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Nova The Firestorm, The Young One Inch Punch Artist, The White Dragon <---- Ark 3

Child Of the Ether <---- Current


11/24/2120 <--- Ark 3

Present age at this time is unknown.



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'5'11         ' 


138 lbs

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O +


Nova's quite hotheaded in nature, typically outgoing due to such his peers deem him in some instances a nuisance but without a doubt his cheerful outgoing demeanor keeps morale up even in the most grim of situations; though when enraged it's known that his personality can be perceived as cold and in most cases unforgiving. he does not take himself or those close to him being spoken down to with a grain of salt so to speak. But in a nut shell Novas a great person to be around and will willingly lend a hand where its needed or some cases where it is not.

During the present ark Nova's persona has drastically changed. he is now a much more silent and humble person than he used to be his age has helped him to mellow out and become a much more humble person. he is also very seldom spoken offering words of advice here and there and usually only speaking when spoken to. when he becomes angered it shows as his temper flares and he becomes aggresively confident and somewhat arrogant.

Clan & RankEdit

Leading general within the Kagemaru army, Has been dead for almost a century so this will not be the case on his return to life, is currently a free agent.

What district do you live in?Edit

((District 1)) this was in the past; whereabouts at this time are unknown


( single )


( part time Drug dealer, marijuana and dabbles in cocaine also part time underground fighter) 


during the time skip nova has moved on from such shabby dealing becoming an underground drug lord he's lead plenty to

riches and fame though drug dealing is his main form of income Nova is largely networked into the black market and has

an underground connection to the black markets slave trade if not for Keyomes and Novas side efforts its highly doubted

the level of wealth the kagemaru would have

During the present ark Nova has not been seen in quite some time he has no Occupation other than being a gladiator in the arena

Fighting StlyeEdit

( Boxing, Kickboxing, braziliean jujitsu)

Unknown during the current Ark

Weapon of ChoiceEdit

( His Twin Revolvers Calamity and Flare additionally a pair of brass knuckles)

[]o[] clip size []o[] 6 bullets (usually preloaded)

[]o[] barrel size []o[] 5 inches

[]o[] amount of solid ammo carried []o[] fourty revolver shells

[]o[] material guns are comprised of []o[] stainless steel 

[]o[] brass knuckles size []o[] 6 inches

[]o[] density []o[] 7inches thick

[]o[] material comprised of []o[] stainless steel

His weapon of choice at this point in time involves his connection to the ether. the aura and essence of cosmic might.


( None as of yet. )


Nova; a boy of distinct origins though he does not realise it yet there is untapped potential within him. He seems to have an attraction to fire that spans back to early childhood days where he burned down his parents house, at the age of twelve he found that these people who had so willingly taken him in were not his parents, after years of searching for such individiuals as the ones that bore him he has had no luck. A drifter and a vogabond Nova has been on his own since the age of fourteen however he is no slouch his adopted father had given him a moderate degree in self defense teaching the child the ins and outs of boxing after about two years of being on his own Nova met grand master julia chang she took him in with the intentions of passing down her art before she died, the woman well into her fiftys taught the young man the essentials of kick boxing, and how to condition his body;  after  about two years of such rigorous training Nova found his master laid to rest, after packing up and leaving once more Nova the troubled child of sixteen soon found the underground fight circuit, this was his new means of supporting himself. lieing about his age he sought the strongest opponents he could find his mixed martial art boxing was more than enough for seasoned underground brutes; they found themselves easily outmatched by boxings weaving capabilities as well as the deadly sudden clenches that were found within kickboxing, Nova soon became known to the entire underground world as the burning fist. Though not having any jeet kun do training in all his days Nova knows of the form needed for the devastating one inch punch as it doesnt originate in jeet kun do but a completely different style known as the white lotus (typically used by shoalin monks and the like) though Nova does not know anything else within the white lotus save the one inch punch technique and this is merely to create adverse pressure with his already imminent martial arts skills. After a year and a half of being within the fight circuit he met Fujima kotetsu, the shaded snipe revolver; said to be so deadly with a revolver he could hit opponents killing them clean from adjacent buildings well out the normal range of such small firearms. Master Fujima taught Nova the style of braziliean jujitsu after much pestering from nova, the style was so deadly at the time due to its combination of punches and kicks that lead into sequencial submission holds nova knew that the style would only serve to strengthen his already powerful combat prowess. Though Fujima was a teacher from hell teaching Nova over 100 different jujitsu forms and adept mastery of the entire art in only 6 months time, the shortest time it took nova to ever acheive anything of the sort, Nova has small education and basic reading and writing skills though he never went any further than the ninth grade, but despite this Nova is an adverse combat tactician able to decipher opponents exact motions sometimes in such a way that their weight becomes their disadvantage much rather than them using it against him amongst other things, the mastery of his three martial arts have awarded him much respect in both the underground and martial art worlds. his lifestyle matches his activities, nova stays within district one, has hundreds of "fake" IDs and over 30 different aliases occasionally bumping heads with law enforecement though surprisingly enough he's never been caught doing such acts and therefore never been arrested, he has his own apartment and between his underground fighting and evening drug deals make roughly about 3000$ a month in accumulated wages. within the basement of his apartment is his very own dojo, where he trains vigourously though he is 18 his body is at its physical peak able to lift over 2xs his own weight in dead lifts his stamina is also high able to run upon a treadmill for about an hour and a half with minimum breaks in between his durability without a doubt is high already taking various slashes and stabs though its seen that he does not keep blemishes for long the reason behind this is still not yet known most just assume its because he's fair skinned however. though Novas life thus far hasnt been easy he has made the best of what it is with what he has and though he isnt rich, he is well off enough to the point that he doesnt need to rely on anyone else. He even has his own car, a Honda CRX 1997 standard issued model.  though Nova has his mishaps he's still one hell of a guy to get to know. 


