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ShadeAssassin: -"Welcome to the third annual "FXCK Dem Up" Tournament, sponsered by Fxck apparel." Xaki said into the microphone as he stood on a wooden box in the center of a hexagon ring. It was the scene of one of his bigger fight club arenas. ( The arena was filled with chairs and a few tables scattered throughout. People would be walking around serving drinks and meals to the guest as they came to watch the tournament. In the center there was the hexagon cage with a runway leading to a gate into the ring and a door way that led to a back room. Xaki would speak into the mic again, "Up first we have an exhibition match between the two former champions." At that time a well built man with dark skin and a light skined man with many tattoos started walking down the run way. They entered the cage and stood opposite each other as Xaki spoke again. "Everybody knows who these guys are, so lets skip introduction and get down to the fighting." With that Xaki let go of the mic and it acended up to the rafters it was hanging down from. He signalled the start of the fight then let the referee step in. The large black man started the assault with strong kicks and and seemed to be dominating the fight as Xaki disapeared into the back room. In this room the competetors were waiting getting ready for the fights that were soon to start. There was punching bags and weights around the walls of the room and a couple of tape circles on the floor for people to spar in as they waited. Xaki looked over this years crop of fighters. "Allright so, welcome to the tournament. Im told you all payed the entry fee and have signed your waivers, good good. I want to lay down the ground rules. You fight till you cant anymore. If you collapse you lose. If you fail to defend yourself, you lose. If you break a bone, you lose. And most importantly... If you die, you lose. Also know, if you kill your opponent you also lose." Xaki looked over the people in this room and then spoke again. "I also want everyone to shake hands before and after every fight. This is a respectful place, not just some place to punch peoples heads in." Xaki then turned off and headed into his office leaving people to prepare for their fights.-

( ) Dragging his feet through the snow yet again at an odd time of day. The sun was beginning to set, and for the first literal time in a while, Densuke was actually trying to stay out of trouble. Indeed, after his research on the metal android he and the Akiyama brothers defeated, he concluded the robot was manufactured from a series of sorts. It stated it was “III” Roman numeral three that is, so who knows how many more their actually are in exsistence. One thing is for sure, and it’s the connection of the jewel and the want for it. Densuke would exhale a breath, passing some people by and placing his hands behind his head, recalling the talk he’d had with his grandfather the night before.::Flashback: ( ) Densuke would be straped to a lab table with succion cup like wires hooked to his temples, and his chest, measuring heart rate/pulse, and brain activity which was the main part of this anaylsis. Ochigi would rub his chin hair and let out a silent “hmm..i thought so.” Densuke would lift his head up. “give it to me straight doc, whats the diagnosis.” Ochigi would turn to Densuke and sigh. “Well your brain capacity has jumped 15%. You can use rought 55% of your brain’s capacity now. Much shorter than what your father could, but it puts you on a good physical basis. And your body’s learing to keep up with your rapid development..this is good. Still train regularly. If not I can’t say if this development will decrease or increase. Can’t fight crime if your average Densuke.” Densuke would pull the wires off of him and nod. “I know I know. I’ve had my fair share of freaks but I know what I halfta do now adays. Don’t worry I’m gonna make my old man proud, and be the shield of this city…like I foolishly decided to stop long ago.” Ochigi would smile. “You do us all proud. I love you Densuke.” Densuke would point a finger. “Gay.” Ochigi’s head would grow large as he screamed “WE’RE FAMILY YOU TWAT!” Densuke would run out of the lab snickering. “Call me later, I’ll inform you if I need something!”::Flashback end:: ( ) Densuke would continue walking until his ears picked up a bit of ruckus. He’d been In D1 for some reason or another, but eh. I guess he got lost. He’d hear the noise, and enter the doors, to see he’d stumbled upon a club of some kind. “Ah…” A man would approach him, taping him on the shoulder. “Eh you hear for pleasure or business bub?” Densuke would cock an eyebrow. “This is a fight club right?” The bouncer type man would nod. “Long as your not a fed, then hell yeah. Locker rooms through the door, materials and fight tape are back there. That is if you’re not afraid to step in the ring.” A grin would spread across densuke’s face. “I’d kinda wanted to avoid getting violent…but oooooh man, I can’t resist.” Densuke would make his way to the locker room, and take a locker, the first one he could find and begin fixing up his attire. He’d stuff his clothes in there leaving only his shirt and jeans on, to which he really didn’t care for shorts anyway. There was some boxing tape in there also, but Densuke could tell this..may not be the fairest place. Sliping on a thin layer around his hands, he’d bite the extra bit off and clench his fist once,  hitting them together. He’d then, bounce around in place for a bit, before shaking his head and closing the locker. He’d then take it upon himself to listen to the man speak about the rules. “figured it’d be brutal.” Densuke would make his way over to the punching bag, and begin lightly juggling it in place, throwing timed punch after timed punch. He wasn’t going to show too much of what he was capable of, other wise he’d be gauged, which is what he didn’t want this early on..then again it’d make it more fun for him. He’s smirk as he’d continue pacing his punches against the bag.

