Densuke V Wilson

Densuke (Cap) and Wilson (Green Goblin)


The Day Before.Edit

( )::The day before:: Densuke and Aypero’s managed to get together and talk over some of their experiences of what’s been going on while the other was away. Densuke expressed his condolences for his family and his situation, and vowed to aid his friend however he sought fit. Standing on top of their hideout Densuke would talk to Ayperos one on one. “Well you remember how Wilson gave you that communicator?...I think. I think now is the time.” Ayperos would continue to stare at the moon with his partner. “You’ve made your decision I see. I was starting to think you’d lost your resolve Densuke.” Densuke would chuckle. “Heh…as is. Not gonna lie. I’m a little scared.” Densuke would pause for a moment. “Last  time even though he did a sneak attack..for the first time in my life I felt helpless. Like I couldn’t do anything. Couldn’t save anyone. Not even myself…” Densuke’s fist would clench tightly. “It’ll be like that sometimes. That’s what courage is for. You’ll always hear different definitions of the word, but in reality: courage is being able to do something even while your scared shitless. This is what you’ve been wanting, what has been building for two years, and what it’s finally come to. From what you tell me this is a make or break battle for you.” Densuke would nod. “If i…for some reason fail. Take care of Felicity and Danny for me. Lord knows..those two will need somebody to look  over them. And hey…break it easy to my gramps. He….he won’t have much family left.” “You talk as if your death is certain. Nothings ever over til it’s started.” Ayperos would interrupt. “Now go. I’ll take care of things at HFH. The night is young. Prepare yourself as need be. I’ll contact Wilson and tell im to meet you in the middle of D1’s woodlands.” Densuke would nod. Thinking to himself. ‘I will avenge you father..your death will not be in vein. I’ll defeat your foe, and overcome the hold he’s had on my fucking life. Tomorrow a new dawn arrives..” a feint wind blows, as Densuke was convinced this. Was the battle he’d longed for..the battle that was bound to happen. A fight even he was convinced…he might not walk away from…

Do It For The PeopleEdit

( ) “BEEP BEEP BEEP BEEP”. Densuke’s alarm clock went off violently as he’d lift himself out of bed. He’d shut the clock off and look over at Felicity, who was sleeping like a rock. Literally. She was a heavy breather, but never really snored, and her lips parted so cutely when she was in deep slumber. Densuke would lean over and press his lips to her neck, and talk quietly. “Hey babe, I’m…gonna go out for a while okay? Watch the house…and danny. Intensely.” She’d murmur back in her tiredness. “nuuuu..” she’d turn and throw her arm over him. Densuke would chuckle lightly. “Hey don’t worry I’m coming back alright?” Densuke would take a player move, and slip his pillow between him and her arm, letting her cuddle something at least. A few minutes later Densuke would be in the bathroom, brushing his teeth in the shower, and cleaning himself up. After that he’d heat up some left over sesame chicken, at least what was left of it. Between danny and felicity, Food in this house is scarce as hell. Danny would be on the couch, watching “Sonic x” singing along to the tune. “GOTTA GO FAST! GOTTA GO FAST! GOTTA GO FASTER, FASTER, FASTERFASTER SONIC X! DUN. DUN. DUN. DUN!!” Densuke would laugh, and shake his head, coping a squat in the seat next to danny. “which episode is this?” Danny: “Oh this is the one during that game ark…what was it. We played the emulator last night.” Danny would snap his fingers trying to remember. Densuke: “must have been fucking…..SONIC BATTLE!” Danny would snap loudly. “Hell yeah! It’s this ark where that emerel thing comes into play. The thing that move steals.” Densuke would nod thinking to himself. ‘Hm. Sounds like a pretty cool technique.’ Danny: “I wish we could do stuff like this. I mean with chi we can run fast but sonic would shit on all of us ahaha.” Densuke would slurp some beef chow main and speak with a muffled mouth. “I’m actually trying to replicate a move similar to inuyasha’s backlash wave. Kind hard since that would require a mythical demon sword but dreams come true.” Danny would point and chuckle. “please like that would ever happen.” Densuke would finish off the rest of the chicken and set the plate down with a sigh. “Nervous about the fight with Wilson huh?” Danny blurted in. Densuke would sit in silence for a second. “Nah..i got this. Pretty sure last time he only beat me cause he snuck me.” Densuke would have a flash back of that following his back had nearly been broken by the savage beast. How every hit felt like it was from the Shinto realms standard of sent a chill t the very core of densuke’s spine.( ) Danny would poke Densuke with his foot. “Aye get yo dirty ass feet off me! I know you shaolin people don’t take regular baths!” Danny would fall on the floor with laughter. “HAHAHAHAHA!” then almost instantly return to normal. “says the man who took a shower immediately after last night eh?” Densuke would raise an eyebrow. “I heard you and felicity last night.” Danny would now be standing on the arm of the ouch, with his butt in the air, wiggling it as he impersonated felicity almost perfectly. “OH MY SUPERHERO! TOUCH ME RIGHT THEREEEEEEEEMMMMMMMMMMMM!” Densuke would throw a plate at danny. “damn you…I LIKED TO BE CALLED THAT!” Densuke would start throwing random assorted objects and chairs at Danny, all of them missing as danny would suddenly appear dressed as Elvis and begin hip thrusting his body from side to side, avoiding everything. Only to spin and turn into Michael Jackson wardrobe, and begin moonwalking between objects, until Densuke finally caught him with a drop kick screaming “BYAAAAAAAAAAH!!!!” Danny’s body would flail backwards as Densuke would proceed to grab a wooden baseball bat and swing away at Danny. “I’LL TEACH YOU TO LISTEN IN ON PEOPLES PERSONAL MOMENTS!” Danny would wave his hands back and forth in fear. “WAITWAITWAITWAITWAIT!” WHAP! KRACK! POW! And occasional elephant noises would be made during the process. ( )A few moments of fighting passed, and now the living room was a mess. The couch had been turned upside down, there were holes in the wall, and shattered glass everywhere you looked. Densuke and danny would now be sitting in the corner, one with their backs up against each side. “Man…I’m gonna miss you guys like hell” Densuke would utter. Danny retorted. “What do you mean? You’re gonna the victor of this commoooon”. Danny would play hit Densuke’s arm. “Don’t even sweat it dude. Get in there, and show em what for.” Densuke would sigh. “I know I just..ever since I came back from the Shinto realm, I’ve had this duty..self protect everyone. As many people as I can. Save any life that can be saved, and give people something to look too. It’s heavy…if something happens to me, then I’ll be just another memory. Another wack job who went out for a cause people think is lost.” Densuke would stand up and look out of the window. “I mean even though people look at me with shun and amusement I still do my job. It’s what I was made for. Even though I could’ve chosen a normal life I took up the mantle because I knew it was the right thing to do…or I’m just batshit crazy.” Danny would stand pat Densuke on the back. “If it makes you feel any better, you are batshit crazy. I mean common. Red dawn? What you loose a game of scrabble or some shit like that?” Densuke would have a huge anime style vein throbbing over his head as his face turned red. “Nah but..i mean. You do what you do because you believe in a dream. Even if it is stupid, to you it’s what’s real. And you do good for this city. Someday maybe they’ll do good for you. Just keep reaching for their trust and eventually you’ll be taken seriously around here, even more so than that Dark God fellow.” Densuke scoffed. “Don’t put me in the same boat as my pops…I’ll never hit that high of a standard.” Danny would shrug. “hey you got the genes dude. Your pops could put six shots into a quarter and get change for a gum machine. So shoot for seven.” Danny would pat Densuke before grabbing a vacuum and starting to clean all this mess up. “Tell ya what. You win this? And I’ll teach you some shaolin martial arts. Sound cool?” Densuke would nod and grin. “sounds awesome.”

