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Kasaihana High!Edit

Kasaihana highschool is very big on one thing, some schools have football, others basketball, baseball, etc! But here in Kasaihana city? It's wrestling!

The Childer from the highschool are typically contenders untill they hit adult hood, it gets kids ready to be professional wrestlesrs if they chose to carry on with it after school years are all but gone. They train the kid's in grappling technues, submissions, lock's and hold's! Not only is it an extraciruclim activity but it gets you ready FOR THE REAL WORLD!

Every Friday the students must participate in matches to prove there worth and depending on if they win or not , will depend on there grade! The Matches are displayed all across Kasaihana on the TV's as special events, and they use the Kasaiahana Collisom in District 2 as well.

THIS CLUB IS NOT FOR CHUMPS! Join at your own risks!

Ranking system!Edit

  1. Runt Mud- Freshmen
  2. Rough waters - Sophmore
  3. River grabs - Juniors
  4. Kinglies - Seniors


  • People will respect you
  • Karate club memers will detest you

Current MemembersEdit

Rank Name Age
Captain Minatori 15

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