Jason Caldwell

Ayperos Akiyama

Kakubo Tsukiyomi


Gus Skywalker

xXAyperosXx: Ayperos leans on a pole infront of Jasons apartment and gets out his phone. They hadn't trained at all and they reall needed to if Jason wanted to get better a close combat. He texts on his phone. "Hey come out side." He sends it and puts his phone in his pocket and waits, crossing his arms as he leans on the pole waiting for Jason to come out. Ayperos honestly wasn't in the mood for training, but he did want to hit something, guess trainng with Jason is his best excuse for something like that, seeing that his little brother was still getting over when they spared the other day. Who knows, maybe this will actually be fun.

HollowJak: -Jason was just finishishing straightening his suit jacket when he heard the buzz of his phone and felt it against his leg with a confused look on his face he pulled the phone from his pocket flipping it open he saw that it was a text from ayperos giving a sigh he opened to see that he was being summoned outside ah well the guy was his boss. he turned and slid his cellphone into his pocket as he walked outside only taking a moment to be sure that he had all that he usually carried on him his two colt single action army .45's,grenades,spare ammo,smokes yes all with him before reaching the door he snapped his fingers- wait completely forgot -he grabbed the adimantium katana from next to the door and strapped it snuggly to his back before continuing on his way out of his apartment and down the stairs. looking around the scratched his head till he saw ayperos leaning against a pole. raising a brow he made his way over- you know its snowing and theres this amazing invention called cars see you can sit in one and stay warm you may want to try that next time ayp -he laughed hearily and put his hands in his pockets- alright so what do you need me out here for?

Cherryexplosive: -Catherine would walk along the side walk with her arms straight down and her hands closed, lightly, tilted at the rist much like that of a disney princess.(( lol )) As she walked the snow would sometimes stop her in her tracks from piling up before her feet that wear covered in white leather and laced up calve high boots. As she walked about the sidewalks she looked up and around at the shops, passing by her once favored ones where the white ball gown and red heels used to sit in window under that dramatic lighting that made her open her eyes with noticable excitement not seen in years. She ran her soft, small and delicate hands along the bricks of the buildings, her head now looking up at the sky to watch the clouds roll buy over the building tops. -

Guest_Vincent902: Kakubo walled around in the same atire as he did before carrying a wallet with his credit card and identifacation card aswel as a his cellphone and one loaded desert eagel in his coat in an under arm holster so it would be concealed. Kakubo sighed and looked around as he was still wanting to be alone. He was in the shoping district when he saw a woman next to a brick building who he assumed was looking at the clouds. Kakubo saw this female and walked over to her "Um hello, miss?" Kakubo asked the female (Cherry :D) "Are you alright, are you lost?" Kakubo asked wondering what the female might say.

Gusman101: -Gus was bored. Like really bored.- OH MY GOD I'M BORED AS FUCK! -Gus laid his head onto the counter of the store, looking up and seeing a man standing there, the man's eyes were wide as he gently placed a pack of of smokes and a beer onto the counter top. Gus ringed them up, sighings as he did so- That'll be $7.50. "Dude seriously?" Yea man you chose the super nice beer man, not my fault, now please pay. "You know what." -The man reached into his jacket, and Gus quickly grabbed the man by the jacket pulling him close as I growl out mockingly- Pay the money, then go…now. -The man pulled out his wallet and dropped a ten, saying to keep the change as he quickly walked out.- Freakin' punks, thinking they can muscle me out of my own money. -Gus began grumbling, muttering to himself as he laid his head in his arms as he waited for another customer.-

xXAyperosXx: Ayperos smirks at his smart ass remark. He would have been in his car if it wasn't for the dumb ass KPD from the other day. But Ayperos smirk wasn't like he was amused but pissed off and he then spoke. 'Well if your done take off all your weapons.. Its time to train." He leanss up off the pole and then takes off his guns and clips, unstrapping the electric straight katana from his back and waits for Jason to put all of his stuff away and then tosses him the sword, sheath and all. He then slowly draws the curved katana from his back and flips it around in his right hand and then slowly turns to his side, spreading his legs apart a bit and then closes his eye and slowly put both hands on the hilt and slowly brought it above his head with both hand still on the hilt and the tip of the blade pointed right at Jason. He slowly opened his eyes and looks at Jason, his face with no expression, and the look in his eye was almost scary, like he wasn't even himself anymore, but someone trying to kill you. He seaks and his voice wa rather cold. "Come at me. Don't think of this as training, Think of it as if i was going to take you life. And all you have is that katana." His voice was cold and one could tell that he wasn't joking. So he waited for Jason to come at him, almost looking as if bloodlust was in his eye.

