Dr. Akasawa

"Above and beyond. This does not mean above our personal limits, and beyond our simplistic self-set goals. It means to go above humanity. Beyond definition." -Dr. Akasawa, Project New Mecca

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Dr. Akasawa, Michi, and MiMi (by Keyth or the kids)

Michiko realistic2

"And saving you, makes me feel alive."


37 y.o. / November 1st 






126 lbs. 

Blood typeEdit


Michiko Akasawa: The Good Doctor




"Where one is, the other is never far behind."

Serious Scorpio- that's a great first glance people would pick up about Michiko. She has always been down to business and rarely had time to spare for jokes, humor, or playing around with parties and sexual escapades. No- it's been about overcoming all obstacles to make it to District 2, and even more-so accomplishing her Master's degree. But even there she did not stop. Michiko is a woman driven by the passion to keep going and push all boundaries. What she'd say to none is that she dares to defy the human limitations that keep modern doctors from doing the extraordinary and superhuman. She knows it will take time, but she seeks out a life lived in healing and making goodness. But at the same time, she does not deal with only good people. Michiko in her age has grown a bit more stern and tenacious in her desire to remain in her wealthy living status. Of course working with her team of MDs in a prestigious hospital in the second district provides plenty, but what is an ambitious woman to do on her days off and free time? A darker truth is hidden from her peers who drink wine with pinkies extended and high class attitudes. She's a wandering soul, uncommonly attracted to an adrenaline rush in the medical field that's achieved by putting herself in risque situations. To further bring herself to inhuman accomplishment, she seeks to achieve a state of painlessness and fearlessness that she's already begun working on. One such way is by offering her emergency medicine specialty services to the ill-hearted and misconceived deviants of District 1. A free-lancer in the night known as the Specialist, hard to trace back to the sweet and study-hard doctor to be in the high-class city sector. 

To those who'd know her outside of work, they would see a deeper aspect of her. Perhaps turmoil drives her to such seemingly impossible goals. Inner conflict over her lifelong struggle for success and goodness while feeling her own inner depravity lashing out in the curious hunger to see people broken and bent and felled to trauma or illness. But at current date she has no true friends to know the docile side of her, the one that would become undyingly loyal and rather affectionate to the right person. As cold and shut-off as she can be sometimes, for some she could possess the qualities of a very good and heartfelt friend. But at once, she has all the makings of a grandoise and viciously cunning enemy. 

As she has developed, Michiko has come to be far kinder and more understanding. She's got a great deal of compassion and has calmed down quite a bit especially with a family in the making now. But as she grows older she becomes smarter than ever before, and her cunning protectiveness over the things she loves, such as Keyth, Keyomi and Kin, her son, and her friends (Densuke and Shira), grows even stronger. 

Clan & RankEdit

None at current date IC

What district do you live in?Edit

District 2


{ In a Relationship with Keyth Tasanagi  }


Michiko has fallen for her best friend and roommate Keyth TasanagiThings developed slowly and with time, but after countless events and the years they've spent together, they've begun to settle down. Michiko has an endless and unspeakable love for Keyth, believing him to be her real other half. For him and also for his children, she would go to any lengths to keep them or protect them. She'd even go as far as to say that Keyth is the one she'd probably spend the rest of her life with, as she wants no other. 

{ 3/17/2014 } At current date in the RP, Michiko is happily with Keyth, and has taken in Kin and Keyomi as her own. Sora has been born.

{ 8 / 4 / 2014 } At current date in the RP, Michiko has been without Keyth for nearly ten years. She has faith that he is alive out there somewhere, and cannot bring herself to love anything or anyone outside of her dreams of him and her family (the Tasanagi children).  


Physician / Doctor, with focus studies in Emergency Medicine and Nanomedicine 

Fighting StyleEdit

Dim Mak. 

This is the only style of fighting she uses as Michiko is not trained in a specific martial art. Instead she uses Dim Mak (an art focused on striking pressure points in such a way as to create fatal wounds aspiringly quick). It is a very hard art to master, thusly why she has no other specializations. It is mostly used in Michiko's case as a method of self-defense or quick-term negotation to spare herself some time or get what she wants. Beyond this, she simply defers to a deft, nimble nature and being quick on her toes. 