^^^ in his previous life 



Nova Died some 70 odd years ago, at a young age. A symbiotic Alien Genome from space came to earth having very little means to sustain itself it would find breathing earths atmospheric commodities quite difficult, The deceased body of the male Nova would be nearby in order to continue its exploration on earth this alien Genome integrated fully with the deceased body in hopes of having complete control over it; however the alien Genome only succeeded in bringing Nova back to life due to his strong will, groggy, weak and confused Nova has been hiding in seclusion for some time the world had changed much and the alien Genome seemed to deny Novas aging process dramatically. as he still looked to be in his early twenties. within his seclusion the symbiosis became so intense between the alien genome and Nova that they became one in the same, because of this Nova seems to suffer from dissociative identity disorder. He has episodes and spells where he appears to be speaking to himself, when he really is talking to Phyrexia the alien symbiote. The unity between the two is Quite strong and Because of how well they recept one another it has given Nova power and abilities that No normal human could have. Though these abilities are unclear as Nova has only discovered a few and most if not all of them are still unknown. The earth has changed much in his absence from society and Nova still rests within deep secluded confines. He has yet to find anyone to associate with and is intentionally remaining off the radar. 

Savage Lands Ark: Nova wakes up from his sleep during this time period though his memory of just about anything from his past has been wiped almost clean he however does seem to remember one vital detail the alien Genome Phyrexia still makes its presence known. however Nova cannot seem to tap into any abilities or powers that he could Normally call upon. this is probably due to some force or another blocking his powers. He awakens to see that he is almost completely naked and within a holding cell, alone and unclear on where he is, why he's imprisoned and when he will be able to escape, if at all. though this remains a nagging thought on his sub-conscience during the remainder of his stay in his cell his patients is soon rewarded and everything is revealed to him.  


Happenings in Ark 3: Nova arrives in District 2, his first night here is full of all kinds of mishaps. His drug deals are falling through here; this is a first for nova and soon he unkowingly runs into a powerful man Keyome Tasanagi, after a ridiculous display of optimism from Nova his antics lead him into hot water with the law. attacking disarming and disabling two upholding officers of the law, safe to say they weren't to pleased and shot to kill Nova, keyome however using a surge of adrenaline moved him out the way, just in time. Moments later within keyomes car Nova asks if he's seen his parents where-abouts. Keyome shakes his head but will be on the look-out for potential leads.


