man's nose, shattering it making blood spurt from his nostrails as he fell back with his eyes rolling to the back of his head. He fell back holding his nose,dropping the brick in the sink. Only for the other goon to lunge forward attempting to impale Keyth with the blade. Keyth Spun gripping the brick at the same time. Using the open holes of the brick to catch the combat blade. Keyth twisted the brick, making it blade get stuck in it. Jerking his arm back holding the brick it forced the Yakuza to get lean forward to where Keyth sent a right leg into the males elbow making the bone burst out of his arm breaking. When he got ready to shout, Keyth slammed the brick in his mouth forcing him to bite down on it. Pushing him into a stall he kicked him into a toilet seat with the brick in his mouth. "AAAAAAAAH!" He shouted at the top of his lungs and lean forward booting the brick into the males jaw... breaking all of his teeth and knocking him out. Keyth dragged the other recurict into the stall and cleaned himself up. He took the extra combat knife putting it into his boot. Making his way outside of the bathroom he looked left to right nonchalantly. Going to the bar and ordering a drink. Plotting on his next move.
DeliriousAres: cab*

HollowJak: -Already insidethe club michael scanned the place with his eyes looking for any one who may be important but only seeing a few regular people he shrugged though he had seen a large man eating at a table none of it seemed odd to him really in the least walking towards hte bar he pulled his wallet from his pocket and picked through counting out what money he had before reaching the bar he had counted that he only had around a thousand dollars left and slipping it back into his pocket made a mental note to patrol the streets when he was finished checking out the bar.he took a seat next to keyth though he had no idea who he was and had only seen the man sneaking through another entrance with the barest of glances looking to his right at keyth he coughed slightly not quite used to talking to people- excuse me could you tell me what would be something good to purchase? ive never drank before atleast as far as i can remember so any suggestion would be nice -he cursed himself in his head that had come out awkward to say the least and no doubt he would be getting another odd look liek the one he had gotten from the woman who occupied the ffront desk at his hotel none the less he stayed persistent watching the man and waiting for some sort of answer finding it better to persist than give up-

Guest_Vincent902: Walter driving to toward Club Lahana to pick up Mr. Tsukuyomi, stopped as there had been an accident not surprisingly as it was the infamous district 1. A car accident had happened and someone had died not really important to Walter. He looked to the GPS which had found a detour route it was an hour and a half drive or close to two because the route was a long way around. He had to do what was right because he himself did not want to tarnish the reputation the Tsukuyomi’s had so far upheld. He turned the car around and started for the long way around. “Forgive me, Kakubo.” Walter said to himself as he gripped the steering wheel tightly as he drove. Out front on the side of Club Lahana sat Kakubo. He was now conscious but still weak to get up from the effects of whatever drug had been slipped to him in his drink. He sat there wishing the spinning would stop and for his eyes to become unblur. For him this was a bad predicament. No weapon like before as he did not have time, no hidden blade, nothing but a cell and 1,000 dollars he had left over. He lost some motor function in his legs but not his arms. He took out his phone and called his uncle Ozai. It picked up “Hey….. Uncle…” He said and in response to his uncle “Kakubo, what’s wrong… Why are you talking like that are you okay?” His uncle was known for being a worrisome person. He did not like to lie to his uncle but if he told the truth he would be scolded which he did not like “No I… I just woke up… I had a little nap a while ago…. I just called to say hi…. I forgot why I called to be honest…. So I am going to hang up now…. Goodbye” The boy hung up the phone and laid there. He saw some men pass him by but luckily they did not stop to see the boy. Kakubo looked to the snowy sidewalk to the side of him and sighed a foggy like breath came from his mouth and he could tell it was getting slightly colder. He just sat there and waited for either someone he knew to help him or his Bodyguard to come get him. Which he hoped was sooner than later.