Weapon of ChoiceEdit

Her own hands. At times Michiko may use a knife, depending on the scenario. When traveling in District 1, she keeps a tranquilizer pistol on hand for self-defense. 


-Peak Human Intelligence

-Peak Human Wisdom

-Enhanced Senses

-Medical / Lab Weapon Proficiency 

-Medical Intuition 

Nanorganic Control Edit

All of these are the same abilities she had before going to the Shinto Realm and returning, the only difference is that the nanites in her blood have bonded with her cellular structure and have become a mixture between machine cells and biological cells, to which she dubs her blood "Nanorganic". }

~ Abilities and Skills ~ Edit

-Healing: Of course the whole purpose of the nanite experiment was to allow a healing advantage not just for Michiko but for those who gain a bit of her universal-type blood. This occurs by the nanites scanning the body they are placed in, and while reacting with Michiko's thought processes, going about the most accurate method of mending the problem. IE: An internal bleed would be cauterized by the nanites internally and the body's platelets would be focused to clot around the point of internal injury. 

-Scanning / Monitoring: While a person has her nanites in their body, she can monitor their body's functions and state of health. She can also use them as a very general sense of GPS. 

-Shared Synapses and CNS Interruption: Michi's nanites are matched up with her own synaptic patterns and electrical pathways. This allows her to communicate with them easily and relay information back and forth between them. When her blood is shared with another person (at least one pint or a concentrated dose of 30 mLs), she can share synapses with these persons. This is where the nanites connect to the receiver's CNS. This allows a series of unique effects. One is the ability to transfer emotions between herself and the other person. Another is the ability to siphon one's pain unto her own body or to relay her pain to another (other sensations could be transferred as well). For the use of surgery, she can also numb someone completely. 

-Hyperdrive: Hyperdrive is a state of being for the nanites that can only be achieved in the presence of high dosages of electricity. During the hyperdrive, the nanites can heal and regenerate the body up to 1,000 times faster than normal. When faced with repetitive doses of electricity, deep, horrifying wounds can heal in minutes or hours. 

~ Strengths ~ Edit


Electricity sends Michiko's nanites into "Hyperdrive".

-Electricity: Some might think that electricity would fry her nanites, but it's actually the opposite. When exposed to high dosages of electricity, it charges her nanites and causes them to go into "hyperdrive". Due to the nanites' favoritism for electricity, Michiko and others who have her nanites in their blood are less damaged by electrical or lightning-based damage. Michiko is highly resistant, and others gain a piece of that resistance instead of the full resistance unless they have her nanites in their body for six months to a year. 

~ Weaknesses ~ Edit

-Electromagnetic Pulse (EMP): Unlike before whereas an EMP could fully disable her nanites, Michiko's nanorganic blood is partially resistant to EMPs now. An EMP only tends to take away her conscious self-control over her own body on a cellular level for a period of time, often five minutes to an hour. 

~ Advances / Upgrades / Variations ~ Edit

Coming soon ::

~ Other ~ Edit

-The Beast's Override: The first and currently only person to have her blood-bond, happens to be someone capable of overwhelming her control enough to reversing the signal flow between her nanites. In this manner, Keyth Tasanagi has been able to briefly break Michiko away from her conscious mind and send her into an animal-like state that communicates flawlessly with his own instinctual nature. 


Michiko over time has developed several things and put in requests for certain items via her multitude of strange but very useful allies and acquaintances. Below are some of these very things.

~Medical Inventory / Inventions~Edit

Sanastasix: "Quick Fix"

Quick Fix is a nanomedical injection composed of nanites that have a supercharged sole purpose of finding wounds and repairing them. The fluid that it is provided in is a chemical mixture that heightens the body's natural healing rate by roughly several hundred times and also makes the heart rate rise as to pump the nanites more quickly through the body. Quick Fix is only effective for a single minute / sixty seconds, before the batteries in the nanites die and it becomes useless. The body passes Quick Fix a multitude of ways. Some urinate it out, appearing as "shiny" or "silver-tinted urine". Others spit it out as a metal orb, or even sweat it out as metallic perspiration. Quick Fix is expensive and at current-date, can only be bought from Michiko. 

