( )Practicing his daily routine of wing chun, on the wooden dummy in the Heroes For Hire shack, he’d intensely grunt, with each impact. “Left right…left, left, right, right left, kick..” Murmuring the steps to himself as he reflected on some clues he’d been looking over. On the main office wall was a diagram with photos taken at the scene of the firs androids attack, the one he and Ayperos previously defeated on the first night of snowfall…Densuke found he still couldn’t use his chi, so he’d been training his physique a lot more than usual lately. Random bleeps and blurs played in, on his police scanner radio. He’d take a breather, grabbing a towel and wiping sweat form his forehead. “3 hours of this shit, is annoying..but I guess that’s just the motion now a days.” Densuke would walk over to the office desk and begin adjusting the scanner until he’d picked up an incoming alert signal. “This is KPD head base, we’ve got a report of a bank that’s been taken hostage, in the middle of D2. It’s the grand central bank, and there are 10 armed men present, heavy artillery, please report there stat. They do have live hostages, proceed with caution.” Densuke would smirk. “Looks like I’ve got something to do after all!” he’d grab the remote to the surround stereo system. “Cue awesome suit up music!!” Densuke would push play ( ) “…Dammit Felicity. Been playing with my stereo n shit..” Densuke would grumble to himself, but not feeling like changing the song, he’d walk over to the gear room, and place his finger on a switch. The switch would prick his finger, and draw blood, thus allowing a tube with his Red Dawn suit to emerge. Strapping it on, piece by piece, he was now completely geared, and ran outside, closing the doors behind him, and locking them. He’d push a button on his wrist, and his hover bike would race to him, a now sleek black color, instead of red. He’d mount it, rev it once, and take off, into the air at 180mph. he had to reach the area, before the cops did. Making his goal in 2 minutes flat, he’d jump off and allow the newly installed auto pilot to take it’s course, as he’d backflip off of the bike and land in a squat. Densuke would tap his cowl and utilize his X-ray vision. “hmm..the walking bodies with metallic signatures gotta be the armed men. People on the floor I deduce are hostages..which mean’s if I did try to solo, armor or not, a well placed shot in  my eye or what not could be the death of me..*sigh* Densuke would make his way into the ventilation system, wearing the first version of his Red Dawn suit, and with his peak human strength would break the fan blade with a well timed punch, causing it to drop and make a loud boom noise.( ) One of the heavily armed thugs men would alert to it, looking in it’s direction. “The hell was that?”another thug would come up beside him. “Looks like the cops are planning some shit, grab the hostage now!” One of the men would grab a female hostage, and begin choking her, holding a gun to her head. “COME ON OUT YOU FAGGOT COP!” Suddenly densuke’s body would blurr as he dropped down and landed on the head of the thug, sending his body face first into the marble floor. With a swift transition and a flick of the wrist, he’d toss his shield, having already planned his trajectory throw, hitting the hostage holding man, in the head, causing his body to go limp, only to ricochet to not one, or two, but three other man, in a triangular motion, their bodies flying backwards in mid air. Densuke would then throw a smoke bomb on the ground, as he saw one of the unoccupied thugs men draw his automatic assault rifle and begin firing away, at densuke’s position. The shield would disappear into the smoke, as it would spread outwards like a raging mist. “6 left..” Densuke would now be behind the original bank counter, in a squat. He’d sneak up behind a near by thug, and spring upwards, catching him off guard before he could even scream, and preform a wrestling maneuver known as a DDT, slamming the man’s head into the ground, and rendering him unconscious. Densuke would then make his way to the end of the counter ways and observe the armed thugs. “W-where the hell is this guy?! This is why I fuckig hate this city! I told you it was a bad idea!” the last of the 5 thugs would begin to look around feverishly. “That’s it! Im killing a hostage! If I’m going to jail, it’ll be for something worth it dammit! Not getting pummeled by a nutcase!” The man would point his assault rife at a mother holding her child. She’d grip her little girl tight preparing for the end, until “click” the thug would find his feet bound to gether, by a steel wire. Not wanting to reveal his location, Densuke would attach the end of this wire, to a remote controlled projectile disk, and guide It up to the ceiling, latching it on and cuasing the thug to hang uselessly by his feet dangling. “4 left…how should I play with these guys…” the thugs were now all back to back, no longer willing to take any sort of chances, as densuke began to plot his next move against them with a grin on his face..

Gusman101: -Gus checks his phone, rereading the address for his friend's new place when he heard thuds and yells, turning a corner, Gus sees a man strung up to a cieling, then a scared little girl with her mother. Gus sprints over, quickly ushering the child and her mother to safety as the other 5 thugs stare, jaws to the ground as I put myself in harms way. I turn around after sending the two on their way and scowl at the five men, clenching my fists- What? You guys have a problem with someone helping others? Maybe I should show you something a little more.....dark....-adjusts my fist as a small but moderate tazer is shown, electricity crackling as I grin broadly- Well come on guys, BRING IT ON. -charges forward, my hand flying to the closest goon, hand crackling as the man trembles and fires his weapon, bullets spraying everywhere as I grab him, electrocuting him, sending him to the ground.-
HollowJak: -Jason grunted softly as a small drop of ketchup hit the outside of hsi suit jacket quickly grabbing a napking he sipes off as much as he can groaning at the fact that he would need to go to a dry cleaner before he went home to the warehouse he was a fit twenty six year old man with mildly tanned skin and long black hair which reached to his neck which he had given up on trying to style in any significant way he wore a simple black suit with a button down white shirt beneath it his favored attire in general though when it came to business deals he will change into what he needs to sitting on the mcdonalds table he sat at was a black briefcase within whis was a Scorpion Evo 3 A1 which he could put together in a quick pinch as well as two fully loaded 30 round magazines though frankly he doubted the need would arise. inside of his suit jacket just above his shirt he had his single action army colt .45 completely loaded and with three speed loaders of six shots apiece in his suits inner pocket. removing his cellphone from his pocket he looks over his messages finding no new ones he sighs and decides it is best just to return to the warehous. wrapping his half finished burger back up in its wrapping he grabs the briefcase with his left hand and stands tossing the burger in the trashcan as he walks out the door-
Pallas: - ( )On a bright and sunny day over the second district of Kasaihana, a small cargo boat slowly makes its way into the Kasaihana City harbor. The crew throw out ropes to other men working on the docks and the ship is quickly tied down to the dock. The bridge from the boat folds over and hits the deck ready to let the passengers and crew off the ship. Within a few minutes two large shadows begin to form at the quarterdeck of the ship. Then the two large bodies of two men come into the clear view for Kasaihana to once again see. On the left side is Deucalion Gray, The Raging Animal of district 2. He is still the same height that he left Kasaihana with but his body had grown in muscle mass from his years of training with Donnie and the others. He no longer has the Mohawk but is now donning a high and tight hairstyle. He continues to wear the black combat gear with his Ulaks hanging from the back end of his day pack. On his face is the signature black welding goggles that protect his golden color eyes. He turns his head and with s smirk that reveals his sharpened fang canines and says to the man next to him, -“So where do we go from here, Brother?”