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Izuka Bike Gang


the wolf pack

Gang BehaviourEdit

the izuka gang are vigilante's so a mix of personalitys and behaviour is welcome as long as they all fallow withen the same goal which is to stop crime by taking down major groups

Gang RankEdit

Which district is it in?Edit

District 2

Allies of the gangEdit


Gang Occupation, Or Gang busniessEdit

The gang is associated with the izuka bike shop majority of the gang work in the shop or tend to other various jobs of the members choice.....the izuka tend to be the vigilante's of gangs they are out to stop criminals in the only means they no how and that can be threw blood shed if it has to come to that

they are not the people you want on your bad side

on the side they do sometimes work with criminals by repairing their vehicals or taking in stolen cars but it is more so a cover as they are trying to gain intel

Izuka Races:Edit

This is one of the major events that the Izuka gang is part of and hosts check out the page for more information

Izuka Races

Gang Fighting StlyeEdit

mixed styles being they like having a mix bag of people working togeather as a pack

Weapon of Choice They useEdit

Members have a choice of weapons


anyone that causes trouble in there district or causes harm to the people in the district

Gang BackgroundEdit

The Izuka clan was created original as a bike gang who is out to stop crime the owner of the gang started the group as a means to find and destroy his fathers The gang grows more people may fuel the reasons for the things this gang may do such as take revenge on someone, help find a missing person and so on. Each person a member of the gang has their different reasons but each reason will come to the common goal of stopping and putting to rest the crime in the city even if blood shed is how they will do it

Izuka members are known for being skilled mechanics, custom vehicle builders, and motorcycle enthusiasts

Gang Moto:Edit

If you prick us do we not bleed? If you tickle us do we not laugh? If you poison us do we not die? And if you wrong us shall we not REVENGE?

Roleplay SelectionEdit


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