DeliriousAres: (( Keyth had been punching and kicking in the mirror, watching his moves as he slammed his fist into the bag, and then following up with his legs. Him and Ginsei had discussed plans... Wild Cards prized fighter was fighting tonight so he could bring in some major bucks, and showing favor to a rival clan. Trying to get that chairmen on his side to help in the election. Keyths job... was to take out that fighter, and if he could. Fight others on the side as well to bring in as much cash as he could. Xiao had been walking down the street his golden hair hanging over his eyes as he walked down the street with the red hoody on, a back pack strapped on his back. Paying the entrances fee he walked inside of the locker room his head low, and the headphones plugged into his ears as he began to warm up as well. Wild card had entered the area as well, sitting across a table from the Yakuza clan he had his figther fighting for tonight. " Mr.Gong, i hope you will know that my boy will do you well tonight." Wild Card said pointing to the ring at his fighter. His fighter wasnt massive in size.. but he fought like a demon. Slamming his fist into a mans jaw making him fly right out the ring with a one hitter quitter. Mr.Gong nodded his head and smiled at Kashi, or better yet Wild card. Wild card brought his drink up for a toast with Mr.Gong. " Heres to, a long partnership. And the new Kagemaru chairman. You make me some real money tonight with your boy. And i'll make sure you get my vote." Wild card smirked as he looked at Hitomi from the other side of the club, glaring at him with her gaurds. She stood there in her suit, her hair draping over to the right as she kept her head up high. She too had a fighter, a large and massive female, with incredible muscle mass walked into the ring after Kashi's fighter. She faced a larger man who beat on his chest like some kind of Ape. The Large man charged forward, and Hitomi's fighter simply charged back, buck she ducked slightly, gripping the large man by his feet, and with inhuman strength whipped him high into the air and slammed his body into the ground with a monstorus force knocking the man out with one attack leaving him in the matt to be picked up. Hitomi turned to look back at Kashi who had a sadistic glare on his face that made her laugh. She found it amusing.

DeliriousAres: (( Keyth had been punching and kicking in the mirror, watching his moves as he slammed his fist into the bag, and then following up with his legs. Him and Ginsei had discussed plans... Wild Cards prized fighter was fighting tonight so he could bring in some major bucks, and showing favor to a rival clan. Trying to get that chairmen on his side to help in the election. Keyths job... was to take out that fighter, and if he could. Fight others on the side as well to bring in as much cash as he could. Xiao had been walking down the street his golden hair hanging over his eyes as he walked down the street with the red hoody on, a back pack strapped on his back. Paying the entrances fee he walked inside of the locker room his head low, and the headphones plugged into his ears as he began to warm up as well. Wild card had entered the area as well, sitting across a table from the Yakuza clan he had his figther fighting for tonight. " Mr.Gong, i hope you will know that my boy will do you well tonight." Wild Card said pointing to the ring at his fighter. His fighter wasnt massive in size.. but he fought like a demon. Slamming his fist into a mans jaw making him fly right out the ring with a one hitter quitter. Mr.Gong nodded his head and smiled at Kashi, or better yet Wild card. Wild card brought his drink up for a toast with Mr.Gong. " Heres to, a long partnership. And the new Kagemaru chairman. You make me some real money tonight with your boy. And i'll make sure you get my vote." Wild card smirked as he looked at Hitomi from the other side of the club, glaring at him with her gaurds. She stood there in her suit, her hair draping over to the right as she kept her head up high. She too had a fighter, a large and massive female, with incredible muscle mass walked into the ring after Kashi's fighter. She faced a larger man who beat on his chest like some kind of Ape. The Large man charged forward, and Hitomi's fighter simply charged back, buck she ducked slightly, gripping the large man by his feet, and with inhuman strength whipped him high into the air and slammed his body into the ground with a monstorus force knocking the man out with one attack leaving him in the matt to be picked up. Hitomi turned to look back at Kashi who had a sadistic glare on his face that made her laugh. She found it amusing.

Guest_Ginsukei: “Tch… You think I don’t know that Leo?” Ginsei glanced at Leo as they made their way down the street, heading towards the fight club that was holding a tournament. Ginsei and Keyth had gone over Keyth’s plan to begin their rise in the elections as well as crippling Wild Card and Hitomi yet their main concern was Wild Card. “I’m just saying the other chairmen will have brought out all their tricks for their fighters.” Leo said, trying to calm Ginsei down, his words having put Ginsei on edge for some reason. “You’ve seen Keyth fight, he’ll handle this without a problem.” Ginsei spit back at Leo, causing him to lower his head, going silent. The two of them continued down the street until they reached the fight club. Leo paid their way in, standing back for Ginsei to walk in first. Ginsei straightened his dress shirt and vest before striding into the club, silence falling on those who saw him. He walked with a casual stride and a blank face, not paying any attention to those who watched him. Leo walked behind him with his hands behind his back, a calm smile across his lips. Wild Card and Hitomi looked at Ginsei, watching him as he walked through the crowd to his own table that a few Osoremaru members were already sitting at. Ginsei looked at Hitomi and Wild Card before sitting down, making sure to make eye contact with the both of them. He slowly lowered himself into his seat, watching as Wild Card’s monster fighter destroyed his opponent with one punch and then watching Hitomi’s massive female fighter slammed her opponent, knocking him out. Ginsei noticed the look on Hitomi’s face and it filled him with disgust. “Psychotic woman… She’ll never take the Kagemaru seat.” Ginsei grimaced at the thought, slowly crossing his arms loosely in front of his chest as he watched the battles go on, waiting for Keyth’s fight to commence. In the meantime, Ginsei stood up, walking over to Wild Card’s table only to ignore him completely. “Mr. Gong, as refined as ever.” Ginsei gave Mr. Gong a small bow, a small smile on his face. “I do hope you won’t only watch Kashi’s fighter. The fighter I have is sure to smash the other fighters, easily.” Ginsei gave Mr. Gong a confident smile before making his way back to his table to retake his seat, figuring Keyth’s fight should be coming up very soon. Ginsei’s ability to change his attitude and his facial expression at the blink of an eye was uncanny. He was able to go from being pissed off at Leo to having a blank and emotionless face without a problem.