-And then the man standing next to him becomes revealed. A large muscular male standing over six feet tall with long shiny black hair that waves in the wind becomes part of the picture. His black eyes glisten as the sunlight shines off of him. He adjusts his sleeveless purple vest that he wears over a skin tight black shirt. On his back is his signature weapon of mass destruction, a medium sized broadsword carved out of the unbreakable metal his father created for him. This is Damian Yun, the son of the Devil Donnie Yun; Master of the Super Soldier kind. Damian looks over to Duke and replies to him with, -“We go home….or what’s left of it…”-The two of them then make their way off the ship and head towards the concrete jungle. The two quickly make their way into the city and quickly see commotion happening around district two. Reporters and pedestrians fill the area. Damian and Duke are quickly filled in on the fact that there is a bank robbery taking place in front of them. Damian looks at Duke and then Duke returns the stare. ( They both nod in agreement of what they want to do next. Duke and Damian quickly walk through the barriers that hold back the civvilians and the KPD quickly try to detain them. Duke grabs two KPD officers that try to stop him and he smashes their heads together like two balls. The cops quickly go unconscious and Damian asks-“Was that needed?”-Duke then says-“Be happy I did that instead of killing them.”-Damian nods-“Very well, Carry on.”- The two of them stand side by side in front of the bank. Damian says-“You got two, I got two.”-And then like a flash of light, their bodies disappear. Damian and Duke move at blurring speeds into the bank. They begin to toy with the four remaining robbers as they zoom by them to knock them off their feet. One robber grows angry and yells out-“What the hell is that!? I’m tired of this bullshit!”-That is when Duke appears in front of him and says with a bright and evil smile-“Peek a boo!”-and mauls him like a lion on its prey. His razor sharp teeth pierce into the neck of the robber and blood begins to squirt out of his neck like a sprinkler. The robber next to him raises his weapon up and prepares to fire. But before he could squeeze the trigger, Damian comes out of nowhere with a strong fist and thrusts a right cross on the face of the robber. Damians strength so overpowering that it sends the robber through the next three buildings. The body flies violently into a car that was driving by on the street three buildings away. The robbers face was practically jello after the punch he was hit with. Duke stands back up on his feet after feasting on the robber and blood drips from his mouth. The two remaining robbers now have their weapons pointed at the two and begin to open fire with automatic weapons. The two warriors smile as the bullets come flying towards them. Duke thrusts his body backwards as he becomes parallel to the floor and the bullets fly past him. Damian on the other hand raises his right hand up and draws his broadsword and begins to send the bullets ricocheting through the bank as he uses the sword to block the bullets. Once the barrage had come to an end, the robbers look at the two warriors with shock. Damian then says to them-“It’s not good to play with guns…”-Damian then thrusts his blade forward and the blade is sent flying into the chest of one robber and it sends him flying into the wall behind him. The blade pierces into the wall and causes the robber to be stuck hanging in the air with blood dripping down from the blade. Duke on the other hand uses the momentum of his body and swings his body forward towards the robber. As he floats through the air, he calls out his bone claws and they pierce into the chest of the robber and he quickly roars out in pain. Duke sits on top of the robbers body and pulls his six bone claws out of the robbers body. The four were clearly taken care of. Damian looks at Duke and then over to “Red Dawn” who could still be standing in the bank or doing his own thing. If was still standing there, Damian would look at him and say-“Well it looks like you haven’t changed at all…”-Damian then pulls his blade out of the robber, causing the body to fall to the floor lifeless. He wipes it off on the robbers body and then places it back in its holder. Damian begins to walk out of the bank and says to Duke-“Come on, Duke. We have things to do…”-Duke then nods and begins to follow Damian out of the bank. As they exit the building, KPD officers quickly surround them with assault rifles and pistols pointed at them from almost every angle. Damian smirks to himself and says-“Looks like we have to kill our way out of here Duke…”-Duke smiles and says-“That works for me haha.”-while licking the blood off his lips. The two are now ready to fight their way out.-
Discordia: The scarlet Honda reacted flawlessly to Yukina’s every touch as she weaved in and out of traffic on her bike. It had jet capabilities, but for some reason, she was far more at home with her wheels kissing pavement rather than floating on clouds. Out of nowhere, a barricade sprung up before her and she let out a stream of profanity. Cops were crawling all over the place and their lights flashed against the pricks and reflected on the windows of the windows as the sirens wailed through the air. Yukina hopped off her bike and muttered under her breath “just my luck” before she quickly glanced at her watch. The entire area was blocked off and there was no way she would be able to get to the bank and get the cashier’s check she was supposed to have for the realtor. Trying to get an officers attention or to find out what had happened was even more futile than actually getting past the blockade. “Oh for fucks sake” she yelled and her fist smashed into the bricks of the nearest building. She was about to begin kicking shit before she noticed Mr Sasaki cornered by two police officer. Without a care in the world, she slipped under the baracade and approached the trio. Based on appearance, she looked nothing more than a 19 year old pot head. She wore a pair of work boots and ripped up jeans, an old tee shirt and a black beanie. Her green eyes were rimmed heavy in eyeliner and the redness from her last joint had yet to fade away. As she neared the three men, the two officers tried to restrain her, one holding out his arm in attempt to grab her. The girl easily ducked under his arm and gave him a few sturdy jabs to the rib cage. The other cop was pulling out his weapon when Mr Sasaki stepped between them and held his arms up. “No No Don’t shoot her, she is one of our best customers.” The two officers looked from the banker, to her then each other then back at her and then to the banker again, as if he was joking or something. “This is Miss Yukina Saito, CEO of Saito Corp. It is that corporation that is buying up all kinds of run down businesses in District 1 and revamping them. We are so very lucky to have her bank here with us.” The cops backed down but that did not stop Yukina from glaring at each of them and then smirking. “It is a good think he stopped you, I would have hated to hurt you. I do love a man in uniform.” She said with a wink before turning towards Mr Sasaki. “What on earth is going on, I was supposed to meet with you about that apartment complex?” The man shifted back and forth slightly and rubbed his hands together nervously. “Well, we are being robbed. You have nothing to worry about, your funds were all insured but you may want to contact the realtor.”
Densuke would peak his head back out once again, now having time to think of a viable strategy. Of course then he’d see out of the blue another  henchmen appear, to approach a young man that appeared, making it five..for a brief moment. It was the kid from the fight club. He’d rushed in and literally clonked one of the henchmen’s in their mouth’s, knocking him to the ground. Then..out of the blue…Two muscular men would be causing harm to the police. Bloody harm. The two men would walk inside and a familiar face would emerge through the bloodshed. When the voice spoke to him Densuke recognized it instantly. “Damian..” Densuke’s voice trailed off as he saw something different about the guy. His equally muscular companion killed the rest of the thugs there. Densuke would walk out and shake his head spreading his arms, as they turned around and headed out towards the array of cops. “Dude..what the fuck are you doing?! These guys didn’t need to be KILLED! I don’t know you mr.staby stab but that is NOT  how you handle things!..It’s good to see you again Damian but why didn’t you stop this?...the fuck happened to you?” the cops would begin to yell out. “F-freeze you freaks!” The cop would shake in fear but his buddy would reach in the back of the cop car, and pull out a pump action shot gun. “Nah, not in this city!” The cop would begin shooting rounds of shotgun shells, reloading after each shot, and other cops would begin using their trained aim to shoot rounds of pistol fire at the two men (pretty sure they’ll get out of it,) there are only really 20 cops on the scene. Densuke would yell out to the guy that was still there. “Hey guy! Get down!” Densuke would hold up his shield and deflect any oncoming fire that may have came his way, completely deflecting the bullets, away from his position. “Don’t ignore me man, I thought we were friends!” Densuke would yell, while holding up his shield and spreading his legs shoulder length, to brace his stance. No telling when more cops would arrive..