DeliriousAres: (( he took a sip of the drink that had been passed to him. Keyth eyed the Vodka before turning to answer the stranger. "...Dont drink any of this shit. It'll kill you." He said breaking a bullet in half that had in his pocket. Letting the powder trickle down into the drink. He chugged it down and shook his head. "...If i were you. I'd get the fuck out of here in five minutes."Keyth said pulling from the bar. His hands swining around to his pockets as he began to walk around the club. The lights flashing over his face hiding his shadow. The large man was getting bis cock blown off by two girls as he lay back in his seat. Keyth watched... his body disappearing and reappearing in random shadows. Everytime the lights flashed on Keyths body he could be seen. But when they were off of him... he was invisbile to the eye it seemed. Looking like he litterally vanished from thin air. His hands swung out. Pulling the large 5 inch Combat knife he got from the other Yakuza. His body slowly making its way through the flashing darkness of the club. His bright golden eyes being the only thing you could see on his face. He was orginally 6 feet from his target, the lights flashing away from him. But when they drifted they were gone. And just like that... when they drifted back onto him...Within an instant he was behind the man. The two girls blowing the fat man looked up in shock.Keyth pulled his fingers to his lips making the 'shhhh..' sound. His eyes flaring a bright red. The girls eyes had turned red in return. One of Keyome's old mind-techniques he could do when he was younger. It was an Odd Tasanagi trait... being able to bend weaker minds. They continued, doing as Keyth asked under some form of trance? Keyth gripped tightly to the blade. When the music had gotten loud. He gripped the fat man's neck. Plunging the blade through the juglar and ripping it, from ear to ear. Blood spurred over the table. And onto the two girls. Stabbing the man in the throat forced him to ejaculate. Keyth Leaned back. Putting a towel in his mouth and tieing it to the back of the chair tilting the man's head back as blood poured from his wound. He leaned down. " Nothing personal." He said leaning back up, his eyes returning back to there dark gold before he vanished litterally when the lights flickered on him. Keyth stepped out of the back of the club. Eyeing the Setsuyomi clan lieutenant. Dropping the bloody knife at his feet, Keyth walked away. The Lieutenant picked up the knife. " I like how you work kid. Come see my next week..." Keyth pulled his jacket on, Giving the guy a peace sign before he made his way to the front of the club. Spotting the kid who'd called himself helping him the other day. "...." Keyth rememberd what Claymore told himm about this kid, he knew who he was... a big background check was done on him. He was loaded with money. Images of Keyomi and Kin popped into Keyths head as he pulled the pistol from the inside of his jacket. It was a glock nothing major. Walking over to the kid. "...." Keyth cocked the gun overhis head. " Get up. Were going for a ride." He'd knee the boy in the face while he was down, and if the hit knocked him out he'd drag him to his car. Opening up his trunk and throwing the boy inside. He made sure to take the boys cell phone from him if he had knocked him out. Driving about 4 miles out. Keyth would be sitting on top of a hill in Kasaihana. It had the words. ' HANA' Across the hill in billboard letters like they had Hollywood in cali. Keyth walked to the trunk of his car. Taking out his pistol. He fired two bullet holes into the trunk. "...Got cha some air holes now." At some point, Keyth had tied the boys mouth and hands together. He sat on the trunk of the car. Calling the last contact he called. This walter guy. "...Yo, i got your little femboy in my trunk." Keyth looked behind him. (( " This is what i want you to do... " Keyth said smoking a cigeratte. The smoke flowing from his lips as he turned up the chop and screwed hip hop in his car. ".... I want you to come to the HANA letters at the top of North Donnie Yun Street. No fucking around... i want 1,000,000 in cash within the next two hours. Or your little teeny booper mob boss... is gonna be worm food." Keyth didnt even let walter get a chance to talk back, leaning back on the car continuing to smoke. He tossed his half smoked cigeratte down to one of the bullet holes. " I dont know if you smoke but. There, didnt wanna be rude." Keyth closed his eyes. " Nothing Personal..."

