Commercially known as the Ryouri clan they hold high status positions in KasaiHana City as the masters of traditional Japanese cuisine, controlling over 50% of the food industry as a whole with the exception of American cuisine, fast food and street food that still thrives in certain sectors. Most of the men of the clan are skilled Chefs, Cooks and Butchers while the women are mostly Bakers, Brewers and Caterers. On the surface the members are professional, passionate, dedicated, hardworking and non threatening people but behind the million dollar smiles of this charismatic performers lay something much darker. With century’s worth of practice they have all but perfected the art of discreet and silent killing in one of the most heartless and least expected The main weapon based skill the clan is known for, amongst those inner circles that know the truth of their skills, is Tantojutsu or The art of Knife combat. The best examples of these are the high ranking Butchers, Teppanyaki Chefs and Sushi Chefs. Their other skills include small explosives and toxins which require impeccable precision, exact measurements and steady hands. The best examples for these skills are the high ranking Cake Makers and Tea experts. Needless to say the Intelligence required for the mastery of these combat skills is quite impressive. The clans overall stamina is quite low, they wouldn't last very long in hand to hand combat but then again they don't engage in such conflicts if at all possible. The clan is more of the incapacitate, tie down or paralyze then slowly torture to death type of hostiles. Even though they have swift hands they are not the fastest on their feet either but they don't need to be seeing as they have sufficient driving skills, not to the point they would out race the street king but enough to out run the KPD or the random shoot out thugs. Their regular services include 24hr Delivery, Private Catering, Private Parties and Private Hosting while there "Non-regular” services include but are not limited to Quality/Custom item production such as poisoned tea or edible sized bombs, Personal Carrier with guarantee of safe delivery and complementary "Clean Up". Although they hold no restrictions on Quantity or Time Frames they do sometimes need a little monetary persuasion to attempt eliminating certain targets. In other words they are greedy little suckers due to the fact that the art of cuisine is not a cheap one. Their motto is "Let us cook for you so you can feast as if it were your last meal." and is always spoken with a tender smile and a psychotic glint in their eyes that people mistake for charm. The majority of the clan is found in District 2, taking advantage of the wealthy customers, but have select estabilshments in District 1 with the ocassional delivery to the KHP.

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