Kuroitetsugen ( くろ・いテツケン Dark Iron Fist) is a style created by Ginsukei Yanazuka to match with his new found power and speed that he has acquired from training with Keyome. The style Kuroitetsuden is focused on strong attacks though has the capability to be used with quick attacks as well. This style is meant to have hints of animosity just like it’s user which causes attacks to be pressuring and devastating to it’s victims. Offensive capabilities are dominant, seeming to follow the saying “The best defense is a great offense”, not to say that defensive capabilities are particularly weak. In close quarters this style can be utterly devastating if an opponent isn’t kept on their toes and on the defense. Kuroitetsuden is derived from three styles which are Boxing, Kyokushin Kaikan, and Taekwondo. Focusing on powerful yet swift blows with both punches and kicks, being no stranger to either. 

Attack TypesEdit


Boxing style punches

Users of this style are able to utilize boxing style punches such as jabs, hooks, and upper cuts though the speed of these punches is lessened to increase the power of the hit, strikes being the strongest attacks of this style as well as knees strikes. The kicks of this style include roundhouse kicks, axe kicks, spinning back kicks as well as hammer kicks. (Not limited to just these) Kicks are the quickest attacks of Kuroitetsuden. The only possible 

grappling in this style is clenching which utilizes the use of powerful knees and upper cuts.


Boxing style punches(2)


Piercing Strike: The Piercing Strike is a jab style attack that takes on the power and force of a Haymaker. This strike puts the full body into motion instead of one swift movement like most jabs are. This attack is one of the few attacks that Ginsukei uses in combination with his Dark Hadou. The power of this attack has the possibility of fracturing or breaking stone and shattering wood as well as fracturing bone. With the added power of Dark Hadou, the breaking of bones takes on an even higher possibility.  


Piercing Strike (Minus green magic circle)

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