Gusman101Gusman101 Whisper: "GUS COME ONE" -Gus snapped out of his daze in his friend's car, sighing he got out of the car, his friends cheering and jumping around. They were good guys, and the one girl, trying to cheer him up on the anniversary of when Gus lost his arm. Gus walked in and swiped his card at the register, knwing its just more creds down the drain to watch a couple of guys beat the crap out of each other- Guys do we really have to do this? I mean I got work tomorrow. "Oh come on Gus don't be a pansy. Its just some fights, don't worry if you get sad you can cry on my shoulder HAHA." -Gus sighed, but chuckled as I walked up to the concession stand, ordering a bag of popcorn and a slushie as one of my friends pay for it- Thanks again man, landlord's been on my ass and moneys tight as hell. "Yea brother I got your back, after what you did for me I owe you my life, come on lets get to our seats." Yea yea. -walks along with my friends as we find our seats- So who's fighting? "Oh shut up man, its a surprsise" I hate surprises man you know that. -sighs as I lean back in my seat, looking over as I see some what look like 2nd Districters whispering and pointing at my arm. I glare, snarl my teeth, then flicks them off.- Dude I don't like this, too many people staring at me. "Oh Gus calm down man, its an amazing piece of work, and the fact that you've been keeping it up this long is amazing, and you know that." Yea......yea....Hey dude who's the big guy who looks a sumo wrestler decide to kick people's asses, not just on them? -I look to my friends- You gonna tell me? -they just chuckle in response as I look down- This isn't a fight, its a slaughter and you all know that! -I stand up as I clench my fist, walking down the walkway much to my friend's dismay. I make my way down to the bottom of the arena, getting as close to the cage as I can, and is then approached my security- Oh hey guys sorry I just need to get some....-punches one of the guards in the face, my arm spewing out steam as it flies faster, sending more force into the man, sending him flying. I spin and raise my eyebrow at the other guy- You really want some? -In response, the man wets himself- Aw dude seriously man? -And then the man runs off as I make my way to the cage.-

\ShadeAssassin: - Ukiyo would be sitting on a bench in the corner of the back room his eyes scanning the place as a couple of other fighters came up to him. "Hey you, Ukiyo right? Saw you in that last fight. You made quite a name for yourself" "Yea man the way you led that guy into a corner then took him out with a high kick to the face." Ukiyo looked up at the two and gave a cheesy smile, "Yea i dunno he got me in a serious tone." Ukiyo started into a bit of random chat with these two as he used his bionic eyes to look up statistics on them. hieght, 6'2" and 5'11"; reach 28 and 24; power about 150 each; not bad, he wasnt impressed though. Xaki was watching the tournament from his box room as he saw a boy come charging the ring. He laughed slightly as the boy took out one of his security gaurds and tried to force his way into the ring. Xaki turned to his head of security standing next to him and said, "Bring him to me." The man whispered code into a comm link on his suit and suddenly there were 10 or 20 security gaurds around Gus. He may try to fight them all off but in the number they would eventually detain him and bring him into the ring and down the runway. The other fighters would see this boy drug in and led to Xaki's office by a team of security and most would laugh at his boldness. Once he was brought he would be greeted with a light clap given by Xaki. "Well hello there. Do you mind telling me why you wish to make a mockery of my tournament?" He paused a moment to see if he would answer. "Well ill tell you what i see, I see a young man eager to jump in the fighting circuit. Am I right?" Xaki nodded at his secuirty head and he walked over to the man and scaned him with a strange devise. It measure all of his stats, hieght, reach, power. Xaki was now looking over the boys metal arm. "Normally i wont allow the use of enhanced weaponry, but given the opponents in this circuit i may make an exception for a new comer." Xaki smiled and tossed him a dufflebag. "Here kid, your representing me in this tournament. there are a couple patches of my lable, FXCK, in there make sure you display them on your fight suit. Oh, one more thing, don't get to fucked up out there." Xaki then waved him off and the security pushed Gus back into the locker room where he can suit up and prepare for his next fight. Back at the ring the last fight had just concluded and the announcer took the stage."Alright our next matchup is between, DeeeeeeeeeeeenSUke MiFuuunae, and his opponent, Rrrrrrrandy RUMMmmBleee... May the contestants please make their may to the ring." After the announcer finished talking a man came out with a red mohawk and took his place in the ring. ( He waited for Densuke and outstrected his hand to shake before the fight. The bell rang and the fight was set to start.-