HollowJak: -Jason silently took off his own katana then his suits jacket and wepons bundling everything in the suit jacket and setting it to the side now only in his suit pants and a white button down shirt. he caught the katana as it was thrown at him and drew the blade echoing Ayperos's stance as he looked back into his bloodlust filled eyes not an ounce of fear in his own. he didnt bother to respond to him speaking anymore it was a life or death fight and he understood that he was meant to fight as if his life depended on it intended to do so. a heart beat passed as he felt the snow trickle down on him as he set his right foot forward so that onlthe bottoms of his toes were toching the ground it only being in contact with it for a second before he shot forward using that foot to repel himself he knew he had no chance if he tried to fight defensively his only one shot would be to fight offensively then. releasing a roar as he charged the kepts his body low hos tostso extended forward as he gripped the katanas hilt with both hands.he stopped as he reached him planting his feet firmly as he he swung the blade with his built up momentum keeping it at a 45 degree angle aiming to cut from his right hip to his shoulder if he were to block or dodge this Jason would procedd to step back and perform a heavy handed downard stirke aiming for ayperos's right shoulder-

Cherryexplosive: -Catherine would whip around, gracefully, standing stiff at this point with her crystal like eyes now scanning the boy up and down. She would remember seeing the boy before on her first day in District 1 as she had been running errands for Atsushi, scanning the area for his personal wants and then bow upon meeting him once again. Her eyes would close upon leaning downward and then coming up, slowly.- It is a pleasure to see you again. You seem to have tracked me down. -Her left hand came up and the tips of her fingers then sat upon her bottom lip as a faint smile came across her face. -

Guest_Vincent902: "Actually, I was walking around and spotted a girl. I had no idea it was you" The boy said looking into the room she was seeing and blinked "Ballgown and shoes. I guess from you standing here is that your admiring the dress and shoes or your just lost at the moment. Wait right here" The boy said as he went into the store. "Excuse me miss, I would like to buy that dress in the window seal and the shoes" The lady in the store took the things out of the window and went up to the cash register and rang up the total "That will be 20,000 dollars sir" He saw the lable and saw a CC design knowing exactly who the make and brand was "Yeah I can bet" He handed her a black platinum card and the lady slid it down a strip and he punched in a pin number. Five minutes later he came out with a bag which had the dress and shoes. He held them out to the girl with a smile "Uh hear. Um I hope you like the clothes." Kakubo said to the female to wonder what her reaction would be.

Gusman101: -Gus sighed as the day passed, he watched as people walked past, wishing he was out there, with someone, spending the day together.- The season of giving….-He scoffed-….whatever….-Gus sighed and fiddled with a pencil as he looked out and saw the people. Men, women, and children. Spending time together, loving each other dearly, living enjoying their lives, even if they have so little. Gus sighed and looked down at his arm. His life had so much despair in it, the loss of his arm. He lost his father, not even knowing if he was dead or not. His mother drowning in drugs and alcohol, then her suicide. Gus didn't really enjoy the holidays, since he had no one to spend them with. He ran his auto mail hand through his hair as he rubbed a couple tears from his eyes.- Freakin' holidays.

xXAyperosXx: Ayperos stands there, his heartbeat seeming to slow as he breaths in and out slowly, looking right at Jason as he comes at him. He doesn't even seem to look at the blade, but right at Jason for this is the way he trained. For as you look at the person, the movment they make, where they will swing their sword will come to you, as you can see the movment of their arms. Ayperos smirks as he never looks at the blade and like that be swings the sword straight down moveing only slightly as he would clash metal. Though Ayperos wasn't using his peak human strength the force would make the other persons sword slam back to the ground. ((If not expecting the force mind you)) Or even knock the sword out of his hand. If either of these worked Ayperos would bring his sword straight back up with great speed, but not peak human speed, stepping in and send the blade right at Jasons neck. But stop right as the blade touches his neck, the sharpness making a trickle of blood run down. "First. If your opponet is in the stance I was in. Never start with a low blow. And Second If you do, Always be ready for a hard hit." Ayperos would remove the sword from his neck and walk a few feet behind Jason and get back into the same stance. and then yell out. 'Again." The same look in his face as he stands there as if he was a statue. Just the slow mist comeing from his breath. If this did not work and Jason was expecting the hard hit Ayperos would bring the sword back up and then step forword as Jason stepped back and moved his sword at an angle to block the downword strick at his should and then attempt to quickly move Jasons sword with his, spinning his blade around Jasons and then have his blade at the other side of Jasons neck, leaving the same cut as if the first attempt work. Ayperos would look at Jason. "Always be expecting the enemy to try and force you off your gaurd." Ayperos would remove his blade from Jasons neck and then walk back to his spot and then get back in the same stance and yell out. "Again."