Gusman101Gusman101 Whisper: -Gus's face becomes splattered with blood as the thugs around him dropped to the ground, cut open like animals to the slaughter. After quickly wiping the blood off his face Gus looked around, seeing two incredibly ripped men, and then another guy who looked somewhat familiar, standing there talking.- Wait....that sound- Gus turned to see the police pull up in front, his eyes widening as he started to look around for a viable way to escape, then seeing the police suit up in assault gear, Gus catiously taps one of the men on the shoulder- Hey um....guys? The cops out there are packing assault gear, and I would rather NOT die today so could we maybe, oh ya know not try to go head on against them? I think that would be the best plan for right now.
HollowJak: -Jason walked down the street his dress shoes sinking a foot down into the snow he cursed himself he hadnt prepared for this sort of weather when he had left the warehouse this morning to look for a few more business partners but had been forced into the mcdonalds by the snow and had spent most of his day there already but seeing as the snow didnt seem to be stopping he decided it was best to simply walk back to the warehouse and have a warm cup of coffee in the distance he heard the sounds of a fight and tried to switch over to another street but found his ay blocked by a police barricade frowning he quickly made his way down the street seeing what looked like a group of men ripping officers to pieces in front of the district 2 bank he sighed and ran into a nearby building charging up the stairs it was only around two stories tall and appeared to be an office building which had already been evacuated reaching into his suit jacket he unholstered his single action army colt .45 pulling back the hammer prepared to fire from the roof at some of the cops just enough to clear the way for him to be able to charge through. reaching the roof he stops short after throwing open the door as he saw a mans head lift from behind the scope of a sniper rifle cursing and not wanting to be given away by a gun shot hust yet he charged forward sliding slightly on the snow as he tackled into the man seeing him about to make a noise he pulled a small knife from the ling of his shoe and sliced open the mans neckcutting off his ability to speak as the man gurgled his last breaths he reached out and slid the still thrashing mans eyes shut- shhh just sleep now you were just in the wrong place at the wrong time -he moved away from the man and layed down behind the sniper rifle ignoring the sold and wet soaking through his suit as he looked the gun over it seem to be a standar L96A1 he had used one a couple of times checking it over he found that there was already a bullet chambered. taking a deep breath and ignoring the warm feeling as the dead mans warm blood soaked into the snow around him he looked through the scope barely able to pierce through the heavy snow and found a uniformed police officer taking another breath he checke the wind on his finger to make some rough adjustments before depressing his finger on the trigger and firing the bullet flying forward and punching into the back of the officer he noticed the form crumple before pulling back the bolt and chambering another round-
Guest_Yathari: -Nanashi stretched and finally looked up from his laptop. The sky was clear and the buildings took on a dreamlike state as he stared around. He was upon the roof of the bank in District 2 where he had spent the last half hour. He was wearing a white button down shirt with a large black insignia upon the back, the shirt was unbuttoned and beneath it was a plain white undershirt that just barely reached down to the waist of his dark cargo pants Eventually he shook his head and closed his laptop stowing it away in his bag before he stood and brushed off his pants. As he began walking he thought to himself that this wasn't exactly the best way to introduce yourself to a town but it was nessisary if he wanted to have the money and if he wanted to find Jason. Upon reaching the edge he looked down and noticed that there was quite the crowd gathered around the bank.- Huh, I wonder what's going on. Maybe I should go check? -He spoke aloud to no one in particular before he turned and broke into a sprint. He lept from the bank to a nearby building landing in a roll before springing to his feet and sprinting off again only to leap to another building. He continued this until he reached the buildin he shought: a large complex, of a sort he had never bothered to check, with a fire escape leading down to an alley way. He began the climb down to investigate.-
DeliriousAres: Kissing his kids goodbye he stepped out of the shrined area in a green blazer and a white shirt under it. The Oresumaru pendant on his right side of his jacket. Brown slacks and black dress shoes. Due to Keyth not being able to use his chi he began to practice with his weaponry skills. Getting himself accusmted to guns again. And using his blade quite often. He pulled his blade into the back seat of black Hummer he got with the bit of money that the government hadnt taken away. He sighed gripping tightly to the wheel as he pulled the pistol from his cars glove department and put it into his jackets hidden pocket on the right side. Along with 6 clips into the other pocket on the other side. A Deseret eagle, holding 9 rounds of .357 ammunition in each clip. Keyth looked into the rear view mirror. Looking back at the Shrine. His kids waving to him, which made him smile.. but knowing they were standing there... in the cold. Brought such a hunger upon him. One that he couldnt explain... he didnt want them to be cold. He wanted them to live better than he had. Pulling himself back into the seat his eyes fired back up at the rear view mirror. "...Dont worry guys. I'll get the money for us to live good." He pressed his fingers on the images of them in his rear view mirror. " I promise.." Turning the car on. He pressed down on the gas going off back into town. (( )). After what seemed like 20 minutes or so he would have made his way to the Oresumaru building where Ginsei may or may not have been waiting for him. If Ginsei had gotten into the car they would have began there drive into Inner District 2. On the west side, where the street racing syndicates resided. These areas were currently owned by Hitomi and her syndicate. Keyth and Ginsei meant to take this... even if it meant by first. "...Yo Ginsei.." Keyth said looking over at him. " This is gonna be a gun fight. Get ready, i have a rifel in the back seat. It's a M-16 i got off Claymores office before i left. You can use it if you want. I doubt.. well.." He pointed to Gisnei's blade that he always wore. " Thats gonna be much good where were going..." He said looking head. After awhile they would have made it out to the big street racing area. The snow continued to pour from the sky but it didnt stop people from racing. Keyth got out his head held high as he took a cigeratte in his mouth. A flash image of his father appeared around his body and soon faded as he lit the cigeratte. His eyes pearing ahead at the large mob watching the cars zip on by. A long black haired male turned to see the men step out of the car more than likely. (( If Ginsei followed keyth would nod at him and stand behind Ginsei. " Yo.." Keyth said stepping forward towards the black haired male. (( All of the Black haired males men turned on a dime all of them standing up, the spectators turned as well to see the two young men as they stood proudly ahead. The cold breathe lingering from Keyths lips as he pointed out at the long haired male in the black suit. " I wanna talk. Me and the boss here are here to confiscate these territores under the Oresumaru name. Stand down. Give us the money you have and we will break it up upon you all. You all will under be under new employment. Or..." Keyth opened his coat pocket showing the large pistol. " We'll have to take it... by force." The long haired men spat at the ground and nodded. Walking to the trunk of his car and pulling out his large Assualt rifel. Some of Hitomi's men pulling out there weapons too. Some of em even had gun blades. Keyth sighed. " Thought so..." The Pedestrians all began to flee at the hearing of a gang fight. " Stupid fucking pricks. Hitomi pays us with money. And pussy. Life doesnt get any better than that we dont want anything you shit heads have to offer to us." Keyths eyes locked onto the leader as he too slowly pulled his weapon from his jacket pocket. Holding tightly with both of his hands. "...On the count of 3..." He said looking at Ginsei. " We split up alright. I'll take out the left side. You get the right... we'll meet back up in the middle and get that asshole. Were strong but... i know you cant use your chi either... with that being said. Were gonna have to work together and becareful..." He said looking at Ginsei with a nod. " 1...." He said clenching even harder to his gun. " 2...." He said looking at Ginsei out of the corner of his eye. " 3! " Said the leader of the Street racing syndicate as he began to fire off at Keyth and Ginseis direction. Keyth kicking off to the right and rolling behind a car as the bullets began to rain, littering the car with holes.