Densuke would prepping himself mentally for this. Been a while since he’d had a straight drag out fight. This time however, he couldn’t use his chi, so this would be different for him. He couldn’t charge it into a one hit k.o, though it could still be possible. Densuke would be standing there as he’d walk out into the ring, casually. His demeanor calm and collected as usual. He’d step to the center and see this man infront of him named “Randy Rumble.” Densuke would rasie an eyebrow. “..You know your name is like generic as fuck right?” The red mohawked warrior would growl as the referee would yell “fight!” and Densuke would be met with a fist to the nose. Densuke’s head would cock back, before Densuke would catch himself, and wiggle his nose a bit. “Non telegraphed punch..nice, but doing that at the start of a match lets me know you’re a coward who looks for cheesy openings.” Randy would take a muy thai stance, side steping his way around the ring while Densuke would teke his Hyper Hybrid Style stance, raising his right fist beside his chin and extending his left fist at wasit level, and spreading his feet apart shoulder length ( ) The fight would really take a heated star as Densuke would rush in, in a crouch only to leap and launch a double spinning roundhouse kick, sending two kicks towards randy. Randy blocked the first one, but caught densuke’s leg the second go ground and brought him to the ground and was going to proceed to ground n pound, but Densuke was no idiot. He’d quickly grip the hairs of randy’s head, and bring his head lower, and begin repeatedly bashing his fist against the top of the fighters head. Randy struggled to cover it, as Densuke would then engulf randy’s waist with his legs, and begin figuratively playing bongo drums on randy’s head, but with his fist, his hands moving  at a rapid timed speed with cardio in sync. Randy would scream as a bit of blood tricked from his head, and he’d grip Densuke by his pants, and lift him in the air, attempting to slam Densuke on his back, a basic mma style maneuver. Densuke would laugh as he ascended, and once at the pak of his lift, he’d spin his body, releasing randy’s grip and launching 3 rotating ariel kicks, each one hitting randy’s nose in the same spot, the balls of Densuke’s feet stained with a good bit of his opponents blood. On the third kick Densuke would land on the ground, on his back, and while randy was attempting to grip his nose, with the quickness of a handspring, Densuke would launch himself forward, feet first and end up sitting on top of randy’s shoulders, with his legs caressed around his neck. Randy’s face in densuke’s croch and out of sheer embarrassment Densuke would laugh and shout. “balls deep muthafucka! BAHAHA!” Densuke would then let his body drop backwards, and use that momentum to preform the maneuver known as a huricarana, where Densuke would use his opponents head as an axel not once, but twice, and on the second spin, grip his opponents neck securely and, release it, causing Densuke to land in a squat on the ground, and randy’s body to flipped forward completely, hitting the ground with an agonizing thud.(in case you need a visual ) The wind knocked out of him his body would twitch for a second before going limp, and hearing nothing but hard breathes coming from  his busted nose. The referee would stand beside Densuke and raise his hand in victory. Densuke would scratch the back of his head and throw up a peace sign. People in the crowd beginning to chat. “I think I’m gonna put my money on that guy for a bit. He’ll rake in some major dough.” A red haired female would walk her way through the crowd, and speak to the man that just made his statement. She’d walk up to the betting booth, leaning into it a bit revealing a massive..amount of cleavage in her shorter than short strapless black dress. She’d flip her red hair out of her eyes, and speak in a low seductive..tone. “I’d like place 50,000 Tanz the the Tasanagi child.” The boothsman would look as she slid the check over and the entire time he’d gawk at her cleavage. “y-yes mam indeedy.” He’d take her money, and she’d turn around, leaning her back against the wall, and letting out a low moan. “the fun has just began..soon my dear Thomas..very soon.”

DeliriousAres: (( Stepping into the ring, Keyth looked over at Ginsei wearing nothing but a pair of slacks and his dress shoes. Bandages wrapped around his hands he gave Ginsei a nod. As his eyes shot back over to Wild card who had been smirking at Keyth with a very much so sinster smile. Keyths eyes then shot over to Hitomi who had her fist tightly in a clench. "...There he is.. that.. that bastard.." She said standing to her full height. " ...He's.. actually kind of cute ma'am.." Her assisstant said before Hitomi gave her a sick glare. Her eyes swifting traveling back over to Keyth who had his head down staring at the mat on the ground. "...Dammit.. i still cant sense my chi." He said clenching his fist as he closed his eyes. " Guess i'll have to do with out. This time." He said finally opening his eyes and then turning around waiting for his opponent. IN the mean time. Xiao had been in the locker room as well waiting for his turn as he contined to do his work outs." Yeah, im facing the Tasanagi kid. But he's going by Arasu. I dunno guess he feels entilted, or hes scared the clans are gonna off em. Ahh i dont give a fuck. Im still gonna punch his fucking face in either way." Wild Cards fighter said. LAter to be notifed as Hot sauce. (( Hot sauce on the right.)) Xiao pulled himself to his feet as he watched Hot Sauce leave the locker room and go out to the ring. Keyth turned and listened to the announcer. Announcing there names, and such as Hot sauce stared Keyth down from the other side of the room... Full killing intent on his face. " IN THIS CORNER... IS THE 5'11, 21 YEAR OLD TASANAGI. WEIGHTING AT 200 LBS OF PURE MUSCLE WITH HIS WILD HAIR! HE USES A MIXED MARTIAL ARTS STYLE THAT HE CALLS H.H.S.! KEYTH. TAAAAAASSAANNGGIII!" Keyth broght his right hand up as the crowd began to shout and boo at his name. Nothing he wasnt used to. " AND OVER HERE! THE FIRE STARTER. THE QUICK FIST BASTARD OF DISTRICT 1. WEIGTHING AT 195 LBS, AND STANDING AT 5'11! STRAIGHT UP. THE ONE, THE ONLY...... HOT.... SAAAAAAAAUCCEEE!!!!" The Crowd began to cheer and clap there hands at his praise as Hot sauce soaked it all in. " FIGHT!" The announcer said as they both made there way to the front of the ring. Hot Sauce began to bounce all around the ring. Keyth doing the same. Hot Sauce lashed out a punch towards Keyths face with such a thunderous speed... he was using thunderous boxing. A powerful and very Dangerous form of fighting mostly seen in Kagemaru men. The punch lashed out towards Keyths face making his whole face crumble around the blow as it blasted Keyth back with a quaking impact. His body folding and shifting until he smashed against the matt. Hot Sauce smriked and turned his back. Declaring the fight done already. Kashi stood up clapping his hands, smirking at Ginsei, Hitomi had that same smirk on her face as she looked at Ginsei as well laughing. Everyone had been laughing. " Yes, the Tasanagi boys weak. He ran away from his duties as chairman of his own clan. And now look at him. Running under the care of another clan because he couldnt take care of his own. How pathetic. Look at him laying there." Hitomi said shaking her head. Kashi sat back down after cheering. " No one ever surives Hot Sauces Thunderous Boxing Style. That's Keyome Tasanagi's styel you know Mr.Gong? All in respect for our past chairman all of the Maru Jeitai know it. And Hot Sauce is also one of my best commanders as well. Like i said. No one ever gets up from one of his punches." Wild Card turned to Hitomi laughing. Mouthing. ' Your next.' The Crowd cheered but.. it soon ceased. (( Keyth had pulled himself onto his feet right after it. " I was hoping..." The room had went dead silent as he slowly pulled his head back up. Not even a scratch on his skin. " I-..IMPOSSIBLE!" Wildcard said, his voice being the only one to echo out throughout the arena. " I was Hoping. You'd pack more of a punch than that. My Kids... hit harder than you." Hot Sauce Tensed and Charged forward with his fist stretched. " YOU TALK ALOT OF SHIT BUT THIS TIME IM GONNA SHUT YOU UPPPP!! AHHHHHHH!!!!" Hot Sauce began to flare out a massive array of punches, Keyths body jerking left to right as he stood right up, taking every punch dished out to him before he Caught Hot Sauces fist in his right hand. His right cheek bleeding as he smirked looking him right in the eye. " You lack Ambiton. And a real reason to fight rather than your own goals. You lack empowerment. And that.." Keyth Slammed his left fist into the males Jaw causing his whole body to rock back in a Awakward and cringing postion as he blasted his body back with Furious Strength. " MAKES YOU WEAK!" He said as the punch slammed into Hot Sauces face. One Solid Straight... Hot Sauce hit the ground unconcious as he bled at the top of his head, his eyes solid white. Knocked >