Saying Goodbye..?Edit

( ) hours later Densuke would make his way back to his underground mansion, where his grandfather resides. He’d walk into the lab and stuff his hands in his pockets. “Hey gramps..what’s cracking.” Ochigi would turn and smile. “your upper lip? I believe is the proper comeback.” Densuke would stutter to himself for a moment before sighing. “you’re a trip did you gather everything together like I’d asked?” Ochigi nodded. “I’ve compiled every available weapon we have. You’ll be able to choose and pick which ones you think you’ll need.” Densuke would laugh nervously. “I think I might need a bag full for this guy heh heh heh…” Ochigi would type something in on the computer, and pull up a screen. “So how’re you dealing with your new senses?” Densuke would look at his hand. For a moment it looked normal, until his eyesight suddenly zoomed in on the palm of his hand. Allowing him to see the cracks and grooves of his palm, and even the tiny hairs that grew there. Densuke would wince attempting to put this sense back into perspective. “Ah..i’m coping. Trying to. Every now and then they flux and I go from hearing cars, to hearing an argument between a couple like a mile away.  It’s nerve racking, but I’ll manage.” Ochigi would nod. “Now you know how Tetsu saw life. Your at a whopping 80%, only ten shy of your father. This is greater than I’d we can put a strong force back on the side of good in this city.”( ) “Hey grandpa..if I don’t make it. In this gonna be alright without me?” Ochigi paused for a moment to look at the screen. “…Don’t say things like that Densuke. You’re going to be fine. You’ll come out on top, you always find a way.” Densuke would look down to the metallic ground and take a staggered breath. “I don’t know I mean….i have a bad feeling about this one. Like I might not come out alive, weather I win or lose…I feel like I’ll loose something.” Ochigi’s grip would tighten on the keyboard, before he’d take a breath and calm himself of sorrow. “Densuke. You and your sister are all I have left In this world. You two are my grandkids. My hearts. I do this for you. Invent these gadgets, come up with these plans..i’d been hacking things for as long as I can remember. In the old days me and Tetsu didn’t always see eye to eye, but he was my only son.” Ochigi would turn to Densuke, with a river of tears leaking from his eyes. “If you lose this fight, I loose what sanity I have..i only had one child in this world and he lost himself to this life. I’ll be damned if I loose antoher one..i’ll be damned…” Densuke would quickly rush over as Ochigi fell to his hands and knees weaping. He’d hug his grandfather, shedding a tear or two himself. As Ochigi griped his grandchild. “I-I can’t! you’re all I have, and I don’t want to loose antoher..we’re not the tasanagi’s we don’t have a big family, we can’t just get more off the fly, it’s us! Us Densuke! We need each other we…tch!” Densuke would  speak stern. “It’s okay..i know grandpa.” Desnuke would look up at the screen. Ochigi had pulled up a picture of him with Tetsu, and Densuke as a one year old in tetsu’s arms. They were all smiling. Happy. Densuke would shed silent tears, as he helpd his grandfather to his feet. “I’ll come back. If not for anyone else..i’ll come back for you grandpa.” Ochigi would wipe his eyes on his sleeve and sigh. Nodding. He’d never been good with words from the get go, so this was acceptable from him.( ) The screen suddenly switched to a live news feed from district 1 on the scene. The yellow haired news reporter would be talking her busty head off. “this is your kasihana news feed! We’re coming to you live from district one, there seems to be some giant green monster destroying and terrorizing everything! Eye witnesses say he literally, FELL FROM SPACE, in an elbow drop, and has been screaming the name “Red Dawn”. “ A drawing of red dawn appeared in the corner of the screen. “the famed vigilante, small time all be it, but is he making some supervillan enemies already?! Where ever he is, he’d better hurry and get down here, otherwise there won’t be much of District 1 left to save! AHHHHHH!” a feminine shrieks he’d let out, as Wilson threw a car directly towards her and the camera man, causing the screen to go fuzzy. Densuke would look at Ochigi and Ochigi would push a button. A large wall of items would appear from the floor, from red dawn’s shield, disc, blades, grapple hooks, pulse grenades, cyropellets, parachutes, stun guns, tetsu’s modified pistols,  and densuke’s red dawn outfit and loads more toys and goodies for Densuke to endeveour himself in.. Densuke would smirk to himself, as he looked at the wall. “Regardless of the situation. I. Fucking. Love. This. Job.”


Wilson 1
( ) “BRING ME THE RED DAWN! DAMN YOU PEOPLE TO HELL WITH YOUR FEELINGS!” Wilson would run down the street, in a mad rage, each step creating a crack in the ground as his very power erupted through the streets of D1. He was knocking cars out of his way left and right, sending them flying into buildings, and crashing into homes and apartments. Battle choppers quickly rushed to the scene. “this is Delta KPD chopper 1! I’m taking fire!” The first of the three choppers would open fire on wilson’s body. Wilson would turn around, raising an eyebrow the men with a gruff grunt. “Do you not recognize a god when you see one? How hard is it. To recognize your inferiority.” Wilson would disappear form the choppers line of fire, in a blur of lines. Only to reappear above the chopper with his giant broad sword raised high in the air. “GYAAAAA!!” He’s swing his blade down and cut the chopper in half, killing the pilot on contact. He’d then stand on the two halves momentarily, and leap backwards in a flip. For an 8 foot tall monstrosity he was as agile as any superhuman athlete. Landing on the next chopper,  his weight would crush it, and descend the ground. The blood and guts from the pilot being mushed out through the cracks of metallic rubble. Wilson would then look at the last copper as it tried to retreat. “T-this is delta 3! Retreating asap!” Wilson would withdraw his large rifle , and take aim at the chopper.  Maximizing the scope, to hit the gas tank, and upon a round of fire, he’d launch his explosive rounds into the tail of the chopper, creating a larger than life explosion. Thus causing the chopper to ping pong off of two buildings, creating fires and fall to the ground In a blaze of fire.( ) The pilot ejected himself and rolled out of the blaze… his leg was completely missing. With tears of fear in his eye’s he’d look up to see the green giant walking closer to him…the pilot would try to crawl backwards in fear, but his realization of the end was to daunting for him to want to even attempt to live. Wilson would tower over the man and smirk. “I was once like you. So frail. So fragile. So…human.” Wilson would release a laugh that cackled through the air. The air was soley thick with the stench of death, blood and rotted flesh..”Y-you monster!” the pilot would spit some blood from his mouth and look at Wilson with a mixture of fear and resentment. “that dawn guys gonna…clean your filthy animal..” Wilson would eye the man, and reach down, picking him up by his head. Giving it a light squeeze. “I’ll give you a slow death. Yes..I want to feel every ounce of brain matter squeeze through my fingers.” The pilot would breathe heavy, trying to hit wilson’s arm off of him but it was feeble. He could feel  his head cracking. His head would begin start streaming bits of blood…”t…this is it…” the pilot had conceded to his death…..

Getting What You Ask For.Edit

 Wilson would sniff the air..smelling a familiar scent. He’d turn his head looking in the direction he could hear, the oncoming vehicle from. “I can recognize. The scent of emission from that motor bike.” The pilots eyes would begin to flicker violently. He could see white lights emitting from his impaired vision..he thought he was about to cross over to the other side possibly. He used his enhanced vision…to try and zoom in on the threat. However it was coming much to fast. That brought a grin to his face….He wanted to see this heroic attempt.( ) Densuke would ride into the scene of battle, at his bikes max speed of 300 mph crashing into Wilson’s gut, causing him to drop the pilot. Densuke would flip backwards off of the bike and land in a squatting position beside the pilot. “y-…you made it..” densuke would squat down and nod, picking the pilot up. He’d walk him over to an alley way. With a commanding and deeper tone voice. “hey does your radio work? I need you to get a squat down each of the following streets in this part of district 1. I want a full scale evacuation, you hear me? Women and children first,  I don’t wanna have a single causality if you can help it. Got it?” Densuke would pat the man on the shoulder.  As Densuke began to walk away the pilot would reach out to him. “thank you! there a way I can help you? Make it up to you?!” Densuke would look back and give the man a thumbs up. “tell my story. And make me look good. And most of all live my good fellow.” Densuke would walk out into the street looking for Wilson. ‘I know for a fact that bike couldn’t have done any sort of damage what so ever..” Densuke would then see something flying at him from a distance. With perfect senses, Densuke honed his eye sight only to see a flying Mazda heading for him. With the quickness of lighting Densuke would leap up in a toe touch like fashion avoiding the car thrown. Another one followed, and Densuke would run forward side stepping it. Only to have to repeat the process for multiple cars, and vehicles being thrown his way. “so this is how you greet an old friend?! Yooou jolly green bastard!” Densuke would leap on top of the  next air borne car, and in a sequence like fashion begin leaping from the roof top of every car thrown at him, his body moving in flashes with every leap he made. He’d reach Wilson’s’ location in a matter of seconds, only for the man to rear his giant green fist backwards.

