Melody Star

Hello Kasaihana city! Clear skies today but maaaannn is it cold. Dropping down to the low temperature of 55Degrees for the remainder of the day dress heavy people. Last night, an explosion was noted in the Old District 1 prison. Many dead bodies were found under the Rubble. KPD Agents and officers are currently all over the area to investigate what exactly caused this.

Also, as of 3 PM today a local native has been founded with a string of elderly pornography.

"I've always wanted to do old people porn."

Says minister Decan claud. He states that this is gods calling to him. And he wishes to " do gods work." The way he was told. Minister Duncan was found giving preteens his pornography saying that it was highly educational. Minister Decan was soon found dead in District 2. Forensics team state that man was Sodomized to death. Other local information will be brought to attention later.

The new Adult convention is now going underway, if your into adult toys, and all adult sceanry then this is the place for you. No one under 18 should come down to the convetion and KPD officers will be around to monitor and check for ID's upon entry.

The Grand Martial Arts Federation is back people, thats right, like every year the GMAF's will be tearing up the globe with there spactaculiar fighting and flashing skill from the fighters all around the world. If you wish to take part, please go to the local sign up adminstrators in down town District 1 by friday, you need your 500 tanz money entry, and also your ID, Social secruity, at the ready. The GMAF's will be in 2 weeks from today so all fighters, gear up. And get ready to throw down!

But for the main event. The SUn flower festival will be reaching its last and final session of its event. The Annual Sunflower festival will be held today at 4pm, and ending at 10pm. Please dress formally, meaning wearing Kimonio's and such will earn you prizes in honor of the old residents of Kasaihana city. This has been Melody Star here with the Kasaihana Daily news, have a good day everyone. *Winks*

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