DeliriousAres: out cold. Keyth simply turned his back to the crowd. " I want Hitomi's girl next..." He said walking to the back. Kashi blinked, his temper flaring wildly as he hopped onto the ring and began to beat into Hot Sauces face over and over as he mounted over him. Some of his men having to pull him off. Hitomi watched. Her expression cold and her teeth gritted as she watched Keyth leave. "...Damn him... Damn you." She said under her breathe. Her eyes lingering over to Ginsei with a look of utter hate. Her assistant staring at Keyth with big heart shapes in her eyes.

Guest_Ginsukei: Ginsei watched as the fights went on until Keyth came out onto the ring. Ginsei nodded in response to Keyth’s nod, eyeing Kashi’s fighter. “Nothing but a brute, Keyth’s got him.” Ginsei mumbled to Leo as he occasionally glanced at Kashi and Hitomi, watching their faces. Right as the fight started Ginsei’s eyes were glued to the ring. The fighter known as Hot Sauce was using Thunderous Boxing, a style he had seen and experienced all too well. He watched as Hot Sauce charged Keyth, slamming his fist against his face, sending him to the floor. Ginsei just sat there, staring with a blank face as Keyth went down. He slowly clenched his right fist, seeing the smirk on Kashi’s face as he stood, clapping. He heard Hitomi’s laughter as she too looked at him. Ginsei smirked, shaking his head, mouthing at Kashi and Hitomi “Watch.” Keyth suddenly rose up and Hot Sauce charged him, sending a flurry of punches at Keyth who ate every single one of them until he finally caught one. He spoke about his kids before slamming his fist into Hot Sauce’s face, sending him crumpling to the floor, out cold. Ginsei grinned as he slowly rose to his feet, giving Kashi and Hitomi a nod. Ginsei made his way over to Hitomi, standing beside her with his hands casually placed in his pockets. “Well, seems Keyth is going to be taking your fighter next, think you’ll win?” Ginsei glanced at Hitomi who despite being sadistic and a total psycho, was actually rather good looking, she certainly had curves that drove men mad. Ginsei glanced at her expression with his red violet eyes before looking back towards the ring, a calm smile on his face.

Gusman101: -my eyes widen as I see these events transpire through the doorway of the locker room. I turn to the guard, my face flushed and sweat the size and density of bullets dripping down my face.- I'm going to die aren't I? -The guard shrugs and gives me a smirk- "Yea probably kid, that arm should help....unless the thing you're fighting doesn't rip it off and beat you to death with it" That's.....not reassuring at all..-gets pushed through the door way, flashing back to every major event that has passed in my life. The accident, getting my arm, loosing my father, loosing my mother, everything, and thinking to myself- Oh Jesus Christ I'm gonna die here tonight. -I get pushed out the door by the smartass guard, walking slowly to the ring while the annoucer makes up some lame ass stats about me, giving me a dumb as crap name that I can't even hear over the crowd, all of them knowing that this is just to watch someone get wailed on. I walk into the ring, seeing the large opponent in front of me, a hulking man that some of my friends talked about, "The Bull"- Gonna die, gonna die, gonna die. -sighs and gets myself into my stance, my fists up and ready for the fight.- Ok fine, BRING IT! -the Bull charges, throwing his fist straight toward me, moving out of the way but I get clipped on the shoulder, sending me reeling across the mat.- Shit....-gets up, wobbling a little, then sprints forward, as I run I swing my automail fist straight to his knee, feeling it crack as my eyes widen, surprised at just how easy it was, something snapping in my brain as I use my other hand to hold The Bull's knee in place and strikeing a second time, the knee giving more- HA! CAKE! -looks up and is met with an uppercut to the face, and I land on my feet, wiping the blood of my face. Bobs around the Bull, moving out of the way of another shot, breaking his arm with my automail arm, then backhanding him across the face, not surprised at how it didn't phaze him much, then procedes to hit the Bull in multiple vulnerable areas, finishing it off with a throat shot.- HOly crap....I did it! FUCK YES! -struts around the ring, flicking off everyone, hearing my friends cheer me on, then looks to the box, using my automail arm to flick everyone there off, grinning broadly- Suck on that