Pallas: -As Densuke was talking as if they had done something wrong, Damian looks out at the cops that surround him and Duke. As he stares out at all the weapons that are pointed at him, he asks Densuke-“Would they have shown the same mercy you show them? Those men were nothing to me…just like these men are now…”-Then he is tapped on the shoulder by a man who had never seen before. After hearing what he said, Damian grunts a bit and Duke practically snarls his fangs at him. Damian then says to the stranger-“You can run if that is who you are. Us…we don’t run from a fight…”- ( ) That is when a rogue cop decided to open fire with his pump shotgun at them as they stood there in front of the bank. Damian and Duke quickly find cover behind the pillars of the bank as they had to escape the fire coming down on them. Duke quickly grabs the man with the shotgun by the back and thrusts his fangs into the neck of the cop, while keeping his cover. The blood splatters across the floor and Damian begins to look around for a way to defend themselves. That is when he finds two large black seabags on the floor near the entrance of the bank. Damian quickly opens the bags and sees two M249 SAW Light Machine guns already prepped and ready to go. (PLOT BITCHES!) Damian quickly grabs both and whistles for Duke to drop the cop. Duke looks up and sees the new weapons and says-“Hell yeah! Let’s make it rain!”-Duke grabs one of the LMG’s and the two place their backs on the pillars with their weapons ready to fire. Damian then yelled out-“Set!”- Duke then yelled out-“Moving!”- And finally, Damian yells out-“Move!”-and quickly runs out in front of the field of fire. He slides on the ground and begins to fire his M249 across the board at the cops in front of him. Duke places his body in front of the cops and begins to unload his ammo dump into the field of fire where the cops are held up. The LMG’s begin to rain terror across the board as the cop cars begin to get filled up with holes and cops quickly begin to get riddled with fragmentation and bullet fire. The screams of cops being hit with rounds begin to fill the air. Round casings begin to fall to the ground beside the two warriors and muzzle flash blinds anyone who stares directly at the weapons as they fire. A few rounds hit the gas tank of a cop cruiser and it causes the vehicle to burst into flames and explode almost instantly. Three cops who were using the cruiser as cover quickly go flying into the air with loud and painful screams. Damian’s flank was left open and a cop quickly tries to shoot him at point blank range. Damian’s reflexes cause him to lean back as the round would fly right by him and hit a comrade of the cop by accident. Damian then thrusts his right leg forward and Spartan kicks the cop dead center in the chest. The cop quickly flies one hundred feet into the air as his chest had practically been flattened in from the massive kick that Damian threw. After that, Damian aims his LMG at the remaining cops and once again begins to open fire until the cops were completely eradicated.-
Discordia: With not much left to do other than to watch the scene play out, Yukina leaned against a wall and pulled out a Newport. She inhaled deeply only to exhale a foggy puff. It had seemed that a handful of vigilantes had rushed into the bank and had managed to disable the robbers. Hopefully, now the mess would all be cleaned up. That was before the two idiot police officers started firing. What on earth had possessed them to start firing on the heros, she had no idea but she did not have time for this shit. She had a schedule to keep. With soft stealthy steps, she slipped over to the police officer that had his finger on the trigger of the pistol. His eyes were narrowed at the vigilantes and he paid no mind to her as she delivered a swift elbow to his ribs and swiped the gun from his hand before bringing the butt of it down against the side of his face. “Are you fuckers for real?” She asked as she pointed the weapon at the cop with the rifle. “Seriously, the robbers were stopped. Let these idiots clear out and get this shit over with.” She cocked the gun and her eyes narrowed. “What kind of stupid mother fuckers would just start firing in this situation? You all are real smart. All the bad guys are down let’s look like we fucking did something and start shooting for the hell of it. Fucking brilliant I tell you, I bet your parents are so fucking proud… raised a couple of geniuses they did.” The cop with the shotgun looked at her with a look of pure confusion before he lowered his weapon. “You two should get a fucking cookie I tell you. If I wasn’t in such a damn hurry I would take both your damn knee caps just so you learn that guns are not fucking toys to be whipped out so you can feel like men and like you are doing something worthwhile. And I hope you” She said as she looked at the cop holding his cheek where the pistol had hit him “I bet you cannot wait to tell the story of how a tiny little girl got the drop on you and pistol whipped you with your own pistol. I bet that is gonna be the high of your career. Now, Gomer Pyle why don’t you take out your handcuffs and fasten it around your wrist like a good boy.” She waved the pistol in his face and his eyes went wide before he fumbled for the cuffs and did as he was told. “That’s a good boy, now loop it through the steering wheel and around your brilliant partner….” Her sentence dies on her lips as a spray of bullets flies in their direction. Without even thinking she dropped to the ground and pulled the two cops with her. “HOLY FUCKING SHIT FOR FUCKS SAKE COULD THIS DAY GET ANY FUCKING WORSE. I SWEAR TO FUCKING GOD I AM GOING TO KILL A MOTHER FUCKER.” Being on the outskirts of the line of cops she slowly began to army crawl towards a small ally way between two buildings. It was only about ten feet away. She let out a groan as her hands covered her head in response to an explosion that was far too close for her likes. The two cops had resorted to curling in a fetal position, like that was going to fucking help. Her foot was still near them and she kicked them both not caring where her boot landed before pointing. As she crawled and tweedle dee and tweedle dum followed she let out a constant stream of profanity, cussing everyone from the two cops, the robbers, the men shooting at her, their grandmas, their first born and anyone else in between. Once she had sufficiently called everyone a fucking cunt, she had made it to the small crevice and slipped between the two buildings. Her chest rose and fell in a sigh and she leaned against the brick wall and frantically began searching her pockets. The two cops barely made it and stared at her with white faces and wide eyes. “Finally” She said as she pulled out a small metal case and popped it open revealing a zippo and a perfectly rolled joint. She lit the end and inhaled, the smoke already starting to calm her. “Puff puff pass mother fucker” She said to no one in particular before she offered the joint to the officer who had the bruised cheek.
HollowJak: -Jason took another breathe as he looked through the scope of the rifle trying to pierce through the snow to find more targets as he sees a flash of red in the snow surrounded by uniformed officers he didnt feel any particular comradery to this man but he figured what the hell maybe it could be someone he could sell weapons to he seemed to be an enemy of the cops in either case and that meant he may eventually need to buy some firearms taking a deep breath he repressed the trigger and fired a shot into the back of one of the cops quickly chambering another round and firing agin this one piercing through the skull of one of the cops at this jason cursed he had been aiming for center mass but had jerked the gun too much. chambering another round he looked around he only had two shots left one in the magaizine and one in the chamber he would have to be creful reaching over he ripped open the velcro on the dead cops tactical vest and pulled out two more magazines clearing a spot off the roof next to the rifle placing them down rounds up ready to reload returning his eyes through the scope he fired off two more shots dropping two more of the cops surrounding the costumed man dropping the spent magazine he loaded another one and chambered another round. looking back at the cop he noticed a pack of ciggarete sticking out of the mans coat pocket he pulled a single ciggarete from the pack and put it in his mouth holding between his lips and lighting it with a lighter he took from the same mans pocket taking a long drag from the ciggarete he returned to looking through the scope-
Sezomaru: Ginsei had been preparing in his office for Keyth’s arrival. “Boss… Shall I come with you?” Ginsei glanced up at Leo as he asked this question, shaking his head. “No. Just stay here.” Ginsei left his office, moving down the stairs towards the entrance of the building. One of his members who was rather adept in using guns passed Ginsei an M1911 with a holster. Ginsei shook his head some, not taking the holster. He slid the gun into the back of his pants before walking outside. He saw the black Hummer that Keyth pulled up in. Ginsei got in the passenger seat, listening to Keyth as he told him that it’d be a gun fight. Ginsei nodded, leaning back. “I fully understand that.” The two of them stood there in front of all of the black haired males who were apparently Wild Card’s men. He let Keyth do the talking as he stood there, shaking his head some. Ginsei reached behind him, taking a hold of the M1911. He pulled it from his pants, gripping onto it tightly as Keyth counted down. When three hit, Keyth sprinted off towards the right, the same exact direction that he told Ginsei to go. “YOU DUMBASS MONKEY!” Ginsei yelled out as he sprinted off towards the left, seeing that Keyth was still an idiot at times. He aimed his pistol up, pulling the trigger twice, sending a bullet into a man’s stomach, his second shot missing. “Tch…” Ginsei didn’t really have any training with guns so his aim with one wasn’t that great. Ginsei ducked behind a parked car as bullets pelted it. He crouched down, slowly rising up to look for his target. He noticed him, grinning a bit. He sprinted off, aiming his pistol towards one of the other men closer to his target. He fired once, the bullet slamming into the man’s left thigh, causing him to cry and grasp at the site of the wound. Ginsei lunged at one of the men, reaching down and grabbing Yuuyaiba with his left hand. He was holding it backwards as he unsheathed it. He spun clockwise, slashing his blade through the man’s throat as bullets littered his body. Ginsei had used this man’s body as a shield for the bullets as he neared his target.