Medical Injections: Heparin, Sodium Thiopental, Potassium Chloride, Liquid Hydrocodone (pure), Fluoxetine & Warfarin (mixed)

Narcissus Pods: Ironically named for one of the more vain mythological deities, Michiko used a series of rather strange and unorthodox ingredients and tools to create recovery pods like small lock-in pools of synthetic cellular goo that nourishes the skin and muscles, heals physical wounds (rather slowly compared to Sanastasix), and can slow and even stop physical aging on the outside and into the musculoskeletal structure with multiple treatments that are kept up. Use of a Narcissus Pod is extremely expensive, ranging about 200,000 dollars for a single treatment. 

~The Faraday Enviro-Suit~Edit

The Fara. E-series as she calls it, is a fitted suit appearing to be made out of porous nylon or thin, porous Kevlar. The fact is that it is made out of both. The outermost layer is made of porous Kevlar, woven around tiny studs the size of needle-heads. These studs are electrochemically galvanized titanium studs that house a single nanomachine in each one. The Kevlar itself is equally galvanized through an electrochemical process. The polished Kevlar cells almost appear like scales and form pads in other places (knees, elbows, shoulders, thighs, shins). The studs of this suit are connected to one another through infinitesimally small threads of wire coated in a very fine non-conductive rubber dip as a protective case. This allows the nanomachines within each stud to communicate safely with one another. Thus the whole suit can communicate amongst itself, and also via a small series of well-placed needle-ends on the inside of the suit, it can communicate with Michiko through her nanorganic blood. Thus the suit does, in an odd way, become apart of her. The suit is the first of the E-series because it can detect traits about its environment. It is constantly scanning the air and taking in certain facts. Below I will list what the suit can do as far as this goes. Furthermore the inner layer of the suit is a fitting porous nylon to allow for flexibility, speed, and aerodynamics. So below is the capabilities of the Faraday Enviro-Suit:

-Redirects EMPs and high-voltage electricity / lightning by arcing the energy of both blasts around its shell and venting it. If the suit is not grounded in some way, or has an object to 'ground' into, this effect will become less viable. 

-It can detect chemical, gaseous, and balance changes in the air content. 

-Detects weather changes, seismic activity / vibrations in the ground, airborne toxins, human residue (skin cells in dust, certain pheromones or smells- such as the smell of sweat or body odor). 

-The suit keeps up with Michiko's vital signs and physical well-being. 

-Can communicate with accessories that are made to link up to the Faraday Enviro-Suit.

~The Survivalist Belt~Edit

A belt that has small flat round discs on the inside that link up to the studs on her suit. Once she puts on the belt it takes thirty seconds for the belt to tighten automatically until all discs are linked up with the suit so that communication is flawless and thus the belt becomes almost 'apart of' her suit. This belt has two long non-conductive pouches on each side, a galvanized rubber box buckle that contains a small but powerful unfolding grapple hook and thirty feet of coiled, braided diamond-filament wire, and then ten small capsules. These capsules each contain a dose of nanomedicine that Michiko has dubbed "Quick Fix". The belt works with the suit to detect changes in Michiko's vitals and automatically injects a single dose (one capsule) of Quick Fix whenever her vitals reach a certain point. A single dose of Quick Fix works immediately to heal her wounds and restore her health, before she passes it from her body by spitting out a small metal orb. She has 10 uses of Quick Fix on the Survivalist Belt before she has to reload it. 


---> Data Discs: These little tiny rings contain a single terabyte of data each. She has seven on each ear, or fourteen terabyte data discs in total between both ears. If she takes the rings off of her ears and puts them on they link up with receivers in her skin and allow her to access the data. Michiko started collecting data discs because the human mind can only contain so much information and she has reached a point where some of her projects and education she has to save elsewhere and look into when it's needed. She imagines this system like a bookshelf in her mind- where she can see the titles of the books she needs to read, and knowing that can recall which data disc she has to connect to to look at the "book" itself. 

---> iMemoire: A pendant she wears with a thin flexible LCD screen on the inside. If she opens it, it will play the memories she has recorded in it. In this case, her iMemoire has a recording of Keyth looking over his shoulder at her. 