Densuke would place his shield in front of him, and as Wilson’s fist collided with the shield, a loud ‘KA-BOOOM!!!!!” would be heard, as the force from Wilson’s punch, and the indestructible metal of the shield caused the very ground around them to shatter into rocks and rubble, knocking back fire hydrants and surrounding police cars and street lights. Densuke would flip backwards three times and so would Wilson, now staring each other down. ( ) Densuke would take the initiative to talk first. “So it’s come to this of all things. Just like you wanted. The last battle bread Ryoji here to take you down.” Wilson would give Densuke a smug look. “indeed it  has. You don’t know the joy I’ll get from this..not only killing my long time foe, but getting to beat his son to the death. This will be a most glorious  day for my list of achievements.” Densuke would change his stance a bit, bending at the knees.  “You know all this’ve been fucking with me. With my family and friends. For what? A fight with my old man? Which you couldn’t even win on your own? Sounds pretty pathetic to me big guy..” Wilson would close his eyes, showing his over confidence in his defenses. “Your gesture of baiting me won’t work. You’re his son, not the real thing. Hardly even as powerful as he was. Looking for some sort of lost closure in fighting your old man’s fight..well allow me make things clear. I play by my own rule act as if I wanted help killing him. I had no employer-“ “Oh shut up! You’re always working for somebody or doing something of the sort. You never fight for your self, which is one reason why you’ll utterly loose this battle. Me on the other hand, I have things and people I wish to protect, and I won’t let some obsessed freak who’s only good at taking orders stop me!” Wilson would scowl. The ground would begin to shake violently as the snow started to fall off of rooftops. Densuke had hit a tender spot with that comment it seems. Choppers now circled the area, with their cameras in film of this even about to take place in the middle of their faithful district 1. Televisions alike could see the carnage of what was about to take place as Wilson would cross his arms and uncross them letting out a slow deep growl, shaking the area with sheer raw power. “I…am NO MAN’S LACKEY!” Wilson would scream out as he rand towards Densuke with utter speed and grace. Densuke would answer the call to battle, taking off at his own enhanced pace of speed, darting for Wilson. “you hurt my friends..killed my father…if I don’t kill you…then what good am i..’ Densuke would think to himself. The two would meet in the middle with a clash of sword and shield, a blinding white light would echo through the area, only the two shadows of Wilson and Densuke remain in the middle, the camera men would shriek back in fear as the light would emcopass their camera lenses.

The Battle of Fate BeginsEdit

( ) SHING, CLANK! CLANK CLANK CLANK, SHING! The sound effects made by Densuke and Wilson’s more than heated confrontational clash of blows. Densuke would duck a horizontal slash made by Wilson, and counter with a shield uppercut to his chin. Wilson wouldn’t even flinch at the attack, and with quick notice Densuke would kick off of Wilson’s chest, propelling himself higher in the air. Wilson would study him the entire process and as Densuke rose higher in the air, he’d start throwing a reign of exploding disc at Wilson, smoke clouds filling up the area around the big brute. Densuke would narrow his eyes, as he descended back down. Suddenly a big green foot emerged from the smoke and clonked Densuke right in his chest, sending him flying a skyrocketing 3 miles backwards, and an extra 20 feet skidding on the ground. Densuke would lay on the ground for a second, his armor being the only thing that kept him from sustaining heavy damage. He  watched as Wilson landed from his backflip kick, and then darted for Densuke as a giant green blur..’damn do big people even move that fast!?’ Densuke thought to himself, as Wilson had drew his rifle and began shooting at Densuke. ‘attempt at opening..’ these words ran through Densuke’s mind as he’d stand up, and strife backwards, holding his shield to resist the multi elemental  assault rifle rounds. Explosions of lighting, fire, and ice could be heard, crackling from the shields surface, as Densuke would stand in place, defending himself to the best of his ability.  Wilson would then run towards Densuke with both of his giant blades drawn, his arms leaning backwards. Densuke would dart his body to the left, heading towards the wall of a building. Densuke would leap off of the wall, and rear his shield back, and Wilson would attempt to throw his arms forward and decapitate Densuke. The two would seem to move in slow motion, Densuke would allow the shield to leave his hands, knocking Wilson on the bridge of his nose and throwing his balance off guard. Densuke would then rebound off of wilson’s head and flip his body forward, pushing Wilson just enough so he’d fall face first into a building. Densuke would catch his  shield and land facing away from Wilson with a smirk. He’d then be shocked to see Wilson appear beside him, with his arm outstretched. Densuke’s eyes would widen in fear as his body was clotheslined backwards, the force of it, creating a crater where Wilson stood. Densuke would fly through the air in a beeline, entering a building, and flying through the inside of it, crashing through an office desk, and landing back first inside of an elevator.( ) Densuke would wince and groan in pain, letting some blood slip form his lips as he’d spit it out. He’d quickly throw a shuriken at the elevator panel, and demand the elevator to ascend to the top floor. Densuke would lean his head back and let out a loud sigh. “shit…my armor isn’t even helping as much. The force of this guy’s blows are like semi trucks…I’ll have to plan ahead. Keeping aiming for his head..weak points are still weak points.” Densuke would close his eyes for a second enjoying the melody. The elevator would then come to a sudden stop. Densuke would keep his eyes closed. “Fuck…me.” Wilson would rip the top off of the elevator and stand triumphantly looking down at Densuke. “I don’t think this thing can even support yo big ass!” Densuke would shake his fist at Wilson, and Wilson would leap down with a grunt, the two now face to face again. With his arms stretched out Wilson would attempt to crush Densuke’s head with a double armed clap. Densuke would, lean his body backwards, bending at the knees, and sliding the shield on his back, only to withdraw tetsu’s black Ragnainium trench blades. He’d turn his body to a squat, and lunge forward, crossing his arms and slicing Wilson’s achelies heels. Wilson let out a loud battle cry of pain as he fell to his knees. Densuke capitalizing on his injury would mount wilson’s back side, and begin throwing right and left hooks, each swing, digging a deep and bloody read gash into his enemy’s skin. “GRAAAAAH! GET OFFFFF!” Wilson would grab Densuke by his hair and fling his back against the elevator wall, denting it severly. Densuke would let some blood slip thorugh his teeth, as he’d hold his shield up. Wilson would begin hammering away, at densuke’s shield, punching it with one hand

after another. He’d agreesively speak. “I don’t know what that shields made of, but I don’t care! It may be unbreakable!” Densuke would close one eye, feeling the wall on his back about to cave from the pressure. “BUT YOUR NOT!” Wilson would lunge one hard uppercut, avoiding densuke’s shield completely and giving him the full force of Wilson’s punch in his abdomen, the very pain spread throughout his entire being, as he flew through the elevator wall, in an upwards diagonal. He’d burst through the next wall and begin to fall down a long and dark elevator shaft. Wilson with a proud predator like scream ( ) would leap form the elevator, and through the hole he’d sent Densuke through. His skin would begint o emit an errie green glow as he descended downwards, with huffing and grunting. Densuke would strap his shield on his back, doing his best to ignore his bodies cry of pain. ‘I won’t quit..chi or no chi, I WILL BEAT HIM!’ An image of Tetsu flashed in Densuke’s mind, as he’d scream out loud. “I CAN’T SLEEP IN PEACE UNTIL I KILL YOU!” ( ) slipping on the web shooters he’d taken from his lab, Densuke would whip a web out, and begin to swing through a long drawn out subway tunnel, at the edge of his fall. Surprisingly he’d picked up web swinging a lot faster than Tetsu. ‘ Swing, apex, leap!’ Densuke would utter as he’d come to a height of his swing, and cut a front flip, the lights of the subway passing by as he yanked down on a web, accelerating his own swing speed. Wilson would be trailing right behind him, running at full speed, but Densuke would be swinging at, at least 90mph’s picking up momentum at all the highest points he could. “little guy’s fucking with me..i’m not just brawns with no brain Ryoji!” Wilson would pull out some shuriken, and begin to throw them at Densuke. As if an invisible force was guiding him, Densuke would turn around, and begin web slinging backwards, pausing in the air, to preform an aerial opened legged, spin, shuriken passing under his arms, two between his legs, and one right by his cheek. Wilson would manage to catch up to him briefly and begin swinging his hands out at Densuke in attempts to grab him and subdue him. Wilson swung his left hand out, only to have Densuke roll his body off the top of his arm, and kick him in the face, only to then launch another kick with his opposite leg, forcing his body to bounce off of wilson’s face, and regain the lead he had before. During mid leap he’d then sling two webs in wilson’s eyes, attempting to slow him down and blind him. Wilson would lash out blindly, but using his superhuman senses, he’d withdraw one of his blades, and throw it at Densuke. With a reflex speed to die for Densuke would latch one web to the top of the subway tunnel. Utilizing the bungee effect, he’d twist his body out of the way of the blade, and then shoot a web at it’s handle as it went flying past him. With the ceiling latched web now in full stretch Densuke would use a momentum pull and fling wilson’s blade directly back at him. Just as Wilson cleared the web from his eyes, he’d be impaled with a blade, and stopped dead in his tracks, falling and tumbling to the ground. Densuke would nod with a smirk, and continue to swing forward, only to stop at a four way corssing, and land on the tracks with a squat. He’d look to his left and see a train coming. With perfect timing he’d leap up and land on the top of it, hitching a ride back to the surface of Kasihana city, now emerging in the center of district 2