HollowJak: -Jasons breath nearly caught as he felt his sword strike against the ground though he was able to keep it in his hands if only barely. Jason eyes wouldnt even blink though as he felt the blade cut into his neck. slowly as ayperos went around him and explained where he went wrong Jason would nod and turn to face him apparetnly they were going again which was fine with Jason. He would still his slightly shaking armors and take a long slow breath as his mind raced possibilities flowing through it on what he could do- you know that was actually really good advice i wont make the same mistake twice -he charged forward again his feet pounding against the snowy asphalt as he went trying to think of a way he could possibly get in a blow though doubting that he actually could keeping his mouth shut so as to not telegraph his attacks he moves to do the same move though a bit farther away so that halfway through the swing he could level out the blade and swing straight at his side in an attempt to hit him he did this to try and create some confusion as to what he was going to do if this were to get blocked he would simply move with the flow of his blade letting the force push his own out before raising it and attempting a downward cut towards Ayperos's right shoulder again hoping that he wouldnt be able to raise his sword quick enough to block the hit-

Cherryexplosive: -Catherine would watch closely as the young boy ran into the store they had stood infront of and came out about ten minutes later with a large plastic bag-like container with the hook of a hanger sticking out. She placed her hands to her mouth in shock and put her hands out in order to say no then waving them lightly. Just as quckly she placed her arms down by her side and bowed to the young boy.- " You did not have to do this...We do not even know eachother well. We just just met two days ago. I have been getting so many presents lately...." -She then raised her hands and lightly pushed the clothing back into his possession with a faint smile coming over her face.-

Guest_Vincent902: Kakubo shook his head and pressed back to her “I’m not returning it. Please accept this it would look nice on you. Plus think of it as a token of my friendship. If you wanna be that is, if not still keep the dress” Kakubo felt a bit better looking at the female. “My numbers in the bag with the shoes, call me up if you ever want to hangout.” Kakubo said as he walked away and then stopped “Hey I heard there’s a mini mart close by you wanna go grab something like a snack or drink. I’ll buy of course.” Kakubo said with a smile. “If not I’ll be going I’m pretty hungry and could use a snack.” Kakubo said as there was a rumble that escaped his stomach where he blushed a little and rubbed the back of his head “Eh heh” He said nothing more to see what she may say but he backed away slowly not trying to be rude but was edging to get to that store (Gus’s)

Gusman101: -Gus sat there, grumbling as he saw people walk past. Pulling out his phone and looking through his contacts, trying to find someone he could talk to. He couldn't find anyone who he knew weren't busy.- Damnit…..-Gus got up and looked outside for Frank- Frank, buddy? You out here? "Oh hey Gus. How ya doin'?" -Gus's jaw dropped, Frank looked awesome.- You…you cleaned up didn't you? -Frank looked a lot better. He was clean shaven, his hair had gotten cut, new clothes, he looked, really great.- I'm guessing the mechanic job worked out? "OH YEA! Here I got you something." -Frank pulled out a small box out of his bag, opening it with a smile on his face.- "I heard you were looking for a new upgrade for your auto mail, and I thought this would  help out." Frank I….oh my god. -Gus took the box, looking inside and seeing rare pieces of metal and also rare electrical parts, one of which being a plasma cutter.- HOLY SHIT FRANK THANK YOU! -Gus hugged him tightly, smelling a little bit of booze. Gus then let him go, his eyebrow raised.- Frank…don't start again. "Holy crap you got a good nose on ya Gus. I won't scouts honor." Frank you were never in the scouts. -Gus made a face like "-.-"- "Yea yea but you know what I mean. Just think of this as a Christmas present. Cya around Gus, happy holidays." -Frank walked off, smiling and waving as he pulled out his phone, calling someone and talking into the phone. Gus smiled, and walked inside, looking through the box.- Thanks Frank…..for everything.

xXAyperosXx: Ayperos doesn't even seem to even hear what Jason said as he ran at him. Ayperos watched as he goes to use the same move, but there was something different about his move, and then hit him. Ayperos then pove his sword down his side and blocks the attack, but does force it a keeps it there. Ayperos the smirks and then send out a hard swift knee aimed right at Jasons stomach. Note that he wasn't using any of his peak human abilities, but this would still knock the breath out if nod dodged or moved back. As this was done, Ayperos wouldn't say a word for it was a really good attemt at an attack. So Ayperos waits to see what Jason has planned. But Ayperos seems to leave himself open for an attack, leaving his sword in the same spot and slowly starts to put his knee back down and just stay like he stands there waiting for his next move to see if Jason takes the opening.

