Blood Diva's

Gang NameEdit

Blood Divas

Gang AliasEdit


Gang BehaviourEdit

The girls are sweet and humble. Caring towards their customers. Along the lines of blood thirsty when it comes to wipping out filt on the streets (Hence the "Blood" part the their Name) These girls are strong individuals. Carsematic in what they do. They take pride in their duties to their Geisha ways and to their loyalty to Nakayama Isabel.

Gang RankEdit

1. Red Flower -maggots

2. Blue Flower- foot patrol's

3. Golden flower - generals

4. Purple flower-2nd in command

5. Fire flower -Leader

Which district is it in?Edit

District Two

Allies of the gangEdit

Afflieated with the Wakahisa Clan

Gang OccupationOr Gang busniessEdit

  • Miakos
  • Geikos

Gang Fighting StlyeEdit

  • Kung Fu
  • Karate
  • Taekwondo

Weapon of Choice They useEdit

  • Katana


  • KPD
  • Anyone that seeks to harm Nakayama Isabel

Gang BackgroundEdit

After the disappearence of Hajime and the increase of violence, a group of four Miakos and  five Geikos banded together to protect their Oka-San. Learning the ways of the Samurai the created a way of life for themselves, besides trying to become great Geisha's like Isabel herself. Learning how to handel the Katana and become deadly with the blade. Learn Kung-Fu, Karate and Taekwondo. After the attack on Isabel from the now identafied man known as "Snow White," the girls became closer to Isabel, protecting her in her time of need. Carrying out her orders if asked by her, other wise taking orders from the Twins if passed down from them. Taking out thugs, or men that crossed Nakayama. The girls are just like Isabel, blood thursty but humble and caresmatic. The girls take it upon themselves to continue Isabel's dream of cleaning the streets of the every day filth.

Roleplay SelectionEdit


Chairwomen Nakayama Nakayama Isabel (talk) 20:25, January 31, 2013 (UTC)

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