It's Still A Long Way From Over.Edit

Densuke would dismount the train, and find a nice quiet ally way to lean his back against. Panting violently and harshly he’d hold his right arm and make his way on to the street. A couple of news choppers emerged and began to film Densuke in uniform as he made his way up the street in al ight jog. The news reporter lady would begin to talk into her mic. “Well folks it looks like the Red Dawn has done it again! He’s singlehanded taken down the big green goliath,and once again shown the city of kasihana that not all costumed people are ba-“ The gorund below Densuke would start from a small tremble…Densuke would hear all sorts of metallic clanking and hammering. As if metal was being grinded and bent against..more metal. “ no no no no no!” Densuke would begin running down the street and flailing his arms to people. “EVERYONE! GET OUTTA THE WAY! NOOOOW!!!!!” ( ) A crack would spit the ground…slowly the crack would start to spread form it’s origin point and begin to spread further..and further..then it began multiplying. Into more cracks. The road began to rumble upwards. Chunks of the ground as a whole would start to pop up, and not more than a

moment later, a loud and triumphant roar could be heard. It was feint…feint at first, but like a radio it would increase by the decibel the closer it got towards the surface. Densuke would be trailing back and begin to take off in a dead  sprint as Wilson would leap from the cracked ground… rubble, debris, and bulges of burnt scrap metal would rise form the ground. In Wilson’s hands…he had the lead subway car, which still had 12 other cars attached to it. Wilson would ascend higher and higher into the air, until he’d reached a 10 stories high peak of his jump. Densuke’s eyes would widen in fear, the effects of his adrenaline starting to wear off and the pain from the battle beginning to kick in full force. “Wilson don’t..STOP IIIIT! TEHRE ARE PEOPLE STILL IN THERE, CAN’T YOU  HEAR THEIR SCREAMS!!! I’M FIGHTING YOU, NOT THEM!” Densuke would cry out, as Wilson would give him a smug smile and lash his arms forward. Gripping the train in his hands, and using it like a giant whip, Densuke would roll to his right, only for the train to collide with the ground, each car hitting the ground one after another, smashing people in their cars, and killing those foolish enough stand in it’s wake. Densuke would be leaning against a fire hydrant, as the dust from the area cleared to reveal complete and utter destruction. “H-…how is he this stro…” Densuke was left speechless as he stood and looked at the blood shed spilled. Bodies dangling from the subway train, women and children alike dead, and bleeding out. Wilson would charge Densuke from the air attempting to hit him with an elbow strike. Densuke would leap backwards, in the nick to time to avoid it, but with what seemed like instantaneous speed, Wilson would now be behind Densuke in mid air, and grip his body in a bear hug like notion. He’d then backflip, and leap into the air even higher, this time another ten storie jump. He’d begin his descent while spinning around this time head first. Densuke already disoriented and dizzy had no way to fight back…with a loud and powerful ‘THA-OOM!” Densuke’s body would be thrust into the cement rubble. Half of his body, his legs sticking from the surface of the crater itself. His upper half, now submerged in pure ground and rubble. All he could breathe in was the dirt that allowed itself into his lungs. He had to wiggle his head, just to clear air pockets or he’d suffocate...

( ) Wilson would grab Densuke by his leg, and pick him up out of the ground, as if pulling up a weed from a garden. Densuke’s arms dangled..he looked lifeless. His eyes slammed shut, due to the immense amount of pain he was enduring at this moment. Bloody scars would ooze from the dephs of his tone upper body, as his costume had taken so much, the upper half off it ripped completely, leaving only his mask on his face, with all luck intended. “…This is dissatisfying. When we fought back then, I could feel a sentient energy in you. You had more power than you’re dishing out now. Where did it all go, Ryoji?” The news camera’s would hover over the situation as they’d watch with their cameras intensely. The blonde reporter continued her report. “THIS IS…ASTOUNDING! THE GIANT GREEN MAN HAS MADE HIS RETURN! KILLING MILLIONS OF INNOCENTS IN HIS WAKE, BY SLAMMING A SUBWAY TRAIN! REPORTS ARE IN, MORE KPD OFFICERS ARE ON THEIR WAY TO AID IN THE CASUALTIES!” Claymore and Amy would be sitting in densuke’s house along with Danny and Felicity, watching the television intensely as they could see their friend was in dire danger. Amy would be sitting on the floor, her eyes filled with tears as she watched intensely. Felicity, would stay twaords the back of the room, not wanting to show the worry on her face. Danny would have his hands over his mouth, and sigh. “I’m going..” Danny uttered as he stood up and headed for the door. Claymore would stop him. “Danny..this is his fight. He wanted this. Don’t take this away from him.” Danny would shrug. “I’m not..but if I’m gonna support him I wanna be there in person. You guys are free to join me..” Danny would rush down the hallway, heading for the exit. The others one by one slowly started to follow.( ) “ KA TOOM, TOOM…BOOM! KA-KRACK, BAM, WHAP!!” Would be the next few noises made as densuke’s body was flung down the street and back first into a taxi cab a mile away. Densuke looked dead…yet his will to survive was his only Leigh way in this fight. Wilson would squint his eyes and look at Densuke. “You’re acting like a little bitch…I know what it is. It’s this damn snow. You can’t use a single bit of chi now can you..” Wilson would reach into his utility belt and pull out a pill, that glowed with an odd gold. He’d throw it at Densuke’s chest and bounced off and landed on the ground. Densuke would eerily raise his head up, wincing due to the fact that every motion felt like he was being hit all over again. “Take that…it’s the antidote to the spores in this snow. Originally it was given to me, because I once was a chi user, but no more. Taking that will make you immune to its effects…” Densuke would fall forward, his arms not even being able to support his weight. He’d lift his head up as blood trickled from his forehead and speak weakly, the pill only inches away from his mouth. “W…..wh…y?” Wilson would scoff. “when you go to the after life I want you to tell your old man you gave it your all, and how shitty it was compared to a god’s overall power. I am a killer, but I am a huntsmen as well. Do not take my offer as mercy. I want you to come at me with everything..” Wilson would raise his hand, and then slowly ball it into a fist. The ground rumbling again as his body emitted a green glow. “SO THAT I CAN CRUSH IT INFRONT OF ALL OF YOUR FRIENDS AND LOVED ONES!” Windows cracked at the howling of Wilson’s voice. Densuke would grit his teeth and eye the pill for a moment. He’d grasp it in his hand, and place it inside of his mouth, biting down on the pill, and swallowing the contents of it..His mind went blank as he decided that he would just this once need the people to wait on him..inside his own mind Densuke could envision his body becoming engulfed by a golden energy in the midst of blackness in his mind..