( )Densuke would be caught in the cross fire as the two bulky men had dodged the gunfire. Whilst Densuke was prepared to defend, shots were fired from nowhere and incapacitated 3 more so cops off of densuke’s body. With that Densuke would dash to the left, at peak human speed, appearing as a shadow to some of the ordinary police officer. As Densuke ran he’d cut a forward flip, and dive behind a cop car, dropping his knees on top of a near by cops head to knock him out. Densuke would Watch as Damian and his ally continued to liter bullets upon the officers. “Even if they deserve it, that doesn’t give us the right to enforce death dammit! You know better! Densuke would be running out in the line of fire, bullets bouncing off of his armor, while it did leave a considerable stinging feeling, it was better than being shot. Densuke would begin tackling cops to the ground and knocking them out with a swift elbow to the temple. Doing this four times, he’d, then attach his grappling hook to his watch and begin shooting it, at a rapid pace, which involed grappling the ones he could save by their shirt collars, and bringing them down to the ground, to avoid serious injury. Densuke would strap his shield to his back, and begin maneuvering and quick parkuring his way through the every growing battle field, to save as many lives as he could. While  on the other side, he saw Damian about to completely waste the remaining cops. With a grunt Densuke would again utilize his enhanced physique, and run in front of the group of cops, holstering his shield, and taking the full assault of gunfire that was being unleashed until he decided to stop. Weather he’d continue shooting or not Densuke would speak with a serious and blunt tone. “Cut this shit out, before you get yourself and myself killed! I won’t let you keep this up! Just get out of here as soon as you can, and we can talk about it later, but this isn’t the way to go! The hell is your problem Yun!” ( ) Suddenly black armored cars pulled up out of the blue, and stopped to a skid. Out would step the infamous PMC known as the Maru-Jitai. They’d all be heavily armored, with Maru-Jitai armor, but in KPD colors. “Wait Maru-Jitai? Are they bing backed by the KPD?!” the maru Jitai would all assemble, in numbers 30. A few would begin to fuckers they were, moving at inhuman speeds. One of them would tackle Densuke and lift him, beginning to carry him off, and the rest of the horde, would form a tactical formation, some straying behind to take aim at the two muscle enhanced men Daimian and his accomplise, and aiding the cops. More so, they were focused on eliminating the threat, using an array of guns and weaponry, with automatic fire and armor piercing rounds. There were even a line of 5 extra soldiers who’d emerged with rocket luanchers. “Chill the fuck OUT!” Densuke would duck his body backwards and launch the soilder in the air, Densuke prepared to end it with a shield uppercut, but the solider dodged in mid, air and aimed a pistol straight at densuke’s skull, firing the shot. Had densuke’s cowl not been bulletproff, that would’ve been an instant kill..Densuke would dart backwards, thankful of his armor. However over confident at best. He’d squat down, in a post with his shield holstered on his right arm, and his left hand tucked by his side, his feet spread out wide, and in a low stance as 6 more of these elite soldiers surrounded him. “There leaving me with no choice here…not gonna be able to hold back, but I’ve got to prevent casualties, not create them..Damn I could use some back up.”
Gusman101: HEY DUDE WITH THE SHIELD! -Gus calls out as he sees the armored cars pull up- Ya need some help?! -A police officer jumps out behind Gus- "FREEZE FREAK!" -he speaks into his radio- "Command I've got an altered here, requesting advisement. Uh huh.....yea....ok...Will do, Unit 2531 out" Wait....unit? -as the cop reaches out, Gus thrusts out his hand, tazering the officer and quickly standing up, moving him so that the officer wouldn't get caught by a stray bullet- Now back to the shield guy. -Gus turned to see the armored soldiers open fire into the crowds. Gus scowled and sprinted forward, his mind racing and speeding up his reaction time, ducking from cover to cover, muttering under his breath- And they said video games couldn't help me in the real world. -Gus finally made his way to were the mysterious man was, and dove in, leap frogging over one of the soldiers, smiling as Gus grabbed his collar- Hey buddy, wanna go for a spin? -before the man could answer Gus launched him, sending him hurtling into a car effectively knocking him out. Gus then pounced on the second soldier, spinning around toward the man in the center- You wanted back up right? Well now I could use some help!
Sezomaru: (( “Guh!” Ginsei grunted as the explosion sent him flying into a sushi stand that had been closed for a while due to the snow. Ginsei lay in the debris of the stand before slowly pulling himself up. He looked left and right, feeling a stream of blood slide down the right side of his face under his bangs. He looked ahead of hi, seeing multiple men standing in front of him, all holding guns, ready to shoot him though there was one man who was holding a katana, screaming that Ginsei was his. Ginsei hadn’t picked his M1911 back up though he was holding Yuuyaiba backwards in his right hand, the blade pointing behind him. The man charged Ginsei, slashing towards his neck which caused Ginsei to grin his cold and demonic like grin, welcoming the challenge. Ginsei ducked the blade with ease, twisting his body counter clockwise, slightly lunging to the left, giving his movement enough force so he was able to easily rip his blade through the male’s stomach before he even realized what had happened. Ginsei then brought Yuuyaiba back, sending the blade stabbing through the man’s right side. The man looked down as blood began to roll onto his lower lip and down his chin. Ginsei ripped Yuuyaiba from the male’s stomach, rushing forward as he men stood in shock, unsure of what had just happened. Ginsei leaped into the air, spinning his body in a counter clockwise direction, sending Yuuyaiba tearing through one of the men’s throats, this man being the one standing on the Ginsei’s far left of the ground. The group of men looked to their rights, unsure of how Ginsei had gotten to them so quickly but in reality, the shock had blinded them of his movements. Like a demon Ginsei began tearing his blade into the men, taking them down one by one. A horizontal slash through a stomach before leaping over the body, shoving it to the ground so he was able to send his blade ripping diagonally down a man’s face, causing him to scream out in agony. Ginsei dug his feet against the ground before launching forward, forcefully shoving the blade through the next man’s side, causing him to make a choked up noise before Ginsei ripped Yuuyaiba out of his side, causing him to drop. “Two left…” Ginsei thought to himself as the last two suddenly snapped to life, the realization that their comrades had just been slain hit them like a train. The last man slowly backed up, aiming his pistol at Ginsei though he was too late. Ginsei had reached the first of the last two men, twisting his torso counter clockwise, slashing his blade diagonally downward, sending it ripping into the man’s torso from his left shoulder down to his right hip just as the last man began shooting, sending bullets into his comrades back. Ginsei grabbed the falling man’s pistol which looked like the one he had been using that he left back at the crushed sushi stand. Ginsei aimed the pistol at the man, firing two bullets as he used the falling body as a shield, sending the bullets into the last guy’s stomach, causing him to look down at his now wounded stomach. Ginsei stood up to his full height, aiming the pistol at the man, pulling the trigger one last time, sending the last bullet in the clip into the man’s throat, causing him to fall backwards, lifeless.