ShadeAssassin: -Xaki walked out into the center of the ring after the mat was cleared from the last fight. He looked around as the cheering of the crowd slowly died down the the mic decended into his hand again.Xaki would speak clearly into the mic, "Are you all having fun so far?" The crowd roars and Xaki waited for them to calm down again before continueing. "Is this a fuckin knitting club, I said are yall having fun?" The crowd roared and yelled louder than the first time to let their excitement be known before Xaki spoke again. "Well folks, This year we have decided to run the tournament a little differently, I know you were all excited to see the next fight between Densuke and Ukiyo. However there has been a change of plans. Every remaining fighter, please come out now." There were only six fighters left, this included Arasu, Flower Child, A"Gus"tus, Ukiyo "The Veteran" Kumiko, Xaio, and Densuke Mifunae. He directed each of them to one side of the hexagonal cage. The referee came to stand next to Xaki as Xaki started to explain the rules."This last fight is now a Six Man Free-for-All. The last man standing wins the tournament. Same disquallifying rules as before. When a person is Knocked out the security team will drag them out of the way. Any questions?" Xaki would give no pause for people to ask before he said, "Good, on the bell you may begin." He let the mic go and it ascended to the rafters again. The ref drew everyone into the middle and said "Touch gloves." Ukiyo stuck his right fist into the center expecting others to follow his sign of respect. The bell would sound and the fight was on. Ukiyo dropped into a low stance and let his eyes fall over the five other men. He waited to choose who he would fight first trying to see who went after who.-

Densuke would hear a call to the ring. All fighters? That’s…odd. Densuke would make his way to the ring, and hear it was now a six man free for all..”Damn I’m excited!” Densuke would hop up and down with joy. He’d take his HHS stance, and touch gloves into the center, expecting everyone else to do the same. He’d then scream at the top of his lungs “CAN’T BEAT ME I’LL TAKE YOU ALL ON!” his arms by his sides, and feet spread out, with a crouch.

DeliriousAres: (( They all shouted in unison as they rushed the middle of the ring. " Densuke!?" He said sending a punch into his friends jaw, attempting to knock him on his ass. If his punch hit or missed. FLower Child would send her right leg out,kicking off Gus's chest and slamming her elbow into the top of Keyths skull locking it into a DDT, slamming his face into the mat. Meanwhile. Xiao would lunge forward. Sending a furry of punches at Ukiyo. Attempting to knock him on his ass with a rushing collage of punches.

Discordia: “Fashionably late” Yukina thought as she fastened the last hook on the corseted leather dress that hugged her every curve. She slipped on the heeled boots and smashed the cherry of the joint she had been puffin on out in an ashtray before lighting up a Newport and heading out the door. A fight club, should be fun. Yukina always had her eyes out open for new enterprises and new recruits. As she entered the dank club that was filled with smoke her hand rested on her hip. To anyone looking, it would appear as more an assertive stance, only she knew that she was really checking the location of her favorite silver handled butterfly knife. The crowd around her roared excitedly, but Yukina’s smoky eyes peered into the ring with a calm fierceness as she appraised the fighters. She looked each of the six fighters up and down before lowering herself onto the bench. She crossed her legs and leaned forward, her eyes carefully falling every blow of the fight. She wasn’t too concerned with their fighting prowess, she was looking for the strategist, the fighters who careful thought out the moves five ahead of their opponents. True, Aiden had become Vice-President of Saito Corp, but she could always use valuable employees who were clever and could handle themselves.

Gusman101: -after reeling from the kick to his chest, Gus throws a bunch at Flower Girl, successfully knocking them off of Keyth, who gets a swift kick to the face while trying to get up. After, Gus put up his fists, automail arm in front, readying himself for the next attack, seeing he chaos unfold around him.- Shit man this isn't good. -He spins around, looking for a way to use the enviroment around him, not seeing Flower Child sweep his leg (Karate Kid) and throwing a punch, connecting with Gus's cheek, slamming him into the mat after the fist- (sorry family thing)

ShadeAssassin: -Ukiyo would utilise his bionic eyes accelerated vision to see the flurry in slow motion. He swapped into Aikido and would take grasp of Xaios wris as the punch was skillfully evaded. Withe a twist of his body he would attempt to throw Xaio up against the fencing side of the cage and pin him against it tightly before droping him to the ground with a quick trip of his legs. Ukiyo would keep to his Aikido stance and back away slowly as he watched the fighters all move and continue in their fighting. He was playing a method that would keep him rested longer in hopes of out lasting the others.-

Densuke would return from the punch, and duck down in a spinning maneuver, to catch himself. He’d see the kid named gus stop the amazon in her advancement. To add to this Densuke would move through the field, but tuck and roll in a grounded summersault, using his enhanced dexterity he could move effortlessly like this, and with a handspring he’d aim his drop kick at the amazon woman’s mid section, kicking her back in keyth’s direction with a fierce amount of power, knocking her breathless on contact. Even without chi, densuke’s martial artist awareness of was high par, allowing him to keep up with the high paced action as he’d land in a squat, and stay there alert as a ninja.