( )Densuke would lay there for a moment..not feeling much of anything at first. He’d lay his head down for am moment. Wilson would watch intensively as the police arrived and began to surround the are. Wilson would eye them and tilt his head up. “Pathetic. You all can’t even enjoy a show, when it’s presented to you full force…” Wilson would cross his arms, and his body mass…grew? He was now as staggering 9 feet tall, and would proceed to dart, around the field. The kpdau would dash back at him, all in their advanced mechatronic suits. It had become a bunch of black and green blurs darting around the are, at the head of a building miles away colt stood, with his hands in his pockets, and his assistant beside him. “He’ll recover. When he does begin monitoring him thoroughly.” “Hai’ colts assistant would utter at his demand. Wilson would be running, but then extend his foot outward, coming to a sudden stop and punching his KPDAD pursuer, in his chest plate, causing his internal organs to fly out of it’s backside, with relative ease. The following 6 officers would all dash at Wilson, shooting their machine guns in a synchronized fashion. Wilson would bend his left arm at his side, and with his right arm, proceed to catch every single individual bullet that came his way. “How the hell is someone this big, even remotely! Full throttle boys!” The remaining 6 would all jet out in different directions, and approach their max speed of 300 mphs, leaving behind a massive amount of afterimages.  They’d begin to hone in on Wilson, one of them would Clock Wilson right across the side of his face. Another one would dash into Wilson’s legs tripping him up, and 4 more would descend down from the sky with their fist pointed forward, all four of them colliding into Wilson’s chest, with a loud “BOOOM!!!!!!!” and a dust cloud being the resort of their linked tactics. The two on the outside would yell with excitement. “hell yeah! We don’t need some super hero bastard after all! Good job boys lets-“ “AAHHHHH! COMMANDER!” “H-HELP! HE’S IUGHS” The dust cloud thickened, and the remaining two would stand beside each other looking around. “What’s going on?! We got em I know we did!” The dust would clear as Wilson stood there, his giant hands engulfing the four solders bodies, like grasping a bar of hey. Wilson would smirk and press his hands together, only to cause a violent array of blood to sprew from the torso’s of the men, and out of the cracks and creases of their armors. Wilson would then take their bodies in one hand and drink from their corpses, like holding a soda can. The remaining two officers stood frozen in fear..dropping their weapons and taking steps backwards. They began to go max speed from the jump, to escape, but Wilson would grip the both of them by their legs. With two legs in each hand, Wilson would then join them together, now holding them by their torsos’ and their legs, and with no effort whatsoever, he’d rip them in half and like two bear cans begin pouring their blood and organ’s into his mouth as a form of nourishment. “Ahh…pour souls..Proper sacrifices to a god have to be made and proper ones at that.” Wilson would spread his arms and yell. “NONE CAN STAND BEFORE GOD! KNEEL BEFORE ME!” the ground would break apart and dust would rise from it…but Wilson would stand in shock. As it was not his power that flaunted and caused this. He’d use his supernatural awareness…to pinpoint it’s location, and see a standing Densuke. “I can feel it again…” Densuke would utter. He’d ball his fist up and an violent golden aura would emit from his body, seeping off of his being, and circling back into him. Just like Tetsu taught him, instead of violently out bursting it, to harness every individual bit of it. “I’m tired of watching you take lives like it’s a game…of all the people I’ve met in my life,
you’re by far the worst get a little power and you look down on others like cockroaches…” Densuke would take a step forward, his mask still on and his body’s muscles bulging, the ground crackling beneath his feet. “I won’t let claim this city as your fact I’ll protect it.. until my FUCKING LUNGS COLLAPSE!!”  Densuke would lash forward in a blinding golden light, punching Wilson directly in the gut. While before this would’ve had no effect, Wilson’s body would double over, and force his arms to outstretch. Densuke would then begin to launch a violent stream of kicks, in a tae kwon do like fashon towards wilson’s vital areas, hitting both of his jugular viens, his chin, his throat, and even two alternating reverse roundhouse kicks to his rib cage. Wilson’s eyes went white from the might of densuke’s blows, as to end the combo Densuke would leap up In the air, upside down, grabbing Wilson’s head along with his ascension, by his chin 15 feet in the air. With Wilson in hand, Densuke would flip his body forward and toss Wilson inside of an office building crashing his body through solid concrete and metal. Wilson would fall, a spot of blood drooling form his mouth. Densuke would hop in the hole and attempt another attack, only to be back fisted by Wilson. Densuke’s body would turn around, but he’d catch himself and go back on the offensive. The helicopter’s flying around the action, as the two men met in fast paced exchanged combat, the likes ow which came out of anime. Densuke
anticipating Wilson’s every attack, Wilson combating Densuke’s martial knowledge with his own, it was an amazing display of skill. Densuke would duck, a straight forward side kick, and launch his own foot at Wilson’s grounded leg, thus tripping him and leaving him suspended in the air. Wilson however was already planning a counter. He’d stuck his hand out, planning to use a capoeira style offensive spin kick, that would surely boot him in the face…Densuke could then suddenly see. Everything. His eyes scanning Wilson, and suddenly in Densuke’s mind, he could see yellow afterimages of his own body, moving in various positions. It was his way of visualizing possible counters to the situation at hand…as if deducing his own maneuvers and his opponents. Densuke would then pick the most viable counter, by pressing his foot against wilson’s oncoming spinning leg attack. This would throw wilsons’ body back down to the ground and allow Densuke to drive his knee directly into the bridge of wilson’s nose. “KUH!” Wilson would muffle out as a spot of blood surrounded densuke’s knee. Then in a fluent motion Densuke would use his strong arm technique causing his body to grow 3x it’s size in muscle mass, and proceed to grab Wilson by his arm. Lifting the dead weight 800lb titan and tossing him even further into the building’s walls and obstacles along the way.

The Pressures On, Victory Achived?Edit

( repeat if needed ) “This fight is tremendous!” the reporter spouted. “the cops have decided to leave it all in red dawn’s hands at this point! Can he do it is anyone’s guess but just look at what’s going on!!!” The camera would point to various areas of the building, busting out In explosions of concrete and rubble, all the way until the very base floor. Densuke would be thrown from the building into the street and land after being flattened on  his back. He’d dodge Wilson’s oncoming flying kick, and wrap as much of his arms around his body as he could slamming Wilson down the the ground. Wilson would quickly kick up and throw a three piece combination to Densuke’s being, but thanks to having control of his chi again, he’d quickly shrug off the blows using the strong arm in various impact area’s and returning the favor with a two piece side kick against wilson’s right calf and knee, only to  follow it up with a reared back right handed superman punch. “HAAAAAAAAAAA!!!” Densuke’s arm glew a bright gold, fusing his Atsuryoku no ken with his punch and sending Wilson tumbling along the destroyed streets. Wilson would quickly pick himself back up, his injury’s healing almost as fast as he’d received them. ‘I’ve got no choice…I’ve got to put him down for good. I can at least rest easy, chi is the only thing I have he can’t counter..” Densuke would clench his fist. ‘ and I’ve got plenty..’ Densuke would run towards Wilson and Wilson

would run towards him. Densuke however would pivot off of his toes, and disappear from sight. “?!” Wilson thought, until he’d be met with a forward flipping axe kick to the back of his head. “Jin!” Densuke screamed, as Wilson would try to retaliate with a step in elbow, his body would disappear again, appearing 7 feet away form his original position. Landing in a squat. “Tweh!” Densuke uttered, utilizing the Atsuryoku No Tejin’s properties, he’d then dash back towards, only this time uttering “Gyuk!” and darting his body back and forth to the left and to the right, a brief image appearing where his standing spots used to be every time he dashed. Wilson took a fighting stance and attempted to track Densuke but by then Densuke would surround Wilson with five after images of him self uttering “Hwan!”
Tumblr mpttxkBWxT1s91wtgo1 400

Densuke's combat speed

Wilson would scream “I’m tired of this shit!!!!!” and swipe his arm across the images all of them fading only to see Densuke standing, with his back turned towards Wilson, and a bright gold energy emitting from the side he couldn’t see. Densuke’s iris took on a bright shimmery gold as his body would literally “fade” into nothing. Wilson would look around frantically before seeing desnuke reappear less than a foot away from his vicinity. “Tenku…ATSURYOKU NO KEEEEEEEEEN!!!!!!!” Densuke would drive his golden fist, surrounded by a blurry pressure, of massive proportion into wilson’s chest caivity. The sheer
force of the pressure collapsing in on itself, only to expand again is literally enough to crush the human body inside and out. The impact will literally crush a human’s bodily organs, skeletal system, and even possibly shrink the human in size from sheer compression. There is no realy way to make this move non lethal as the effects can and will completely cripple a person if they take the full fledge hit. The move is really an enhanced jab which is moving at an accelerated rate, however the effects added to the field are incredible. Not only is densuke’s body in a heightened state of speed, and senses, but the once his motion stops to deliver the punch, even if properly dodged, the force still contracts and expands, meaning an explosion of pressurized air would expand from densuke’s fist , in a high velocity impact, enough to sweep the opponent and Densuke himself off of their feet and cause viable damage to both parties. As the impact was made Wilson would be sent flying surrounded by a blurry orb, which would then compress in on its self and form an invisible beam of pressure, which dug a glaring and obvious hole straight though wilson’s torso, and even then it continued to push his body straight into a one storie building with a thunderous impact causing the entity of the building to collapse on his being…As the building slowly crumbled on him Densuke would fall to his knees and pant violently..beating his chest, in a feeling of success and honor. “Y…yes..” Densuke would utter..he’d put his all into that attack hoping to end the job as it was…but did he was the pondering question on Densuke’s mind.