( + ) Allies / ( - ) EnemiesEdit

+ Luther Baron (NPC of Diversity's), a funding agent and "co-manager" of sorts of "Basement Zion"

Shira Hanako , a friend she has made between Ark 10 and Ark 11. Shira comes to Michiko for medical advice and services during her first pregnancy. 

Keyth Tasanagi , { Blood-Bonded }. Michiko's beloved, whom she would do anything for. Also the father of her son and the "leader" of their family. 

Densuke Mifunae , a man she has gotten to know quite well over time. She considers Densuke a good friend.

Osamu Takamori, (NPC of Diversity's) a fellow doctor from the hospital in D2 where Michiko works. He, having had affections for her for a long time, grew angry after finding out that she was involved with Keyth, and put her in a position where she had to resign from her career at KasaiHana Regional Medical Center or lose Keyth. In Ark 11, when most of this drama goes down, Osamu gives one of Michiko's condo keys to the Grimoire. 


~Music / Themes~ "Safe and Sound"  { Taylor Swift } 

"Krone"  { Guilty Crown } 

"Rose of May"  { Final Fantasy IX } 

"Someday the Dream Will End"  { Final Fantasy X }


Michiko was born to unknown parents and sent to an orphanage in District 1. The life she had growing up was inevitably going to be difficult. At first she was in and out of drug-abusing foster homes. One of her adoptive "mothers" was the Madam of a District 1 whore-house called "The Lustful Lynx". It was with this mother, Miss Aida, that began to instill a philosopher's mindset in the girl. Ten years old, learning about sex. About the greatest weapon a woman having being her mind when it was sharp and cunning and deadly. Miss Aida was perhaps one of the smartest people Michi ever would recall, a woman born out of strictly street smarts that molded her into a boss amongst those needing leadership and command. But to be so young and learn and see such vulgar things, it began a rather perverse interest in human anatomy that Michiko dreamed to see through. Miss Aida had told her that she would save up her earnings and send her to college, sneak her out of District 1, but before she could do so Social Services was called by someone seeking vengeance on Miss Aida, and Michiko was relocated to another family.

This family, was one she had not thought to find. A somewhat classy family indoors and amongst themselves. They never spoke of what they did or who they were, they were simply... Well set, for District 1 inhabitants. Immediately, using knowledge gained from the wise Madam she'd lived with prior, Michi began to pick up on what they were doing. Running drugs and weapons, working with some big-shot clan family. Michiko was a strange child for them now, coming into her teenage years and too curious for her own good. And so unafraid, that it immediately found notice in the eyes of her foster father. At fourteen, Michiko witnessed the first death she'd see. A gunshot victim. She stood over his body after her foster father killed the man, studying the impact point and then the back. How it blew out of the man, leaving such a cavitation through the flesh- it amazed her. 

"You're pretty strange kid." He'd said to her. "But you've got something working for you." 

Without fear of seeing death and blood and violence, Michiko found a beautifully blossoming hunger for the adrenaline rush of seeing these things happen. It was scary- it truly was. But the feeling was unreal. One day she went too far, when she found herself holding a gun and firing at her foster mother when she and her foster father were fighting. Her foster father was hanging over the body, screaming and fussing. Michiko realized what she'd done and tried to stop the bleeding, but could not. She realized then that she'd discovered one true fear: not knowing what to do. Not knowing, period. 

She was emancipated at fifteen and returned to The Lustful Lynx to work cleaning the rooms, tending the wounds some of the girls received from abusive patrons, and studying under one of Miss Aida's loyal customers who was a doctor out of District 2 with a taste for filthy girls with few inhibitions. Miss Aida had been saving ever since Michi was taken from her, and thus by the time Michiko was eighteen, Miss Aida sent her off with the doctor to cross into District 2 to stay with him under his care while tending college. 

In District 2 life was completely different. Michiko felt she was immediately spoiled to the lavish lifestyles and the cleanliness. It satisfied a part of her that she'd not discovered until then. And the learning sated her natural curiosity. She refused to party, drink, or sleep around even then in the wealthy playground she'd come upon by luck and circumstance. Instead she pushed herself to the limits to make sure she could help people. She wanted to know the human anatomy and how to fix it as if people were objects she just needed to repair without failure. But as she crossed from her Bachelors into the final two year stretch for her Masters, she found herself wanting more than she could humanly do. Michiko was searching for a way to go above and beyond, and so one day proposed an idea to her Medical Nanoscience instructor at the famed university she attended in District 2. 

