The newspaper ran every morning when the sun was spreading its fingertips across the rooftops of
Levy mcgarden by dawntomorrow-d56jckl
KasaiHana City. Jezzi stories of the untold hero of the GMFA2 tournament had made the front page.  Even KasaiHana City’s new team called Jezzi when darkness was still fell. She had still been awake after finishing her beautiful piece. They wanted her to speak since she was an eye-witness to the whole thing. Jezze sat nervously at the table. Fidgeting around, Jezzi held tight to the cup and started sipping at the piping hot coffee they made her. The bright lights blared, making Jezzi squint her chocolate eyes.  “Rolling,” said the cameraman. Jezzi froze slightly before offering a smile, setting her on the table. “Good morning, lovely people of KasaiHana. As you all know, there has been a grand disturbance in our lives today as 409 people were killed by the sinister group, The  Grimoire. For those who don’t know , the GMFA2 tournament had exploded.  As I had been talking to the board, it has been decided by the sponsor, Matthew Forrest, has come out that the GMFA2 Tournament arena will become a Memorial site for the fallen. It is a sad day for us all. On the other hand, there was someone I personally want to thank. Keyth Tasanagi, the opponent who was in line to fight Rina Matsumoto, had saved these people, and myself. He fought off White Tiger and from what I gathered; Tasanagi had taken the first bomb away. Sadly there was another bomb. Most people evacuated to the basement’s underground. So, thank you Keyth Tasangi, may KasaiHana City remember the fallen star,” Jezzi looked solemn at the camera and with a small smile, they cut the scene and went back to the weather.

"Thanks for that Jezzi" one of the anchor men would report. "And to add to that, we'd like to pay special thanks to The Red Dawn, who managed to incapciatate the outside perimeter of tanks, and cause the helicopters. We cought some great footage of fighitng off what appeared to be two ninja dressed seductive women, and a man using a sword. There was collaeral damage, as in the tops of two buildings were sliced off. Luckily there wernt' as many casualties involved in the process. The enemy retreated, and left him to fight off some of the soilders there, but with grace The Red Dawn forced them to reterat as well. The memebers of this terrorist attcker group were not fully revealed, but shots of a giant air craft and explosions as mentioned were captured to boot. Kudos to Keyth Tasanagi, and The Red Dawn. Way to go fellas."

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