HollowJak: -Michael shrugged as he heard the man speak walking out before the carnage even occured and heading down the street and stopping to wait for the light to turn green he turned back to see what looked like a man loading a womanly boy into the back of a car and reached up to scratch his head- what an odd turn of events ah well nothing to be gained here for me -he turns and walks down the road heading for his apartment----Jason drove slowly down the snowy streets a frown on his face it hadnt been all that great of a day all he had been able to do was sell a few crates of guns to some random gangsters he had barely made 20k ah well not like there was much he could do. pulling up to a stop light he looked over to see an odd man in dresspants and a hoodie turn to look down the street curious he looked down as well and saw what looked like kakubo being loaded into a trunk- son of a bitch why does this always have to happen when im going to a club to get a drink -he as the car pulled away he pulled off into a side street his helmetobscuring his face though he couldnt quite tell who the driver was he pulled out of the alley and followed after him staying a block behind the entire time till the whoever the kidnapper was drove up a hill driving up it and waiting just off to the side on the slightincline waiting for the man to finish talking taking a deep breath he took off his helmet and stood up walking up the last bit of the hill and calling out- it appears you have an acquaintance of mine may i ask what your doing with him? -seeing the man from behind he couldnt tell it was keyth-

xXAyperosXx: Ayperos keeps driveing. In his head all he could think about is the man that killed his parents. This pissed him off so bad that he finaly just slamed on the breaks and slid to a stop and quickly gets out of the car. He wanted to beat the fuck out of something and he then spotted a junker sitting on the side of the road and walks up to it in a rather fast pace and kicks the passanger side door hard enough the the car actually tiped up on two wheels. Ayperos lets it drop back down before sending his fist through the window. He then walks around to the front of it and starts to bash the hood of the car with all his might, each his leaving a rather large dent. He keeps hitting it as hard as he could ignoring the pain ion his fists and then the front wheels give and the front of the car is now on the ground Ayperos keeps hitting it and then grabs the front of the car and picks the front up with a yell and flips the car backl hard enough for it to land on the roof, shattering all the glass and slide a good few feet away from him. Ayperos stands there for a moment, his fists clinched as he breaths heavily. After a few moment he then calms down and gets back into his car and starts to drive once more, now being in D1.

Guest_Vincent902: Walter heard the cell ring. Thinking it was Kakubo he answered “Mr. Tsuku….” He was interrupted by a male and soon his eyes widened and he slammed full on the breaks. Understanding the terms and soon being hung up apon. Walter slammed his fist onto the steering wheel he growled in anger but knew this was kidnapping and knew that this would all end if he got the money. He blames himself that he did not come sooner. He floors the accelerator and heads to the bank which was minutes away. “I need this amount of money drawn now!” Walter said yelling as he was inside the bank. He showed the paper to the male and his eyes widened and then saw it was a Tsukuyomi request. The banker filled a suitcase which they gave with large deposits and handed it to the male. Walter ran to the car and tossed the suitcase inside. Getting in the car he started to drive off again not carring about red lights or not. He was only 30minutes from the destination which he had punched into the GPS. Only one thought and one alone flew threw his head (Please be safe Kakubo). Inside the trunk he was slightly awake. On his back inside bound and gagged he was scared. He heard bullet holes and then felt something penetrate his left arm and he soon screamed following it as he squirmed inside the trunk. His heart was pounding and he was in pain thoughts ran threw his head (Am I going to die, am I going to die this way) His eyes closed and a tear rolled as he had a slight fear of claustrophobia and being inside of a trunk was no help to him. He stopped soon after and saw the cigarette fall through a hole that he made and he said nothing as the smell was intoxicating which he hated. He closed his eyes and tried to calm down as it was something he was trying to do but hard in a situation where there’s a gun shot in your arm.