What came of the next two years between classes was nearly living with this instructor after having moved out of the doctor's home. An experiment was underway that was a theory of Professor Tsubokaga's, and Michiko was the vessel of discovery. He injected nanites into her blood, and allowed them to make a home there. With her universal bloodtype, she was able to do blood transfusions and thus transfer nanites safely into another person without adverse reactions. But then the experiment continued further, creating a synaptic bond between Michiko's nervous system and cerebral processes, and the nanite processors. At first this caused a plethora of ill effects on Michiko's body. She became weak and succumb to hemophilia for a period of time. But after she achieved her Masters and Professor Tsubokaga had time to work with her further to correct the nanite's functions, the bond was successfully corrected.

As Michi began to work in a prestigious hospital, she began working to master her ability to do blood-transfusions to help others heal from serious wounds that regular treatment would not fix quick enough. In such a way, Michiko has gained a unique way to treat her patients when in critical conditions- though the effects are in no way close enough to regenerative properties (possible story arc or development later). 

Two years since she graduated, she's gone on to live in her own place. She draws in just over $100,000 yearly income, and in the past six months has started showing up in District 1 looking for something that she can't find in District 2... That ferocity. The violence. The adrenaline rush, and the danger. 


~ ARK 10 ~Edit


[ Update, 1 / 1 / 2014 ]

In search of the excitement she craves, she's finally refurbished an abandoned underground originally being an Illuminati hideaway into a fight club called "Basement Zion". She has gained extra funding from Luther Baron, who is a patient of hers who she treats with dialysis once a week. It was with their shared interests that they brought up the club. Michiko now runs the club and goes by "The Specialist" or "Doc" for short.

Blood Bonded

Michiko saves Keyth by giving him her blood.

[ Update, 1 / 2 / 2014 ]

Basement Zion was partially destroyed by a fight between multiple patrons, Densuke, Keyth, and White Tiger (mostly the latter three). Michiko and Luther Baron saved Densuke and Keyth, taking them back to Michiko's condo. She injected Keyth with her nanite-concentrated blood and saved him from the inevitable brink of death.  

[ Update, 1 / 5 / 2014 ]

Michiko unlocks more of the latent potential of the blood bond. But as she does this, especially after the tragedy of the GMAF's second tournament being sabotaged and destroyed, she learns that it may be more of an open path that can go two-ways instead of the one-way path she'd originally thought it to be. As she helps others along the way and repairs the BZ, her spare time is spent with Keyth as they train and explore the potential of the nanites shared between them, and just what possibilities could lay in waiting. 

[ Update, 1 / 6 / 2014 ]

On what was hopefully a slow and calm day, Yun Corp was brutally attacked by an onslaught of Grimoire attackers. Of course Michiko couldn't risk missing out on the action or letting Keyth get hurt, so she rushed into action. What happened next was a bit saddening as she pushed herself too far during the battle, causing both of their nanites to go into standby, leaving her ill, frail, and unconscious when Keyth came to take her home after his victory. 

[ Update: The Next 6 Months... ]

Michiko was quite sick for a month, staying around the house as Keyth Tasanagi took care of her and she returned back to her full health. She recharged and reactivated the nanites in his body during this time through several blood transfusions. While she was lounging at home she decided that she wanted to continue her education to get her Doctorate and start a specialization in nanomedicine. As she began this journey, she and Keyth grew closer as friends and roommates, Michiko herself becoming spoiled to having someone always around. She began to teach him quite a few things- such as how to operate the stove. But as he began to spend more time with his kids, Michiko returned to her previous job- contract medicine in District 1's gritty scenes. While she doubts Keyth really approves, she takes more precaution than before and collects the money into two funds- one for college, and the other for a reason no one knows of or probably expects. At the current date of the time skip, she keeps herself fairly busy but makes time for Keyth when he asks it of her. As for Keyth- her nanites have replicated enough that his nanite count is almost to Michiko's level, making the blood bond stronger than before. 