DeliriousAres: (( felt the twist of the wrist. Pulling him into the fince as he flenched. Using the momentum Xiao ran up the cage his feet running along the wire as the male pulled him into it before kicking off by 3 feet pulling himself from the male and coming down with a crushing elbow strike to the top of the temple while Ukiyo had his back still towards the cage doing this in 3 seconds. Xiao is able to instantly understand an opponent's method of thinking and fighting and anticipating their moves. He possesses a completely unpredictable nature, rendering him immune to users of Combat Perception, Body Language Analysis and Adoptive Muscle Memory. Meanwhile, Keyth pulled around FLower Childs body as she flew past him with a full spin. Pivoting off his right foot and then slamming his fist into her jaw launching her high into the air with a thunderous crash into her jaw. As her body went up he looked at Densuke and nodded and ran up the cage blasting off into the air above FLower child." LETS DO IT! THE 69 SPLITTER DENSUKE!"

Gusman101: -pants desperately, looking up to see who saved him- Hey thanks man. -staggers and tries to get up, blood coming out of my mouth, then spitting a glob of it out.- Shit. -stands up, swaying a little, backing up against the wall to catch my breath as he sees another man standing in a corner away from him.- Smart idea. -keeps spitting out blood as I desperately try to stand straight, resting my hand on the cage wall for balance when he saw Keyth and some other guy do some crazy ass moves on the strangely ripped woman- Jesus christ.

Discordia: There was something about a good fight that got the blood flowing, even if it was just watching in it. Yukina straightened in her seat as her eyes were glued to the arena as she tracked every movement. It was still too early to tell who would be the victor but it wasn’t as if Yukina was the type to gamble. No, she always wanted a sure thing… even if she had to resort to unsavory methods to tip the balance in her sway. True, owning a corporation was a risk, but there was a difference in blind risks and well assessed and calculated risks.

ShadeAssassin: -Ukiyo wouldnt expect the drop to his temple as itcrashed against the side of his face. It turned him for a second and only made him mad. Ukiyo then turned to face Xaio and focused on him intently. "Lets do this right this time." His stance shifted he moved one hand low to in fron of his mid section and one just inches off of his face. He moved in quick rapid motions throwing both hands at once. One would be a decoy to hide the other punch going straight for xaios face. However if xaio went to block the straight jab his decoy would follow through and uppet cut xaio knocking hin on his ass. If both were blocked Ukiyo would roll his arms over eachother forcing xaios hands down and leaving him open for a one- two combo to the face.-

( ) Densuke would react as quickly as keyth yelled. Old teamwork habits in play, as he’d play to the move, and launch from his squat to a sprint, and at the correct positioning underneath the amazon woman, Densuke would leap, and begin turning his body horizontally, and at the peak of the third turn, he’d shoot his elbow in the amazon’s back, at the exact time Keyth landed his attack completing the “69 splitter” to which when it hits, it would crack her vertebrae in that spot, paralyzing her. “YEAH!” Densuke would land in a squat and almost instantly his eyes would dart around looking at the ensuing battles. One was down, so now another target was in order, the metal armed guy looked to be a good start. Densuke would squat keeping low in this field was a good idea as he’d dart forward, with both arms cocked back, and a low stance, heading in a beeline for the man with vigorous, with the intent of throwing a three piece combo involving a left and right hook, with an uppercut to end it.

Gusman101: -turns around seeing some human torpedo lookin' guy charging at Gus he yelps loudly- FUCK! -turns and grins, jumping up the side of the cage, using my metal arm to pull myself up, and Gus grins as the man crashes into the cage, then Gus drops, throwing my metal fist straight onto the man's back, slamming him into the ground while he drags his face and forearms along the metal fencing.- Holy crap....that was....fuckin' SWEET! -wobbles, then grins a little- Whoa....wait...-sways and falls against the fence- Shit! -catches myself and puts up my fist ready for a fight-

DeliriousAres: (( Keyth tucked his body 3 times in a spin before he slammed his fist into the womans body. Completing the attack. Kicking off her body as she went limp on the ground passed out. Hitomi got up. Quickly wwalking out of the building with her men following. Kashi stared Ginsei down from the other side of the club before he slowly walked out himself. " Ginsei.. Come. Have a seat with an elderly man." He said signaling the elderly man over to discuss busniess. Xiao got into a stance as well but Ukiyo strikes all connected.Keyths body went down accidentally knocking into Ukiyo's body. Which would have knocked him forward into Xiao. Allowing the next manuever to complete itself. However if he dodged Keyth from knocking into him, then he'd get caught by Xiao's legs around his stomach, either or. As Xiao's body went backwards, Xiao threw both of his legs up, attempting to Hook them around Ukiyos neck, or if he dodged, his stomach as he fell backwards. Slamming his body under him so he'd mount over Ukiyo's head, or his chest if keyth was dodged. The full back flip maneuver would cause the crowd to go ' OOOOOOOO' As Ukiyos body would collide with the mat if connected. Sitting on top of the male he'd start to continuously slam his fist into his head over and over again with furious speed and strength as the crowd continued to go wild with angst and excitement.

