It is a diluted form of the Elixir of Immortality developed by Sir Isaac Newton in 1652. While it still retains the life-prolonging properties of its parent elixir, it doesn’t keep any of the other properties. In particular, it does not prevent the mind or body of the person injected with it from decaying. Newton administered it to Nostradamus in 1652, which kept the seer alive and also kept his prophetic gifts intact until Nostradamus took the Elixir of Immortality three hundred years later.

Present DayEdit

Ochigi came upon this formula during Tetsu's childhood. It took him years to perfectly develop the serum itself, or mainly around Tetsu's eighteenth birthday when it was completed. He knew that as long as Tetsu lived, he himself could not surcome to aging, sickness, or any ailments of the physical sort, as such, he neeeded a way to preserve his body for as long as he possibly could, and after studying Newtons works and theroies, on it he'd finally recreated the formula that way it was meant to be, but for a moddern day age.The Infinity Formula substantially slowed his aging process, and Ochigi was thrust with a double edged sword: although his life was saved, the consequences of the Infinity Formula would haunt him throughout his life as he would see many friends age and die, as well as become the target of various villains seeking his secret, such as Tanaban or before his early passing Danchou Zetsubou. Thomas Flint had exclusive plans for it, but never got around to gaining it after his imminant defeat by the hands of Keyome Tasanagi and company.  To this day ochigi must make daily injections in order to preserve his youth. Skiping a day will not affect him unless he goes for a week without it. He has a vast supply, every day constantly forming more and more copy samples, and even memorzing the complex algorithm formula for it in his head.

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