A few days after meeting keyome tasanagi, Nova finds himself deep in thought about what he said to him, how his fighting would lead him to his parents. A night spent in the subway revealed much about how powerful Keyome truly was. Nova saw a physical confrontation between him and an unidentified man. The two began to fight Nova saw there chi/ki exude from their being and engage in close quarters. The end result was that keyome was the victor knocking the advesary into an oncoming sub-way car. Though Nova doubted this would be the last of the man. Nova made his way into the subway tracks on his way to an underground fight club called The Pit. Within the pit nova fought a ninja known as creed. after sustaining multiple heavy injuries. Various gashes in his arms a cut to the right shoulder blade and with a chi infused slap caused a battered rib-cage. though Nova did not realise it the attack unlocked his center of chi. The end result was Nova disabling both arms. Nova took his prize money and somehow made it home on an adrenaline rush.


Nova not taking anytime to recover was up and about three days later, following his same rigorous training regiment he ran track, lifted weights and did cardio before running the combat simuator, setting the pain restriction to 0 the VR drones were simular to real humans. the Number count set for 100 within half an hour Nova had defeated 99 of them. Though his rage had been mounting up until this moment. in a fit of jealousy his chi/ki displayed itself to him for the very first time the result was Nova punching through the fabrcated muscle tissue of the VR drone punching him deep in his sternum his entire arm coming clean out the other side. the Drone blew up in a spontaneous combustion. This was cause for greater meditation. as Nova thought on the newfound strength he had come into.


2 weeks after awakening to his newly found strength, Nova Heard of a more recent club opening called the haunt. Though his minute mastery of ki had given him accelerated recovery within a comatic state  (aka sleep) he still had  sustained great damage. He had to await the preliminary rounds to be completed. in the meantime he had gotten drunk. It was here he had met Cari Parker but in his drunken stupor he had sexually harassed her by smacking her ass, though she seemed to shrug it off by delivering a blow to his shoulder. when the time came Nova made his way down stairs, Though a curious Cari follows him intently watching his fight. Novas opponent was Bacchus an underground street pirate, the battle between the two heated up with various inconsitencies, after various dead skirmishes nova was kicked in the back of the head, nearly blacking out from the sheer momentum and impact which created a gash under his right eye. Attempting to knee a rising Nova to his chest Nova countered using the power of the white dragon he launched his opponent into a wall clean upon the other side of the room. Thus breaking his rib cage. though the fight took its toll on him opening up his form. Limping heavily to the entrance Cari seemed to find some form of compassion for him, wiping his face. Though Nova aknowledged this he was mildly oblivious at the time. Reaching the outside of the club he ordered a cab. Watching cari on her way out she was held up at gunpoint Nova did not think it possible to save her since she was in her car. Digging deep into his psyche he met the Dragon God of unbreakable will Raigurex. The Dragon god told Nova he was the embodiment of his ki. And that as long as the respect between them stayed mutual Raigurex was his weapon to use as he saw fit. The embodiment of the dragon coming to full fruition covered Novas body in white Kanji symbols and his body in a protective film of ki/chi. Transgressing the speed of sound by 1.5xs its known velocity he punched the attacker within the back of the car. The resulting speed and power was so great it sent the victim out of the back of the car through the free door. as well as shattering all the windows. Novas arm sustained heavy damage from this but was still usuable. Shortly afterward Nova passed out and Cari showing gratitude took him back to her apartment where he recovered for about a week. 

Debut into Ark 7: Seventeen years after the incidents in Ark 3 Nova was leading the kagemaru army, general of the military spec ops unit Maru Jietai. Nova had developed his own little empire within the kagemaru branch leading the army gave him small reign over the city allowing him to do as he pleased as long as it didnt involve keyome. now the male sat looking out his window over the city. upon his screen were variables that only a super genius could fathom. a master tactician he coordinated the move of the kagemaru for 17 years, Nova's mastery over his inner will had become so great he could now fashion solid constructs of chi in the form of his familars external and internal organs such as creating giant pillars of dragon claws creating a dense chi shield made of the dragons rib-cage and true manipulation of his chi-flow to much grander effects in essence he was a mere human but something more even at the age of 34 he hadn't aged as much as he should, obviously due to the prescence of raigurex, Nova didn't look a day over twenty and his constant practice of martial arts was just a fountain of youth that had emersed his soul. His will at his level of power could bend even the greatest mountains his chi gavea feral feel to it he was nothing short of a wolf in sheeps clothing, a Courier enters Nova's chambers informing him that they're losing the war to a greater threat, Nova scoffs and projecting a mild blast of chi infused air sends the courier out the door for disrespecting his combat tactics, within in minutes on screen its shown that the maru jetai have flanked the enemy spec ops on all sides and are mercilessly slaughtering them, Nova then states. "Kagemaru loses nothing, Kagemaru only gains to lose means certain death and to win means you continue loving your family i should kill you for your foolish assessment but you live for kagemaru and you die for kagemaru anything short of that is high treason next battle you'll be on the front line courier i hope you survive to tell me the truths you've seen that is kagemaru if you perish then you are no better than the enemy and deserved to die." stating this nova turns about in his chair looking out the window he ruled a small portion of the city the old downtown district where he grew up, though at this point the place was nothing short of advanced all the houses renovated all the people served kagemaru in return, life was peaceful there or as peaceful as it could be to make a pact with a dragon like nova dis-order wasnt tolerated and dis-honor was eliminated, and crushed promptly under-heel.