HollowJak: -Jason heard the door to the roof fly open and his eyes flew towards it him tossing himself so he rolled away as a police officer unloaded a submachine gun where he had been a moment before he sprung to his feet and pulled his revolver from its holster again pulling back the hammer as a bullet pierce his right leg dropping to one knee with a curse he aimed his pistol at the men only just now realising there were two of them before the second man could raise his gun he fired a shot through the mans head quickly pulling back the hammer and shooting the other man through the head standing up he winced as he put weight on his leg looking down at it and feeling around his leg happy to discover the bullet had gone clean throug haddent hit the bone and had not torn too anything too importan though looking down he realised he would have to get it patched up and quick before he bled out. walking over to the dead men he scavenged through their weapons finding a couple more clips that would fit his sub-machine gun opening the briefcase he quickly put it together sliding the stock into place and slamming a magazine home he nodded to himself and made his way slowly down the stairs with his adrenaline pumping his wound didnt turn hurt but soon enough it would start. realising he lost his ciggarete in the fray he cursed and making his way down he searched for a kitchen area and finding one was happy to see they had a gas stove leaning on the wall he turned on one of the burners he pulled the knife from his shoe and hel=it to the flame until it heated properly gritting his teeth he pressed the hot knife to the entrance wound on his leg growling in pain as he caterized the wound panting and covered in sweat he reheated the blade and press it to the exit wound on his leg doign the same as with the front it was a quick job but it would keep him from bleeding out waiting till the blade cooled he slipped it into his shoe and took stock of the magazines he had carried down after a moment he put the spare three into his suit jacket though it looked bulky it was better than carrying them with a deep breath me exited the front of the shop to be greeted by a man in some sort of metal suit he raise his submachine gun switching to three round burst mode and pulling the trigger twice frowning as the bullets appeared to glance off the armor- fuck! -he jumped behind a car as the man unloaded on him with jason didnt even know what-
Pallas: -Damian and Duke quickly run dry of ammunition for the M249. The Saw barrels shine a bright red from the overheating caused by the rapid fire of bullets. Smoke also flows up from the barrels and Duke says to Damian –“Well that’s that? Hahaha”-Damian laughed a bit along with Duke but their laughter was soon broken by the arrival of the Maru-Jieitai. Damian’s eyes quickly widened as the situation just reached a code Red level. The Maru-Jietai quickly swarm the area around the two warriors as the situation looks impossible to escape. Damian and Duke drop their empty rifles and reach for their hand-to-hand combat weapons. ( Damian draws his Adamantium blade and Duke grabs his dual Vibranium Ulaks. Damian looks in front of him and sees the weapons pointed at him. Duke stands at the top of the stairs that lead to the bank as the Maru-Jietai climb up towards him. The Maru-Jietai begin to open fire at Damian and he quickly has to use his advanced skills in swordsmanship to deflect the rounds that speed towards him. Duke leaps in the air to try and aid his brother but a Maru-Jietai quickly leaps in the air after him and practically tackles him midair and while in the air the Maru-Jietai soldier tosses Duke into the ground. The Maru-Jietai begins to throw thunderous punches down onto Duke’s face. After three punches, Duke quickly uses his Jiu-Jitsu abilities and slips the right to the right of his face and he wraps his legs around the neck of the Maru-Jietai, locking the soldier in place. Duke then thrusts his Ulak into the center portion of the soldiers head. And just as he did that, Duke is hit with the electrical charge that the suits the soldiers wear. All the electricity surges through Duke’s body as it causes him to scream out in agonizing pain. If he was a normal human it would have surely killed him but because he holds Z-Beast Serum in him, his healing factor fights off the deadly electricity. After a few seconds pass, Duke gets on all fours and slowly tries to stand on his feet. Damian on the other hand continues to try and fend off the soldiers around him. As the soldiers began to run dry, they led into Damian’s strength in close combat fighting. As the soldiers charge at him, Damian swings his blade with amazing speed. Because of the metal his blade is made out of, even the armor of these soldiers are cut like butter. Damian kills a few Maru-Jietai quickly with his blade before he thrusts his blad into the chest of another soldier. As he does that a nearby soldier takes advantage of the opening and punches Damian in the face, knocking him off balance and onto the floor. Damian looks up and sees that his blade is still in the soldier but now stands before him 5 Maru-Jeitai and he is weaponless. Damian then stands to his feet and with a smirk he says to them-“Well this is going to be fun…”-( Damian quickly clinches his hands into fists as he focuses is power to the center of his body. He then begins to roar at the top of his lungs.-“AAAAAHHHHHH!!!!!”-A gust of wind quickly bursts from his body and it sends debris flying around the building. Glass and windows quickly shatter around him as the wind quickly picks up to 100mph vortex around him. His long black hair begins to lift up from its resting place due to the wind. His eyes begin to turn a bright emerald green color and after a few seconds a giant burst of yellow energy explodes from his body. His hair and eyebrows quickly change into a bright golden color and his body becomes surrounded by a bright yellow aura. The exploding surge of energy would cause the debris around them to quickly be pushed 100 yards back, creating a blank flat area. Damian’s body would look lean and his clothes would look a little bit brighter from the yellow aura that surrounds him. Damian then gets into his fighting stance and asks the soldiers-“Shall we commence?”-
Guest_Yathari: -Nanashi walked towards the bank and upon hearing the gunfire slowed his pace. He walked carefully towards the commotion watching the carnage unfold. He saw a girl seemingly no more than 19 disarm and smack an officer before ducking due to gunfire from two men with machineguns. He kept watching and noticed a sniper firing from a few buildings. He continued forwards and kept watching as cars pulled up and soldiers streamed out and joined the fight. From above he heard gunfire and soon enough he saw a man emerge from a nearby building only to meet face to face with one of the newly arrived soldiers. Through the gunfire he heard the curse "Fuck!" and he thought to himself "I know that voice. Jason!" He ran over to the pair as Jason dived behind car to avoid the hail of bullets issuing from the soldier's gun. Still unnoticed by the soldier he slipped behind the man and laid his hand upon his shoulder. A burst of electricity issued from the point of contact and the soldier slumped but quickly recovered the man turned towards Nanashi only to recieve a hand to his face and an accompanying blast of electricity. The man fell like a rag doll to the ground. Nanashi then walked around the car where he had seen Jason dive for cover kneeling as he began to speak.- Hey Jason. Long time no see right?