ShadeAssassin: -Two security members would walk into the ring and dragg Flower Childs body out of the ring and carry them off to the medical bay. Ukiyo would feel Keyths body press against his back and move with his hightened reflexes to spin around and throw keyth around him into the spot Ukiyo stood. This would displace Xaio's attack and reverse it into being used on Keyth instead. Ukiyo would move away from the pile of Keyth and Xaio and move himself toward Gus.He would take the stance shown earlier and try to draw Gus into a fight.-

Densuke would feel himself hit the fence, as the man was quite crafty. Densuke would try to back himself up but only feel a metallic fist on his back and his face drug along the fist. Densuke would take that, opening one eye, long enough to see the man, backing up against the fence. With the same quickness of before, and a stinging pain in his back, Densuke would roll towards him and spring up, with a right handed uppercut, towards his chin, if connected it would shoot a sharp pain through the cranium. If it missed or not, Densuke would take that same right hand and pull it back, launching an elbow towards the man’s jaw, only to tie it into a momentum based left hook, to which if the elbow hit it would rock him stunned for a bit, but if the left hook connected it would make a stunning noise of impact, with a high force, knocking him towards the direction of the fighter known as Ukiyo. How ukiyo responded would be his own, but that’s only if the left hook connected. If not Densuke would shoot a quick fisted right uppercut, throwing it out there after his power hit, to make up for it’s miss if It did in fact miss.

Gusman101Gusman101 Whisper: -Gus's eyes widen as he dodges the uppercut, but is caught off guard as the elbow comes down, knocking me back. However Gus still has enough time to hold out my hand, fingers outstretched, scowling, bleed profusely from a gash on my forehead as the fist connects and gets caught in my hand as I squeeze, then spins it around, catching you in a hold, easily able to break your arm as I try to get out- Please stop hitting me. It. SUCKS! I don't wanna keep fighting. -says under my breath- Please hit me, and make it look good, I want out of here. Just....don't kill me.

ShadeAssassin: -Ukiyo would look around the mat and see the members within their own fights. He had become the odd man out."Oh well..." Ukiyo walked over to ref and raise his hand. "Im out, I quit." The security opened the gate and he walked out of the arena and entered the back room. He walked up to a punching bag and starts practicing combos on it.-

Discordia: Spotting the one fighter just up and quit, Yukina’s face scrunched up in curious confusion. She looked around before rising from her seat and slipping through the side room and into the back room. Apparently, there was still some fight left in him as he pounded into the punching bag. She hopped up onto a table, sitting with her legs crossed she pulled out her pack of smokes and lit one, inhaling deeply and watching before speaking up. “Do you always quit in the middle of a fight Mister?”

Densuke would smirk as his hit connected, the elbow connected. Densuke would be caught of guard as his fist was indeed caught. The spin took place and he’d had Densuke in some sort of reverse arm hold, but it wasn’t anything Densuke hadn’t been exposed to this kind of thing on a regular. He prepared to break free, but heard the man’s muttered words..”hm?...uh..alright gimme a moment, and brace your impact.” Densuke would nod and attempt to reach his free hand back behind the man’s head, grabbing for a handful of his hair. If successful he’d quickly flux his strength, keeping his arm in a safe position to prevent full breaking capabilities, and he’d pull his own body forward, with hair griped he’d pop the hip and modify it into a judo flip type move, slamming him slam on his back. If he really wanted to end this he’d logically stay down, if not Densuke would take a few steps back and take his HHS stance, looking at the guy kind of strange wondering why he’d wanted to to loose on purpose. Densuke would keep his guard up and prep.

Gusman101: -Gus scowls at you before you throw the bunch- Come on buddy, what ya scared? -is answered with the punch, flying and landing on his back with a grunt, and blood spurting from his busted up mouth as two guards come in and drag Gus out, a grin showing underneath all of the blood with a sign of thanks towards his defeater.- Thanks man.

ShadeAssassin: -Ukiyo finnished one more combo before turning to Yukina and grabing a towel and throwing it over his shoulders. He then reached down and took Yukina's cigerette and crushed it in his hand,"Those will kill ya, pretty lady like you should take care of yourself." He nodded to the comment she made, "Not really, usually i aim to win. I just didn't feel like jumping into a fight while other people were fighting, not honorable you know." He sighed and said, "Besides i wasnt looking to win this tournament anyway. If i did that i couldn't join it next year."-

Discordia: She pouted for a moment as she watched her cigarette be crushed to its death before her eyes. She swung her legs as her fingers wrapped around the edge of the table and tapped the sides of it nonchalantly. “You are an interesting fellow Mister uhh, I didn’t quite catch your name.” She said giving him a polite smile. “So you entered a tournament without intentions of winning. What is so special about next year’s tournament as opposed to this one? I guess it is really none of my business but it seems a bit counterproductive and has piqued my curiosity. The name is Yukina, Yukina Saito.”

Gusman101: -is laying on a gurney as he wheels past a woman and one of the fighters, then tries to get out- You're a much smarter guy than I was. Didn't know you could bail out....-groans and grips my jaw-

Densuke would look in the cage and see that there were two fighters left. Keyth and Xiao. Densuke wanted to stay and talk to him, but his watch would begin beeping profusely.  “Ah a signal. Ayperos’ must need some back up..” Densuke would speak lowly. “Talk to you later Keyth! Get at me sometime!” Densuke would dash out of the cage, forfeiting obviously, and dashing out side. In his cold feet it was indeed snowing. Densuke would speak into his watch. “Dispatch!” A small plane of an original design would drop a capsule on the top of the building. With parkurish quickness, Densuke would scale the 7 storie building by window ledges, and fire escapes, and make it to the top, suiting himself up in his red dawn attire. He’d step out and look around, placing his shield on his back and calling his hoverbike and racing to the action.

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