Terrekinesis is the ability to control certain aspects of earth and minerals to bend to your will. Like the other elements Terrakinesis is specific to a certain person’s chakra abilities. 


Most people who have an alliance with Terrakinesis are strong willed, supportive and very calm in most of their surroundings. Terrakinesis needs a lot of patience and focus to train in because it, along with most of the secondary elements, takes more time to master. 

Basic Abilities 

Compression: Compression deals with moving the earth molecules to compact and grow tighter together or around something. Compressing the molecules in mud until they squeeze the water out and become dry dirt again.  Cracks(1): Being able to crack and break objects made of Earth,  say like cracking a single brick in half.   

Intermediate Abilities

Decompression: Decompression in basically the opposite of Compression but it is a Medium skill level because it is harder to focus enough to make the molecules pull apart. 

Cracking(2): The second level of cracking would be able to break larger objects in half, say like stone benches or breaking brick wall.  

Advanced Abilities

Exoskeleton: Exoskeleton is just a fancy term for an outer body shield. This skill is one that takes a long period of time and advanced understanding of how to mold the earth and minerals around you. Exoskeleton is basically making the top layer of your skin as hard as rock. It rarely becomes a thick layer but it definitely helps in a fight with swords or hand to hand. Usually the ‘Earth skin’ will form to actually look like skin and be smooth but some have been able to give themselves a sandpaper or rough quality before.  Crack(3): Cracking three is the highest level of being able to break earth materials apart and could be like the thought of an earthquake like effect to wear you could tear earth apart from itself. 

Secondary Element




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