Give Up Hope.Edit

Densuke would stand himself up, unstrapping his shield form his back and looking at the damage caused. The gang made it to safe roof top far away, and amy would be jumping up and down with joy. “YES! I KNEW DENSUKE KUN WOULDN’T LOSE! HE DID IT HE DID IT HE DI-…whats wrong guys?” Danny would continue looking down at the scene.  “this victory feels if it’s only the beginning of an aned…and end I’m certain I won’t like.” Danny would gulp hard as he kept on observing. Claymore would fold his arms and let out a heavy sigh. “Common…stay down…” Colt would continuing observing hearing his assistant speak loudly. “Sir with chi returned well..densuke’s vitals have never been better e-everything has improved! His usage of the energy, his physique it’s all off the charts!” Colt would nod. “What about the chi scanner, show me the results.” His assistant would pull the measurements and colt would read them accordingly. “Ah…these chi readings are higher than Tetsu Ryoji’s highest record peak. The only difference is usage…which we’re about to find out if it’s as good or not.” Colt would place his sunglasses on and continue to view the fight thinking to himself. “Can you live up to your old man’s name kid ? Densuke would stand and continue to stare, when suddenly the smoke cleared….and he could see a remaining figure. ( )  The shadow in the smoke looked the same. But

densuke’s gut was telling him I wasn’t..a bead of sweat droped from densuke’s head as he watched the figure emerge…Wilson took some steps forward, with a new look of sorts. He had horns on his head..and completely red set eyes, that had a black misty smoke emitting from them. His fingernails grew to predatory lengths…and he was now more stout than he was before. “What’s the matter Ryoji?...hmhmhm…you act like you’ve never witnessed a deity on earth before…KAHAHAHAHAHA!” Wilson’s voice had become demonic in nature, as his roar this time, would spew flames form  his mouth that echo’d and outstrched from his position. His hands would also spew flames as well, his show boating making him look like a big flaming cross. He’d retract his fire and glare at Densuke, steam emitting from his nostrils and mouth. Densuke would growl to himself, holding his shield in hand and speaking loudly. “Theres just no end to your bag o tricks eh Wilson? Doesn’t matter at this point. I hope this is your final form, I’d hate to have you go all out before I make you a giant green corpse..” Wilson would fold his arms, and tilt his head up. “You couldn’t beat me even if you had daddy dearest fucking you  in the rear and pumping you full of chi!” Densuke would now grow enraged hearing such things spoken about his father. “You…I’LL FUCKING DESTROY YOOOOOUAAAAAAAAAAAAAH!!!!!!” Densuke would rush towards Wilson with his shield in front of him, only to run into a burst of flame. Wilson would then  launch his foot into densuke’s abdomen, causing a sickening crunch of bone, and sending him sky rocketing 30 stories into the air. Wilson would emit flames form his feet and rush off in pursuit of his victim, with a menacing grin on his green face.

Utter DefeatEdit

( ) Densuke would prepare himself..though he couldn’t do anything at all once wilson’s green hand encompassed his face. Using the fire under his feet as jet thrusters, Wilson would proceed to drive densuke’s body through multiple buildings, 4 to be exact. Densuke would dump chi into his muscles before every impact to achieve the best survival result, but he found himself gaging on his own blood seeing as how Wilson was trying to cut off his breathing and traping the blood between his hand and densuke’s face. AFtter the 5th building, Densuke would throw his leg up, digging it into wilson’s chin, but it was to no avail. Wilson would push his chin against densuke’s foot, can casue im to flip violently in through the air, only for Wilson to deiliver a feircesome chop to densuke’s lower back, bending his body at it’s apex and causing him to beeline downwards. Densuke had been approximately 50 stories in the air, chi or no chi, this fall could very well kill him..with the quickness of thinking, he’d strap the shield to his back again and sling a web. ‘his power’s to great right now..i’ve got to lead him out of the city!’ Densuke would then begin to web swing feverishly through district two, at every chance he got, letting his swing go, to avoid taking a fireball to the ass. Densuke would swing, but have his web destroyed by wilson’s fireball. Playing to it, he’d bounce off of a flag pole, and  leap to grab a power line, only for Wilson to fly over him and breathe fire on the lip, casing Densuke to loose his grip again. Denskue would then shoot two webs, at wilson’s shoulders, and pull himself up, resulting in an inverted drop kick to wilson’s mouth, causing the flame to spew from his ears in a comical fashion. Densuke would bounce off of wilson’s head, propelling himself forward like a torpedo through the sky. Only to have Wilson come from below him and headbutt him in the stomach, sending him further above the buildings of District 2…up here Densuke had nothing to web on to, so his method of travel was cut down. Wilson would soar past Densuke, heading upwards into the sky. Densuke would proceed to freefall his body forwards heading towards the only open area he could detect. The football field of Kasihana stadium. ‘There! Less people!” He’d continue his sky high fall, being above yun corp tower in the air and begin to descend. Wilson however would tackle desnuke from behind, only propelling and speeding up the fall. “Damn!...Tch!!” Densuke would struggle to free himself of wilson’s grip but it was of no avail. They plumted towards the football field before Densuke would rear his fist back, once again forcing a golden glowing chi. “Atsuryoku no KEN!” The football players would be in the middle of a game, when one of them took notice and told everone to run. Densuke and Wilson would hit the ground and massive chunks of dirt would fly everywhere in a giant dirty enfused explosion would ensue, launching a giant brown pillar that towered over the field itself. A moment later densuke’s body would emerge flying straight back out of the mist, his back beign sent directly into a football goal, bending the metal frame with his body. Densuke would vomit blood as the impact was made, he’d broke 5-6 ribs this point. Densuke would fall to the ground on his knees. Shield in hand. He’d roll on his back. He could honestly say: he couldn’take much more..( ) Wilson would walk over to densuke’s body, and grab him by the hair..lifting his corpse up slowly..and slaming his fist into densuke’s gut, with a loud THUD. Densuke would spit from his mouth a mixture of vomit and blood, which flowed down his chest, and onto the field. The people in the stands would stand astonished at this sight. “Do you see this?! People of Kasihana! This! Is your hero!” Wilson would punch Densuke in the gut yet again, even harder this time, cracking his already broken ribs. “OOF…” Densuke would utter. “I! have taken away your hope!” Wilson would punch Densuke again. “Your freedom!” He’d punch Densuke again. “this is one of the people who thinks there is still “good” in kasihana city! How odd…does that fucking sound!” Wilson would drop Densuke and let his body hover in mid air, before, leaping up into a spinning aerial roundhouse kick, sending Densuke flying across to the other side of the football field..Densuke’s body hit the ground, and the crowd gasped. Only the whites of his eyes were showing at this point..his body had nothing but black and red prints on it from wilson’s blows. His hand griping the shield tightly…though his body was as limp as a basket of clothing. Wilson would continue his rant. “I! AM YOUR NEW

GOD! I AM YOUR NEW KING! YOUR JUDGE! YOUR JURRY YOUR EXECUTIONEEEEEEEER!! BAHAHAHAHAHA!!!” As Wilson screamed,  his falmes would begin spreading through out the crowed, burning everyone it touched. His cinders and streams of fire crisping everyone unforturnate to not get away fast enough. The crowd erupted in fear, and panic. “We’re doomed!” “It’s all over!” “mommy help!” a little girl would cry for her mother. The dad wouold pull his wife away from her, as his little girl burned to a cinder crisp. In the center of it all was wilson’s laughter. It echoed inside of densuke’s mind. The screaming. The menicachal laughter….the pain and suffering. It was too much to bear.