HollowJak: ((i gotta make one of me fighting the reaver shoulda made him stronger but eh))
DeliriousAres: (( watched Jason approach the car. "...If it isnt gun man. You seem to always be in places you shouldnt huh." Keyth said letting the smoke breeze through his nose as he leaned back on the car. His eyes held a deep sadness in them, it was clearly evident. " You know, would you believe me. If i told you i get tired of killing." Keyth said laughing taking another drag of the cigeratte "...But Im just making alittle money. My little girls sick you know. Something with her cells...It's pretty drastic but my babies a fighter" Keyth said smiling. Taking out a picture of her showing her to Jason. " She's my little... solider..." He said clendhing the picture soon closing his eyes. " So... Jason right?" Keyth said nodding his head. "...What would a guy like you do for your family... would you be willing... to do anything... to make sure that there taken care of?" Keyth said closing his eyes again. "....Again..." His mind drifting back... not to far away though. Remembering the conversation with Kyoko over the payphone three days back. ***FLASHBACK*** " Keyth... when are you coming home? Im tired of you being out there... i need you here with me... please Keyth, just come home..." Keyth held the phone to his ear. Speaking lowly. "I cant right now... you know i cant. Everythings fine, stop worrying so much, dont you have some faith in me!? I mean i already told you before Koko... I told you i'd be coming home Soon.. i'll be home soon i promise... im just. I-I... im Trying to get us some m-.." " Keyomi is sick.... Keyth..." Keyth held the phone tightly to his ear as she interrupted him. His eyes growing slant. " The Doctors have been here everyday since you left... She's sick Keyth. And its getting worse. We cant afford the medciene Keyth... just... just come home ok?" Keyth pressed his head to the payphone. Looking over his head at the helicopters... the criminals patroling the streets. Watching eyes all over him. KPD all wwatching him as they passed by eyeing him like the plague. Yakuza and gangbangers alike. Keyth clenched tightly to the phone. Holding back what sounded like tears. "... How sick..." Keyth said shaking his head when she said. " Terminally...She... doesnt have alot of time Keyth... The Doctor said it's... because of the change of climate... the snow Keyth." He pressed his forhead against the payphone window. Looking like he was about to break down. "... Just come home..." She said clearly sobbing on the other end. "...How much is the medicene Kyoko..." She sniffled. "... It's... completely out of our reach right now." Keyth shook his head. " How much..." She went silent. "... 400,000." Keyth put his head away from the phone croching down in the booth. "... Keyth, are you there still?" Keyth was silent. Sobbing to himself as he shook his head. He sucked up... not wanting for her to hear him when he was down and out. Keyth rose to his feet. A strong expression over those jagged golden eyes. "... I'll get us the money. Keyomi. Is going to be fine." Kyoko coughed. " What are you gonna do?" Keyth looked out of the window. Eyein Colt, the crooked cop on his tail. "... Whatever it takes. I love you." He said kissing the phone. " I love you too Keyth... becareful." He nodded his head, hanging the phone up and stepping out the booth. Eyeing COlt. Keyth tilted his head up, Colt tapped the watch on wrist and Keyth simply tilted his head up. Throwing his hood on his head. Standing on the corner selling the drugs acting as a low rated gangbanger to help Colt with a bust. While thinking to himself. ' Anything... it takes.' ***Flashback End*** " What i got in here. Mr.Gun man." Keyth said hopping off the truck. And opening it showing the young boy bound and gagged. It made Keyths stomach turn to do this. But he had to do what needed to be done. " Is my daughters medicene." Keyth said showing the boy to Jason. At this point, Keyth and Jason would be eye to eye. Keyths eyes locked onto his in a stare down. "... So. Mr.Gunman. You gonna get your busniess partner out of this trunk?" Keyth said flicking his cigeratte to the ground. His jagged eyes locking onto Jasons with a serious expression on his face. He was ready to do...whatever it took. And nothing would get in his way. Keyth had never been so serious in his life. "...Dont make me... do something im going to regret further." Keyth said pointing his gun down at the Young males head in the trunk of the car. "This kid runs around flaunting money like its nothing. I've heard about him. Playing big bad boss with his toy soliders. He wants to be in this life. Then i'll show him what its like.... it's not fucking pretty. Nothing in this world is pretty. And im willing to break it all down... so i can do what needs to be done." Keyths eyes focused out on Jason. " Dont move Gunman..." Keyth said readying the Hierro. "... If you do... i'll blow this kids top of. Be good... and hang back till my money gets here." He said eyeing Jason with fiercness in his eyes.