A few days after the events of the Maru Jetai's latest victory nova sipped fine wine within his domain but something peculiar happened, a thin sheet of space and time rippled in the middle of the room, the tear grew bigger and bigger threatening to swallow his entire housing quarter when suddenly a white flash flared creating a small explosion that knocked Nova from the room, though due to his years of heightened combat prowess he simply dusted off his military issued trench coat stepping back within the room with well kempt dress shoes, when he did he saw a young man no older than seventeen who was upon the ground gasping for air, to the generals Dismay he soon discovers that he is looking upon himself. Nova from the past co-existing with the one in the future? time seem to stand at an impasse not moving or reversing meaning that in this moment this situation had created a paradox that was not going to end until only one Nova existed, the oldest nova knowing this seemed calm thinking he could kill the other, in a paradox he knew that since he had lived the past destroying his younger half wouldnt be relevant as he was now living years beyond that, Nova began telling his ideals to the youngest one, Younger Nova didn't truly agree with any of these ideas retorting "look at what i've become... your a mad man your greed and hunger for powers blinded you i can tell you are me... or rather you fed into a path that i now know i should avoid. The older Nova states "you cannot avoid the future you must embrace me as i am what you'll become or rather i'll continue to be as i am and this is where you young Furea will perish there can only be one of us, and that one shall be me! Stating such the older nova rushes down the youngest engaging in grueling combat, however Nova miscalculated greatly the youngers speed and his desire to win, the battleof wills ended with the younger Nova punching a hole clean through the olders chest with such a desire to live that it seemed to echo throughout multiple dimensions, though the fight left the younger barely Alive and standing at the edge of deaths door, in the end the two were just to evenly matched. However the very essence of raigurex left the deceased body of the older Nova speaking to the first, Congratulations nova you saw to it that your will was Not broken, you defeated the greatest will that this world has ever seen myself, though i stil reside within you i would like to house myself within you a second time take my power young furea and allow your chi to not only move mountains but to move the moon itself!" raigurex melded with the younger raigurex and the two dragons created raigurei yotori the silver dragon god of everlasting will Nova rose to his feet and spoke "from this day foward i am no longer the White dragon, he died here, no i am now the double silver dragon and with this new will i'll work to help rather than oppress i'll create a new path for myself that is not bathed in blood-shed, Feeling the double accelerated healing effects of both melded chis he regained his composure in a manner of minutes, walking away he turned around and looked back, "i'll destroy kagemaru and all they stand for... They've gone to far." jumping from the fifty foot window nova dissapeared and went into seclusion to make plans for rebellion, Kagemaru must be destroyed.

Statbook/Rap SheetEdit

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StatBook Driving Skills Martial Arts Renown Speed Combat Stamina Intellegence Total
Ark3 3 5 2 3.5 5 3.5 2.5 24.5

