Donatello Rogers

Hellooooo Kasaiahana city, this is Donatello Rogers here to report you the latest news. Turns out that Keyome Tasanagi is indeed ALIVE. Yes you heard it people, the terrorist is alive and he's apparently in the city remaking havoc. He was seen at a street fight where he was seen blowing up cars and burning up civilians one of the local teenagers said. “ hahaha ahhhh dude, he was like kicking everyone a@#! then I saw em shoot a power blaster and BOOOMM! I mean sh@# was rad bro! I was totally baked but I remember I remember every-thingg!!!” We have come to the conclusion that Mr. Tasanagi is also in turns and with the Soviet unit's found outside of Old Virginia parts on the outskirts of the Domed in District 4 area. It was noted that about 500,000 men were counted. Most of them Military officials. When the local authorities and commanders came to speak with the men they simply shot the man in the head and skinned him alive using his skin as a flag. For the most part we've noted that they are in deed Russian but they were the Russian MOB! Two hours ago we were delivered a Voice transmission from the leader who has still kept his name unknown. “ We.. are here for Natasha... give her... to us, or.. we will kill you all...” It seems that they mean business and we-... wait a minute... Civilian evacuation!? What do you mean Civil-GAAHHH!! * Shots ringing throughout the radio station people screaming. A figure in a black outfit appears on the TV screen in a deep automated voice*... “ Hello Kasaihana city. This is not... a Terrorist Act. This is not, a drill. All civilians... please evacuate the city... All Yakuza's are forced to stay.... we know that all Yakuza's bare tattoo’s with a specific Ink. All Civilians will be forced to go through the machines, and if you are Yakuza... you will be deneyed access out of the city. You all... have 3 hours... to get out of the city. Only 3 hours.... thank you. No more.... No less...” * The figure turns his back and then picks up Donatello body and forces him to talk to the camera, his face is bloodied and the blood is trickling down his face and is gushing from a deep wound on the top of his head* “ T-This... Has been... D-Donatello Rog-...Rogers with... with your.. L-local N- * A loud gun shot is fired right through his head and his body Is tossed to the right. Another gun shot is then fired at the camera*