DeliriousAres: (( Keyth would have rushed out of the Noodle shop holding his right arms wound. While his right arm still gripped onto his gun. His green blazer coated with blood. As the snow beneateh there feet had been coated with red blood and black smoke smug from the explosions. Cops began to fill up the area with there vechiles. At this point Ginsei and Keyth would be side by side staring the cops down. " My Car..." He said looking at the hummer. " Claymore rigged that thing up before i got it you know. I think you woulda liked Claymore Ginsei. Sides the time you tried to kill em and all. " Keyth said smirking and giving Ginsei a nod. " FREEZE, DONT YOU MOVE A MUSLCE." The KPD Officers that stepped out... looked odly enough like Maru Jeitai soliders. Wearing KPD colors. " Tch... Wild cards doing no less. He must have ties with some of the cops now... He really is whoring out the Maru Jeitai. First street gangs. Now The cops... he's gonna push this city into a fucking cesspool far worse than its ever been if he becomes chairman. But enough about him. If the cops are here... Hitomi will hear about what we've done to her establishment. Your gonna need to Call Leo once we get the cops out of this area and staion your guys here with some heavy secruicty. Once you do that, this place will be yours... this territroy now owned by you. Believe it or not, this will get some votes your way. One of the chairmen for the Tenchimaru clan told me how Hitomi always cheats him on his races. He'll love to know you put an end to that." Keyth said giving Ginsei a smirk. Ginsei would more than likely see the busniess side of Keyth that had actually gotten his clan up so high at one point. " But enough about that.... Were gonna have to split up." He said, by this time they would have been backing up as the cops approached further. On the right an opening, and on the left an opening as well. "...These alley ways will be our guides outta here. I'll meet you somewhere... cant say right now but dont worry i'll find you." He said giving Ginsei a nod and tapping his nose. Keyth could sniff him out, one of his many perks of course. " GO!" He said taking off to the left this time running full speed down the alleway. If Ginsei ran in Unison with Keyth, then Keyth would have hit the 'safety' button on his pistol. Causing the hummer to denoate and explode blowing up some of the cops. Giving them both a good head start. Keyth put his gun in his coat pocket after locking it so it wouldnt go off as he ran. Running up a stairway he began to push up the fire escape. Getting to the top of the building only to find the Maru Jeitai soliders simply leaping on the buildings with there suits with utter ease. 4 of them landed infront of Keyth. Causing him to skidd in the snow for a complete stop. "...Your underarrest. You fucking Scum bag..." Keyth pulled out his gun but one of the Maru Jeitai quickly shot it out of his hand. " Shit.." He said as it fell off the buildings edge. " Your at the end of your rope now..." They said backing Keyth up to the edge of the building. " Heh.. Fuck you. I'll break you guys..." He said standing to his full height. Charing them with his right hand extended. He'd leap into the air attempting to punch the solider but he simply pivoted to the right. Gripping Keyths arm and then slinging him into the snow with a hard Judo throw. Before all of them began kicking him out at once. Beating him down.And laughing. ' Dammit...! These guys and there fucking inhuman strength!' Lighting shocks blasted off his body as they continued to beat him to no end. " A-Ahhh!!" He said holding his head as they pounded down on his ribs, head, chest, and back over and over again.
HollowJak: -Jason blinked and broke into a broad grin as he saw Nanashi make his way around the car standing a bit too quickly he winced at the pain in his leg giving himslef a moment to regain his falucties he stood there for a few seconds. looking up finally he walked over to Nanashi and slapped him on the back- hey there man its been one hell of a long time. though thanks for the assist there is still work to be done so just get back and get out that pistol i gave you just incase. -he turned and walked over to the armored soldier and searching him over found two clips of 9mm ammo looking them over he discovered that they were armor piercing and grinned this would be very useful grabbing the mans submachine gun and frowned as the man appeared to still be alive just unconcious he let go of the mans gun and grabbing his own pushed the muzzle against the eye glass of the mans helmet- you should have been smart if you had just run away while you had the chance youd have been able to go home to your family -with the grin still on his face he pulled the trigger and three bullets were spat from the muzle punching through the glass and into his eyes as they entered they would attempt to exit through the back of the skull but as it was bullet proof they simply bounced around till they lost momentum chuckling jason wondered what it would look like when someone took off the mans helmet. shaking himself to get back to reality he grabbed the now dead mans hands and broke the fingers so he could remove the submachine gun from his grasp hefting it in his arms he dropped the clip and caught it putting it next t the other two before tossing the gun onto the mans corpse- shame really if i dint think it would be too messy now i could have stripped off the suit and solder it -he picked his own submachine gun back into his arms and dropped the magazine slamming one of the soldiers full magazines with armor piercing bullets home into the gun it was lucky hed met with a soldier with the same gun as him cause it would have been a pain to have to refill his own magazines with the pullets picking up the other full clip and the half dry one hed taken from the soldier he slid them into his suit with his spares and charged forward to where hed seen the man with a large red dot on his chest seeing one of the heavily armored soldiers turn toward him he leveled his rifle while running and pulled the trigger the three round burst punching a trio of holes in the mans chest armor and entering his heart killing him instantly-
Sezomaru: Ginsei simply grinned at Keyth, seeing how business like he could really be. Ginsei slowly sheathed his blade before he sprinted off from the hummer, hearing it explode behind him. As he ran he pulled out his phone, telling Leo to send men to that location without any questions. He demanded that Leo make sure they were armed with guns and swords. Leo agreed, figuring out that he and Keyth had gone to take territory. Ginsei sprinted into an opening to an alley way. He went left and right, moving through the maze of alley ways until he was stopped by a ground of men, all clad in black combat gear. They were armed to the teeth with rifles and pistols. They were all pointing M16’s at him as one in the middle yelled out. “FREEZE YANAZUKA!” Ginsei stopped in his tracks, sucking at his teeth slightly, resulting in a “Tch” noise. Ginsei stood there as the men slowly approached him, their aim was obviously to take him to custody or to kill him. They slowly encroached on him, aiming their rifles at him. Just as it seemed he would be taken into custody, three of the five Maru Jeitai men aimed at the two in the middle, filling them full of bullets until they fell dead. They turned towards Ginsei, bowing to him. “We’re loyal to the Osoremaru cause… We’re still loyal to Keyome and his nephew.” The men straightened back up as a grin slowly slid across Ginsei’s lips. “Let’s go.” They turned, one of them taking point, leading Ginsei through the alley way as the other two stood on either side of him, running along with him. They led him through the alley ways until they burst out onto a street in front of the Osoremaru building. Ginsei glanced behind him, wondering if Keyth had gotten out by this point. They rushed into the Osoremaru building, having finally escaped the danger for now. The Maru Jeitai members posted themselves up in front of Ginsei’s office on either side of his door as the third patrolled the halls, their rifles at the ready as Ginsei stood inside of his office, waiting on Keyth’s return while he planned their next move