( )‘I….’ Densuke thought to himself. “I have……I have to help them…….’ Densuke would repeat to himself in his mind. Over and over again. Claymore would comment. “It’s…it’s over….” Amy would cover her mouth and continue to watch. Danny would cuddle felicity, as she buried her face in his chest. She couldn’t watch anymore. Danny would squint. “it’s not not Densuke. I can feel..hope.” Claymore would look up. “yeah I feel it too.” Colt would watch the big screen of the football field and nod. “He’s not down for the count yet.” His assistant would look at him. “Sir….his vitals…he’s legally dead right now..” Colt would smirk for the first time in a while. “Silly girl. Do you know how hard it is to kill a Ryoji.” The girl would have a shocked look on her face.  Densuke’s hand would twitch…Wilson would turn and stomp his rampage and look at the body. “…Impossible..” Densuke would groan..his eyes still white from unconsciousness.. A girl in the crowd whispered. “how is he alive?!” A man responded. “no look..look he’s not! His eyes!” Claymore would take of his sunglasses as his mouth droped. “That boys’ running off sheer force of will right now.” Danny would smirk at the revival of his frined. Densuke would push both hand ‘s on the ground..pulling himself up even in his unconscious state. His body had shut down, but his will, the very core of his soul refused to let him stay down. Words ran through his head. Felicity: “Never let me go Densuke.” She pleaded softly whispering to him. “Never.” Danny: .” You do what you do because you believe in a dream. Even if it is stupid, to you it’s what’s real. And you do good for this city. Someday maybe they’ll do good for you.” Hachiman: “You’re a Ryoji. Theres not a thing you can’t do” Shira: "You can count me in, Ryoji. As your friend, any problem of yours is a problem of mine.” Damian: “Our fathers were heroes in their own right. It’s only right that we act as they did no?” Tetsu: ““Live….as your own man….no matter you be a yakuza or a hero…I’ll always be proud.” An image of Keyth would appear in his mind. “Well roll bounce, look at you. Lying down like a sleeping dog. Get up. Since when did this stop you.” Densuke would slam his hand on the ground one time, pausing to listen to Keyth. “you fought for me in the Shinto’s nice to know I have people who’d do that. Now I’m here to let you know you have people who feel the same way about get your ass up.” Densuke’s body would snap, crackle, and pop as he’d fixed his body somewhat up right. Blood would pour from his wounds, but it didn’t matter to him one bit…His indomidible will would push his mind, body, and soul to the very limits of his potential.. The crowd would remain silent until one man would yell at the top of his lungs. “GET ME RED DAWN!” Another woman would join in on the cheering. “MAKE HIM PAY, YOU GOT THIS MAN!”  “RIP THAT SON OF A BITCH A NEW ONE!” “PROTECT US RED DAWN! WE BEILIVE IN YOU!” The crowd would be in uproar, cheering Densuke on as he stood tall in his moment of adversity. Wilson would growl at the people yelling and cheering. The ground around Densuke would begin to rise, as his aura streamed off his body. To a chi user, they’d see a bright yellow glow in the middle of the football, field encompassing densuke’s body completely, his energy growing at an increasing rate,  starting to look like a star up close on this green earth.. The very light from his chi could be see from miles away as it began to encompass half the stadium. Chunks of the stadium area around Densuke would begin to rise and break into pieces. Densuke would clench his

fist, now standing tall and tilt his head up, letting out a low growl as the color of his eyes would shy from pure white, to a bright and aura leaking gold. “rrrrrrrrrrrrAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA!!!!!!!” Densuke would scream out as he let his aura unleash, a bright golden pillar of energy half the size of a foot ball stadium would leak into the sky, chi users could feel this from district to district, the very force of it so immense even non chi users would catch a blinding flash of light as Densuke screamed at the top of his lungs, shadow engulfing his body entirely….As the silence broke in only two words were uttered from Danny’s mouth. “Hadou….Kussei.”

The Turn AroundEdit

( ) The aura had come to a calm shortly after densuke’s roar of

Tumblr mrl8ooxOnT1s0xw12o1 500
return. The crowd would awe, as densuke’s arua instead of calm, was more so of a stream of what appeared to be energy that streamed like enlarged lighting, minus the actual static. Densuke’s eyes were pure gold, with a Smokey gold aura leaking profusely form them. Wilson would lean forward swinging his arms out. “PAHAHAHA! What is this?! A last ditch effort of some kind?! Tell you what!” Wilson would withdraw his rifle and point it at Densuke, loading the explosive rounds. “I’LL MAKE IT A QUICK DEATH FOR YOU AND YOUR FUCKING FANS!!!” Densuke would shake his head, and not utter a word. He’d begin walking forward, his body flickering in and out of vision. Wilson would unload his gun, shooting rapid fire machine gun fire at Densuke, but…he’d continue to walk through it. The bullets passing right through him. Wilson would grunt and begin loading gun with every type of ammo he had, but it was all wasted…Densuke was moving so fast, his body literally flickered in and out of view, dodging every bullet with simple side steps. Densuke had arrived a foot away from Wilson and looked him in the eye. “It’s time to die. Wilson.” Wilson would growl and engulf his body in flames a blaze, throwing a punch at densuke’s face. The punch connected, but Densuke didn’t budge for even an instant. “Wha?...l..LUCKY TRICK!” Wilson would then begin to throw organized combo after organized combo at densuke’s being. A series of precision punches and kicks, towards multiple areas, but they all failed miserably. “YA KNOW WHAT FUCK IT! I’LL TOSS YOUR LITTLE ASS TO DISTRICT 3!” Wilson would attempt to lift Densuke by his head, but couldn’t??? Wilson would grip Densuke by his arms, and do his very best to lift Densuke, his feet sinking into the ground, but Densuke wouldn’t budge. Claymore would stare in shock, and Danny’s face was amazed. “Do you know the science of pressure, Wilson.” Wilson would continue to try and lift desnuke, while also
trying to feebly hit him, while he spoke. “I’ve been the ways of light Hadou, to use the inner energy of pressure manipulation. I can emit a field of either increased or decreased pressure around my body…whatever comes inside this field surcomes to the pressure ive set. If I want, I can reduce the pressure of even your punches to that of a cotton ball…or increase my pressure, so that even your superhuman strength isn’t enough to move me.” Wilson would throw one more punch, only for it to be cought with Densuke’s hand. “That’s not all…if I touch a person and expand my field of psi around them..” In a violent and bone shattering nosie, Wilson’s arm would begin to contort, twist, bend, and compress in itself. Tidbit’s of muscle and bone shattering and compressing In on themselves while blood poured onto the grassy field. Wilson would do his best struggling to pull back from Densuke’s grip, but Densuke would let him go. Wilson’s arm would slowly start to regenerate as he’d hold it, drooling at the mouth in anger. “THIS IS..THIS IS BULLSHIT! YOUR FATHERS CHI WAS NOT THIS POTENT! NOT THIS RAW!” he’d point at Densuke. “YOU ARE BUT AN OFFSPRING!” Densuke would utter quietly. “I’m am..a pale substitute for the man my father. However if I am anything…I’m what this city needs.” Densuke would place on hand behind his back, and extend the other one outward. “…Come.” ( ) Wilson would charge into the battle head first, swigning a right hook at Densuke. Densuke would block this blow with his elbow deflecting it entirely. Wilson would spin his body and launch a back hand combo, that included a spinning kick towards densuke’s temple. Densuke would block the back hand, and tank the kick, only to retaliate by launching a single punch to wilson’s gut, however before impact he’d increase the pressure of his punch to that of a 100mph Charter bus. Wilson’s back would have a large bulge sticking from the back of it, similar to the effcts on dragon ball z. Wilson’s body would be sent soaring upwards and out of the stadium. Densuke would shuffle in place a bit, before grabing his shield, and darting out of the stadium. Densuke would catch up to wilson’s body and land on a rooftop, punching his fist, and shooting a blast of pressure at Wilson to nail him against a building. As wilson’s body began to fall, Densuke would zip over to his location in a golden blur, and drive his foot into wilson’s chin, causing his back and body to slide down the 60 storie building at a rate of 150 miles per hour. “GA! RUGAH! GREEAH!” Wilson’s cry’s of pain. Densuke would dismount wilson’s body and grab him by his legs around the 30th storie, flipping himself and Wilson forward, only to then throw Wilson slam into the concrete, his body flipping the entire way there,  forcing him into the sewers and to land smack dab under the sewer water.  Wilson would stand up looking around. ‘with his speed…he’d probably make a straight forward attempt for me thinking he can out do me.” Wilson would hear a whiring noise in the water and step to the side as a forced darted past him, splitting the water in two. “ah HA!” Wilson would shoot a blast in the direction that the force went. Only for Densuke to appear behind wilson’s  head uttering. ‘that’s called a feint.” Wilson would turn around only to be met with densuke’s fist in his face, his fist literally twisting on impact, and digging it’s way into wilson’s jaw. Wilson would be sent beelining it, until Densuke would catch Wilson by his leg before his body flew backwards. “No no. You haven’t suffered enough.” Densuke would pull Wilson back and elbow him in his chest, drawing a massive amount of blood and forcing him into the water. Densuke would then punch Wilson 10 times in his mouth and nose, and jaw, only to then lift Wilson over his head, and bring his back down on his knee cap, increasing his and wilson’s pressures so he could feel the vertibre in his spine sever. “AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHH!!!!!” wilson cried as Densuke would drop Wilson to the ground, only to grab in in a reverse judo hold and toss Wilson back through the road, and onto the surface again. Densuke would flip up to the surface himself and now be standing 10 feet away from Wilson. His eyes on him the entire time as Densuke would stuff his hands in his pockets. “you’re at your limit. Tis the problem with you bio enhanced freaks. Theres always a peak with you guys.” Densuke would shake his head and spit at Wilson. “Stand up and gimme your strongest attack. If I’m gonna kill my first real kill, I want him to know he tried…” Wilson would glare at Densuke. He was missing both of his canine fangs..” HOW DARE YOU OFFER A GOD A HANDICAP!” Densuke would shuffle in place, giving a rather bland and bored expression on his face. “Take it or leave, either way we both know you’re not fucking with me at this point.. Wilson would engulf his body in pure flame, his flame expanding to it’s highest peak. Densuke would cross his arms, and uncross them, rocks around his body shuffling and rising up. Densuke knew what time it was…the final confrontation.