 ~ ARK 11 ~Edit



"He's really cleaning up these days. Guess we're rubbing off on one another."

[ Update 1 / 9 / 2014 ]

Six months passed with her greatest friend, finally growing close to him and also to others such as Shira and Densuke. But as the dojo opens and she finds herself indulged in school work, a tense and thin boundary between herself and Keyth is shattered. In the night he, unable to hold himself back from her, let go of his inhibitions. Needless to say, the doctor found herself stunned and appalled, left confused and in great realization. The truth finally emerged that Michiko felt more for Keyth than just a friend would, and that she had no clue what to do or say about it- if she was to do anything, or say anything, at all. 

[ Update 1 / 10 / 2014 ]

Michiko has found herself growing fonder and fonder of Keyth. She gave to him a necklace with tags- one reading "Life" and the other "Death"- to represent their unusual relationship and yet how close and unbreakable their bond is. How they need one another. It was kind of her way of confessing to Keyth that she had unshakeable feelings for him. The following day he returned the gesture by buying her a topaz-embedded bracelet (topaz being her birthstone). The fact that he put thought into a gift for her made her ease up after a hard day. Something is needed to help Michiko relax, considering her old friend Osamu found out about her and Keyth and she's left to choose between her hard-earned career as a Doctor at KasaiHana Regional and her strange and undefined romance with the Beast. 


 ~ ARK 12 ~Edit


During this time Michiko, Keyth, and countless others traveled to the Shinto Realm. As the years passed in the Shinto Realm she and others fought tirelessly to defeat and revoke the Grimiore. This was a long and endless journey, to which she had to overcome a great many trials. But with Keyth, Densuke, and even Keyome by her side, Michiko overcame all obstacles she faced and fought Grimaldi head-on in the final fight. Along the way, Keyth finally confessed that she was his and they became involved in a relationship. As well, Michiko was impregnated in the Shinto Realm. As Grimaldi fell, his soul was sealed into an unborn child, either within Felicity or Michiko- to which one it is not yet discovered. 

To learn more about changes underwent in the Shinto Realm, check out Michiko's Shinto page


 ~ ARK 13 to current date~Edit


Michiko returned home and gave birth to a beautiful boy, named Sora Akasawa-Tasanagi. He was malnourished though and had a rare disease which made her extremely protective over him. She also took in Kin and Keyomi at last, loving them as her own and allowing them to move in with her. Yani came into play at this point, causing some bit of trouble for the Tasanagi family. And after a long bout of trouble with much drama and trial, Keyth's death was posed to the public. 

Michiko knew this was not true, as she could feel him. But he did not come  back to her- and she felt him grow more and more distant 'til Keyth was something of a dream in the back of her mind she clutched tight in the night with harsh embers of hope. The children wondered of their father's death, and Michiko soothed them the best she could- never however, saying that he had 'died'. Simply that their father had... gone.

Ten years passed and she was one of the most renowned doctors in all of KasaiHana. She had opened up her own clinic, which had experienced two attacks during its opening until finally she could integrate a thorough security system. She worked all hours of the day and spent every free minute she had with her three children. Michiko banished all sense of a personal life and lived only as a doctor and a mother, sacrificing everything for Keyth's children and their own son as well. She created several powerful and unique medical invetions in the decade come to pass, and as time came and went, she somewhat lost herself in work and motherhood to the point that the only people who saw any softness in her anymore were her children. Sometimes she wakes with a jolt in the night, from nightmares that perhaps Keyth was only a dream all along. 

Pictures / Screenshots / Gallery

“Your moronic belief that I’m going to give you any sliver of information, is rather humorous. If you’re going to continue acting like I’m going to pull the open book card for you, you might as well get me a pillow and loosen these cuffs so I can get comfortable for a long night.”

-Ark 10, Episode 26, "Beauty and the Beast" 

Statbook/Rap SheetEdit

  • D.S: Driving Skill
  • M.A: Martial Arts
  • C.C: Chi Control
StatBook D.S Renown


Speed Combat Stamina Intell.



Ark- 10

1 2 1 2 1 3 4 1 15
Ark- 11 1 3 1 3 2 3 4.5 1 18.5

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