( )Densuke would begin fighting the Maru Jitai to the best of his ability. After a few minutes of fighting he’d managed to disarm the ones he was dealing with, only able to dodge and counter right hook some of them, easily slipping between their knife strikes, with ducks and weaves, countering with flip kicks, and spinning heel drops. These guys keep getting back up however, making it seemingly impossible to really do anything against them effective. Luckily that same automailed armed guy came in and caused a brief distraction. Densuke would take advantage, and when asked for help he would run forward and leap, up, only to dig his foot in the chest of the maru soilder, the electic shock having no effect on his insulated armor, and launch his other foot up against his chin, in a backflip like motion, knocking the man airbore and causing him to flail backwards. Densuke would land only to be slashed at, by two soilders, at once. His reflexes allowed him to narrowly dodge, but he’d still recive a small cut on his right cheek down to his chin. Densuke would flip backwards, shield on arm, and look at the other 4 left over. Densuke would pant..and place his shield on his back, and crack his knuckles. “I’m outmatched by you guys…even in this peak human state, you still excel above what I am..but I know if my dad could take you…theres no reason I can’t!” Densuke would take his H.H.S stance. “Can’t beat me I’ll take you all on!!” ( ) The 4 men rushed Densuke at once, and Densuke would quickly toss a smoke bomb on the ground attempting to blind the men. Not more than a few seconds later, Densuke would sent flying back first out of the smoke, but would continue back stepping to gain some distance. The maru men chased him in hot pursuit. “That’s it..come get some.” Densuke would hold his hands up, while running backwards, and begin fighting the maru men accordingly, using his high martial arts, reflexes, and condition to block, incoming knife strikes, elbow blows, jabs, punches, and kicks, from 4 soldiers at once, circling him in such an organized pattern (Looks like this : file:///C:/Users/Team%20Fist/Downloads/tumblr_mueuhqg1wY1s20ivko1_500.gif ). Densuke’s eyes would shift the soilders analyzing their movements, until finally Densuke would break out in a spin, throwing a hard jumping roundhouse kick to the soilder on his left, and twirling backhanded fist to the soilder behind him, a jumping spinning left knee to the soilder on his right, and to follow up on the knee, and descending axe kick to the 4th soilder that took pace in front of him. All of the maru’s armor would crack in the places densuke’s ragnite armored blows connected, and they would simultaneously fall. “I can’t say here..the cops are gaining ground and it’ll only end it we cease…Just don’t’ die damian! I’ll be talking to you personally later on!”( ) Densuke would activate a button on his watch, and suddenly a loud sonic pitched screech would emit from densuke’s watch. This was his built in sonic emitter which Emits a high frequency noise at a high level with enough intensity to cause heavy damage to normal and high hearing. To a normal person, this would be an uncomfortable experience that would no doubt cause them to shriek in pain and cover their ears. If a person has advanced hearing however this would do 3x the normal amount of damage that it would to a normal person. This would cause those effected to grab their heads in sheer groaning pain and agnoy, however densuke’s cowl, would muffle itself and have no effect on Densuke himself, allowing him to grapple hook his way up to the nearest building top of 18 stories. Once up there the sound would stop, and Densuke would begin to parkur his way to the edge, once again calling his hover bike to the scene, and mounting it feverishly, only to rev once and ride away. The sonic scream would definitely stun all, but more notabley the Maru soilders would have a hard time dealing with this as well with their enhanced attributes. This would spread in a 20 mile radious, and be very hard to shake, but it was only until Densuke made his escape.
DeliriousAres: (( They continued to ruthlessly beat him down. Smashing there legs, fist, elbows and feet into his body over and over again. Making sure he felt it all. He cringed, coughing blood as the beatings went on and on. His fingers dug deep into the concrete as they began to boltch and rip.. bleeding as they dug into the gravel leaving red streaks of human essences as the beatings lashed out further. His teeth clenched, the pain began to increase drastically as he closed his eyes. Bleeding from the top of his head and the large X shape on his right cheek. His shirt began to splatter with blood, signifying that he had ripps on his skin from under the shirt now as they continued to pound there legs into his body like mad men." HAHAHAH FILITHY LITTLE PUNK! YOUR WEAK!" His left eye closed he reached out, zoning everything out as he listened to the crunching and shattering of bones as they continued to beat him into mush. He coughed blood again, no voimmited blood this time as he began to shake horribly. His body went limp feeling the intense crush of each impacting strike. His chi un adubile. He couldnt use it. In slow motion it seemed the snow began to drift down from the sky. 'This... this actually... kinda sucks' He said starting to black out. " WHEN WERE DONE WITH YOU, WERE GONNA FUCKING KILL THOSE LITTLE SHITS YOU CALL KIDS TOO!" He heard one of the soliders say. Which made Keyth zone out. His eyes going wide with pure... anger. " HAHAHAAHAH, HAHA-GAWK!" Keyth caught the leg of one of the soliders as the lightning flared off of his body from the soliders power suit. Shocking him dramtically. Only because of Keyths high durability was he able to break such a feat. He pushed the solider back making him fall on his back as he pulled himself on his feet, bleeding like a mad man his eyes went into a slit as he roared at the men like a beast... like he had in the shinto realm. They got low themselves readying the themselves as they rushed him. Keyth tackled one of the men, sending a knee so powerful into his helmet that it indented itself through killing the man on the inside instantly. He landed bleeding heavily as he turned to eye the remainging few. " AAHHHH!!!" He said coughing blood but pushing through the pain. He took off running again sending a punch into one the males jaws knocking him straight through the wall of the buildings stair doorway. But the shocking impact knocked keyth back, his right hand he struck out with burnt black due to the surge. The electric currents causing him to go through a spasm of pain but only fueld his anger more causing him to stand on his feet again. Screaming out like a mad man. " h-he's a monster!" Said the last of the two. Keyth turned eying them both and began to get down into a sprinter stance. Both of the soliders took off towards him, and he did the same, tacking them both, one in each arm as he forced them both off the building with him. They'd land into a building on the other side, crashing right into the wall. With both of the Maru soliders eletric shockwaves combined knocking Keyth back by 10 feet into a building and then landing on a random car.The two soliders lay embedded into the wall shocking one another due to both of there suits going into an over-ride and touching one another. Keyth stood slowly watching them. His eyes focused out on the both of them as he stood proudly. Holding his ribs he pulled out his Samurai II cell phone. Calling Ginsei. "... Arasu has left the dog house 1. Heading to the Snakes snake hole..." HE said in code just incase the lines were being listened to. He began to limp back to Ginsei's place... with a smirk on his face. Before passing out in an alleyway.
Discordia: The cop looked from Yukina to the joint then back at her before grabbing it and inhaling deeply. He coughed and the smoke burst from his lips, before he shook his head a bit in disbelief. “What the hell is going on out there?” He asked as the noises continued and he passed the joint to the other cop. “Girlie, you are crazy but you saved us.” Yukina ran her fingers through her hair and looked at the two cops, “Well you two would have got yourself killed. You do not have much experience do you, at least not in the real world.” She leaned her head back against the bricks. “You two are first class knuckleheads.” This was turning out to be a complete and utter disaster. “Well, we owe you more than we can ever repay you.” The other cop said as he passed the joint back to her. She inhaled again deeply and let her eyes roll back. “Well then make damn sure I didn’t waste my efforts saving you two Bozos. You have brains, use them. Learn how to take care of yourself. This city, you can’t count on nobody but yourself. You got to take what is yours and then make sure you are damn strong enough to protect it. Because even breathing is something that can be taken away when you least expect it. You gotta adapt and fight and struggle and not give up, even when the world has kicked the shit out of you and you are all that you got. There is always a way to make yourself better, stronger, smarter. And you gotta grow up and learn that because if not, your life ain’t gonna be nothing but shit that belongs to someone else.” What ever other words of wisdom Yukina had for the offices were be drown out but the sudden screech that filled the air. All three of them dropped to their knees and covered their ears as their faces twisted in agony. Yukina sat gasping for air as she tried to muffle the horrid sound as best she could. It was to no avail until it finally ceased. She lay on the ground motionless, her head throbbing from the combination of the buzz she had and the awful screech until her eyes rolled closed and the last sight she saw was the two cops in the same situation she was in. “What a perfect fucking day” ran through her mind before she lost consciousness.

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