Hokuto no Ken (manga cast)

Standard look of a Tank. (yes fist of the north star is being trolled xD)


The Tanks


Kasaihana'ss Armory.

Gang Behaviour

The Tanks are rampant, rampaging, violent, bikers who swear up and down that the city is theirs by demanding protection money, even though they don't give it, and starting bar tabs everyones afriad to make them pay.

Gang Rank



3. Warior

4.Hot Shot

5.Kings of the Road

Which district is it in?

1, but branches of them travel, so keeping track is difficult.

Allies of the gang


Gang OccupationOr Gang busniess

Extortion, Money luandering, Wrestling tutors, and Repair men

Gang Fighting Stlye

Brute street fighting, Grecko Style Wrestling, Submission Style Wrestling, MMA basic and Advanced. They're brutes in battle, and rarely block. They're muscle bound people who are near indestrucitble on a human scale, pure  bread body builders who could esily flip a car with a single breath.

Gang Perk

Enhanced Strength

Users have incredible ability to defy weight limitations of the member of their race, but not completely break them. Dense, lengthy, or overweight items are easy to move and simple to use in nearly any manner. Users can crush, lift, throw, or catch items of great weight. For the Tanks, these perks are gained through muscle building, and Steriod stimulants

Weapon of Choice They use

Anything around them, though some usually carry AK-47's and even mask up enough money for a Rocket Luancher.


Anybody they feel is a threat, annoying, or of hiderence. Basicly: Whoever they generally don't like

Gang Background

Theres no special reason for this assortment of arogant men. They're men who feel as though they dominate the world and can take what they want. A bunch of guys got to gether and figured they could just take what they want with enough force. Suprisingly this gang of neianderthals grew, as more and more men became infactuated with living the life of a wild man. Roaming the land on motorcycles and breaking shit for the fun of it all. No purpose. No real meaning of life. Just doing it, to do it.

Roleplay Selection


~Two approvals will be needed IE: Chairmen Tasanagi, Chairwomen Nakayama~