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Welcome to the Saito CorpEdit

The Saito Corp is a rapidly expanding corporation and the project of Yukina Saito, who is the chairman. It does not exactly fit into a singular niche in the market other than perhaps acquisitions.  On the outside, everything appears to be on the up and up but Chairman Saito is not afraid to get her hands dirty and use means that might not exactly fit into a code of ethics when she does business. Some aspects of the corporation are more fronts for money laundering, but the tracks are covered very well and the books are impeccable. 


Chairman: Yukina Saito

Vice President: Aiden Nagara


Night Club: Kego no Kou Myou (D1 annual revenue 1.5 M)

Night Club:

Night Club:

Night Club:

Night Club:

Strip Club:

Art Gallery:

Apartment Complex (D1 annual revenue 800k)

Apartment Complex (D1 annual revenue 750k)

Apartment Complex (D1 annual revenue 975k)

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