HollowJak: -Jason would frowned as he felt his katana being blocked and saw Ayperos's knee lift up as his mind raced with possibities as to what he could do taking a breath he gritted his teth and stepped to the left letting the knee hit his right side though Jason would roll with the hit letting the force push him into a spin using the momentum from the push to pull his blade out and spin him towards ayperos's back if effective Jason would quickly raise the freed blade and slash downward towards aypero's exposed back aiming to hit just below the shoulder blade at a downward and to the left angle-

Cherryexplosive: -Catherine had only turned around for a moment and upon turning back to speak and respond to the young boy she had been left there. There she stood holding a shoe box in one hand and a giant dress case in the other, alone on the side walk outside of the clothing store. She held her new presents close and started to continue on her path down the street as she had to begin with. For some reason even though she knew it to be humanly impossible she walked along figuring that she would come across the mini-mart and find the boy there as thoug he had ran at super fast speed and would be waiting there for her. After a bit of walking She came upon the convient store where there was virtually no snow infront of it, probably because of constant work and care taken toward the store. Catherine would peek inside shortly and then decide against going in then walking on forward about to pass the store, her eyes stopping her again for a moment upon seeing a man through the window. Not sure if it was only him there or if she could quite possibly just not have seen anyone else, her feet began to move again with her eyes now pointing straight forward.-

Gusman101: -Gus looked up and saw a woman standing there, she looked incredibly familiar. She….she was the mystery woman from Jason's party. Gus quickly stood up, almost stumbling out of his chair as he tried to get to her. He quickly, then casually opened the door, very suave like, and pretend to just see her- Hey um…..I'm Gus, I'm from Jason's party the other day remember? Oh gosh how rude of me, I'm Gus. -Gus held out his auto mail arm, hoping to shake her hand.- Please come inside, its freezing cold in here. You must be a little hungry, and also I have coffee to warm you up. -Gus smiled as he opened the door and led he inside, quickly getting her a cup of coffee and something to data.-
xXAyperosXx: Ayperos in his mind would actually congradulate Jasons move, useing ayperos atack to be able to spin around to his back. But as Ayperos has learned Expect the unexpected and he quicly spinns around to the left and send his sword out infront of him to nock off Jasons straight down attack, if this worked and knocked the blade off course Ayperos would spin his blade back around and at an angle aiming to slash Jason from his left shoulder down to his hip. The damage would be light, seeing that Ayperos was but training him. And Ayperos doesn't want to kill, him, but he will wound him if he gets the chance. he then mutters the words. "Keep on your toes." As he says so Ayperos would slowly start to put his katana into the Bushido possition with both hand on the hilt((Bushido possition is to his side the tip of the blade behind him.)) And then stands there waiting to see what Jason has to do next. ready for any thing as his swords is to his left side.

HollowJak: -Jason would growled as Ayperos spun around and knocked his sword up nand slased at a downward left angle thinking quickly he stepped forward leaning his body down as he did so the blade passing a hairs breadth from his flesh as he used his own omnteum to bring the blade down pointed at an angle towards ayperos stomach gripping his left hand opposie his right so that the thumbs would be facing each ocher as he stabbed backward towards aAyperos in an attempt to stab into his stomach Jason didnt necessarily want to kill Ayperos but there was no esitation in hi s strike as he had been told to go all out and had no doubt that with the skill ayperos had shown thus far that he was simply trying to test his basic abilities with a sword-

Cherryexplosive: -Eyes opening wider as she she saw the man almost stumbling trying to get to her, Catherine stood stiff, holding her items closely. She stepped back abit and upon him getting closer she realized as he spoke that she had indeed met him before. "I remember you, Sir Gus. I am still Catherine. he..he" She laughed quietly and smiled softly as she watched him hold the door open for her like a gentleman. Stepping in and looking around at all of the interesting foodstuffs and the like as she had never been to a "convenient store",  her mouth opened a little. She  placed her new gifts onto the counter and walked around while Gus had gone off to make coffee.-

