“ HEYYYOOOOO Kasaihana city! Alright let’s get down to business… You know me! Dontalleo Rogers here to tell you whats going on! Around 67 degree’s today. Partly cloudy but you know it’ll drop down soon averaging around 56 degrees. . Everyone please dress heavily. Man, do I have some news for you guys today. * clears throat, giving a serious face* Last night, after the Press conference with Danchou Zetsubou. A massive shooting happened down in District 1 at the Small Yakuza owned Club Lahana. The club was decimated by what seems to be a Military unit of some sort, more than likely a terrorist unit. The casualty list was 24 Kagemaru clan members dead. And, maybe about 26, to 35 members of the ‘Terriost unit’. One of the men that survived, a Kagemaru seeming to be in his 30’s spoke to the news crew, we have the footage which we will play for you now… * 'Screen goes black, it then shows a man on a hospital transport bed. He was shaking badly, but the News crew still hammered him with questions.*

NEWS-REPORTER1: Hello sir, can you tell us who attacked you here?

INJURYED-KAGEMARU: D-Danchou… D-Danchou…

NEWS-REPORTER1: Danchou? You mean Danchou Zetsubou… No, that can’t be right. Are you sure?

INJURYED-KAGEMARU: IT WAS….. IT WAS, HE’S THE DEVIL… HE DID TH-! * The Kagemaru was soon shot in the head from a distance by an unknown sniper right in between the eyes. The News’s crew goes into Panic. Everyone turns to the shooters direction. All they see is a man in a black ninja like outfit. A black cape whipping in the air as he ran off, a KPD Litenueant then stepped in front of the camera “Nothing to see here….” He pressed his hand to the camera and the Footage ended.*

“It seems as though, the KPD. Have verified it being a Terriost act. Stating that Danchou Zetsubou is no criminal Yakuza or not. And I must agree Danchou Zetsubou has done a great honor to our city. And for this, the Mayor and even the President are going out of their way to hold a parade for him today in downtown District 2, near the Geisha district. The Geisha dancers will be there as well so please all come down to for the fun festivities. A memorial ceremony was meant to be held today for the men that died at the Lahana. But the KPD have said that they won’t hold anything for them. Stating it might attract another terrorist attack. The two owners of the Lahana haven’t been seen from since last night. The KPD says that the men will be fine. Anyways, well that’s it for today. Everyone have an awesome this has been Donatello Rogers, reporting out from Kasaihana 10-o-clock AM news.