District 1Edit

District 1, is the main part of Kasaihana city. Mostly where the shops take place and the hang out spots for the
Kagemaru clan. It's the city's mix of rich and poor. The club Lahana is there, where anyone could catch a drink. If... there of age of course. The KageMaru clan's headquarters is there. Though don’t think its all nice and jolly..District 1 is gritty, death happens often here. Most of the Drug dealers, serial killers and pyscho's, prostituites etc etc, live here Any kid growing up in this area will more than likely be tough made.


1,677,000 - YEAR 2140


Currently owned by the a female alias of 'Scarlet.' This Host club is new to the District 1 area completely. Dispite it being in the hellish area of District 1 the criminal minds and alike have strayed away from causing havok in this area just of yet. The rules to the club are simple and are addressed upon entering, girls that wish to join may speak with the adminstraor XAtrocity for further information.



Club historyEdit

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