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5' 9"


162 lbs

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William, normally known as Slayton, is a stoic individual who tries his best to not let emotions get in the way of objectives. However, this lack of feeling comes with a price. Slayton usually has little or no interest in other people unless they have a practical importance to him. Authority figures and needless bureaucracy both annoy and sometimes outright anger him when either gets in the way of what he considers true justice. Slayton's idea of justice is the systematic elimination of anything he'd consider wrong or evil no matter what the cost may be. Despite this extremist outlook, Slayton is inherently good. He has strong values and he does what he can to maintain them. With this in mind, Slayton has a moderately high opinion of himself. He considers himself to be a warrior with a greater purpose, and he would defend his personal honor until his last breath. His idea of a perfect world is one where good men and women are free from those who have fell into darkness and one where oppression by those of higher standing is nonexistent.

Clan & Rank[11]Edit

KPD - Detective

District Number[12]Edit

District 01




KPD Detective tasked with District 1 reconnaissance.

Fighting Style[15]Edit

Greco-Roman Wrestling and Combat Sambo

Weapon of Choice[16]Edit



Friend to Detective Nakai who is also working in District 1.

Friend to Sergeant Arai who was his instructor when he joined the KPD.

Enemy to all evil characters.

Enemy to all political figures unless otherwise convinced.


The effects of the third world war spread farther than most people care to realize. Slayton, who wears his family's name proudly, comes from the once beautiful state of Georgia. The civilization that had existed in the southern United States had quickly deteriorated into nothing, and Slayton's family one day sought an exodus to Kasaihana City. Their migration had not been for the better though. He and his family were considered illegal immigrants on what was once US soil. The efforts they made to hide were in vain, and their only means of survival was to reach out to the local gangs and crime syndicates for help. Eventually, his mother had fell into prostitution. A short while afterwards, she was killed for disobeying. His father died in the struggle as well. Suddenly, Slayton was alone in a foreign place with no support from anyone. It was then that the KPD found him in an ironic twist of fate. Then, in what may be considered mercy, they enlisted him into their ranks despite his age. In just a few short years, he was taught more than he had been in his entire life. More importantly, he was taught how to fight back. This would prove to be an extremely valuable skill in the years to come. During his time as a patrol officer, he insisted on focusing his efforts on District 1 even though they were normally shot down. Slowly, the promotions came and so did the increased responsibility. Eventually, he put aside the patrol routes and picked up espionage equipment as he earned his promotion to Detective. The transition was hard to make but he eventually got used to the change in scenery and work. At this point, Slayton had almost put the disgrace his family had suffered behind him. The life he was living now wasn't glamorous by any means, and he usually resented the inept politicians that were his superiors. However, he was maintaining, and he was content to continue his life fighting crime for what he thought was the greater good. That was until the day came that he overheard a conversation that he wasn't supposed to. The idea that politicians can be corrupt and dishonorable never surprised him. In fact, he expected it. However, what he heard that night was more than he could have anticipated. Resolving now to use what he knew not only against the criminals but those who had been corrupted too, he had realized a greater purpose. Whether or not his life was uselessly spent remains to be seen.

Statbook/Rap Sheet[19]Edit

StatBook D.S Renown


Speed Combat Stamina Intell.


Ark- 2/5 0/5 3/5 3/5 2/5 3/5 2/5 0/5 15/40

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