Hydrokinesis is the ability to control water and to bend to your will. Like the other elements Hydrokinesis is specific to the certain person's chakra abilities. Hydrokinesis is Not the manipulation of liquids in general it is just the manipulation of bodies of water, like lakes, salt water, rain/puddles, bottled water, ect. This means you can't take someone's alcoholic drink or soda and manipulate it or their blood.


People who usually have an alliance with water tend to be very comfortable aruond people and can fit into any group of people. They tend to always be changing something in their lives, whether itis their hair or the paint on their walls.

Basic Abilities

Hydrate: Hydrate is forcing water molecules into an object to the point to hydrate them. Like taking dried fruit, forcing the water molecules into it to hydrate it back from its original form. Also great for dry skin.

Wave: Wave is not what you see at the beach, wave is a move used if you are in waist deep water where you spread your arms out and force the water in one direction and add your chakra too it to make the wave larger and last longer to hit a targer. 

Intermediate Abilities

Current: Current is being able to shift the currents of water, say in an ocean or rapids so that they move around or in a different direction completely.

Form: Form is forcing the molecules of water with your chakra to make it form into different shapes and can be held like that. Keeping the shape long enough of the formed object that until an outside force interacts with it, it will keep its shape so long as you keep your concentration.

Advanced Abilities

Bubble: Bubble is using your chakra to make a bubble of water that holds air inside of it, which could make swimming under water a lot easier with extra air floating after you. 

Dehydrate: Dehydrating is the expect opposite of Hydrate. You will be forcing the water molecules to leave whatever they are in and dry it out. Take fruit, take out the water and make it dried fruit.

Secondary Element


Master (NPC)


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