HollowJak: -JAson gives a soft smile as he sees the picture of the child then stands there as keyth talks looking him back dead in the eyes as he aims the gun at the kids head- now now yes it is Jason and i must say thats a cute kid you got so i'll make you a deal sure this kid can be god damn annoying but i always stand by my businesss partners...and my friends. so lets make a deal youve helped me out of some really tight spots before and i hate to see a sick kid no matter what so how about this i bring you a small fee for letting him go lets say twenty million dollars and cash -he scratches his chin- ah hell you know what i like you forty million in cash for your kid but i have one stipulation one thing you absolutely must do if yo uwant the money -his expression turns dark as he continues to look into keyths eyes not a trace of fear in his own before he broke out into a smile- you have to use some of that money to buy me a drink and of course this would just be a transaction between us dont hurt the kid and just let him go and you get the cash though i must say i want whickey a pretty fine one at that see you appear to have a strong sense of family and i like that. so all i want is a friend and an ally here in this city as them seem to be so sparse now adays -without moving his eyes from him he holds out his hand- so what do you say can we be friends? -his hand stayed steady as he held it out to keyth frankly it was a fair deal helping a little girl and getting some whiskey frankly he needed some he had drank his two bottles when he went on a bing the other night and he needed to restock a little though having the little rich boy with his toy soldiers being even more in his debt held its perks too-

Gusman101: (Oh god I thought you said they were and I was like "Keyo you serious?")
Guest_Vincent902: Kakubo was laying there in his own blood. He could hear what they were saying but he did not know how much blood he had lost nor knew if the drug was still in effects. Kakubos eyes got heavy things flashed threw his mind like his mom. In thought he said (Yes I played it big, But I been good…. I carry protection for this reason. And I hand money to people in need.) The boy had thoughts of not dying his heart was racing at this moment but his eyes closed. He soon passed out. Kakubo was not dead but was losing blood. On the other end Walter was now only fifteen minutes away from the coordinates. “Please be safe” The only thing that was said to himself. Walter punched the accelerator and till the car was at its peak. But he was still minutes from his destination. “I blame myself. I should have been by his side” The last thing he said and in thought was (I will never let it happen again).

DeliriousAres: (( Keyth tilted his head to the right. "...tch.." He looked at the teen in his car trunk. And then looked back at Jason. Keyths keen animal senses could allow him to sniff out lies litterally... but nothing. Humans give off a certain scent when they lie believe it or not. His eyes cocked up to the right, and she shook his head."...." A smile began to break across his face. "...40 Million... for one kid?" Keyth said looking at Jason sideways. "....Su-sure your not shitting me...?" Keyth shook his head again now grinning, and laughing to himself. " Hahahah! For-Fority Mill!?HAHAHAAHAHAAHAH!" Keyth pulled his gun into his back pocket. And like a big kid he began to jump around. Pulling out his cellphone calling Kyoko. " HEY! HAHAHAHAHAH! I-I-I GOT THE MONEY! AND THEN SOME! IM GONNA BE HOME RIGHT AWAY!" Keyth hung up. Running over to Jason jotting down all the information for a check, along with his address. He'd lift Jason up putting him in an Inhuman bear hug. " HAHAAHAHAHAHAH! THANK YOU! THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOUU!!!" He'd Put Jason down. Lifting the teen out of his car and giving him to Jason. Cradling the boy due to him passing out. After handing him to Jason He'd slid over his car to the driver side. " Hahaahh YOU WANT A DRINK!? IM GONNA FUCKIND DRINK YOU UNDER THE TABLE!" Keyth had a tear stream from his eye before he whipped it away. " I-I I gotta go home! IM GONNA GO SEE MY LITTLE GIRL!" Keyth said cranking up the car. He usually... didnt trust anyone. He never did. But this guy had something about him that he knew he could place faith in. "...Hey.." Keyth said pulling his car over to him. "Thanks. You need some help. At any time with something. Im your man. But.. i'll tell ya. I dont need all that much... i'd give most of it charity or something." He said nodding his head. " When the kid comes to..." Keyth said looking at his unconcious body. " Tell em, I said Nothing personal." He said driving off. He passed Walter on the way down. Smiling at him with a big grin on his face as he drove down the hill at a dangerous speed before he skidded back onto the road in his hummer. Pushing it down the street. Soon driving out of the distance.