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Training LogsEdit

First Combat Training Post Edit

[]o[] 3 days later []o[] Nova winced as he attempted to lift his shoulder the bandaged gash over the wound inflicted by the ninja Creed still causing visible pain, though it had appeared such strains were beginning to subside upon the shoulder, at least he could move it again. "what was that move he hit me with??" Nova distinctly remembered the beating he took and though he won the pain was still felt throughout his ribcage the male Creeds hand glew a deep ice blue and with one fell strike he had knocked Nova at least 30 feet from his being into a nearby wall. This was... inexplainable. Nova knew of chi and he knew of the benefits from using it. Though it was used againt him nova felt the heart from the attack; the swell of power only to be released in such instances that it was gone in an instant. Then an even morecrippling revelation took place in Novas mind his opponent had toyed with him, at the beginning at least he thought he had the upper edge so much so he even went as far to end his life. This made nova grind his teeth in infuriation. "How dare he embaress me... i suspect something was amiss Karasu seemed all to happy to give me that damn money..." Though the evidence was mounting it was apparent that creed was faster, stronger and by far more superior to mere human standards. It was apparent he had thrown the fight. Karasu had collected a fat under the table check, though this wasnt the first time he cheated him out of some extra money. thoguh the fight ring was underground clear evidence of Karasu's where-abouts were hidden in the tabloids in essence it was how Nova got his next fight. Hmmm... two days fro, now he'll be at club pheonix... i'll do a little endurance training before then and confront that slime he should still have enough of my extra that i'll get my cut. Moments later after limping down the darkened hallows that resided underneath his bachelor pad, he flicked the switch on the wall revealing a dojo; it was massive, being about fifty feet in width and diameter within this confines was Novas weight machine his boxing bag, speed bag; and Even a vr track program, though it wasnt real the strain it put on the body was in itself real enough, limping motions were made as He came to the center of the room, weakly he put raised his fists upright taking the same boxing stance, if he wasnt careful he'd pass out here though if he did this right the pain as great as it may be, would matter little to the adrenaline rush. Clapping his pams together would cause the early thousands era classics from the early thousands to play, "Bullet for my valentine ashes of the innocent though its a classic in this day it still gets the blood flowing" the right fist extended in a blur as he began his air sparring, a right hook; jab with the left , following suit with a crossover. Even in his weakened condition Nova was a force unlike many humans found in this day and age he wasn't soft nowhere near it. Even this excercise was tandem to him soon the VR drones were created. these drones helped greatly improve physical prowess but they were all digital, common technology in todays day and age. "RRRRRAAARRGGH!" Novas haymaker sung true hitting what felt to be flesh as the pixeled boxer fell to his knees. With a swift clench with both arms he grabbed the head launching a right knee soundly for the chin of the fabrication. soon he dispersed into digital chunks as he was replaced by another, the digital boxers were fierce being set to level 0, the hardest of difficulties "oomph!" a sound fist landed in his ribcage the pixel warrior following up with another thrust, using adrenaline Nova rushed into the blow allowing it to glance off the same impacted area though an experienced fighter knows less draw means less power the blow hurt but not like the first the upper cut delivered sent thenext victim into the ceiling though before his head impacted the safe zone field of the simulation caused him to explode. "why... why am i sooo much weaker than everyone else out here... Keyome tasanagi... that man..." *flash backs of two weeks ago rung true in the brain of nova as he saw the fight between Keyome and some brute, the fight ending with Keyome's winning and the brute savage being knocked into the bullet train* "he's leagues beyond me..." knowing there was someone whose power exceeded his baffled nova. Keyome The mystery man, Creed... all three of them filled his mind as he punched and kicked the drones. "WHY.... W-WHY CAN'T I BE LIKE THAT?!" this response caused a spontaneous reaction. Nova's eyes glew a bleach white for a brief second the luminescence from them filled the rooms dim lighting the punch he threw was of a different calibur than anything he'd experience prior his fist went clean through the chest of the final drone of the one hundred man simulator, a shrill scream followed by gurgled chokes filled the air suffocating it with tension the drone grabbed his arm with both hands, though soon after it's body went limp before dispersing into digital remains, the blackened lights were replaced by luminscent overheads as the simulator ended. "....what the..." his fist exuded a white aura, unlike anything he'd ever seen it danced in his hands like flames though it did not burn; and with his right fist he felt he could rip through anything. "This is... am i a freak??" dropping to his knees in uncertainty he was unsure of what just happened here if it had happened at all. he felt as powerful as a dragon and as swift as a wolf. is this how channeled energy made everyone feel? through his uncertainty he had sustained great injury, his eyes closed as he folded his legs in an indian position folding his arms in his lap; his meditation would lead him to an unknown salvation every pore in his body screamed out in pain but because he had pushed himself past the threshold his blacking out was his guiding light this day, shortly after Nova fell asleep as he had many a night in this same position within his dojo []o[] the power within has been discovered was it a fluke? OR something more []o[]


Chairman Tasanagi (talk) 02:21, March 8, 2013 (UTC)

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