( ) Wilson would now have a giant fireball surrounding his fist, the size of an inflated beach ball. Densuke would smirk grabing his right wrist with his left hand. His hand would begin to glow a bright almost super white yellow before toning down to yellow orbed fist with a bluured image of densuke’s hand on the inside of it. “This is it Wilson…don’t pull any punches big guy.” “DON’T TALK TO ME AS IF WE’RE FRIENDS!! IM GOING TO KILL YOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOU!!!!” Wilson would take off, leaving a trail of piled rocks around his blazing feet. Densuke would squat, and utter. “Jin!” as his body disappeared from it’s spot in a flicker. Utilizing the fullest of the Hadou Kussei, Densuke would rear his hand back and Wilson the same. The two would meet in the midde, and a shockwave would be sent out on first impact, leveling each and every car in a mile wide radius. The ground would rumble as Densuke and wilson’s fist would push against one antoher, the enahced soilder gritting thorugh bloodied teeth and the prodigal son pushing to avenge his dad. One had to give..and one did. Wilson’s fist would begin to spew blood, and Densuke would get flashes of all of his friends and loved ones up to this point. Realizing that he had the power to take care of each and everyone of them, and in a gushy burst of violent power desuke would roar at the top of his lungs, as  his fist traveled up wilson’s arm, through his shoulder,

Tumblr m1slu9Qdyv1qajrt6
and right through his entire torso. His body now split in half from the waist up as Densuke had literally plowed through and tore this man apart. Densuke knew he would regenerate if left unchecked however, and with a coy smile, he’d turn his body in mid air, and aim..a pre-loaded hand held rail gun, curtisy of Jason. With a twist of style, Densuke would pour his chi into the rail gun’s titainium bullet, and with the added propulsion power, he’d use his pressure manipulation to actually compress the air pocket opening the bullet itself had to go through, like pulling back a rubber band but in a different sense. One half of wilson’s body woud turn around with blood leaking from it’s mouth and it’s eyes widening in fear. Densuke would utter his last few words: “Adios. Wilson Thomason.”
Tumblr mm1o180SAr1qfbz1so1 500
Densuke would fire the Railgun, his own body being flung back 10 feet, however the bullet from the rail gun moved at mach 7 speeds, leaving it’s railed chamber, at double that speed thanks to densuke’s pressure manipulation to increase it’s firing speed and with the bullet now being a traveling chi bomb, once impact was made with wilson’s body, the result would combust the bullet itself and create an explosion of a  high magnitude and caliber”KA-THOOOOOOOM!!!!!!!”. Wilson didn’t even have time to scream. A  mushroom cloud of dust and debree would erupt as Densuke himself was also engulfed in the after math of destruction.

Celebration, The Storm Is OverEdit

Atomic Explosion GIf by merovech1
It was quiet. Silence befell the middle of district 2 as the smoke finally cleared up and the area was devastated. The explosion was contained, but  a massive 20 feet wide crater would left in wake, where Wilson Thomason inhaled his last bit of oxygen. The combined velocity of the rail gun and densuke’s chi, resulted in a combustion the likes only technology could aid in creating. A group of running foot steps could be heard, as Danny, Felicity, Claymore, and Amy went searching for their friend. They’d stumble upon a small group of kids surrounding densuke’s body. Claymore would outstretch his arm. “if we get too close they’llk now we’re his friends…we can’t blow that cover for him.” Densuke would hesitantly open his eyes. They’d flutter as if he was in a state of consciousness and unconsciousness. Densuke would see a small group of kids looking at him, there were 3 of em. Denskue would run his hand through his hair…not feeling a mask on his face. Densuke’s eyes would widen as he was about to get up and run, but one of the children would hand him his fallen mask. “Don’t worry. We won’t tell no body.” Densuke would smile to himself, and the kids would all nod in agreement. He’d take the mask and strap it on his face. ( ) “WOOOOOOOOHOOOOOOOO!!!” Densuke would hear in the distance. A feint chanting began to approach his area, as in the distance..he could see the people from the stadium, walking in a mob and filling the streets. They’d all break out in dash straight for Densuke. “WHOA WHOA WH-“ The crowd sourround densuke and begin patting him on the back and rubbing his hair. “We knew you could do it!” A man would pat his shoulder. “Nice going cutie.” A blonde woman with voluptuous breast would plant a kiss on densuke’s lips. Thank god felicity couldn’t see through this crowd. “heave ho mr.hero!” A big black guy would lift Densuke onto his shoulders and begin to holster him down the street. People began to lean out of their windows and throw towels, and randomly assorted napkins as make shift confetti. Claymore would nod to the gang, and they’d head off into the allyway.  The people began to mob towards the square of district two, rejoicing in the city’s triumph. Densuke would now be in the middle of district two, the surivors of the attack and the people who’d seen the victorious battle on t.v would now be chanting his name as loud as they could. A cry so loud, it could be heard from miles away. “RED DAWN! RED DAWN! RED DAWN! RED DAWN!” This chanting would continue as they began to bounce densuke’s body up, and down. In the air and back down again, Densuke would close his eyes and smile. Claymore and the gang would come from the skies a moment later sporting rubber mask to hide their identities. Claymore would nod to Densuke, hoping he’d take the signal opportunity for an escape. Densuke would nod back on his last throw he’d fwip a web to the bottom of the helicopter, and begin drifting away, planning his foot against the base of the web’s sticky surface. The head of the press company would begin making phone calls to every paper in the city he could contact. His assistant beside him, would be typing everything his boss said. “Hello? Jimmy? Yeah I want this red dawn guy marketed! I don’t care! How you do it! I want his face in every news paper, his sheidl logo on every coffe mug, I want this guy to be the next merchandised hit! DON’T ARGUE WITH ME DAMMIT” The boss man would hang the phone up and look at his assistant. “This is gonna be our turn around, just wait! “ his assistant nodded, and continued typing a paper headline. Colt would turn around and begin to walk off. “Let’s go.” His blonde haired female companion would turn and look at him. “but sir? Our data was severely lost when he broke my machine!” Colt would continue walking along the rooftop. “We have all we need to know. Lets go. We’ll be keeping in touch Ryoji.” Densuke would be drifting and speak to claymore. “you sure know how to make an entrance huh big C?” Claymore would laugh and shake his head. “Just don’t scare us like that again kid! Can’t be loosing no Heroes over here. Speaking of which..” Claymore would activate an intercom and begin speaking to the people. “CALL HEROES FOR HIRE, FOR GOOD QUIALITY SERVICE, AND HEROICS! NUMBERS IN THE PHONE BOOK! CALL IF YOU NEED A HERO TODAAAAAAAAY!” Densuke would laugh at claymore’s fre advertisement and the gang would laugh to. Densuke would look on a distant building and see a shadowed figure with a long lion mane like hair and a trench coat. Densuke would smile at Keyth with a grin. Keyth would smirk and point his index finger and extend his thumb, pretending to shoot at Densuke. Densuke would mimic his motion and do the same thing, uttering the word “Bang.”

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