HollowJak: -HE smiled at keyth- of course im not shitting you -he would start to laugh as Keyth would jump around like a child- well now big guy just calm down -as he was pulled into the hug jason would cough- oww my damn ribs -being set down he wrote up the chek for forty million and handed it to him before tking the boy from him and setting him on the ground and sighing- i swear to god the shit this kid gets himself into simply boggles the fucking mind ah well atleast i got to help that guys sick kid -taking the knife from his shoe and the ligther from his breat pocket he flicked it on and heated the knife humming the entire time.once it was red hot he pulled the lighter away having burned his thumb sligly- now this is going to hurt liek fuck kid so dont bitch at me about it later its to make sure your ass doesnt die here on this hill -he grabs the arm with the bullet wound in it and first digs out the bullet letting it hit the floor before he reheated the knife the first time had been to sanitize it so he wouldnt add to the chance of the wound getting infected once the blade was heated the second time he pressed it into the wound cauterizing it to prevent further blood loss sweat spreading across jasons head as he worked- i swear to god after this im going to start carrying around real medical supplies -he stood as he saw a car come up the hill though he still held the knife in his right hand his left hand shot into his suit jacket and pulled his revolver pointing it at the car and cocking back the hammer-

Guest_Vincent902: The boy woke up with the pain and screamed as he felt the burning of the knife. He felt as if he was going to pass out again. Seeing his car and Walter yelling at the male to step away the boy yelled “Walter stand the fuck down….. He’s good” The boy said standing up but dizzy. He looked at the male crying and bowed “Thank you…. Thank you again…. I am in your debt for as long as you want me too be. I will do anything you want… at your call.” The boy said walking over to his guard. He was shaken up and covered in his own blood. Walter said nothing but open the side door behind him. The boy got in and before they left he opened the window for the male to say what he would like to say as he say but before anything he spoke “And you may think I am some spoiled child and that I have had everything given to me from the day I was born. You are right, but I try not to flaunt my money, I help who is in need. All my money could disappear tomorrow and I would not give a damn. But I make this money to support my family I have duties. But I am a kid you are right” Kakubo sniffled “But I try to live a life that I can and do what I can to protect myself and my family” Kakubo saw some black sunglasses and picked them up with his left hand. And covered his eyes with them. “All in my life is to make friends, business partners and hope that I can get through the entire day living. That is all I care about and will do anything to earn. Buying peoples friendships never got you anywhere is what my mother told me before she died. But never told me on how to make friends. So I am doing that on my own. But you don’t care; you still think I’m just some annoying pain in your ass.” The boy said finishing what he had to say and now wanted to hear what the male named “J” had to say now.

HollowJak: -Jason snorted- yeah a sever pain in my ass thats all youve been damn near blew my head off and ive had to save your ass twice and yeah i do think your a spoiled child who tosses his money around too much but tell me this if i didnt consider you a business partner would i have risked my ass to save you. twice none the less if you wanna make friends man up all you'll do is alienate people running around in those little armored cars with your guards get a god damned sack now i have no problem being your friend but grow up first for the love of god you bought two desert eagles from me. i wont be suprised if the recoil from them snaps your arm -he walks past the car and towards his bike saying over his shoulder- but it was ballsy for you to try and snap at me like that kid youve earned my respect and maybe one day my friendship if you ever learn a thing or two just one last thing to say -he stopped next to the boys window- dont snap at me again it annoys the hell out of me -he takes out a piece of paper and writes his number on it tossing it into the car- i want your sorry ass to come for sniper training when i call you and if your late i'll kill you -he wlaks to his motorcycycle and sits down turning on the engine and pulling on his helmet. turning it around he gunned it down the hill and down the street heading towards his apartment-

Guest_Vincent902: The boy looked to his driver after hearing what he had. Taking in the info that he did he nodded, rolling his window up he looked at Walter and growled “Take me home now and execute the bastard from lastnight make his corpse do a puppet dance” The boy said as he watched the car roll out and headed for home. Nothing was said for the entire ride. But then kakubo laughed for a mare moment and then stoped.

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