Electriokinesis is the ability to control and direct electricity. Like other elements Electrokinesis is specific to a certain person’s chakra abilities. Electrokinesis needs either static or electrical energy to be drawn upon. 


People who usually have an alliance with electricity tend to be hot headed and stubborn. They don’t like being still for long and always like to be working on something. 

Basic Abilities

Conductor: Conductor is the basic ability to turn your body into a conductor for the electricity to travel through without frying your insides. At this stage your body can only hold the electricity and not transfer it out of your body. Negative Charge: Negative Charge is directing the electricity and using enough negative charges to dispel the charge to begin with and make it useless.

Intermediate Abilities

Conductor(2): You can now expel the electricity through your body and into another object. This does not last long though because your body won’t be used to forcing the energy out of you.  Resurrection: Basically putting enough charge into your hands to shock someone’s heart back into motion after it has stopped. ==Advanced Abilities==

Conductor(3): Shocking people will be easy now if you have a good store of electricity in your body. You will be able to hold charges longer so long as you train your body to hold more electricity and also have a good supply. Paralysis: Shocking a person hard enough so that the area you have touched becomes numb for a period of time. 

Secondary Element


Master (NPC)


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