Gusman101: -Gus smiled and blushed a little as she laughed softly, he quickly made the coffee and brought it out to her. He carefully set it down next to her.- Be careful its really hot, and here's some food. -Gus went and got a burrito and a bag of chips, smiling as he handed it to her. Gus knew something was different about her, he just couldn't picture what it was yet. He carefully looked her over without alerting her, seeing her near flawless skin and her angelic features. He rubbed his chin as he pulled up a chair to sit next to her.- So how've you been since the party?

xXAyperosXx: Ayperos would see that Jason took the slash more on his back and then try to come in as he was turned around with a behind jab. Ayperos then spun around to the left and around to the fron of Jason and would send the tip of his blade right across his chest only deep enough to make it bleed, for as said before, he not trying to kill him, And this gives Jason one advantage and that was that he told him to try and kill him. So Jason shouldn't be holding back though Ayperos is. But if Jason thought he was done he was dead wrong. Ayperos kept spinning and and moves the sword up aiming at his neck and then stops as the edge of the blade touches his neck now on his other side, tickling the blood down his neck, this being the first time that Ayperos actually put a two hit combo on Jason, this would surprise most people but seeing Jason wasn't the type to be that way he would most likely act accordingly and maybe even block the attacks. But this being his signature move, most would be caught of guard by this move.

HollowJak: -Jason seeing him spin ducked down quickly the blade passing just over his head moving his blade so he was holding it properly again as the second slash came around he hopped up and growled as he blocked the hit the edge of his blade hitting and stopping against the flat of Jasons jostling Jason slightly with the force. Growling he stabbed forward quickly aiming to punch into Ayperos's neck as well as hoping that if Ayperos were able to dodge the strike that the hilt guard on his katana would help to push Ayperos sword back towards him hopefully allowing Jason more room to maneuver for his next strike-

Cherryexplosive: -She would hold the cup on both sides, the heat not affecting her hands in the slightest and she would keep it close, holding it beneath her nose. She would look from the cup up to her left out of the corner of her eye, seeing him look her up and down, for a moment as his eyes weren't able to see her peaking. Her head tiltled forward and a smile crossed her face then leaning forward in sort of a sitting bow; coming up she removed a hand from the cup and tucked a bit of hair behind her left ear. Catherine could not help but to keep meeting such kind and caring people.- " I have been well since the party, Thank you so much, Gus. I apologize for how I had left that day. I hope that you are well." -Her head would turn then looking at his arm looking at every detail of the well made piece, her eyes moving up and down about his arm and then the scars on his face now.-

Ayperos would then stop the spin and block Jasons thrust at his neck. As Jason would push Ayperos would step back and flip, but not only this but to also attemting kick, but not at Jasons body, but attempting to kick his hand that held the sword, his kick being hard enough if not expexting would fling the sword straight up in the air. But if one was to hang on, it would still knock the sword up in the air. He would land on his feet and then quickly useing peak human speed would jab at Jason right in the shoulder, the blade only going about an inch deep and then holds his hand free hand up without looking and catches the other sword and swings it, stoping just at Jasons neck. Ayperos would stand there the blank emotion still in his face. "And I thing that will finish our lesson." He keeps the sword in his shoulder and at his neck." You did really well for your first try, I will give you that. But one other thing you need to learn. If you must back up, be sure to back out of sword reach. There is nothing wrong with putting distance between your enemy to read him better. But all in all you did really good." He takes the sword out of Jasons shoulder and then off his neck, swinging them around, the blood spatting on the snow and then sheaths them on his back. If Ayperos wasn't able to kick the sword up, he would have still attemted to stab Jason in the shoulder using just a bit of his peak human speed and then attempt to grab Jasons arm useing his peak human stength to keep his arm in place. Saying the same thing. After though Ayperos would look at Jason. "You should patch that wound up. Don't want infection."

-Jason would nod slowly raching up to touch his wounded shoulder- well thanks for the compliment. frankly it was a pretty good little fight and i'll remember that make a greater gabe advice -he pickes up his jacket slipping his weapons all back in their original places before strapping the sword back onto his back and rubbing hsi still wounded neck- well im going to go inside and clean my wounds a little then sew myself up. thanks for the training i learned a bit from it hopefully we can train again soon -with that jason walked off heading back up the steps towards his apartment feeling sore and tired but satisfied that he got something done-

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