Pyrokinesis is the ability to control and create fire. Like the other elements Pyrokinesis is specific to a cartain person’s chakra abilities. Pyrokinesis needs both O2 and fuel to start up but can be maintained without fuel once it has been created. 


People who usually have an alliance with fire tend to be very fickle and wishy washy. They can’t usually make decisions without changing their mind often. They are very intense and serious people though. They don’t enjoy being messed with but they do not have the tendency to be hot headed. 

Basic Abilities

Maintain: Maintain is basically maintaining the fire that has been started for a longer period of time without adding much or any fuel to it. It’s more of a focused skill which the person would have to concentrate on the fire enough to keep the molecules fed with enough O2 to keep them burning. Hot Touch: Hot Touch is basically the slang term for being able to make a protective layer of fire molecules around your skin so that you can touch hot items without getting burned. Sticking you whole hand into a fire is still not the best idea because if you break concentration you might cook yourself alive.

Intermediate Abilities

Melt: To be able to force your energy into an item and heat it up to its burning point so that it starts to melt. This action does not happen fast while you are still on basic. Burn: Burn is exactly what it says, forcing the chakra energy through your skin and burning someone else by touching them. At this stage the burns aren’t high but they are still painful as most burns are.

Advanced Abilities

Burn(2): The Advanced level of Burn is burning someone to the highest degree and possibly cooking their skin. Burn can be great for Chefs who don’t want to buy a stove. Catch Fire: Now to Catch Fire is not saying you can just look at something and watch it explode. To catch fire you must touch the object, it must be flammable and there must be oxygen present. It is basically forcing out a hard spark of your elemental chakra against the object and making it catch fire. 

Secondary Element




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